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Charis Bible College Opening in San Antonio

CBC graduates, pastors of Oasis of Light, and the new directors of CBC San Antonio, Michaela and John Blig (Click to enlarge)Late in 2011 we shared the story of CBC-Chicago graduates, John and Michaela Blig. Story details included their obedience to the Lord's leading and their multi-continent journey into full-time ministry. Before going to school in Chicago, the Bligs served as worship leaders and church planters in Romania. Since graduating from CBC, the couple has planted a church in San Antonio, Texas called, Oasis of Light.

With a heart for reaching and discipling more people, John and Michaela also started a Bible school at their church. For the past two years they offered part-time classes in which they utilized Andrew's teachings and CBC curriculum on DVD. As of September 2012, the Blig's in-church school will become The Bligs stand with several of their students outside the facility.
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a fully recognized Charis Bible College extension school, appropriately called, CBC-San Antonio.

The Bligs will officially open the school's doors with 12 second-year students, a number of returning part-time students and some new faces in their first-year class. "All of our students testify how their lives were so powerfully impacted by the Word of God. I am blessed to see the amazing transformation that sitting under the Word has accomplished in the lives of these students," John said.

Because musical worship has always been a vital part of John and Michaela's ministry and because of their past success The Bligs value worship ministry and may include classes for leading worship as part of their curriculum in San Antonio. (Click to enlarge)as worship leaders, the Bligs are considering expanding their curriculum to include classes focused on developing worship leaders. While the classes would include teaching and instruction, John speculated that much of the equipping would come through the practical experience of leading from the platform. "We have seen the power of true worship and the benefits of it in the lives of the believers. One of the greatest is that it gets the heart ready to receive the Word that transforms," said John.

The Blig's vision for ministry is ever-widening and they believe the Lord has set them on a path to minister both locally and abroad. As they follow God’s plan and listen attentively to His direction, John and Michaela will continue to impact the world.

John strongly ecourages those considering attending CBC, to make the descision to enroll, and his enthusiasm stems from knowing that their lives will be permanently and effortlessly transformed by the Word of God. In John's words, "You cannot put a price on the value of whatis taught at CBC, it is awesome."

For more information about CBC-San Antonio call (210) 275-9994.

Reader Comments (2)

just moving here to san antonio,I am originally from st. louis ,mo. i wanted to see andrew so many times before , he has changed my life and i have stood on the word so many times jesus has just picked me up so many times and i just can't get enough of the Lord. Any way i am a widow of 10 years and my daughter has 3 small children and her husband is in the military, air force and is at lackland. we moved here from enid ok. and NOOOOOO i didn't want to come here. we were supposed to go to Colorado Springs and i was over joyed!! Its very hard coming from a babtist family, trying to tell them no ,especially when your standing on the word ,.. I have told my mother so many times no, they think im in denial over my husbands death, and so many things have come against me , sometimes they think im losing it!! well anyway when we got to san antonio christmas eve i got called to springfield mo to be with my mom and dad. my dad was in the hospital with congestive heart failure,. i stayed with him for 1 whole month ,set up home health for him and ,for correct medicines[ i am a cmt ] and i home health nurse in mo... well he improved so much ,, the day before andrew was to be in san antonio i flew back, My daughter who has been skeptical on some things enjoyed him so much and was so glad to have her boys see him, they listened in awe, my 8 year old granson wanted to be filled with the holy spirit and andrew prayed for him!! We traced back that night on how many times jesus has saved our lifes!! I am planing on going to college ,but i am so busy i cant see my mom and dad and living this far away , but i know i am going next year for sure!! Andrew you don't have a clue how much your teachings have brought people out of bondage!! i for 1 am so happy jesus sent you to me and mine and people,, relatives, old friends , can't believe i do the things i do and still come out smelling like a rose!!!! Just recently my oldest son , who is over a major hospital clinic,, was so upset with things ,, he just knew were wrong,,i told him if he was right god would protect him no matter what and i quoted ISAIHA 54 17. There is no codemnation in the lord and nothing formed aginst you can prosper. ,, and he stood on the word ,,someone offered him a better position and when he went to stand before the people who was throwing him be fore the courts,, he came out smelling like a rose!! oh im so glad jesus set me free!! thank you andrew and god bless!!!

March 4, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterdiane easler

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