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Andrew's New Online Program: The Inside Story

Andrew has recently released a new online program called, The Inside Story. The new series will feature a behind the scenes look at what's happening at Andrew Wommack Ministries. In this video, the series premier, Andrew gives an overview of the ideas that sparked the creation of the program, and also gives viewers a special look at the television department's newly redesigned set. Those watching through to the end are sure to catch tidbits of the ministry's history that won't be seen or heard anywhere else.

Reader Comments (2)

Hello Pastor womack, it's 2:30 a.m. the lord woke me up and I am watching your tv program on TBN. Andrew I have a question? Am I being punished by God because I am sick? I've been a believer for 16 years. So far I have never back slidden....I say that because anything is possible. But I walk in the spirit so that I will not fullfill the lust of the flesh. Lust meaning anything that has to do with going back to my old ways of sin or sinfulness. I have had physical pain in my body sense I was a child. We were poor and my great grandma and grandpa raised me up to 5 years of age. Then mom came back home with two additional kids I met. Mom never went to church. Grandparents told me about Jesus. But mom had multiple boyfriends and 3 husbands. Grandma was our sitter after grandpa died before i was 6 yrs of age. Grandma took care of us until I moved out of the house at 16. I do know that the sins of our parents affect the next generations....right? I am grateful for my illness. I have grown so close to the lord from it....I depend on him for the llittle things. He has healed my spine from arthritis, but i still have fibromyalgia, and my body is rejecting my bladder as a foriegn object. Its painful...but I still with God strength manage to attend my bible studies and serve. I take the step of faith knowing he will give me the stamina to do so. People don't even know my despairing church. Its between me and the lord. I just rejoice!! But I would hate to have someone say I am sick for disobedience or punishment from god. He has used my illness to keep me in his care and love.
Did I get the wrong idea in your study this morning? Yes god does not answer all my prayers, but then he answers alot of husband left me and he was a believer. He went back into the world. He was my financial support..but god has never let me go hungry or homeless. Money comes in abudantly at times of need, and I don't work. I am writing a book for my grandchildren of all the testimonies of gods grace and help! I am 57 and have 7 grandkids and 1 great grandson.
I wasn't a good mom. I didn't have a father around as a child or a mom. So I of course was like my mom. At 16 I had my first child, then another one at 18. How I wish I knew the Lord then. So my life was hard. I have reap what I sewed ...right. I am saved and cleansed but we still have the consiquences of our sins to deal with. Well thank you for listening and let me know about the questions...ok
god bless you. Note: I was born with pain...because mom said when I was concieved my father was a herion addict. she didn't know at the time, and annulled the marriage after a few months.
she kept my father away from me...i met him when i was out on my own.

ut he died when I was 22. But I was told he accepted Jesus before He I will see him agian and make up for all that time i didnt

January 10, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLORENA

Brother Andrew;
I was at home today listening to your program about the authority of the Believer. I know exactly what you were talking about. I'm the second generation of Pentecoster , and my father and I are ministers. My dad past away in 2001. I didn't have any doubt that there were a Devil and Demons, because I heard it every day. I never saw much teaching about demons coming out in tears, puke, and ect. And I were real conscience of demons, but I always knew I had power over them. We had the fasting and casting out demons services. I know of a book that teaches that all these things. I never believed it, and I just starting reading the bible and studying Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin books and tapes on deliverances.
I have a Nephew and Niece in Arizona, and they called me and said, " Uncle lester we are have paranormal actitivy in our home." The Word I told them was you must know Christians have all the authority over all the Demons and we are in Charge. They said, that they quoted St. Luke 10:19; 1 John 4:1-4; Isa. 54:17. I prayed for my niece and rebuked the enemy in the Name of Jesus Christ and last time I heard there were no more problem. Satan had been moving the bible and funtiure moving, one room being uncommly cool or cold.
I sent my Nephew your website,and told him to watch on line, because he work weird hours. I want to say thanks again for the blessing and conformation of the Word of God! Love you Lester & Cheryl McGraw

January 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLester W. McGraw

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