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UK Television Story Correction

After posting our recent article regarding issues with one of Andrew's television programs being removed from the air in the UK, it was brought to our attention that we misunderstood several details of the story. After further research we offer this update to our previous post.

On October 7, 2009 a program in Andrew's teaching series entitled, Christian Philosophy II, aired on the Revelation TV station in the UK. Andrew covered a number of topics including his Biblically grounded views on homosexuality. In the name of fairness, comments and content of this nature are strictly governed in the UK by a communications regulatory authority called Ofcom

Following Andrew's regularly scheduled broadcast, which contrary to our previous post, did air in its entirety, Howard Conder, owner of Revelation TV, immediately received an email from a disgruntled homosexual viewer. In the email the viewer stated that he had reported Revelation TV to the authorities of Ofcom because of the comments Andrew had made.

In response to the viewer's email, Howard extended an invitation to the disgruntled viewer to join a live television interview with Andrew to be aired later that evening. During the interview viewers were able to express their thoughts in response to Andrew's comments via email, text or phone call to the station. This special live broadcast kept Revelation TV in compliance with the UK's laws on fairness by providing a "right of reply" or open discussion, about the issue of homosexuality and more specifically what Andrew said during the morning broadcast.

Praise God, the efforts made by Howard to produce the impromptu live interview with Andrew were enough to keep Revelation TV in good standing with the authorities at Ofcom.

As a result of the station's strong stand in agreement with Andrew's messages, Howard and his staff work diligently to edit Andrew's programs to bring them into compliance with Ofcom's strict regulations. Because the station is in agreement with Andrew's teaching of the Word, Howard has even gone so far as to air Gospel Truth in a prime time slot every evening, in addition to the morning programming. 

AWM appreciates Howard's efforts to defend Andrew's freedom of expression and the truth of God's Word, even at risk to his own livelihood. We apologize to Howard and Revelation TV for the negative response to his station caused by our initial post.

We invite you to view the video segments of the live interview as it aired in the UK on the evening of October 7, 2009. During the interview with Andrew, viewers were able to express their thoughts in response to Andrew's statements from the morning broadcast of Gospel Truth.

Note: during the interview you may notice an image of Andrew that's a little odd. This was an innocent mistake made during the live television broadcast.