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CBC-KC: Making an Eternal Impact

Andrew and the Hulls at the Lodge in Woodland Park, CO. (Click to enlarge)In 2002, Cody and Misty Hull were born again believers simply existing. They were making ends meet and supporting their family, but their life and faith showed little else in the way of promising fruit. Misty worked as an in-home nanny, and Cody was pursuing a career in emergency services as a paramedic/firefighter in the Fort Worth, Texas area. The Hulls were looking for more from life and from their relationship with God. Misty's mother, recognizing the couple's desire to grow in the Lord, introduced them to Andrew's ministry by giving them his book, Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith; it was just the jumpstart the couple's faith needed.

Cody teaching a class at CBC-Kansas City. (Click to enlarge)The Hull's hunger to know God more intimately began to grow and they started to consider going to bible school to broaden their understanding. Roughly one month after giving Cody and Misty the book, Misty's mother invited them to go to Colorado Springs to attend Andrew's Summer Family Bible Conference. The two agreed to go, and they went without any knowledge that Andrew had founded Charis Bible College.

As the two sat and listened to the Word for four days, they realized God was confirming to each of them that there was more available than they were experiencing. The Hulls recognized that they were right where they needed to be. "In Texas Misty and I had been looking into other bible schools, so we believe God orchestrated the whole trip," said Cody.Cody speaking during a CBC-KC graduation ceremony. (Click to enlarge)

By the end of the conference the couple had enrolled at CBC. After two weeks the Hulls had quit their jobs back in Texas, and within a month of receiving God's call on their lives, they had moved their family to Colorado. The couple graduated in 2004 and completed their apprentice year in 2005.

After completing the CBC program in Colorado, the Hulls joined fellow graduates, Tom and Cindy Boyd, in their move east to launch a CBC extension school in Atlanta, Georgia. Misty and Cody spent two years serving the people of Georgia and watching their lives be transformed by the Word. This sparked a desire in their hearts to see the transformation continue by launching another extension school.

Cody and Misty balance family and ministry with a priority on their children. The Hulls are expecting their fourth child later this year. (Click to enlarge)
(Click to enlarge)
The Hulls, fully submitted to the vision of AWM's World Outreach program, wasted no time making plans to launch a school in Kansas City, Missouri, the doors of which opened in August of 2007. Over the past four years they have enjoyed watching the Word transform their students' lives. "It has been tremendous to see how each student receives the Word depending on what they believe God for. It has been as simple as seeing themselves entirely different than when they arrived, to as miraculous as seeing them receive physical healing by listening to the teachings," said Cody.

Before attending CBC the Hulls were making ends meet and nothing more. Now they are having an eternal impact on every person they encounter as they share the almost-too-good-to-be-true news. "This transformation is what we wanted to be a part of in peoples' lives," said Cody.


David Backes: Free After Forty Years

David and Nina Backes (Click to enlarge)Forty-eight-year-old, David Backes spent forty years struggling with depression and living in the bleak shadow of the lie that had been spoken over the men in his family. Something had to change for David or he feared he would end up taking his own life. With very little hope he prepared for a fight, little did he know, the change he sought would be effortless.

David was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of twenty-five, and he doesn't remember a time that he didn't feel depressed. He suffered with feelings of loneliness, worthlessness, fatigue and extreme anger. The battle in David's mind drove him to the point of contemplating suicide. Listening to the enemy's whispers, he rationalized that his wife, Nina, and his two daughters, would be better off without him.

David's healing brought restoration to his broken family. Here David and Nina stand with their daughter Ashley and their son-in-law Anthony on their wedding day. (Click to enlarge)"My father had five brothers, three of them committed suicide. I was always told that fifty percent of the males in my family died of depression or took their own lives," said David. David is one of two sons and with these words alive in the back of his mind, he constantly thought about how and when he should die. His illness kept him oppressed and hopeless.

David's depression and anger reached such depths that his actions eventually caused his family to leave him. Believing they had left permanently, David attempted suicide. After taking an overdose of pills, he called his wife to say goodbye. Nina quickly called 911. Thankfully, the paramedics were able to revive David. He was admitted to the psyche ward in a local hospital, a place he spent time on three separate occasions.

David's family been reunited, and it has grown. L-R: David, Nina, Michael and Jenna (engaged) Ashley and Anthony. (Click to enlarge)David's psychiatrist experimented with various medications and dosages to help manage his mental illness. At the peak of his battle, David was taking fourteen different medications throughout the day to balance his symptoms, and to offset the side effects of each prescription. "Nothing ever helped," recalled David.

During a time when his family had left him due to his depression, David's father died and he recalls receiving a proverbial wake-up call. He remembers vividly being with his dad as he took his last breath. In those moments he became keenly aware of the difference between the physical and spiritual sides of life. From that point forward, David attempted to put his life back together.

Contrary to his doctor's warnings, David stopped taking all his medication. He also began attending church. David was born again, but had a completely performance-based mentality. Although things were not perfect, he was making an effort; he went back to work, and his family finally came home.

David and Nina's marriage has been restored and it is the best it's been in 28 years. (Click to enlarge)As he put the pieces back together, David began working as a project manager for a national homebuilder. With one daughter in college, the Backes family was moving forward, but finances were tight. Then, the housing market began to crumble, and David lost his job. The feelings of worthlessness returned with a vengeance and David found himself fighting, in his own strength, for survival again. It was during this time that he stumbled across Andrew's website.

David would listen to Andrew for hours at a time, but because of his religious, performance-based mindset, he didn't understand Andrew's messages and often became angry. Angry or not David visited the site daily. The teaching that grabbed David's attention was Effortless Change. "I heard Andrew speaking about the woman with the issue of blood. I realized that when she was healed, Jesus didn't ask her if she tithed, prayed or read her Bible that day. He just unconditionally healed her. That teaching kept me coming back to listen to Andrew for hours and slowly my entire outlook on life changed," said David.

David found peace in Christ, and he has many joyfilled days ahead.
(Click to enlarge)
David felt joy and became peaceful for the first time in his life, and he began to look forward to living. He also found he was excited to share his revelation with his wife and daughters. After a few weeks, David remembers hearing God say, "I am going to take you to a place you've never been before." In his carnal mind, he thought about where this might be, and he decided he would like to visit Disney World. A short time later however, he found himself sharing Jesus with a woman suffering from depression. As he spoke with her, he explained how much God loved her—unconditionally. When the two parted, he heard God say, "I just took you to a place you've never been before." In that moment, David knew he was healed of depression. "This is what God meant; it was over—finished. I was healed! I was sharing life, not death," David said. When he stopped and thought about the encounter with the woman, he realized he hadn't thought about death or depression in weeks.

Everything has changed for the Backes family and David is able to live and enjoy life now. His relationship with God, and the revelation he has received, has enabled him to assume godly leadership of his family. David and Nina's marriage is the best it's been in twenty-eight years, and his relationship with his children has been repaired. "God has totally restored this family and the curses have been broken. We are moving into the promised land and it is all because of God's grace, and the freedom there is in knowing who He is and what He died to give us," said David.


New Director in Uganda

Gary EverettAs you know, Leland Shores, the former director of Andrew Wommack Ministries-Uganda, went home to be with Jesus on June 23, 2011. The impact Leland had on that nation will be felt for generations to come. God used Leland in a mighty way to open the doors to the nation and we must now continue to expand the work he began.

Andrew is more determined now than ever to reach the people of Uganda and the surrounding nations. With that mandate in our hearts, it is my privilege to introduce the newest member of our ministry team in Uganda:

Reverend Gary Everett received his Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1992. He is currently pursuing his Doctor of Divinity degree at this same seminary. He has taught in Bible college for ten years and served as a pastor for five years. He has served as the station manager of Lighthouse Television, located in Kampala, Uganda, for thirteen years. The station is owned by Calvary Cathedral International in Fort Worth, Texas, and the chairman of the board and president of Lighthouse Television is Dr. Bob Nichols. Pastor Bob also serves on the board of AWM. Gary was a founding member of our Uganda board and assisted us in the development of our ministry in Uganda upon Leland’s arrival in 2006.

On August 1, 2011, Gary began serving as the director of both Lighthouse Television and AWM-Uganda. He has assumed full management responsibility for all AWM outreach to Uganda, which includes the Gospel Truth television program, the bookstore, and the administrative duties of Charis Bible College-Uganda.

Gary was married to Menchu in 1996. They have three children, who were all born and raised in Uganda.

A new administrator for CBC-Uganda has not yet been selected, but the process is underway. Dean and Linda Crooks, graduates of CBC-Colorado Springs, are serving temporarily in that capacity.

This announcement was posted by David Hardesty, General Manager and COO of Andrew Wommack Ministries.