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Harnessed Emotions

Sandra Duarte harnessed her emotions, stood on God's Word and received her healing.
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In 2009, at the age of thirty-eight, Sandra Duarte was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Fortunately, Sandra and her newlywed husband, Marcelo were equipped to overcome this adversity. As a result, the couple has seen the miraculous power of God first hand. Their testimony is one of purposeful standing—standing on God's Word and standing against the attack of the enemy.

Shortly after getting married, and approximately six months before Sandra received the diagnosis, she and Marcelo had begun attending leadership training courses at their church in Orlando, Florida. As they began the program, the instructor of the class mentioned listening to Andrew's teachings online, and recommended that the students listen to the teachings if they had the opportunity. The Duartes had never heard of Andrew and were reluctant to check out his ministry.

Sandra and Marcelo seven months before she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. (Click to enlarge)One day as the couple roamed the aisles of their local Barnes and Nobel in search of a book by another well known minister, a different book caught Sandra's attention. The title A Better Way to Pray drew her interest, and Sandra picked it up to skim a few pages. She liked what she read and showed the book to Marcelo. Both were intrigued by the simplicity and bluntness of what they read. The pair purchased the book—never acknowledging the author's name.

Sandra would often read to her husband as they drove places in the car. On one such occasion she brought along A Better Way to Pray, and this time she noticed Andrew's name on the cover and looked at his picture. Andrew's name seemed familiar to her and she wondered if he was the minister her teacher had recommended.

Sandra celebrated her birthday one week before her final follow-up test. (Click to enlarge)After finishing A Better Way to Pray, the couple went to Andrew's website and began to listen to his teachings, one right after another, each one planting seeds of faith in their hearts. At the same time the teachers in their leadership school were sharing lessons from Andrew's series Christian Survival Kit. Through these lessons the Duartes put in place the foundation they would need to combat the challenges that lay ahead.

Looking back, there were four primary things that stuck with Sandra from the teaching series. She recalled that in the face of adversity believers should: Grab hold of their emotions, put things in perspective, go to the Word, and draw on the power of the Holy Spirit. Through these and other messages Sandra learned to harness her emotions.

Sandra had also been studying and meditating on the Word, and what the Lord said about the gifts of the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues. "I learned through reading the Word that we should pray in the spirit to edify ourselves. Paul said he prayed in tongues a lot, so I thought I would do the same. I would spend time in the Word and the Lord would teach me." Through this practice Sandra became well acquainted with the Lord's voice.

After receiving word that she was cancer free, without treatment or surgery, Sandra visited Israel.
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In June of 2009, Sandra received a phone call from her doctor's office requesting a follow up visit to a previous appointment. She made the requested appointment, which was to include a biopsy, but immediately after hanging up the phone, began rejecting the doctor's report in Jesus name. "I felt fear coming upon me so I immediately started praying in my spirit language. As I prayed with my mouth, I was praying with my mind, that by His stripes I was healed and that I received His healing." She also recalled Scripture as the Spirit led her, and the steps she had been taught in class. As Sandra harnessed her emotions she began to feel peace in her spirit. After work Sandra shared the news with Marcelo, and the two stood in agreement with Scripture that she was healed (1 Peter 2:24) and would be fine.

Sandra and Marcelo moved from Florida to Colorado to attend Charis Bible College. (Click to enlarge)On the day of the biopsy Sandra purposefully declared to the doctors that she was healed in the name of Jesus. After the test Sandra was at home, alone in prayer. She was praying healing Scriptures and she asked the Lord for a personal word of encouragement. As she prayed in the spirit, Sandra heard the Lord say that the results of her biopsy would indicate she tested positive for cervical cancer, but that in four months time the doctors would not find anything. She received His word and praised God.

Just as the Lord had spoken to her, Sandra's test came back positive, and a follow up test was scheduled for four months later. When she went for the secondary test she told the doctor that she wasn't going to find anything because she was already healed in the name of Jesus. Her doctor simply responded, "I hope so."

Two weeks later, Sandra received a letter in the mail, the letter stated that she had been given a clean bill of health and she was cancer free—Praise the Lord!

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