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CBC Students Visit the Dominican Republic 

In December, CBC instructors, Peggy and Dr. Delron Shirley, led a CBC mission trip to the Dominican Republic. (Click to enlarge)On December 1, 2010 Dr. Delron Shirley, his wife Peggy and Charis Bible College (CBC) intern, Justin Knapp, led a group of twenty-three CBC second-year students on a missionary journey to the Dominican Republic. The Shirleys both serve as instructors at CBC in Colorado, and are the founders of Teach All Nations, a global missions ministry. Delron and Peggy have been leading short term mission trips since 1990, and have taken teams all over the world.

CBC second-year students form a line to shuttle food from storage to vehicles for community distributuion.
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After delays in Denver caused the CBC students to miss a connecting flight in Miami, the group finally reached their destination, La Casa Grande missions base in Santiago, run by full-time missionaries Tim and Trena Johnson. The loss of a day at the outset of the trip forced the group to maximize their efforts during the remaining time in order to fulfill their scheduled commitments.

Students ministered to the crowds that gathered wherever they went.
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Once on the mission field, the group split into several teams and they headed into the community. Some CBC students went into the public school system, and others went to a local barrio (a needy community within the city). In both cases the students were able to perform gospel-centered skits, share testimonies and offer opportunities for those in attendance to receive prayer.

The students ministered in various ways; here they distribute food in a local barrio. (Click to enlarge)A large portion of the students' time in Santiago revolved around food distribution to the poorest communities. Factory closures in the region have crippled the local economy, leaving many families in despair. Throughout the trip, the host churches where the students ministered were filled with needy families from within the surrounding villages. Each evangelistic outreach was organized so that only specifically invited families could attend. This was for the purpose of allowing the host church to follow up with those who responded to the Gospel and to be able to continue to assist the families in need.

The CBC students held a successful children's crusade. (Click to enlarge)Saturday was a busy, but fun and productive day for the students as they held two large events; a children's crusade and a pastors' conference. Rain threatened to make unpaved roads impassable in the morning hours, but thankfully it did not hinder attendance at either outreach. The overflowing crowd of children enjoyed the puppets, drama, juggling, candy, and of course the hugs and smiles from the students.

A young boy studies a gospel tract left by the CBC team. (Click to enlarge)The pastors' conference was attended by approximately three hundred pastors and leaders who enjoyed the students' ministry, as well as a review of Delron's book, Finally, My Brethren which has just been released in Spanish. After the teaching, the pastors and leaders were served a free lunch and given a basket of food to take home to their families, along with a free copy of Delron's book.

Whether the students were ministering in a church, a village, a public park, a public school, or even on an outdoor basket ball court, they were consistently well received. According to the Shirleys, each student received a new boldness and overcame personal fears. Children flocked around them as they ministered, and the adults were eager to fellowship with them despite the language barrier. A number of healings, many salvations and a couple deliverances were reported as a result of the mission team's efforts. It was a fantastic trip during which Jesus Christ was glorified.