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Russia Trip 2012: Andrew's Russian Voice

Andrew, Volodia and Stephen Bransford inspect Andrew’s translated books and CDs. (Click to enlarge)The offices of Andrew Wommack Ministries in St. Petersburg are housed on the second floor of the same warehouse where Charis Bible College meets. Since Andrew’s last visit to Russia in 2008, the work of the office has grown dramatically. This has happened because Gospel Truth daily television began broadcasting in the Russian language in February of 2010. Many reports arrive daily of lives set free from dead religion and made alive to God. This has also led to an increased demand for Andrew’s Russian language books and tapes, and the St. Petersburg office fulfills those orders. A total of 11 of Andrew’s books are now available in Russian, as well as the Discipleship Volodia sits where he translates Andrew’s TV programs.
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Evangelism workbook, and several CD and DVD teaching series.

The Russian TV programs are produced in England but each episode is translated and voiced by Vladimir Tcys (“Tsiss”), or Volodia as he is known to his friends. He records the translations daily in the St. Petersburg office. In this way, he has literally become the voice of Andrew Wommack to the Russian speaking world. This new identity has brought him a measure of unexpected celebrity. Wherever he goes now, people want to know “WWAS”… or, “what would Andrew say.” He laughs when he tells us that translating Russia at the crossroads of A BETTER WAY TO PRAY. (Click to enlarge)Andrew does not give him the mind of Andrew. Though he is a teacher of the Gospel in his own right—he gladly lets Andrew speak for himself on the challenging questions.

Filed May 25, 2012 by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.

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Please correct:
Velodya > Volodya

I have just returned from the conference in Izhevsk where Volodya (or Vladimir) did a great job. I really appreciate his work.

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