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Allan Bruce: Tailored for Ministry

Director of CBC-Belfast, Allan Bruce, with Andrew at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado.
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Allan Bruce enjoyed working in the retail business for many years, first as a shoe salesman, then as a men's suit salesman and finally as a Grooms Hire, tailoring suits and customizing the look for weddings. Allan was introduced to Andrew’s ministry when a student from Charis Bible College-Belfast gave him Andrew's teaching, Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit. The revelation he received through the message began to redirect Allan’s steps and today he is the Director of CBC-Belfast.

Allan can recall the moment that he realized that the Holy Spirit was indeed a positive influence in his life. “I took a drive in my Allan and the CBC-Belfast mission team, including former CBC-Belfast Co-director Yvonne O'Brien (left), that ministered in Mexico in 2010.
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car and from this moment my life changed, I suddenly realized that the Holy Spirit was positive and not negative as I had thought Him to be,” said Allan.

Since CBC-Belfast was quite close to Allan’s workplace, he would talk with the students and hear about the teachings that were setting people free. He began to get excited about the Word as he heard more and more about the true nature of God. Allan began to purchase teachings from CBC and he devoured each one, which just fueled his hunger for more. “I was switched on to God's love and grace,” Allan explained.

Allan in his CBC cap and gown. (Click to enlarge)A year later, after spending a week on holiday, with a suit case full of teaching from Andrew, God spoke to Allan about attending CBC. “I went to an open week in Belfast, (an open house similar to "Campus Days" in Colorado)and I heard a man say, God is calling you to come to Bible college. It was settled in my heart that very day. I made plans and went to night school for two years; I would never be the same,” said Allan.

Once Allan had completed night school, God softened his heart to attend full-time school, which caused an amazing transition to happen in his life. “It really helped all that I learned to come out of me,” Allan said. As he recognized the changes happening within, Allan began to see himself differently. As a result, he began to treat others differently. He recalls his night school apprentice telling him, “See others as perfectly as Christ sees you.” This statement revolutionized Allan’s life and he began to feel Allan leading worship at CBC-Belfast. (Click to enlarge)empowered to teach others the nearly-too-good-to-be-true-news. This empowerment was just the beginning.

When Grady and Yvonne O'Brien, the former Directors of CBC-Belfast were ready to return to America, Allan stepped into the position for which God had been preparing him. Allan was ready to take what he had learned and bless others with the same revelation that had been shared with him (2 Timothy 2:2). His heart is to share the message of the Gospel with as many people as possible. “I hope that many others get to hear the message of the Gospel like I did, not only through the college, but also through another person who was discipled or preached to by someone who had a revelation of the good news,” said Allan.

Allan infront of a crowd during CBC-Belfast's Open Week.
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Today, CBC Belfast continues to grow. The school currently offers day and night school classes with a present enrollment of 16 students. Allan has high hopes and an expectancy of increase in the years ahead. He has a vision of reaching the people of Belfast one step at a time, through the students and by reaching out to the community and working with the local churches. Allan plans to offer discipleship training each week, through which he wants to reach young and old Christians, train them up, equip them and watch the multiplication of God’s church take place before his eyes. CBC-Belfast provides a safe place for people to come and learn, and Allan is growing a strong team of leaders and helpers in the ministry in Belfast.

Visit the CBC-Belfast website for more information about Allan and the school.

Reader Comments (2)

Thank you for the audio teachings, they have blessed me so much. I learnt so much about who God is and enjoy all the testimonies in the teachings!!! May God keep blessing you abundantly so that you may keep the word of God.

I do have one thing to ask, the length of the mp3s are very short these days from 8-30 minutes long and every series does that. Can you please check that out. Thank you!

April 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTebogo

Greetings Tebogo,

You are welcome. We're glad you are being blessed.

Kevin Bree

April 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterKevin Bree

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