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Andrew Visits Minneapolis for 2010 GTS

Andrew spent the weekend pointing out the difference between Law and Grace.
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Large crowds packed the conference hall for the recent Gospel Truth Seminar held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with more than one thousand people at the opening meeting. Over the course of the weekend's five sessions, Andrew fed all in attendance a steady diet of the Word as he ministered a combination of his True Nature of God and Grace—The Power of the Gospel teachings. As Andrew shared, hearts were touched, evidenced by the more than two hundred believers that stepped forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the dozen people who received Jesus as their Savior.

Andrew invited those interested in receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit to come forward. (Click to enlarge)After Andrew concluded his teaching each session he gave and invitation for those desiring prayer to come forward for ministry. Andrew left the platform to mingle with crowd, and the prayer team moved to the front of the auditorium to minister to scores of people as they came forward in faith to receive prayer. As the team flowed in the gifts of the Spirit they saw people set free from the enemy's chains of oppression.

Prayer ministers witnessed the Lord's power as His healing touch relieved the aches, pains and conditions of many. One woman approached the platform in a wheelchair; Awndrew explained speaking in tongues.
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she had been suffering from the restrictive and painful symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Before prayer she was unable to lift her arms and she lacked the confidence to get out of the chair. After receiving prayer her healing manifested and she began to thank God. With her arms lifted in praise, and as her confidence increased, she stood up, stepped away from the wheelchair and walked. A minister saw her in the hotel the next day pushing her wheelchair in front of her. The woman remarked that she felt even stronger than she had the night before.

Andrew placed his hand on people as they received the Holy Spirit. (Click to enlarge)Another woman, who had come forward for prayer, had previously been diagnosed with a severe case of vertigo, which is the sensation of constant dizziness. The results from her medical diagnosis were so extreme that her doctor brought in second physician to observe her strange abnormality. As she approached the ministers at the seminar, she was suffering to the point that she was having trouble walking. After receiving prayer, and her healing, she returned to her doctor to be examined again. This time the results were different. This time her results were normal and she was able to walk much better.

Throughout the weekend faith rose in the hearts of those with need as they witnessed the miraculous results in those who had gone ahead of them in the prayer line. God's word and His unconditional love successfully released individuals from blindness, deafness, nervousness, depression, tinnitus, asthma, joint pain and a variety of other physical ailments.

Watch the clip below as Andrew introduces the topic of his teaching at the 2010 Gospel Truth Seminar in Minneapolis: Grace vs. The Law.


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