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Andrew Interviewed on Denver Celebration

Denver Celebration host, Pastor Alvin Simpkins, Producer, Trish Lord and Andrew
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Andrew recently made a guest appearance on a television program called Denver Celebration. The show aired on Denver's local Daystar affiliate, and was hosted by Pastor Alvin Simpkins from Emmanuel Christian Center in Denver. After a warm introduction, Pastor Simpkins asked Andrew to share a little about the role and the anointing of a teacher as they relate to the body of Christ.

Andrew explained that from the very early days of his ministry, God showed him how important it was to teach or to disciple people, to help them mature in the Lord. Pastor Simpkins gave Andrew a warm introduction. (Click to enlarge)He recounted how he would evangelistically visit homes on a door-to-door basis and lead people to the Lord. He would pray a prayer of salvation with them and joyfully move on to the next house. But often times upon his return to the same neighborhoods several weeks later, Andrew wouldn't see any fruit (John 15:16) in the lives of the newly converted believers.

The Lord began to show Andrew, through the scriptures, how important it is to disciple new believers, rather than simply convert people. His door-to-door experience was a prime example of the need to teach people the principles found in God's word. Pastor Simpkins drew attention to four of Andrew's books. (Click to enlarge)That is the role and ministry of the teacher in the body of Christ; to lead believers to a deeper revelation or understanding of the Lord—and that is exactly what Andrew does through AWM and Charis Bible College (2 Timothy 2:2).

Pastor Simpkins then drew attention to the fact that Andrew has written many books over his forty-plus years in ministry. His introduction of Andrew's books worked as a supernatural transition for Andrew to spontaneously deliver a teaching on healing. The conversation began with Pastor Simpkins showing viewers a copy of Andrew's book, God Wants You Well and proceeded through The Believer's Authority, Grace-The Power of the Gospel and Harnessing Your Emotions. After the Live broadcast, the three took a moment to pray together. (Click to enlarge)As he introduced each book to the viewers, Andrew was able to segue from one to the next with a testimony or story from each that shared the message of God's unconditional love and grace.

Andrew Wommack Ministries' COO, David Hardesty, was in the studio with Andrew, and was impressed by how the interview went; recognizing God's hand in the weaving together of the message Andrew had shared. David was also pleased with how the program seemed to be received by the viewers. He noted that the phones were ringing with incoming calls throughout the live program, to the extent that even the show's producer, Trish Lord was fielding calls.

The appearance on Denver Celebration was a blessing to Andrew's ministry, and a great opportunity to minister the truth of God's word to the people of the Denver area.

Watch below as Andrew is interviewed by Pastor Alvin Simpkins from Emmanuel Christian Center in Denver, Colorado. The program was originally broadcast live on June 24, 2010.