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Jeremie Hill: Wherever You Go, HE Goes

Charis Bible College graduate, Jeremie Hill.
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Jeremie Hill has experienced two extremes of the religious spectrum. He's been the model teenage son of parents involved in ministry, and he's strayed to the opposite fringes, nearly burying himself with the abuse and over indulgence experienced by people living lives far from God. As he willfully raced toward his own demise, God never left his side.

By the time Jeremie was a senior in high school, he had reached a breaking point. The weight of being the son of youth ministry leaders had become too much to bear, and he began to squirm under the pressure of having to live an exemplary Christian life. Every time he heard the parents of one of his peers ask, "Why can’t you be more like Byron and Leesa’s son? He never gets in trouble... makes grades... doesn't party..." the weight was compounded.Jeremie began to struggle with the hypocrisy he saw in the Church. (Click to enlarge)

Growing up, life was not without its bumps, including Jeremie's parent's divorce when he was 10. Fortunately he was raised in Spirit-filled environment, even after his parent's separation. Jeremie had embraced Jesus as his Savior, and managed to stay on the straight and narrow for the majority of his adolescent years. His involvement at church eventually included being part of the youth worship band, where he played guitar and helped lead his peers into God's presence. But as the pressure to perform increased, he began to struggle with discrepancies within his Christian circles. Jeremie watched as many of the kids his age drifted away from the church. He also watched those that stayed begin to live hypocritical, two-faced lives. It seemed everybody he was acquainted with lived unholy lives Monday through Saturday, and put on their best innocent smile for Sunday.

During his run from God, Jeremie pushed all limits. In an effort to fill the void in his life, he drank, smoked and snorted more than anyone he knew. His lifestyle prompted frequent discussion of whether he would see his 27th birthday. (Click to enlarge)The closer Jeremie listened, the more he heard people say, "Don't tell Pastor I smoke," "Don't tell Pastor I drink." The people hiding sins, coupled with the pressure to live perfectly, forced Jeremie to rethink his dedication to the church—to Jesus.

Eventually, the overwhelming duplicity pushed Jeremie to give up on God and leave the church. He refused to be associated with the hypocrisy. Over time, he came to doubt whether God existed, and he wondered if the relationship he thought he had experienced was simply the combination of his willing heart and science—just the right amount of chemical interaction in his brain to trigger a feeling of happiness and contentment.

For roughly a decade, including his college years, Jeremie told himself there was no God, and he lived as though God didn't exist. Jeremie tried to fill the void left in his life with other things: his studies, hobbies, drugs, alcohol and marriage; none of which satisfied him, or provided him with the rest he sought. Jeremie pushed the limits of ungodly living, fully expecting to die. Jeremie said, "Every morning, I would wake up amazed I was still alive, and I wondered, how I could poison myself for the new day."Jeremie's college graduation. (Click to enlarge)

In the midst of his ungodly living, the Lord was stirring the hearts of other members of Jeremie's family. After finding Andrew on television, Jeremie's parents left his home town in Missouri, and moved to Colorado Springs to attend Charis Bible College. During the same time, Jeremie's younger brother, Josh, was living in South Carolina, and he too had grabbed on to Andrew's teaching of the Gospel. Jeremie was disappointed with his family's seemingly unintelligent dependency on Jesus, but he could not deny the changes he saw in their lives.

While visiting Josh in South Carolina with his roommate, Jeremie witnessed firsthand that something in his brother was indeed different, but he promptly discredited God and Andrew's teaching as being the source of the fruit he saw manifesting in Josh's life. Although Jeremie thought he had come away from South Carolina unscathed, he was unable to get away from Andrew's voice. He said, "When we came back home During his CBC mission trip, Jeremie shared his testimony in a drug rehab. After speaking he prayed for a group of men in the facility. (Click to enlarge)to Missouri, my roommate was ecstatic. He really climbed onboard with Andrew’s message. I would wake up in the mornings to a Texan accent blasting through my house."

A few months later, Byron and Leesa invited Jeremie to come to Colorado for Thanksgiving. By the time the invitation was extended, Josh had also moved to Colorado Springs to attend Charis with his family. Jeremie reluctantly agreed to visit for the holiday. He had a pleasant time with his family and with some of their fellow CBC classmates. "I got my first taste of real happiness, peace and joy from those students. I was amazed," said Jeremie.

Jeremie, Byron and Kelsey stand with Andrew and Leesa as they celebrate their CBC graduation. (Click to enlarge)Toward the end of his visit, his parents had grown concerned with Jeremie's physical appearance and overall health. He was exhibiting signs, including a severe rash, that his years of alcohol and drug abuse had taken a toll on his body. Byron and Leesa asked if they could pray for him, and after seeing how their lives had changed, Jeremie accepted their prayers.

As they surrounded Jeremie and prayed, he sensed an overwhelming release. All the peace, joy and love he had lived without, but longed for as he ran from God, came flooding back into his spirit. It also became evident that Jeremie had received physical healing, as the rash that had consumed his body began to disappear. Over the course of the next few days, the rash completely disappeared. While Jeremie was a student at CBC, the Mayor of Colorado Springs visited the school to present Jeremie and his brother, Josh, with Awards for outstanding character for their efforts in a volunteer program to clean up the city. This was the first time the honors were awarded. (Click to enlarge) "I fell to tears on the floor, and gave my life back to the Lord," Jeremie shared.

It was in those moments during prayer that Jeremie experienced resurrection and found his rest in God again. "I no longer had to try to live my own life to find happiness and peace. I realized how badly I wanted to be back into the flow, and how much I wanted to be in the Father’s love," he said.

Within a month of his Thanksgiving visit, Jeremie had relocated to Colorado Springs to join Byron, Leesa, Josh and their sister, Kelsey, at CBC. Like the rest of his family, Jeremie has since graduated and set a course for a life in ministry. Currently, he resides in the Springs where he is involved with a young adult ministry called, Pulse. "I’m involved in worship, and I’m the Evangelistic Outreach/Small Group Coordinator Jeremie and his fiance, CBC-graduate, Adriana Arroyo.
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for Pulse. I also have a small group that meets at my house on Wednesday nights," Jeremie said.

Jeremie is also engaged to be married to fellow CBC graduate Adriana Arroyo. The two plan to marry in November and, after a few short months, they will join Byron, Leesa and Josh in Australia where the family is launching a new extension school, CBC-Gold Coast.

Jeremie said, "Looking back, I know God still had his hand in my life, even if I didn’t know it or want to believe it at the time (Psalms 139:8). God’s rest is a real thing. His blessings are real. His love is true, and it never fails."

Reader Comments (1)

What a blessing this is! Hope.....My son, Brady has been struggling in such a big way over the past few years. But this year has been the roughest yet. While he is in a boys home, away from me, and away from his dad (Brady refers to him as his step dad), his Heavenly Father has never left him, and waiting on Brady to allow Him to be his comfort. He is spirit filled, but currently is struggling with a lot of unforgiveness and hatred. The Holy Spirit will triumph in a BIG WAY in his life. It's happening as we speak! I'm printing this article for him. Brady will come out of this with both barrels loaded right at the enemy, and will be a force to be reckoned with! I firmly believe that he will be involved with Andrew Wommack Ministries in the future. And that future is closer than we think. Jeremie did it. Brady, you can do this! I have faith in the Holy Spirit, IN YOU!!!

November 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJoy

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