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The DeVine Plan

Andrew with Jeff DeVine at the 2008 CBC graduation. (Click to enlarge)Jeff DeVine, a 2008 graduate of Charis Bible College in Colorado, has been living and ministering in Thailand since August of 2009. Jeff and his two 12-year-old daughters, Arisa and Ariya, have found fulfillment in sharing the Gospel with the Thai people, and teaching them about relationship with their Savior, Jesus.

Although Jeff knew God as a child, and was very aware of His presence and of a call on his life, he had chosen a different, worldlier path; one he soon realized was dissatisfying. In 1997, Jeff decided a new adventure was in order for himself and his then ten–year–old son. The two moved to Thailand, where Jeff opened an exporting business.

Despite his abventurous life, Jeff was still missing something. Although he had come to the end of himself, he assumed he had run too far from God to make the journey back into a relationship with Him. But, as he cried out for God’s mercy, Jeff with his daughters, Arisa and Ariya. (Click to enlarge)Jeff realized he had been wrong. Jesus was right there to comfort him.

“He [Jesus] assured me he had never stopped loving me and had never left me or given up on me. For the first time in my life, I truly asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior,” Jeff explained. Jeff vowed to give God the rest of his life from the moment of his salvation.

Jeff and his son soon moved back to the United States and were living in Alabama. Despite the fact that Jeff was living the Christian life he thought was expected of him—working, taking care of his family, tithing, and attending church religiously, he was still unfulfilled.Jeff ministering the Word to the Thai people. (Click to enlarge)

“I was totally and completely dissatisfied in my heart. I knew there was more to life than to just tuck my “ticket to heaven” in my pocket and patiently wait for Christ to return. The quality of that life was no better than that of the Buddhists I had met in Thailand,” Jeff said.

Through fasting and prayer Jeff sought the Lord for His divine plan, and on the fourth day of his fast, God showed him a very clear vision of the direction He had for Jeff and his family. He was calling them to take the Gospel to the world, with a particular focus on the northeast region of Thailand.

Arisa and Ariya leading worship.
(Click to enlarge)
Jeff knew he needed preparation before they could fulfill his calling, but didn’t know where or how that was to happen. However God knew just where he wanted him to go. Jeff attended a Gospel Truth Seminar in Alabama where Andrew talked about Charis Bible College. After attending an informational meeting, he knew that the college would prepare him to share the nearly-too-good-to-be-true-news with the world.

In ministering to the Thai people, Jeff has finally found the fulfillment that had escaped him for so much of his life. Today, the DeVine family enjoys ministry together under the banner of Jeff Devine Ministries. Jeff recalls, In ministering to the Thai people, Jeff has finally found the fulfillment that had escaped him for so much of his life. (Click to enlarge) when they arrived in Thailand in 2009, that his daughters turned to him and said, “Daddy, we’re home!” Both girls love being part of the ministry and the calling. They often participate in skits that demonstrate the true nature of God.

Unlike other times in his life, Jeff describes his work in Thailand with a full and satisfied heart, “I know I am in God's perfect will. I have found nothing in my life more fulfilling than to minister the truth of God's love and grace and to see lives changed. To see people that formerly had no relationship with God, now have their lives completely transformed by a relationship with Jesus Christ; there is nothing more wonderful than that.”

To learn more about Jeff and his family's growing ministry visit the homepage for Jeff DeVine Ministries.

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