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On the Road with Andrew: England II

Pastor Pamela healed following the Ministers’ Conference last year. (Click to enlargePastor Pamela shared her testimony of being healed of a breast tumor. By “speaking to her mountain” as Andrew teaches, she saw it shrink and disappear over time.





Mandy saw huge tumor in stomach shrink to nothing. (Click to enlarge)Mandy, wife of Dave Morgan, vocalist for the British rock band, Electric Light Orchestra, tells of seeing a 14 pound tumor in her stomach disappear by “speaking to her mountain” after hearing Andrew teach.




Eraj experienced complete release from pain at the Ministers’ Conference. (Click to enlarge)Eraj from Sri Lanka tells of speaking to a strong and persistent pain in his side, after hearing Andrew’s teaching on God TV and on the internet. The pain diminished in a series of steps. The final healing occurred as Andrew taught at the next to last session of the Minister’s Conference. He walked out of that session completely pain free!



Former Muslim, Japhary received a revelation of grace from Andrew. (Click to enlarge)Japhary tells of falling into a works mentality, wanting so much to “do something” for Jesus after being born again. His Muslim background made him vulnerable to a works mentality and he needed to renew his mind. Even gratitude to Jesus can lead to Old Testament bondage unless the gospel truth is known. Listening to Andrew, he received a liberating revelation of grace, realizing that Jesus wanted fellowship and relationship more than good works.

Japhary had much to be grateful for. In his 20s he survived the Rwandan genocide in his homeland, being miraculously rescued seven times. One night in a vivid dream Jesus Christ appeared to him, asking him to follow him. Now that Japhary knows the author of life—he understands who spared him during the Rwandan holocaust.

With his testimony ringing in our ears, we anticipate our return tomorrow to Rwanda’s neighbor, Uganda. Many there are still hurt and confused by the death of Leland Shores. This will be a time of healing on many levels. The truth that gives us rest and peace, is that the ministry in Uganda was never Leland’s, it belonged to the Lord of Glory. And no matter what comes, He who began a good work will finish it until the day of Christ.

Filed Thursday October 27, 2011 by AWM Media Operations Manager Stephen Bransford.

Reader Comments (2)

Praise God for the Freedom that we have in Christ Jesus. We need no longer be subject to the yoke of slavery...!

November 1, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterDavida

Amen Davida!

November 1, 2011 | Registered CommenterKevin Bree

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