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Russia Trip 2012: CBTC-Naberezhnye Chelney

Andrew, Stephen Bransford and Will Graham walk to the theatre in the new Russia. (Click to enlarge)Naberezhnye Chelny is the second big [sic] and high-populated town of Tatarstan and the most dynamically developing one of Russia." These words, written in limited English, greeted our team as we arrived in our rooms at the Kamaz Hotel in central Russia. Here, as in much of Russia, the old world built by Communism is being renovated and replaced by an aggressive new Russia, built on the principles of Western capitalism. In this environment of competition, each community advertises its merits to the world— “…the most dynamically developing one of Russia.

But we had not come to build a business, or to correct anyone’s English, rather to meet with Victor and Natasha, Charis Bible College grads from St. Petersburg. Mike and Carrie Pickett had spoken of them often but this would be our first meeting. After years of conducting Discipleship Evangelism home groups, Victor and Natasha have established a Charis Bible Training Center in this city of a half million people. Their first class was set to graduate, and they were overjoyed that Andrew would be there to honor them.

The graduation was conducted in a local movie theatre, where Victor played a video profile of the school that filled the huge movie screen—and the surround sound system—with the story of CBC Naberezhnye Chelny. Victor had simply copied the style of video storytelling that he saw on Andrew’s website while editing on his laptop. His media presentation rivaled those produced by students in the Colorado Springs Media School. This confirms that media will continue to play an expanding role in the future of Charis Bible Colleges worldwide.

Filed May 29, 2012, by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.

Andrew prepares to speak in the Russian movie theatre. (Click to enlarge)Students cannot believe they are seeing Andrew in the flesh. (Click to enlarge)

Student led praise & worship. (Click to enlarge)Andrew addresses the students and their friends in the theatre. (Click to enlarge)

Victor & Natasha, Andrew, Velodya, Mike & Carrie Pickett adress graduates. (Click to enlarge) Graduates and first year students, CBC Naberezhnye Chelney 2012. (Click to enlarge)

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