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Russia Trip 2012: Andrew Meets Local Pastors

Andrew and Volodya speak to Russian pastors in St. Petersburg. (Click to enlarge)Before leaving St. Petersburg for meetings in central Russia, Andrew held a special morning session with a group of local pastors. He pointed out that Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College exist to provide support for the local church, not to replace it. He explained that he encourages Charis Bible College directors not to become pastors for this very reason. He does not want them to appear to be in competition with local churches.

After speaking, Andrew opened the program for questions. Many of the pastors wanted to clarify his message Pastors were allowed to ask questions. (Click to enlarge)and its implications for them. Wherever Andrew travels, he finds that not all pastors are happy to hear the Gospel of grace. This is especially true for those who attempt to control the behavior of their people. Teaching about the true nature of God’s love sets people free from the condemnation of failure. This properly makes them immune to intimidation and fear, which in turn, causes controlling pastors to lose their hold over them. In St. Petersburg, as in most places, the pastors left the session with mixed feelings. Many received it, and others remained skeptical. Still, Andrew Andrew believes it is important to communicate to local pastors.
(Click to enlarge)
believes that it is important to support them and to communicate with them whenever possible.

Filed May 25, 2012 by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.

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