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Truth Revealed: Body Healed

Scott Franklin (far right) and his family on vacation in 2006. Scott had recently graduated from high school and was looking forward to going to Ohio State University. (Click to enlarge)Four years ago, Scott Franklin, a healthy eighteen-year-old, had just graduated from high school and was looking forward to attending college when his plans were derailed by sudden illness. The six-foot-two-inch, one-hundred-eighty-pound athlete began to experience breathing difficulties and over time shriveled to just 105 pounds. Scott's symptoms began immediately following a college-required vaccination. Instead of heading off to college, Scott began what would be a twenty-one month battle to regain his health and his life.

After suffering through allergies treatments and therapies, Scott was reduced to 105 pounds and was constantly monitoring himself preparing for another visit to the hospital.
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The same day Scott was vaccinated against meningitis, he began to notice tightness in his throat and his chest, and breathing became increasingly difficult for him. A short time later, Scott began to develop extensive food allergies, which accentuated his already uncomfortable breathing symptoms. It was soon apparent that in addition to these new allergies, Scott had developed sensitivities to many household products. With his immune system compromised, he became susceptible to frequent and recurrent infections. It became so common for Scott to have random reactions to new things that he and one of his parents would regularly sit outside the hospital's emergency room, just in case his symptoms worsened to the point that it became necessary to seek medical intervention.

A family friend introduced the Franklins to Andrew's ministry and Scott gained revelation of his authority in Christ, and began to receive his healing. Here he holds the family's dog—something he was unable to do before being healed.
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In an attempt to bolster his health and find some relief, Scott began taking mega doses of nutritional supplements. Unfortunately, his symptoms continued to worsen. Approximately one year after the onset of his illness, Scott added chest pain to his list of symptoms. He underwent a cardiac echo test (echocardiogram) and it was determined that he had a mild case of pericarditis, a condition in which the sac-like covering around the heart becomes inflamed. Scott started seeing his doctor on a weekly basis and began injection treatments called, neural therapy to decrease his pain. Scott also began utilizing the effects of essential oils. To avoid digestive issues, rather than taking them orally, he had them applied to his back on a daily basis. He also received intravenous antibiotic treatments to address the pericarditis. Additionally, an infrared sauna was used to keep After receiving his healing, Scott began to train and prepare for tryouts for the Ohio State Buckeye football team. Here he stands with OSU speed coach and 1988 Olympic gold medalist Butch Reynolds. (Click to enlarge)Scott’s lymphatic system active. Scott’s doctor experimented with many other treatments including colon hydrotherapy, but they were either ineffective or made his symptoms worse.

Although Scott was a born again Christian, he had never been taught about the fullness of Jesus atonement, his own authority in Christ, or God’s will for him to be well. One day a neighbor, with whom Scott and his family are close, stopped by the Franklin's home to share Andrew’s teachings How to Receive a Miracle and Healing Scriptures. Over a two-month period of continuously listening to more of Andrew’s messages including, The Believer’s Authority and You’ve Already Got It, Scott began to gain a revelation of his authority over the sickness that was ravaging his body.

As Scott's revelation grew, he began to speak to his allergic reactions and other symptoms. He saw positive results in each instance; however, he was distraught that he was still experiencing the same reactions. Then, in the summer of 2007, Scott, his mom, Linda, sister Ashley, and his dad, Don in June of 2011.
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his condition significantly worsened and his body weight plummeted to a dangerously low level. “It was almost as if after I had gotten a few months of great revelation, the adversary greatly tried to come after me,” Scott said.

Scott remained faithful and continued to build himself up by spending time in the Word, and eventually became more stable. In May of 2008, Scott and his mother, Linda were able to attend a Gospel Truth Seminar in Chicago. Following the first session, Andrew called out healing for tightness and constriction in the lungs and chest. Scott claimed the healing and for the first time in almost two years, he felt relief from the constriction.

Mother and son both praise God for their family's victory through Christ. (Click to enlarge)The next morning Scott shared his story with Andrew, and the two agreed in prayer for the complete healing of his body. Scott knew instantly that he was healed—in every way. As proof, he was able to eat food he had not eaten in months and experienced no reactions.

Today, Scott remains symptom free. He is healthy and whole, and enjoys sharing the revelation he has received with others in need. Scott works as a personal trainer, training people both physically and spiritually, sharing the Gospel Truth and Andrew’s teachings with all of the people he works with. “I have been able to minister to many other people who were similar to me in the fact that they did not know what the Word truly says about healing. I have been able to share and pray for many other people who are in need of healing,” Scott stated.

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This is a wonderful my son is facing similar damage for vaccine injury and even is mentally retarded. yet i refuse to give up on him. God is faithful and this really stirs up my faith.

May 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCATHERINE

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