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Celebration in Germany

After spending several days ministering in England at the ministry's annual Grace & Faith Conference, Andrew's tour through Europe brought him to Germany. As the month of May drew to a close, Andrew held a Gospel Truth meeting in the town of Wiesbaden. He and Jamie also celebrated with the graduates of Charis Bible College in Birkenfeld.

“The Word of God is a seed. Plant it in your heart and it will bear the fruit of the Spirit.” Andrew spoke to a crowd gathered for a Gospel Truth Seminar at Christliches Zentrum Wiesbaden near Frankfurt, Germany. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew and Jamie celebrate the historic first graduating class of Charis Bible College Birkenfeld, Germany with staff and students (Joel Martin, Maire Palias, Samuel Schneider, Miriam Diesel, Ekumi Mokube). (Click to enlarge)

Joel Martin is chosen as spokesman for the first graduating class of Charis Bible College Germany… After a 30 year battle with cancer, Joel’s mother introduced her son to Andrew’s series, “God Wants You Well.” For a while she received a cancer free miracle, then grew tired of the battle and wanted to go home. Joel knew that it was her choice, and that God loved her completely, no matter what she chose. “Lord, this changes nothing in my relationship with you,” he said. “ I know that you are good. I know that you love us and want us well, and I will live in your victory.” Joel will be a welcome addition to the third year Praise & Worship School at CBC in Woodland Park, Colorado next year. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew greets CBC Germany graduate Samuel Schneider. Jamie and Patsy Milligan share the moment in the background.
(Click to enlarge)

Charis Bible College Colorado 2014 graduate and Andrew Wommack Ministries Television employee Jeff Giaimo shares a celebration meal with Andrew and Jamie at the Marriott Courtyard in Wiesbaden. (Click to enlarge)

A celebration dessert worthy of a graduate. (Click to enlarge)

Filed by AWM's Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford, on the road in Germany.

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