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Russia Trip 2012: Lunch at the Russian "Sanctuary"

Andrew and Stephen return from inspecting Nagornum facilities, old and new Russia. (Click to enlarge)Each day in Izhevsk, after the morning session of the Gospel Truth Seminar, Andrew was taken with his team to Nagornum, a retreat center belonging to the Work of Faith Church. There a faithful staff would prepare a Russian feast of fruit, vegetables, caviar, beef, bread, various main dishes, salad and dessert. Pastor Vitaly, of Work of Faith Church, provides this sanctuary to visiting missionaries and visitors as well as to church groups and others. Nagornum has been a special retreat for Mike and Carrie Pickett when ministering in the area. During our Gospel Truth Seminar, a nanny provided round the clock care for Elianna, enabling Mike and Carrie to concentrate on the details of the conference. For our team, Nagornum provided an authentic taste of Russia. (These picture of food are courtesy of David Hardesty, who failed to photograph the main courses because he was too busy eating them, especially the mushroom and chicken croissant.)

Filed May 29, 2012, by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.

Andrew and team gather for lunch.
(Click to enlarge)

Fruit …
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Pastor Vitaly and his wife host the meal.
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Beef …
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Caviar (tastes like salmon eggs, yikes, it is salmon eggs)...etc. (Click to enlarge) Dessert!
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Please correct:

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