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Dominic Burns: A New Creation

Dominic Burns, the Director of Charis Bible College in Yorkshire, England. (Click to enlarge)"You can’t tell me Jesus doesn’t heal; He healed me.

You can’t tell me He doesn’t deliver; He delivered me from alcohol and hell.

You can’t tell me He doesn’t provide; He provided for me to go to school.

You can’t tell me tongues passed way with the apostles, for I am baptized in the Holy Ghost with tongues evident. God was good to me, so I took Him at His Word and I believe His truth, His way.

I am a new creation."

Relaxing with friend and pastor, Allan Mooney, after graduation from CBC-Belfast.
(Click to enlarge)
It is very easy for Dominic, the new Director of Charis Bible College-Yorkshire, to make these declarations, and to share them with others because they describe his personal experience. Now he ministers these truths with fruit manifesting from the seed of the Word he shares.

Dominic grew up in Northern Ireland where, following studies of hotel management and marketing, he climbed on to the fast track into the world of leisure management. However glamorous life in leisure management sounds, Dominic's life was anything but glamorous. He spent his time running pubs and clubs and looking after DJs. In his words, Dominic was, "Living quite a worldly, irresponsible, selfish lifestyle."

Several years ago however, during a temporary stay in the United States, Dominic met a pair of Christians. The two Dominic teaching Discipleship Evangelism classes at CBC Yorkshire. (Click to enlarge)individuals sowed into Dominic's life, and when he left the US, he was in possession of his first Bible. Although Dominic began reading his new Bible, and pursuing the things of God, he ended up in rehab shortly after his return to the United Kingdom, after a stint managing pubs in London. Looking back, Dominic said, "I was very ill, mentally, physically and spiritually."

Dominic successfully completed his rehab program, and continued reading his Bible. Dominic's younger brother, a born again believer, ministered to him from a distance; he sent books and shared the Word with Dominic over the Internet. As he dove into the Word, Dominic eventually called out to God for help.

"I was healed of mental problems, liver problems, delivered from alcohol (totally) and received great peace of mind and joy of heart. I knew it was God and Jesus who healed me. I got saved a few months thereafter, as I knew that I knew, God showed up for me (L to R:) Pastor Bob Ward, Dominic and Wendell Parr, celebrate Dominic's apprenticeship graduation and his installation as the new Director of CBC-Yorkshire. (Click to enlarge)big time and that He was good and kind," said Dominic.

Dominic was introduced to Andrew's ministry three months after his salvation experience when he met one of Andrew's ministry partners at church. The man fed Dominic's desire to know more of God by giving him CDs from Andrew's Gospel Truth Seminars.

When Dominic first heard Andrew's teaching and saw how accurately Andrew represented the word and work of Jesus, it was easy for him to believe the truth. "I saw it in the Scripture, clearly, and because of my erratic past, I had little or no religion in me to stop me from believing the actual truth of the Word."

Dominic's friend from church also brought him to an open house at CBC-Belfast. At the event Dominic was impressed by the message Andrew's World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr, shared. Dominic was also intrigued by things Yvonne and Grady O'Brien, directors at the time, shared. The messages, coupled with a desire in his heart, were enough for Dominic to Dominic's performing his first duty as the Director, introducing AWM's World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr. (Click to enlarge)enroll in classes the following school year.

Dominic spent one year under the O'Briens and one year under their replacement, Alan Bruce, before graduating from CBC-Belfast. During his first year, Yvonne and Grady poured into Dominic, and as they did, he began to recognize God's call to ministry. The Lord used Scripture, words of knowledge and things prophesied over Dominic to steer his path to Yorkshire to complete an apprenticeship. "The Lord used: 2 Kings 19:29; Zechariah 8:12; John 15:5, 16-17, to encouraged me to step out in faith and move to England. The word of God highlighted in Andrew's teaching called, A Place Called "There"settled my heart to be obedient to the call...The Word of God guided me along the way, so I moved from Ireland to England," Dominic shared.

In England, Dominic participated in the third-year apprentice program under the leadership of the CBC-Yorkshire campus. During his apprenticeship he was groomed to take over Dominic (center right) and a second-year CBC-Yorkshire student, minister to the man in black. (Click to enlarge)leadership of the school, and on March 18, 2013 he was officially installed as the Director of the school.

At this time, the school is in its second year, and there are 15 students (nine day school and six night school) enrolled in 2012-13 classes. Dominic indicated that he is expecting 30 students this coming fall. "Many enquiries and school visits are being made at present by prospective students, praise the Lord. We will have ten students receiving award at the graduation/promotion ceremony in May 2013."

Andrew's teaching helped to confirm that God is a good God and encouraged me that He indeed is for me— and everyone else too. My Andrew Wommack Ministries partner friend encouraged me and helped me to take a step of faith based on the Word, and I did. Here I am four years later ministering, teaching, discipling, and running a school, so others may be blessed to be a blessing to others," Dominic said with complete satisfaction.

Visit the CBC-Yorkshire website for more information about Dominic and the Yorkshire campus.

Reader Comments (3)

Great news Dominic, Congratulations and every blessing in your new position.
God is good!

July 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterStephen Gunning

So good to read this article, God always gives me answers to any question or situations. This evening it was finding this article and reading it. Just the encouragement I needed following a very sad letter from a friend who does not believe. But there is still hope and faith. YES GOD IS GOOD.


October 16, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterRobert W Cholawo

Pastor Panther

January 4, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterEnniskillen

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