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Russia Trip 2012: The Bread of Life

Andrew & Will Graham approach Charis Bible College housed in bread baking warehouse. (Click to enlarge)The first stop on Andrew’s trip to Russia, after a brief unloading of luggage at his hotel room at the Park Inn hotel—was to Charis Bible College, St. Petersburg. And not for just a brief hello. Andrew taught for three hours and made himself available for question and answer to the students afterward. This international group of students soaked up their time with him, and followed the sessions with questions they had been burning to ask for Student led praise and worship.
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months. It is one thing to read, hear, and watch videos of the teacher who founded Charis Bible Colleges worldwide, it is quite another to have him in front of you, and willing to make himself available in a give and take discussion.

The Charis students meet on the third floor of a non-descript warehouse building housed among the massive bread baking factories that serve the entire city of St. Petersburg. While breaking CBC-Colorado grad, Carrie Pickett (right) speaks to students with Russian interpreter. (Click to enlarge)the bread of life in these secure surroundings, students and instructors are bathed constantly in the mouth watering aroma of baking bread. And the Russians do love their bread. At every meal there is always a choice, “black” or “white.” All manner of dark breads, from rye to hearty whole wheat are preferred here. It is a fitting metaphor for the appetite these students display for the almost-too-good-to-be-true Gospel, and the deeper, more intimate Andrew ministers with Velodya, his Russian interpreter. (Click to enlarge)relationship with God that it nourishes.

Filed May 24, 2012 by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.


Marriage, Ministry and Making Disciples 

Recently, Andrew and Jamie did a live Q & A interview with Gary Luecke, the Director of Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs. We invite you to check out the video below to see Andrew and Jamie as you've never seen them before. Watch as they share a look into their personal lives and discuss how they met, marriage, life in ministry, Andrew's vision for discipleship, and the funniest things the couple has witnessed during their time in ministry.

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Andrew Visits Florida for GTS 

In Orlando attendance was high as Andrew shared a message about changing the way believers think.
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Andrew and the Gospel Truth Seminar team traveled to Orlando, Florida in April. While visiting the Sunshine state, Andrew ministered a series of teachings called Changing the Way We Think. As he introduced the series, which began in Ephesians 4, he said enthusiastically, "I'm probably going to give you everything I know this weekend."

Andrew opened with the gifts of the five-fold ministry found in Ephesians 4:11, pointing out that ministers are given the gifts for the purpose of perfecting or equipping the body of Christ to do the works of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12). He also pointed out that the body has delegated its duties to the full-time ministers. "It is not efficient for all of the shepherds [ministers] to produce all of the sheep. Shepherds should tend sheep and sheep should beget sheep," said Andrew. He went on to say that every church member ought to be producing sheep and be able to cast out devils and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. These opening comments laid the ground work for the rest of the Andrew at the Saturday morning session in Florida.
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weekend by charging the body with the responsibility the Word assigns to each believer to minister.

Operating in the five-fold office of teacher, Andrew ministered the Word and prepared the people's hearts to receive from the prayer ministry team. Andrew's staff was joined by 30 prayer ministers; 20 were AWM partners and the rest were students from Charis Bible College's Jacksonville and Orlando campuses. The team ministered with boldness and expectancy and the majority of those who came forward for prayer received instantaneous manifestations of healing.

Included among those released from the oppression of the enemy was a man suffering from the effects of a stroke he had a decade earlier. According to a prayer minister, his symptoms included numbness and an inability to move the left side of his body. After receiving prayer, all feeling returned to his body and he was able to smile fully and rotate his left arm—things he hadn't been able to do prior to the meeting.Andrew prays with those who answered the altar call Friday night. 244 people received the batism of the Holy Spirit during the conference. (Click to enlarge)

The prayer team reported that several people suffering from the ravaging symptoms associated with Multiple Sclerosis also received healing. One woman with MS had approached the prayer team in a wheelchair; after prayer her pain left and strength returned to her body. She got up out of her wheelchair and walked unaided, all around the auditorium and refused to sit back down—she left the meeting pushing her wheelchair!

In addition to ministering from the platform at the GTS, Andrew also had the opportunity to be interviewed by a local television program called The Good Life. Andrew's two-part interview is available in our April 26 post.

Be sure to watch the video clip below to see Andrew introduce the series for the 2012 Orlando GTS or check out the entire teaching series, Changing the Way We Think.