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2011 Phoenix GTS

Andrew introducing the teaching for the weekend, the Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and Jamie ushered in the New Year with the friendly faces of AWM partners and friends in Phoenix, Arizona. Andrew spent the second weekend of January 2011 teaching on The Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit. The crowds ranged in size from 675 to just over 900 people at each meeting. Over the course of the three day conference, fifteen salvations were reported and approximately 200 people came forward for the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The message Andrew developed over the weekend focused on establishing proper understanding of the function of the Holy Spirit in a born again believer's life. Many Christians struggle to understand that it is not the Holy Spirit that condemns us when we fall short and sin, rather it is our own heart or our conscience that fuels the guilt and condemnation (1 John 3:21). As Andrew taught these truths, people's eyes were opened to God's goodness and their hearts became receptive.

Many believers misunderstand the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament. (Click to enlarge)As Andrew continued to minister the power of God flowed freely, and as a result of the receptive hearts, many healings were reported. At the end of each of Andrew's meetings, he spends time ministering to the crowd as he receives leading by the Holy Spirit. Often he calls out specific needs, ailments or injuries as he is led, and then he addresses the issues with simple direct prayers. Phoenix was no different, and several people received healing manifestation as Andrew spoke to their need.

Andrew's prayer ministry team also saw numerous people set free as they prayed after each session. The team witnessed God's love and power as an individual who had been deaf for 40 years received his hearing. Ringing in another person's ears (tinnitus) was completely stopped. A person with shoulder problems, due to a rotator cuff issue, was healed as all pain stopped and motion was restored. Andrew sharing from the New Testament. (Click to enlarge)Another individual with severe neck pain and stiffness felt heat flow through his body while the minister prayed; all the pain left and mobility was restored. Hip pain was healed and the individual left the meeting walking normally. Back pain was healed. An individual with a history of bronchitis and pneumonia came forward for prayer exhibiting the symptoms of the two ailments, and all wheezing, coughing, and tightness in the chest stopped. An attendee who had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease came to the meeting in a wheelchair, but walked off without the chair after receiving prayer. Two others who entered the meetings in wheelchairs also left walking. Eyesight was fully restored. Auto immune disorder symptoms went away completely. Stooped shoulders were straightened. Bad knees were made strong again. Fibromyalgia and arthritis were both healed. Burning in the esophagus making it hard to swallow was healed. Carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling and pain in one woman's hands and knuckles, left following prayer, and her flexibility was restored. Several lumps in peoples' bodies disappeared beneath the hands of prayer ministers as well.Andrew emphasizing his point.
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A woman who suffered from cerebral palsy and polio as a child had been wheelchair bound for four years. Because of the time spent in the chair, she suffered from atrophy in her leg muscles, her feet were crooked and her toes deformed. As she received prayer, strength returned to her legs, and her feet straightened out enabling her to stand once again.

Another individual was touched by the revelation of the love of God and found the strength to forgive people in her life. As she did, knots in her muscles relaxed and pain left her body.

It was a fantastic beginning to 2011, as many people received from Andrew’s teaching and ministry.

Watch the video below as Andrew introduces the topic for the 2011 Phoenix GTS: The Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

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