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Carpet Adds Comfort to The Barn

The saw blades are still spinning at The Sanctuary as finish work continues. (Click to enlarge)

As the building project in Woodland Park continues to move toward completion, many attractive details have begun to emerge at CBC-Colorado's new campus. Most notable in this post, is that the beauty of the Barn's huge wooden beams has finally been revealed. The finish carpenters have been hard at work above the auditorium, enclosing the ductwork and finishing the ceiling with a beam-matching hardwood. Similarly, crews continue the stone and wood finish work on the Barn's exterior surfaces. With all of the rich solid textures of wood, stone and concrete defining the Barn's rugged, Rocky Mountain flavor, the simple addition of carpet has brought a welcome comfort and softness to the Barn's classrooms and offices. Soon the equipping of the building will give way to the equipping of the saints!

Carpet installation is underway throughout the building. (Click to enlarge)

The lower level office space has been warmed up with the soft touch of carpet. (Click to enlarge)

Carpet in the SSR area has been covered for protection as work continues. (Click to enlarge) Lower level classrooms have also had carpet installed and covered. (Click to enalrge)The protective covering has been removed from the beautiful interior beams. (Click to enlarge) Ash tongue and groove hardwood will be used to finish the ceiling of the Barn. (Click to enlarge)

Crews continue the exterior stone and wood trim finish work. (Click to enlarge)

Finish carpenter takes a measurement for the next piece of cedar trim for the porch. (Click to enlarge)A local coffee shop may create a special Charis blend for the new school. (Click to enlarge) This may be the space used for an on-campus coffee area. (Click to enlarge)

A view of the Barn from across CBC's new campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. (Click to enlarge)

See our Foundation Builders page for more information about Charis Bible College's building project at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Images provided by Jeff Nakkula, Assistant Director of CBC's School of Media.

Reader Comments (1)

Wow! Thank you, Father. The Barn is looking so beautiful. What a blessing to be a foundation partner and to be able to help AWMI to build a beautiful new facility DEBT FREE that is going to bless and minister to people. Father, I cannot wait for phase two (the Conference Room and offices) to start in Spring 2014. The children of God are highly favored. I am blessed, blessed, blessed. Amen. Praise God in the highest.

December 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAndre Du Toit

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