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Greater Things Still to be Done

Karen and Darey Jolley, founders of Ambassadors to the Nations. (Click to enlarge)“Would you be willing to radically change your lives for the sake of
My people?”

That was the question the Lord asked Pastors Darey and Karen Jolley twenty years ago. The Jolleys were willing and agreed to follow God’s plan, and as a result, Ambassadors to the Nations (Ambassadors) was founded in 1992. Ambassadors is an international missions ministry based out of the Jolley's home church in Charlotte, North Carolina, Freedom Christian Center, Inc. The focus of their missionary work is on meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the poorest communities in Central America, North America and Cuba through short-term mission projects. The Jolleys have launched Bible colleges in Mexico and Nicaragua, and also established and continue to operate three pre-school/kindergarten programs as well as a first through twelfth grade school in Nicaragua. The ministry has also established churches, medical clinics and community stores in several nations.

All contributions to the Ambassoador's Child Sponsoprship Program are used to support the children's needs. None of the funds are used for administrative costs. (Click to enlarge)Early in their ministry Karen and Darey found sufficient support through fundraising efforts that Freedom Christian Center held on the Ambassadors' behalf. The couple also created a Child Sponsorship Program to help raise support and offset the costs of their missionary efforts. However, it soon became apparent that they would need a major increase in finances to continue meeting the needs of the ministry at the pace it was growing. “We were able to keep up with the costs initially,” explained Karen. “But once we started building new schools and adding new grades, it looked like our growth would out-pace our resources.”The need began to grow beyond the ministry's resources—but God had a plan. (Click to enlarge)

Our heavenly Father is faithful, and as always He had a plan in place to meet the Jolley's growing financial need. Andrew, who is a longtime friend of Freedom Christian Center, approached Darey and Karen at their church’s annual camp meeting, and expressed his desire to help them with their ministry. When it was his turn to speak at the meetings, he called the Jolleys forward to the platform and asked them to share about their missionary work in Central America. They did so and thanks to Andrew’s endorsement, they were able to secure the much needed support.

Darey and a missionary team member minister to school children.
(Click to enlarge)
“Andrew was able to gain more help and support for the kids in five minutes than we could do in a year!” said Darey.

In only a few short months after Andrew's endorsement, Ambassadors to the Nations tripled in size. Today, Andrew continues to speak about the Jolleys and Ambassadors to the Nations, always highlighting their Child Sponsorship Program . This is a program in which a ten dollar a month contribution is made in the name of a sponsored child. The funds help supply food, clothing, water, school supplies, medical needs, and more for the children to whom the
Jolleys minister.

During his 2009 visit to Nicaragua Andrew helped Ambasador's staff member, Pastor Daniel Ortega Reyes (far right) distribute food.
(Click to enlarge)
In addition to speaking on their behalf, Andrew has invited Darey and Karen to travel to his Gospel Truth Seminars and set up an Ambassadors ministry display table. The Jolley's ministry has gained tremendous exposure working with AWM, and Andrew has personally given them thousands of dollars to fuel the building of new schools, churches, and homes for those in Central America and Mexico.

The Jolleys were excited to share with their partners that 2009 was their biggest year in missions to date, “God has proven to us that nothing is impossible with Him,” the Jolleys said. “We declare that greater things are yet to come and greater things are still to be done.”

Ambassadors ministers more than humanitarian aid. Here Karen prays for an elderly woman. (Click to enlarge)The Jolleys are not limited by small thinking. They are currently believing God for: support for a state-side missions office building; new feeding and Bible school programs in Nicaragua; support for a medical clinic in Nicaragua; support to pay for gasoline for their school bus in Nicaragua; Bible College support for Nicaragua and Mexico; funds for a toy mission; support for a nursing home in Mexico; and support for more full-time missionaries.


In the video below, Andrew visits with the Jolleys in and explores their ministry efforts in Nicaragua. To learn more about Darey and Karen and the impact they are having, visit the Ambassadors to the Nations website.