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Andrew Visits with Special Friends from France

In this episode of The Inside Story, Andrew visits with special ministry friends, Marie-Helene and Elizabeth Moulin. The two ladies minister the Gospel in the nation of France. Andrew supports their ministry and has visited the region numerous times to share the Gospel Truth. Watch as the three reminisce and get caught up on the state of the sisters' ministry.

Reader Comments (1)

Just watched this interview and am so blessed to know what is happening in France. I was born in France and was brought to the states when I was 7, but my father, brother and many other family members are there. I have given them all a copy of one of your books and am believing for them and for France. I've been in the states for 57 years and thank God for the freedom we have here. Thank you for supporting and encouraging these pastors.

March 26, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAnnie McCoy

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