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Meeting With The Underground Church

Andrew and Jamie spent the latter half of October and the early part of November 2010 ministering overseas. What follows is an account of one of the meetings held in China from the perspective of Barbara Graham. Barbara is the wife of Andrew Wommack Ministries European Director, Will Graham. Will and Barbara travelled alongside Andrew and Jamie as they moved between the United Kingdom and China.

Our first ‘Underground church’ meeting – My personal experience
Barbara Graham

Saturday 30th October

We are in a large apartment. (I later found out that this was not the pastor’s family home, as I had thought, but a ‘church’). The pastor is from Northern China, and he’s been in this city for four years. His wife wears her hair in a bun today and plays piano. Several young children here are quiet. There are about 60-70 people sitting neatly in rows on folding chairs in three of the rooms. The woman, who runs the illegal A.C.E. school, is interpreting, very expressively.

Being in prayer and worship with them here makes my faith rise. Jamie is reading the bible from her Kindle. Our contact arrived late, having been anxiously waiting for us at a different place than we were dropped off! But two Christian ladies had found us and brought us to the meeting!

They have a piano in the room, microphones, hymnbooks and bibles. The people sit, most fairly unresponsive, listening intently to Andrew. Food is laid out in the room next to the kitchen. Some people understand English. Two ladies bring cups of water to Andrew and the interpreter, on a tray—very humbly.

Now some are nodding. They understand. “The spirit part of you is what drives your whole life”. A crying baby is removed to a separate room. More are nodding now. Andrew tells them they will take home free copies of four books. “You can have sickness in your body, yet in your spirit you have raising-from-the-dead power.”

They wear bright western clothing, jackets and coats as the room is unheated. They have no heating in their homes.

Most follow every reference in their own bibles, reading out one of the references together. Approximately 25% - 30% are men.

“A TV receives signals and re-broadcasts them to you—but the signal is already here. In a different realm... your body is like a TV set—by faith you perceive from the Word and you begin to speak and act like who you are... God is not just in heaven, he lives inside you,” Andrew said.

Now some smiles and understanding. I whisper the question, "How long do they usually go for in these meetings? The answer, "They stay all day!"

Now Andrew is encouraging them to speak in tongues and interpret the perfect knowledge that’s in their spirit, asking God to give them revelation of what they already have. “Know it—believe it—release it. “YOU heal the sick, raise the dead,” Andrew instructs.

A dog barks in the stair well outside the door. One of the children is brought past on the way from the kitchen, nibbling a cake.

Now we're in Acts 3 and they recognize the words from a song they sing, “Quit begging God to do what He told you to do.”

There goes that little one back to the kitchen!

Now Andrew has the people laughing—the interpreter is doing a good job!

“Command physical healing into their bodies—start with yourself! Speak to the mountain," Andrew said. They read Mark 11:23 aloud together. That cute little Chinese toddler is taken back to her seat again, in another room. Andrew continues, “Jesus said talk to your problem about God, take your authority.” An older child appears from behind the bedroom door; it has religious picture over it. Checks the preaching is still going on and then goes silently back.

“You release the power of God by your words...begging God to do something, He told you to do isn’t faith. At best it’s ignorance, at worst it’s unbelief.” I hear an "Amen" behind me. Another with baby in sling on her back appears from another room. Andrew calls for the sick to raise their hands; he leads them in a prayer. Talking to their own problem. Loud "Amens!" A man stands to testify he felt the difference in his body. Another person has been coughing for ten days and her lungs are now clear. One man still has back pain. Andrew calls him forward and demonstrates how NOT to pray for healing, but release the power in us. Man returns to his seat healed. Andrew asks the smiling faces if anyone is not a new person in the spirit or has not received the baptism in the Spirit. Hands raise, but more people stand! Two people born again.

“This isn’t magic, you have to believe it!”

We pray together in Chinese as best we can. About 20 people (that I can see) are filled with the Holy Spirit. A demon manifests instantly as all speak in tongues. The woman cries out with a loud voice, shaking violently, falls to the floor. Everyone carries on speaking in tongues. Andrew gives them his book “The Holy Spirit” so they will understand, and a few moments later as the meeting finishes the people are given four of his books translated into Chinese.