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2011 Houston GTS

Andrew introducing the teaching for the weekend, How to Receive God's Best. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and his conference team were recently in Houston, Texas for a Gospel Truth Seminar. The meetings took place the second weekend in February, and Andrew shared a teaching called, How to Receive God’s Best. He began the message by sharing scripture from the twenty-ninth chapter of the book of Jeremiah, where God states through the prophet Jeremiah, that He has a plan and an expected end for the people (29:11). Andrew went on to teach how to understand that plan and how receive the best God has for each believer. Over the course of the three day conference, seventeen people received salvation and nearly two hundred people were baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Andrew ministered to those who answered the altar call at each meeting.
(Click to enlarge)
Of special note was a woman who attended the Thursday night meeting, who was suffering from lung cancer. As Andrew prayed from the platform, for people with cancer, he looked directly at the woman and said that the tumor was gone and that she was cured in Jesus’ name. She returned to the conference on Friday and shared that she had been back to the doctor, and that the cancerous nodule on her right lung was no longer there. Praise God!

Another woman who was in attendance on Thursday evening suffered from degenerative disc disease in her back and shoulder issues, which caused her left arm to be disabled. Her MRI showed tearing and cysts on her shoulder, and she reported that her arm would click, catch and sometimes "lock up" when she attempted movement. Ater the meeting, one prayer minister prayed with a woman who had been battling high blood pressure. After the prayer the woman checked her blood pressure again and saw a significant reduction from her previous test prior to the meeting. (Click to enlarge)Friday night she came back to the conference and gave a praise report that she had been healed and had her full range of motion again. She was very excited to report that she slept like a baby on Thursday night, without any pain. She was further excited to tell of how, on Friday morning, when the pain tried to come back she took her authority and spoke to the pain, commanding it to go. She seemed as excited about her new found authority over her body as her healing itself.

Other prayer ministry highlights included the healing of spinal disease, acid reflux, sciatic nerve pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, vision issues, hip pain, and eye floaters; these were all healed in Jesus name. And last, but not least, following prayer a little girl received healing in her body and was able to eat macaroni and cheese, cheese enchilada and ice cream for the first time in a year and a half. God is good!

Watch the video below as Andrew introduces the teaching, How to Receive God's Best at the Houston Gospel Truth Seminar.


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