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Andrew's Central European Distribution Center

AWM's Hungarian office and Central European Distribution Center. (Click to enlarge)Hungary, a former satellite of the Soviet Empire, is now the host of a busy distribution point for Andrew Wommack Ministries of Europe (AWME). A modest house in one of the greenbelt villages of the town of Győr serves as both the Hungarian office for AWME and as the Central European Distribution Center, from which Andrew's teaching materials are shipped to the 27 nations of the European community. The facility is managed by native Hungarian and CBC England graduate, Zsolt Katona.

AWM's Head of European Translation and of the Central European Distribution Center, Zolt Katona and his family live in Hungary.When Zsolt became an AWME employee in 2006, the ministry had just begun publishing Andrew's books in various European languages. Now, in 2010, Zsolt manages tens of thousands of copies of Andrew's translated materials. As a result, the house is crowded with shelves full of spiritual seeds just waiting to be shipped to thirsty souls. Zsolt does his best to utilize every inch of the office efficiently, but that job is becoming increasingly challenging.

With a steady stream of translations being completed, storage space at the distribution center is tightly packed. (Click to enlarge)Presently, Andrew's books are being shipped across Europe in 11 languages, but that number continues to increase as AWME's Foreign Language Translation Team works diligently to make the books available to more people in more countries. Several of Andrew's books are currently going through the translation process for eight additional European languages. The translation process takes time—four to six months on average. Worldwide the team of countless volunteers has translated 127 of Andrew's books in 36 languages.

At this time, Zsolt distributes his largest orders to Holland and Germany. Smaller countries like Hungary tend to order less per shipment. But the important part is that the orders continue to come in on a steady basis.

Currently Zsolt is the only full-time employee for the distribution center, but as Andrew's message continues to spread across languages, the job will eventually become too large for him to manage singlehandedly.

So, as the saying goes, "never despise small beginnings." Each book shipped from this little house in Hungary is a seed planted for a multiplied harvest
to come.


Watch as Andrew tours the Hungarian office and reminisces about the Ministry's humble beginnings. Be sure to follow the link at the end of this clip for a full video summary of Andrew's recent trip to Europe.

Catch a glimpse in the video below as they organize the upcoming project schedule. Be sure to follow the link at the end of this clip for a full video summary of

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