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Simplicity of the Truth Changes Lives

CBC graduate, J.D. Link and his wife Krista lead Abundant Grace Fellowship Church in Blanco, Texas. (Click to enlarge)J.D. Link received Jesus Christ as his Savior in November, 1998. Shortly after being born again, he was baptized in the Holy Spirit, after which he sensed God's call to preach. His calling was confirmed by three different people within a six month period in 1999. Although he didn’t know all of the details, J.D. determined in his heart to follow God’s will, and that decision kicked off his God-sized adventure.

One day while scanning for Kenneth Hagin's program on the radio in Austin, Texas, J.D. “accidentally” came across Andrew's Gospel Truth program. He was hungry for God’s word and Andrew’s straight-forward teaching of the scriptures caught J.D.'s ear right away. He began to listen to Andrew regularly. During one broadcast Andrew mentioned Charis Bible College (CBC), and J.D. heard God say, “That’s where you’re going.”

Pastor J.D. Link sharing a message.
(Click to enlarge)
In 2001, J.D. obediently filled out the application to attend CBC-Colorado and made preparations to move. He sold his house in Blanco, Texas, where he and his wife, Krista had settled in 1998, after J.D. finished serving in the Coast Guard. J.D. and Krista headed for Colorado Springs full of faith and excitement.

His obedience and step of faith was richly rewarded over the next two years. Regarding his time spent at CBC, J.D. said, “Going to CBC was one of the most important steps I ever took in my life. The things I learned, both in and out of the classroom, and the relationships that developed are still blessing me to this day. My time there really helped me to become the man I am today. As a result, it has helped those that I minister to, to understand and walk in God’s love, grace, truth, and righteousness.”

Krista and son, Hayden operate the onscreen display during worship. (Click to enlarge)During his second year, while visiting with family over Thanksgiving break, God spoke to J.D. about returning to Blanco to plant a church. J.D.’s pastor and CBC instructor, Lawson Perdue, confirmed this plan for him when he returned to CBC. J.D. wasn’t against returning to Texas, but he was surprised. “I liked Blanco, but I was ready and willing to go anywhere for God. I didn’t think the Lord would bring me right back,” he explained.

Today, J.D. and Krista, along with their five children, Haley, Hayden, Holly, Hannalea & Hudson, enjoy their ministry at Abundant Grace Fellowship Church in Blanco. J.D. is grateful for Andrew’s teaching. It helped him understand the finished work of Christ, and the importance of having a righteousness conscience. “If there is one place you should be able to go and hear God’s simple truth, it is the church.”

The Link family (Click to enlarge)Looking back, J.D. realizes how lost he once was due to the religious tradition and formality with which he grew up. The revelation he has received drives him to teach his own church how to find freedom in Christ. “Not that all tradition is bad, but solid, practical Bible teaching has to be the focal point. Church absolutely has to be about the Word. It’s got to be real, even if it hurts,” J.D. said.

J.D. noted that there are many Christians who appreciate and receive solid biblical teaching without the mixture of religion, and there are some who do not. He has learned over the years to preach his heart out to the full seats, and not to worry about the empty ones. “I love pastoring, and I love serving God. It is very fulfilling to know you are doing exactly what God has called you to do—and to love doing it. I don’t know if I’ll be a pastor forever, but I will definitely be preaching the Word 'till the day I die,” J.D. shared.

In addition to preaching at his own church in Blanco, J.D. has ministered in Mexico, Russia, Ireland, and in England with his friend, Cecil Paxton. He also makes an annual visit to CBC-Atlanta to minister with his friends, Tom and Cindy Boyd.

Following God’s path may not always be simple, but for J.D. and his family, it has always been very rewarding.

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