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Attendance Increases at Boston GTS

Andrew addresses the crowd at the 2010 Boston GTS as people step forward to receive Jesus as their Savior and the baptism in the Holy Spirit. (Click to enlarge)Praise God Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM) is experiencing exponential growth around the world. Those familiar with AWM know that the reason for the growth is not because of Andrew's charismatic flash or pizzazz, and they know it's not due to any heavy promotion or advertising. Rather the growth stems from an increased hunger for the truth, and people's recognition of that truth in Andrew's teaching of the Word. As he continues to share the message of God's unconditional love, with an emphasis on the balance between grace and faith, lives are being changed and people are being set free.

Andrew taught before his largest Boston crowds ever, with more than 800 in attendance for the majority of the five meetings. (Click to enlarge)The recent Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS) held in the Greater Boston area, was no exception to this observable trend in growth, as AWM staff witnessed an increase in attendance from last year's Boston meetings. Andrew shared his teaching You've Already Got It, and focused the weekend's series on the first few chapters of the book of Ephesians. He emphasized that Ephesians is written from a completely opposite perspective than most of the church is teaching today. Andrew said that today's average More than 100 people answered the altar call Thursday night. (Click to enlarge)Christian thinks that God can do anything, but has done nothing, and that we have to petition God and do certain things to make Him move on our behalf. Ephesians is written from the opposing point of view, one from which God has already accomplished everything for us, through Jesus (Ephesians 1:3).

Andrew's teaching of the Word empowered and freed many in attendance to receive from the Lord, and set the tone for an amazing weekend of fruitful ministry. Andrew was able to greet some of the people in the lobby before each session.
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The scope of ministry that took place during the GTS was broader than the five scheduled sessions would indicate. While it is true that Andrew's teaching time was the backbone of the GTS conference, there were other ministry opportunities as well. Some of those who attended the meetings had a chance to interact with Andrew; all who chose to do so were able to receive prayer before and after his times of teaching through a team of prayer ministers; Andrew's books, resources and teaching materials were available both before and after he ministered the Word, Some people, like this woman from New York, came by to see if Andrew was as down to earth in person as he seems on TV. He is. (Click to enlarge)and there was plenty of time to fellowship and interact with like-minded believers.

Each GTS offers a special meeting for those considering attending Charis Bible College (CBC). Andrew took a few minutes during each session to announce the opening of the new CBC campus in Plymouth, MA and to promote the existing campus located in Gardner, MA. Andrew introduced CBC-Colorado graduates, George and Judi Appleton, natives of Massachusetts, who are directing Charis Bible School of Plymouth, and Bob and Deb Farley who have been operating Charis Bible School of Gardner for several years.

Andrew concluded each session with a pair of invitations. The first was two-fold in nature, Andrew's teaching resources were available before and after each session. (Click to enlarge)in that he called those with a desire to receive Jesus as Savior and/or the baptism of the Holy Spirit to come forward. The second invitation was for those who needed healing to come forward for prayer. Over the course of the weekend more than a dozen people came forward to receive salvation, two hundred were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and many were healed.

While the prayer ministry team witnessed the Lord's power through on the spot healings of scoliosis, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, deafness, and other oppressions, the ministers also received praise reports from attendees who had been healed at previous seminars in Boston. Over the course of the weekend many came forward to receive prayer and healing.
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One such account was that of a woman who had given birth to a baby who had a hole in his heart. After having the baby prayed for at the 2009 Boston GTS, the woman returned to the physician's office where the doctor could not find any sign of the hole. Praise God!

The next time there is a GTS in your area, be sure to attend—ministry opportunities abound and God's Word is true.

Watch the video clip below as Andrew introduces the topic of his teaching for the weekend: You've Already Got It!

Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.