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Choosing to Believe 

The Bonilla family (L-R: 2-year-old Kyra, Leslie, 9-year-old Anthony, Tony and 3-month-old baby Kaylie) standing on the deck at the ministry's Lodge in Woodland Park, CO. (Click to enlarge)In late April 2010, nine-week-old baby Kaylie experienced several seizures. Kaylie's parents, Tony and Leslie Bonilla brought Kaylie to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas where she was quickly diagnosed with an ear and throat infection. The doctor said the baby was having febrile seizures, convulsions caused by a rapid spike in body temperature. Kaylie's doctor assured her parents that the seizures were harmless and would go away. The doctor spent very little time with the baby, and contrary to the Bonilla's requests, refused to do any further testing or blood work. Kaylie was given an injection of antibiotics and discharged.

Over the course of the next two weeks, Kaylie continued to have seizures. The baby also stopped eating and became constantly fussy, which was uncharacteristic for Kaylie. The Bonillas became skeptical of the diagnosis they had received at Baylor, and had her evaluated by their family doctor and their chiropractor.

Based on the amount of puss around her brain, doctors had determined that Kaylie had bacterial meningitis for more than a week—they were surprised she had not died already. (Click to enlarge)On May 12, the Bonillas took their baby girl to Children's Medical Center (CMC) in Dallas where they found evidence of large amounts of puss in the fluid around Kaylie's brain. The doctors speculated that Kaylie had bacterial meningitis. While the staff considered a surgical procedure to drain the puss, they proceeded to administer three different medications to address Kaylie's infection. What no one knew until hours later, was that Kaylie had a severe reaction to the medications which caused her to have a massive stroke.

Further testing confirmed that Kaylie was suffering from bacterial meningitis, and indicated that the puss could not be surgically drained. Kaylie's prognosis was grim; doctors had lost hope and were convinced that she would not survive, or at best, she would be extremely handicapped.

Kaylie's body temperature fluctuated due to her infection. (Click to enlarge)"Spiritually, we were destitute—unequipped to handle the situation," said Tony. Both Tony and Leslie had grown up in church, but like many Christians they had fallen prey to the enemy's lies that when something horrible happens, God has His reason for it, or that God only heals whom He chooses.

Several days after Kaylie was admitted to the ICU, their family chiropractor, Dr. Bo Brantly, a longtime supporter of AWM, gave the Bonillas some of Andrew's materials. Tony and Leslie accepted the teachings, God Wants You Well, a Healing Scriptures CD and some others, but the two were very skeptical of what they called, "faith healers."

Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21).
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"I knew that God performed miracles, and that God never changes, therefore He still performs miracles. I just didn't believe He would do it for me. Part of it was unbelief, part of it was the thinking that God chooses when He'll move, and I could never know if He would answer my prayers," said Tony.

Tony was angry with God, and blamed Him for Kaylie's condition. As a result of his anger, he had determined that he would not pray for his daughter, even at his wife's request. When Tony had the awful feeling of helplessness associated with realizing that there was absolutely nothing he could do to help his daughter, he broke down. He repented of his attitude toward God and began to pray.

There was a time when the Bonillas thought that they may have to tell their son that his sister was never coming home. (Click to enlarge)At the end of themselves, the Bonillas decided to listen to Andrew's materials. When the couple heard the teachings they had a spiritual awakening. The God Wants You Well lessons exposed them to ideas they had never heard in church. Andrew's simple, scriptural explanation of God's will gave the Bonillas hope for their daughter's complete restoration. "Leslie and I talked about what we learned, and we both decided that Kaylie would not die, but be completely healed and restored by God. We knew that it was not God's will that Kaylie die, be sick, or handicapped."

The couple kept playing the Healing Scriptures CD over and over in Kaylie's ICU room, and continued to review the materials they had been given. Gone are the days of CT scans, MRIs, multiple IVs, and lumbar punctures—Today Kaylie is a happy, playful 1-year-old. (Click to enlarge)Just four days after their decision to believe God's Word, Kaylie was off the respirator, the EEG machine, the feeding tube, and Kaylie was able to nurse.

On May 19, Kaylie was discharged from the ICU, and moved to the neo-natal unit. She went from being given no chance of survival to minimal nurse attention in less than one week. After a total of three weeks in the hospital baby Kaylie went home with her parents.

The Bonillas stood in faith on God's Word and Kaylie proved the doctors wrong on all counts. "They said she would need a cerebral shunt surgically placed in her head, and have to keep it the rest of her life. The simple expression and reception of the Truth of the Gospel, turned more than one life around! (Click to enlarge)She has not had surgery, and displays no symptoms of ever needing such surgery. They said she wouldn't be able to nurse or even swallow. She nurses fine, and is eating solid food now. They said she would be paralyzed on the left side of her body. She moves every part of her body. They said she would have seizures the rest of her life. She stopped having seizures before we left the hospital. They said she would be on medication for the rest of her life. We stopped giving her seizure medication as soon as the nurses handed the responsibility to us. They said she would be blind, deaf, and mute. She sees! She hears! She talks!" exclaimed Tony. Through Andrew's teaching the Bonilla's learned it was God's will for their daughter to be healed, and by His stripes she was (1 Peter 2:24).