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Charis Bible College Continues to Expand in India

Lance and Gerri Weldgen, Directors of Andrew Wommack Ministries India, Charis Bible College India and founders of Son Ministries International.
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"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also" (2 Timothy 2:2).

This verse sparked Andrew's vision for the expansion of Charis Bible College. This applies to the expansion of the main campus in Colorado, as well as to the growing network of extension campuses crisscrossing the globe. While many of the extensions make their home in the United States, there are an increasing number of offerings abroad too. An example of this growth can be seen in India, which is now home to three CBC-campuses.

Lance and Gerri present CBC-Chennai graduate, Lawrence with his diploma. CBC-Chennai Administrator, Aubrey Bastian (right). (Click to enlarge)Lance Weldgen, the Director of both Andrew Wommack Ministries of India and CBC-India, indicated that there is a recognizable hunger for truth and a pursuit of God prevalent among the nation of India, but that the religious people of the region are predominantly caught up in Hindu and Muslim practices. It is the Indian people's hunger that has made room for CBC's growth in the region.

Since Lance and his wife, Gerri, took the helm of CBC-India in Chennai, in 2012, the school has blossomed to include two new campuses, one in Mumbai, Maharashtra and another in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. In a perfect example of 2 Timothy 2:2 in motion, Lance said that Map highlighting CBC-India's three campus locations.
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in each case of expansion, the visionaries (CBC-India graduates called to these specific locations) led the way.

"Gerri and I came to India to share the unconditional love and grace of Jesus Christ with the Indian people. We came with what we had learned from CBC-Colorado, plus my healing testimony, plus the call of God and not much else. We quickly learned that the people here have a major Truth shortage that they really do want resolved. And the Word of God is their solution. As soon as we share about healing and God’s love, we have a captive audience," said Lance.

Before the Weldgen's arrival in India, they made connections with CBC-India graduates, Ashish Shinde and Victor Ashish Shinde and his wife, Sarah (top row, center) lead the campus in Mumbai. (Click to enlarge)Gnanaraj. Lance and Gerri shared their hopes and vision for the spread of the Gospel Truth throughout India. Both men responded with passion and a desire to be a part of spreading the good news, Ashish in Mumbai and Victor in Hyderabad. Once on the ground in India, Lance discerned Ashish and Victor's hearts for God and ministry, and he knew CBC’s were to be planted in each location. Both of these satellite schools are doing very well.

CBC-Mumbai operates as a part-time satellite school and will do so for one more year before transitioning into a full-time, two year college. Classes meet once per week on Saturdays for six and a half hours. The curriculum consists of all the college's required first-year teachings by Andrew Wommack, Wendell Parr, Greg Victor Gnanaraj and his wife Varsh (center) lead the school in Hyderabad. (Click to enlarge)Mohr, Barry Bennett, Lawson Purdue, Delron Shirley and Arthur Meintjes. Approximately one third of the classes feature live teaching. The campus in Hyderabad has run along the same lines and has moved into full-time extension school status.

These new schools are the result of more than just the plans stirred in the hearts of men; they are the answers to many prayers. Aside from Andrew's prayers, and those of his World Outreach team and Lance and Gerri's own prayers, the Indian people were also praying. Lance said, "After hearing the testimonies of all the Lance teaching in Hyderabad.
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students at each school, we learned that it was not just our prayers that prayed these schools into existence; it was the prayers of the students." Over and over, the Weldgens have heard testimonies of people who had watched the Gospel Truth program on TV and dreamed of going to CBC, in the US or in Chennai, but they were unable to leave their families or jobs to leave Mumbai and Hyderabad. So, they prayed for God to make a way. They spoke to the Lord about a CBC coming to their cities, long before the ministry ever announced expansion plans. The prayers of the faithful were answered.

The fruit of the answered prayers goes beyond the opening of each campus. While it is outstanding that each new school Gerri ministering to the students in Mumbai. (Click to enlarge)in India opened with more than 25 students, what's more impressive is the students' eagerness to receive the fullness of what the Lord has provided. They have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with gladness, and that has opened them up to see miracles and demonstrations of God's great love.

One of the reported miracles came from a Hyderabad student, Daniel Jaya Kumar, who had been getting filled with the Word through Andrew’s teachings. Daniel shared that his daughter, who had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for many years, had died. The good news however, is that she was raised from the dead! And, the rheumatoid arthritis was completely gone! Daniel's Lance and Gerri ministering to the students in Mumbai. (Click to enlarge)daughter lives a normal life today.

"The passion for teaching others the great truths that Andrew has passed on to us, including the Administrators of each CBC, makes the mission an unstoppable one! There is nothing that will impede the expansion of God’s Kingdom throughout India," Lance declared with the authority of heaven.

Visit the CBC-India website for more information about the three campuses. To find out more about the Weldgens and how you can help support their work in India, please visit: Son Ministries International.

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Praise the Lord, God is using both of you in India. Hoping and praying that CBC will have another extension school here in Las Vegas, Nevada even the Healing School will minister here.

July 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commentermeyette

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