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How Are Andrew’s TV Programs Made?

(Click to enlarge)John prepares studio lights, set pieces, and camera equipment so that everything is right for Andrew’s teaching. John has been with Andrew 24 years, longer than any other employee.

Andrew's (Click to enlarge)special teaching gift makes it possible for his programs to be captured by a single camera. It is as if he is sitting at the table in your home talking with you.

(Click to enlarge)Ed operates the camera on shoot days and processes the video for raw digital ingestion, DVD mastering and broadcast mastering. He holds an AA degree in electronics from Pima College.

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Karen runs the teleprompter on shoot days (used for announcements, etc.) and assists with the management of the department. She also conducts on-camera interviews at Gospel Truth Seminars.

(Click to enlarge)Laurie is the assistant to the program producers. She publishes the notebook that guides each Gospel Truth show through editing and mastering. She performs Quality Control, publishes production and broadcast schedules on the website, and creates closed captioning for the program. She is a CBC graduate.

(Click to enlarge)Doris transcribes each of Andrew’s teachings, researching the content for editing and finishing purposes. She has worked with the ministry for
12 years.

(Click to enlarge)Michael manages the assembly of the Gospel Truth programs in the Avid editing Suite. He earned a BA in radio, TV and film production from the University of North Texas.

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Aaron is Chief Editor of the Gospel Truth program. He holds a business management degree from Sam Houston State University and will graduate from CBC in May 2010.

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Sean prepares Andrew’s teachings for the Gospel Truth program. He holds a BA in film studies from the University of Nevada and for the past 3 years edited nomination packages for the Academy Awards and Emmys. He plans to attend CBC in the fall.

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Kevin is Final Editor for Gospel Truth programs. He puts the finishing touches on each program and makes sure it is ready to be seen on your home TV set.

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David creates the Russian version the program, and adapts the American program for airing on God TV and in Uganda. He also troubleshoots the networking of the Avid computers.

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Mike manages the creative side of the department where promotions, documentaries, testimonies, and teaching DVD’s are made. He is also the technical supervisor for Gospel Truth Seminars and other events, including the management of audio visuals for CBC. After working on an engineering degree for 3 years he heard God calling him to CBC. He has worked in the television department for 6 years.

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Michael has 30 years of experience as a cameraman, editor, voice announcer and producer of commercial and Christian television. An accomplished musician, he composes sound tracks for documentaries such as Destiny Stories and
Healing Journeys.

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David is a CBC graduate who has worked in TV for 3 years. He has become an excellent motion graphics artist as well as the Mac System Director, implementing the coordination of the Final Cut editing stations on the creative production side of
the department.

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Annabelle is a CBC student who will graduate in May. She works part time logging video footage and has recently begun to edit special program material. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from DePaul University with a BA in radio, TV and
film communications.

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Teresa writes the script for the TV announcer on each broadcast. She also developed the video library system for the department and performs logging functions.

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Stephanie places the Gospel Truth TV and radio programs on networks and stations worldwide. She is an employee of Integrity Media in Lewisville, Texas and has served Andrew’s media placement needs for a decade.

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Stephen is Media Operations Manager for the ministry. He produced the original Gospel Truth TV broadcast and launched Andrew on the INSP Network in 2000. He has been with Andrew for 11 years.