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Blessed to be a Blessing

CBC Dallas' mission team members, Barron Skelton and Arlettia Sharp on their way to Mexico. (Click to enlarge)One Saturday morning in January, with the temperature in Dallas, Texas hovering at an uncharacteristically cold thirteen degrees, Barron Skelton and Arlettia Sharp, second year students at Charis Bible College-Dallas, and college Administrator, Shirley Johnson departed for their mission trip to northern Mexico. On the way to Mexico the CBC-Dallas team stopped in Harlingen, Texas, just north of the Mexican border, where they met with students from CBC-Chicago and CBC-Kansas City to form one larger missions team. The group was hosted by Bobby and Lynn Crow, founders of World Missions Outreach and Palabra de Vida (Word of Life) in Ciudad Victoria, Mexico.

Although the team headed south of the U.S. Border, there was no reprieve from the cold weather for the missionaries, as Ciudad Victoria was experiencing the coldest winter in recent history. The mission team from CBC-Chicago.
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Everyone was thankful that they had packed plenty of warm clothes. Even though the weather was unpleasant, the students were welcomed warmly by the Crows and their staff.

On Sunday morning the CBC students attended church services at Palabra de Vida, and were blessed by the hospitality of the church members. It was a joy for them to be received and treated as family, and to participate in the anointed worship service, for which the Crows and their church have become renowned.CBC-Kansas City's mission team.
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The first official day of street ministry took place in one of the many poor neighborhoods in Victoria. The residents of the neighborhood were welcoming, and students were humbled by the generosity and thoughtfulness of those they visited. Although it was obvious that the local people didn’t have much in the way of material wealth, they were eager to share what little they did have with the students. The team prayed with the residents for financial provision, healing, for runaway children to return and for many other needs. CBC students rested after playing soccer with some local children. (Click to enlarge)Ten people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior during the first day on the mission field.

Rita Luckett-Robinson from CBC-Chicago served as one of the team's children’s ministers. She brought many fun items for the kids, and she also played the flute for them. During one tent meeting, the team saw thirty children saved; it was a time of great rejoicing.

Each tent meeting the team held was fruitful. One CBC student would give a testimony and one would share a message each evening. The students also performed skits demonstrating the unconditional love of God, which proved very effective in reaching the people's hearts. Barron Skelton praying for people during one of the meetings. (Click to enlarge)Many residents responded with great enthusiasm and received Jesus, and some were filled with the Holy Spirit. One woman was so blessed by the ministry's outreach on one particular evening that she actually went forward specifically to pray for a student, instead of to receive prayer for herself.

At another meeting a young man who had received salvation stepped forward to share his testimony. He explained that he had been a local police officer but had been caught selling guns to “the bad guys.” He shared about how God had gotten him out of jail when it looked like he would never get out, and how his wife had been sick with a growth in her chest and how God had healed her. Arlettia Sharp ministers in the prayer line after a meeting. (Click to enlarge)It was a very emotional testimony that touched the hearts of those in attendance, including the members of mission team.

The CBC teams were sad to say good-bye to Mexico. They left feeling as though they had received as much as they had given. From the people they ministered to, to the kitchen staff at Palabra de Vida who never let them go hungry, to Bobby and Lynn Crow and their family who shared challenging messages and words of encouragement, as well as met their every need, the students were truly blessed.