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CBC's Healing School in Minneapolis

Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs recently sent a team from its Healing School program to minister in Minneapolis. This is the second time, since the Healing School opened its doors two years ago, that they sent a group on the road. Last December, a team including the school's Director, Daniel Amstutz, and his assistant, Carlie Terradez, visited Kansas City and they saw great results. This trip to Minnesota yielded Part of the team that traveled from CBC-Colorado to Minneapolis.
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a similar outcome; many lives were changed as Daniel, Carlie and students from CBC-Colorado and CBC-Minneapolis shared the love of God with the people of Minnesota.

Having flown in Thursday, June 13, one day ahead of the Healing School event, Daniel and Carlie had the opportunity to teach at CBC-Minneapolis. Although the school was not officially in session, 40 students attended the pre-meeting gathering.

Friday's schedule was packed with activity as the rest of the team arrived from Colorado. After getting organized, the group held a late-afternoon AWM Partner's meeting, and then the evening The evening began before the actual start time as people arrived before the worship team's sound check.
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kicked off with a time of praise and worship. There was a tremendous sense of expectancy as people began crowding into the venue an hour before the meeting was scheduled to begin. Those arriving early began worshiping during the praise & worship team's sound check, and the team actually began the evening's meeting early to accommodate the interested and expectant audience.

By 7 p.m. the hotel venue, set to seat 450 people, was packed to capacity. The team could not squeeze another chair in anywhere. "Thankfully, the hotel removed the air wall at the back of the room so that we could expand," said Carlie. In the end, 636 people were in attendance, some traveling from 500 miles away to participate.Hotel staff opened up banquet room dividing walls to accommodate the crowd as the number of attendees swelled to 636—almost 200 more than expected. (Click to enlarge)

After a time of ministry, which included teaching and the sharing of testimonies from weekly Healing School meetings held in Colorado Springs, people were ready to receive what the Lord has provided. Among the first of the lives to be changed was a man several CBC-students encountered in the hotel bar. After chatting with the man, the students invited him to the meeting. The man attended, and he was the first to run to the front of the room, answering the altar call for Salvation.

When the invitation was given, the majority of the crowd, some 500 people, moved forward to receive prayer for healing. Individual ministry lasted well into the night, and many miracles manifested as the ministers prayed. While the list of blessed results is too long to Carlie Terradez (left) and another person (right) from the Healing School minister healing to a woman.
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share in full, there were a number of unique and notable healings recorded.

A woman, who came to the meeting with her arm in a sling because of a painful shoulder condition, moved forward for prayer; her knuckles were swollen and pale. As the minister prayed, they both watched the swelling go down. After prayer, the woman removed the sling, and her arm and shoulder were completely healed and pain-free.

A man with leg pain and flat feet approached the prayer team. As he stood receiving prayer, God created arches in his feet and his leg pain immediately ceased. The man left jumping and leaping and praising God!

Throughout the night, as people received instant manifestations of healing, some voluntarily shared their testimonies from the platform. Each time someone told their story, it provided a Daniel Amstutz, Director of CBC-Colorado's Healing School, giving an altar call. One estimate reported that 500 people received individual ministry. (Click to enlarge)boost to others' faith, and it created anticipation in the onlookers still waiting in line. Two who received encouragement during their wait in line were a woman and her daughter. The mother had no sense of smell, and the daughter struggled with scoliosis and pain in her lower back. The mother walked away delighted to be able to smell and breathe through her nose, and the daughter walked away free from pain and with a completely straight spine.

Many, many more have stories of God's amazing love and restoration as a result of the team's time in Minnesota. The next Healing School on the Road will be held in San Jose, CA on August 9, 2013. Visit CBC-Colorado for more information.

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Blessed be the name of Lord Jesus Christ, and He'll do it again and again. Amen

July 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAndine

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