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Miraculously Kept in the Love of God

Emergency crews at Scott's accident (Click to enlarge)The serenity of the fallen snow was shattered as red and blue emergency lights converged on an accident in northern Michigan. Andrew Wommack Ministries partner Scott Peterson struggled as his heart slowed in the -9 degree weather. “Jesus!” he got out before losing consciousness.

After stopping to help a stranded motorist in the ice and snow of that winter day, another car spun out on the icy roads, lost control, and veered into the ditch where he was working, pinning him between two vehicles. Scott started rapidly losing blood. He was taken by ambulance to the nearest hospital for emergency surgery to try and stabilize his condition. The doctors discovered that his femoral artery—the main blood carrier in the lower half of the body—had been severed! Scott was given thirty-two units of blood during a seven hour operation even though the doctors gave him twenty-four hours to live.

Scott with his family about five months after the accident (Click to enlarge)Forty-eight hours later, Scott was life-flighted to the University of Michigan’s hospital in Ann Arbor, enduring numerous operations to save his life and leg. With a massive amount of blood loss, slipping in and out of comas, soft tissue damage, and organ stress, Scott was not expected to live. Doctors told his wife, Diane, to expect amputation as the “best-case scenario” for his recovery. But Diane refused to limit her faith to that. Diane relied on the truths they’d learned from Andrew and others of God’s unconditional love—

“It wasn’t any one particular teaching by Andrew or anyone at that particular time that got us through. It was the things that we had learned from him over the years, especially Harnessing Your Emotions, Christian Survival Kit, and through our partnership with the ministry. Andrew’s ministry became everything as they stood with us. It meant so much. Jill and Charlie Leblanc’s praise and worship was also a blessing. The Healing Journeys DVDs were also inspiring. God’s grace is always sufficient. When I thought I didn’t have strength or patience, God’s grace provided.”

Scott Peterson working hard in therapy (Click to enlarge)Scott regained consciousness six days later. However, he aspirated the very next day during a surgery and was once again given no hope of surviving. He was in a coma for nine days, during which time he flat lined and was in the presence of the Lord. Scott remarks “When I saw Him, I realized how much He loves us. I was very happy to see Him, but He was even happier to see me. I knew I was totally accepted.” That experience greatly helped Scott in his recovery, as he was able to rest in the Lord’s unconditional love.

Today Scott is walking on two healthy legs. He is driving and rebuilding his strength. His doctor recently declared, “If we’d seen this kind of recovery after three years of therapy, I’d be ecstatic.” But it’s only been nine months!

“Thank you Jesus!”

Reader Comments (7)

Praise God that is awesome!! We believe the report of the Lord not the Drs!! What an awesome testimony of God's unconditional love and faithfulness and strength to help Scott and his wife Diane to overcome this tragedy in triumph!! Thanks be to God Who ALWAYS causes us to triumph!! Thanks Andrew for all your wonderful teaching and Charlie and Jill's music. Scott and Diane had been feeding on the Word which is feeding on Jesus and he who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved!! Glory to God!! I liked Scott's comment about Jesus was even happier to see him. Awesome!! I pray Scott will continue to gain strength!!

March 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterDiane

What an amazing story! Calling on the name of Jesus, activated the angels on his behalf, I'm sure!

12 yrs ago, I had a full blown cardiac event after walking, they took me by ambulance to the hospital, I was put in ICU, but all the time I was saying, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" I had the most incredible peace, but I was dying, the doctor told my husband I was, my BP was going down, down, down. BUT, Jesus showed up (and some of those angels) and I lived thru the night, next day they got me out of ICU, I had a heart cath procedure, and the cardiologist told my husband that the test showed excellent 'ejection fraction' which indicates the strength that your heart is pumping, (the best there can be!) and that I had the heart of a 16 year old! It was amazing, He was amazed! He asked me what I did to turn around such a dire situation, I told him, "Well I just called on the name of Jesus, that's all!" God gave me a brand new heart, and believe you me, I take care of it. No more fast-food for me!! But the essence of my testimony is that I called on the name of Jesus! I've had four other doctor verified miracles, and if I get into any trouble at all, I just call on that name that is higher than any name! I love Charlie and Jill's song, "That wonderful name of Jesus!"

March 3, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterEleanor Lock

Awesome God. i am encouraged by this testimony

March 8, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterstella

Hi folks, my name is Andy from England and I feel at 47 years old I am finding the Lord, I cannot explain this because I've never been a believer or none believer in god but at the moment in my life I'm finding a strange urge to find the Lord.
Reading this about Scott is truly amazing and strengthening my belief that I myself need to find our Lord.
God bless.

March 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew openshaw

What an awesome testimony of faith at work, not only of Scott's faith after he had experienced the manifested presence of Jesus but of the faith of his wife, Diane! When we know it is God's will for a long and satisfied life and we are not ready to quit, we apply the word of God and bask in His love. It will sustain us if we are totally emersed in it. Not taking a negative word as the final word is necessary and it sure looks like that is what happened here. To God be the glory!

March 10, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterSue E. Wood

What a glorious testimony!!! Praying for Scott to be totally restored to health even better than before his accident!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!!!

March 11, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterjoyce

What a glorious testimony!!! Praying for Scott to be totally restored to health even better than before his accident!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!!!!!

March 11, 2015 | Unregistered Commenterjoyce

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