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Go Where HE Leads You

CBC-Colorado graduates and missionaries to Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nancy, Sean and Joe.
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One morning in 2002, as Nancy MacQueen sat down to eat breakfast in her Connecticut home, she turned on the television. As she scanned the channels Nancy found it difficult to find anything she wanted to watch—even a good cartoon. As she continued to search she came across Andrew's Gospel Truth program. Nancy remembers that Andrew was sharing his revelation of Spirit, Soul and Body, and how clearly he presented the message. Later Nancy shared what she had heard on TV with her husband, Joe. Interested in Andrew's plain-spoken presentation of the Gospel, Joe and Nancy began to watch regularly; until Andrew started talking about speaking in tongues—then they turned him off.In 2005, During Sean's second year at CBC, Joe and Nancy moved to Colorado and enrolled in classes to prepare for the work of the ministry. (Click to enlarge)

Some time later, her search for a breakfast-time television program led Nancy back to Andrew. As she continued to watch, Nancy realized he was teaching accurately about everything. "I remember the first time I heard him say that you didn’t need to ask for forgiveness for sins. I knew that wasn’t right, and I got out my Bible and concordance—and you know what? He was right! He just opened our eyes to so many truths," said Nancy.

The MacQueens have two children, Chelsea Witt and Sean Crotty, and at the time they began listening to Andrew, Sean was still in high school. In March of 2003, as they continued to watch Andrew in the mornings before school, Joe and his translator, Jonathan Ravello, speaking at a local church in Buenos Aires. (Click to enlarge)Sean felt led to call the AWM Helpline for prayer. During the call he received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. When Sean began speaking in tongues, Joe and Nancy realized that speaking in tongues is for believers today! Nancy received the baptism and her prayer language a few months later.

As Sean's graduation drew near in 2004, he decided he wanted to attend Charis Bible College (CBC). In February, the threesome flew to Colorado Springs to attend CBC's Expand Your Vision Weekend. While visiting Colorado, Joe received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The Lord told him that he too would be attending CBC and that despite his age, God had a plan for his life.Nancy and her translator, Rosa Maria Ravello, speaking at a church in Lima, Peru. (Click to enlarge)

After Sean's graduation in 2004, he moved to Colorado, and began attending classes at CBC. In November the same year, as Joe was praying for Sean's safe travels home for the Thanksgiving holiday, the Lord spoke very clearly to Joe and said, "Buenos Aires."

Joe replied, “Buenos Aires? I don't speak Spanish.”

God answered, “Buenos Aires.”

Joe said, “I hate heat and humidity!”

The Lord gently asked him, “Remember you said you would go anywhere?”

Joe speaking at an outdoor meeting in Caaguazu, Paraguay. Jonathan had to translate into Spanish and Guarani, the native language of Paraguay. Joe did remember that in May of 2004 he had said he would go anywhere the Lord asked him to go, as long as God provided a translator. And Joe replied, “Si, Buenos Aires!”

Having heard so clearly from the Lord, the MacQueens made arrangements to be better prepared for the ministry ahead; Joe and Nancy quit their jobs, sold their home, and moved to Colorado to attend CBC.

After completing the two-year program, and serving a one-year apprenticeship, the MacQueens, including Sean, who had graduated one year ahead of them, moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, they stepped into the ministry to which the Lord had called them. The name of their ministry is Charis de Dios (Grace of God).Joe and Sean ministering in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. (Click to enlarge)

Sharing the Grace of God is the thrust behind everything the MacQueens do. Careful to follow Jesus' example of doing only what the Father showed Him, the MacQueens only walk through the doors the Lord opens before them. "It is one hundred percent God doing the leading, which really takes the pressure off of us," said Nancy.

As the three work toward their goal of starting a CBC extension school in Buenos Aires, they continue to teach Bible classes in their home. Don Krow Ministries contacted them with regard to a pastor in their area who was teaching the Discipleship Evangelism program and needed assistance. The Charis de Dios team hosts Bible classes in their home as they prepare to open a CBC extension school. (Click to enlarge)The MacQueens now aide the pastor in his ministry to the homeless, and have provided him with Spanish translations of some of Andrew's materials. This partnership has opened the door to additional ministry opportunities as well. Joe and Nancy also serve as facilitators for Charis Bible College-Online, which connects them with students from all over the world.

A friend of the MacQueens has generously offered to translate subtitles for Andrew's messages, and the team is currently working to subtitle Andrew's True Nature of God teaching. Sean and Alejandra Crotty, married in June of 2010. (Click to enlarge)AWM has also provided the MacQueens with some of Andrew's TV programs with Spanish voice-overs; the people with whom they have shared these have loved them.

As a result of their growth in the knowledge of God and His grace, the MacQueen's ministry is multiplying. "It’s awesome to know that you are where God wants you. As He opens the doors, we walk through them," said Nancy.

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I liked the post... I have thought to go sightseeing in this region of the Argentine country! One of the things I like most about this region is the rich places to ride and entertainment and besides these buildings and houses reminds me of many movies... really is a wonderful place to visit in the summer season.

June 28, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterElias

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