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CBC Students Minister in Nicaragua 

CBC-Colorado students, leaders and representatives, Darey and Karen Jolley, from the Ambassadors to the Nations had a heaven of a good time ministering in Nicaragua. (Click to enlarge)Recently, twenty-three Charis Bible College (CBC) students from the Colorado campus went on a mission trip to Nicaragua. The team, led by CBC instructor, Dr. Delron Shirley, was the third from Colorado to visit the impoverished nation this year. The team had the opportunity to serve alongside missionaries Karen and Darey Jolley, founders of Ambassadors to the Nations, These young ladies hold up their new and much-needed dresses.
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a ministry which serves in some of the poorest countries in Central America. Much of the students' time was focused on ministering to the children of Nicaragua.

The Ambassadors' Sponsor a Child program allows participants to support an individual child, or an entire family, on a monthly basis. All money received through this program is used for food, clothes, water, medical and schooling needs. Some of the CBC students had the opportunity to personally meet the children whom they have been sponsoring through the program. It was a joy for them to have hands-on involvement in distributing the needed supplies to the children and families they have been supporting from a distance.

A small but life changing moment.
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The student missionaries also went into the local schools and presented Gospel-centered dramas and puppet shows, and then blessed the children with coloring books as well as new shoes. As part of the shoe distribution, the CBC students imitated Jesus' selfless act of washing His disciples' feet (John 13:4-17). The team washed the children's feet and prayed over each child before placing the new shoes on them. It was a small blessing for the children, but the act had a life-changing impact on the students.

The CBC team also held open-air meetings as part of their outreach efforts to the villages throughout the area. One such meeting was held on an island in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. People came from neighboring islands in canoes and rowboats to see the puppet ministry, and hear the Gospel. People came from neighboring islands in canoes and rowboats. (Click to enlarge)At other meetings, people filled the streets and crowded around the ministry teams. At several locations where the students ministered they also offered free medical clinics. Prior to seeing the doctor, however, each patient received prayer from a CBC student, and many students reported instant healings. Students were overjoyed by the miracles they witnessed while operating in the power of God.

When the crowds became too large at some of the outreaches, it was impossible to minister to each person individually, so the prayer team formed a line and had the people seeking prayer walk past; the team called it a prayer tunnel. The students laid hands on and prayed a blessing over each person as they walked through. The team used what they called a "prayer tunnel" to accommodate the large number of people seeking ministry. (Click to enlarge)Delron and the team believed that their prayer tunnel had the same anointing that Peter’s shadow had as he passed by people in the book of Acts.

Ambassadors to the Nations help to improve the living conditions through the building of suitable housing for the people to whom they minister. CBC students were able to visit several housing projects where new homes had been built. The new houses, which were constructed with sturdy cement brick, and were complete with electricity and plumbing, replaced old shelters built with scrap metal, random pieces of wood and sheets of plastic. One home that had just been completed was given to a teacher from one of the schools. An example of the crowds that gathered to see the missionaries from CBC. (Click to enlarge)Before moving into her new residence, the teacher lived in a “home” with a tarp roof and had to walk a village block to use a bathroom.

Delron estimated that the CBC team touched at least four thousand lives through the supplies distribution, medical clinics and open-air ministry; however, the impact on the students lives was just as great, as they witnessed so many responding to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Freedom from Migraines 

Lanna Gillie suffered from the debilitating effects of migraine headaches for more than twenty years—Now she's completely free!
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For twenty-two years Lanna Gillie suffered from severe migraines. Each headache occurrence would begin the same way; with the loss of sight in one eye, followed by severe pain and vomiting. In addition, her facial muscles would contract and her face would appear misaligned, as though she had suffered a stroke. The migraines took over her life, until she received the revelation that God wanted her well.

Lanna and her husband, Mark, raised their five children in a rural Mississippi town. During one of Lanna’s more severe migraine episodes, an emergency room doctor was convinced she had suffered a stroke and wanted to transfer her, via helicopter, to a larger hospital in the city. Upon further examination, and with Lanna’s insistence, the doctor was finally convinced that she was indeed enduring the symptoms of a migraine, and not a stroke.

Celebrating freedom! Lanna serving fourth of July dinner free from migraine symptoms. (Click to enlarge)Needless to say, the severe symptoms with which she suffered were a huge disruption to Lanna’s family and work life. At least once a week she had to see her doctor to receive injections, sometimes as many as six, for the pain and nausea. The side effects from the treatments would put Lanna in bed for several days, leaving her with only a couple of “good” days per week. Three to four times a year it was necessary for her to be hospitalized in order to break what appeared to be a migraine cycle.

“My everyday life was ruled by headaches. We couldn’t plan vacations because we never knew when ‘Mama was going to have a headache,’” Lanna recalled.

Over time the doctors tried every treatment available and prescribed every medication known to handle migraine symptoms. Lanna’s treatments included seizure drugs, heavy narcotics, nausea medications, anti-depressants, beta blockers, Imitrex, Zomig, and Percodan.Lanna and her oldest daughter, Beth, in the stands enjoying a football game. (Click to enlarge)

Between her symptoms and her treatments, it became impossible for Lanna to maintain employment. “I tried to work, but employers weren’t very understanding when I missed work a day or two every week. I do understand where they were coming from, but it seemed to be out of my control,” said Lanna.

For many years, Lanna and her husband did a morning Bible devotion together taught by a minister who believes God uses sickness and injury to teach His children lessons. One day, however, Mark remembered a minister, whom he had listened to in passing, who said the words, “God wants you well.” Lanna and her entire family gathered around Mark at his retirement reception. (Click to enlarge)The minister of course was Andrew, and Lanna and Mark began to watch Andrew’s Gospel Truth program regularly. Before long, faith for Lanna’s healing was born in the couple’s hearts.

Lanna and Mark took particular interest in the Healing Journeys series, where they saw the testimony of Scott Forsyth. Lanna was excited about Scott’s healing journey because she recognized Scott’s father, David Forsyth, as classmate from 1974. Lanna contacted Scott’s mother, Vicky, via Facebook right after Scott's story aired on May 3, 2010. “Seeing Scott’s testimony helped me to make a connection with someone I knew would have no hidden agenda for making such claims if it was not real, and that helped me to believe that God wanted to heal me too,” Lanna said.Vicky Forsyth and Lanna at the 2010 GTS in Fort Worth, TX.
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On May 3, 2010 Lanna was able to make contact with Vicky and talk through God’s will for her to be well, building the faith necessary for her to receive her complete healing. Lanna now considers May 3, 2010 the official date of her healing. She stopped taking all medication, suffered no withdrawal symptoms, and no longer suffers from migraine headaches.

Lanna and Mark were able to meet Vicky in Fort Worth for the Gospel Truth Seminar in November of 2010. Vicky is thrilled that Scott’s testimony helped Lanna receive her healing. “It's awesome to know that Scott's story raised her faith like Hannah's story did for Scott,” Vicky said.

Today, Lanna and Mark enjoy an active church and family life. The couple’s five children and eleven grandchildren all live within a comfortable forty-five minutes of their home, which makes it a joy to be very involved in their lives; and the blessings of health and wholeness have made it possible.


Charis Bible College Class Of 2011

Andrew hands an elated Stefan Viljoen his diploma at the CBC Colorado graduation ceremony. (Click to enlarge)Since 1994, Andrew and the staff at Charis Bible College have been diligently and successfully discipling and training people for the work of the ministry. At CBC students have the unique opportunity to learn through the combination of the rich teaching of God’s Word and practical, hands-on ministry experience. Andrew's vision to train others through opening a Bible college came when the Lord instructed him through 2 Timothy 2:2. In the verse, Paul wrote to Timothy and told him to take the things that he had learned and commit them to faithful men who would, in turn, be able to teach others. Today, Andrew is seeing the manifestation of this mandate come to pass in increasing numbers.

In 1996, Andrew saw the first thirty-three students graduate from CBC. Since 1997, extension schools have been opened around the world and across America. Campuses have been launched in the United Kingdom, Russia, Ireland, Belize, South Africa, Uganda, India and Holland. Stateside schools have been established in Chicago, IL; Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; Jacksonville and Orlando, FL; Gardner and Plymouth, MA; Dyer, IN, Kansas City, MO, and most recently in Phoenix, AZ.

This year, well over three hundred students graduated from CBC campuses around the world. In Colorado alone, one hundred and seventy-seven students received their diplomas. Here is a look at CBC's Class of 2011.

*CBC Colorado:

CBC Colorado morning class. (Click to enlarge)Janice Adams, SK Alexander, Michael Ashmen, Sherry Aten, Bruce Ball, Joyce Ball, Kenneth Balma, Lori Balma, Jacquelyn Ban, Hannskilian Baumgart, Karen Bean, Pharisee Bendolph, Kendra Binish, Douglas Bishop, Rolland Bivens, William Blackmon, Scott Blake, Mitchell Bowden, Gregory Bramblett, Mike Braun, Dan Britton, Ashley Bryant, Fredrick Bryant, Raymond Buhr, Renay Buller, Mark Burgoz, Jennifer Burich, Patricia Bursell, Gary Campbell, Tony Chavez, Emilee Childers, Ruth Collins, Dacian Coroian, Alexa Cox, Sherry Creech, William Creech, Cason Cruz, Lisa DePriest, Shannon Ebersole, Nike Edun Adebiyi, Carolyn Ellefson, Keith Engie, Joyce Erickson, Garrett Eriksen, Gloria Eriksen, Kinga Eriksen, Tammy Errico, Abby Feldhacker, Debra Flaherty, Lori Flugrad, Jeff Forrest, Jennifer Forrest, Daniel Fox, Luke Gidcumb, Tennie Goen, Roberta Grace, Fletcher Gulseth, Nancy Gulseth, Cynthia Hall, Tanya Hamilton, Kathryn Hanson, Nels Hanson, Carla Harper, Josh Harper, Naomi Hartman, Britta Hazel, Michael Herbert, Catherine Herron, Jessica Hill, Sanine Holt, Chayne Holtfreter, Larry Hoover, Linda Hughes, James Hurley, Ross Inman, Judy Jackson, Sarah Jelicich, Miles Jewell, Andrew Johnson, Janie Johnson, Sharris Johnson, Connie Jones, Phillip Jones, Charles Kernaghan, Matthew Kinney, Katrina Ladrowski, Philip Ladrowski, Marvin Larson, Ryan Laurence, Cindy Lensmire, Wayne Lewis, Darla Livingston, Kathleen Lutz, CBC Colorado evening class.
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Warren Lutz, John MacIntyre, Cheryl Martin, Wayne Martin, Marla Matus, Alexis May, Ann May, John May, Ryan May, Terry May, Terry McCandless, Trina McCandless, Mary McCracken, Susan McGinnis, Jeanette Moore, Erin Moraine, Paulette Murphy, Candice Nechita, Dinu Nechita, Francisca Neethling, Joey Nelson II, Joe Nelson, Kathleen Nennemann, Filippa Noto, Angela Okamura, Janet Palmer, Linda Patarello, Tom Peoples, Renee Peterson, Michael Phillips, Jane Phillips, David Pollock II, Austin Pollock, Dave Pollock, Robyn Pollock, Sarah Pollock, Ruth Rauch, Pete Rauch III, Matthew Reed, Karl Reichert, Shevell Robinson, Joann Rye, Cathleen Scarvers, James Schneider, Lydia Schneider, Patricia Schwarz, Valdais Scott, Lupe Shepherd, Raymond Sherfield, Babajide Shittu, Patricia Sinclair, Deann Sklenicka, Gary Sklenicka, Jay Smith, Karen Smith, Robert Smith, Sheshanah Smith, Timothy Smith, Christina Spears, Rondelle Stevison, Cynthia Thompson, Monika Tomanek, Robert Tomanek, Jesse Tyree, Laura Tyree, Francine Van Bommel-Kaptein, Stefan Viljoen, Catharina Visser, Claas Visser, Caroline Walton, Sharee Walton, Linda Washington, Jordan Wegele, Gerri Weldgen, Philip Wester, Sherry Whitaker, Gabriele Wiesmann, Robert Williams, Dilfuza Williford, Thomas Williford, Brie-Anne Wilson, Jonathan Wilson, Sara Wilson, and Rita Wolf.

Front Row (Staff) L-R: Wendell Parr (Director of World Outreach), Lawson Perdue, Marlo Stone, Vickey Rice, Carlie Terradez, Ashley Terradez, Beth Landt, Michelle Patterson, Greg Macy, Jim Ford, Barry Bennett, Andrew Wommack (CBC Founder), Wayne Knurr (Dean of Students), Gary Luecke (Director), Dr. Delron Shirley, Peggy Shirley, Samantha Crowell, Anna Fulmer, Wendy Okamura, Carol Odenwald and Daniel Amstutz.

*Graduate list is alphabetical, not positional.


CBC England (Click to enlarge)Front Row: (Staff) Anthony Consiglio, Duncan Sherwin, John Maunder, Paul Flanagan, Siew Fong Flanagan, Kathryn Whitefoot, Roz McQuigg, Samuel McQuigg, Abi Elshaw; Second Row: Gladys Susan Teke, Michelle Leigh, Lucy Curtis-Prior, Dawn Haswell, Lorraine Best, Auxilia Mandizha, Catharine Jackson, Pat Chang, Carolyn Lisney, Lesley Illingworth, Grace Sewell; Third Row: Matty Haswell, Joseph Djima, Pamela Nwachukwu, Peter Best, Brenda Palmer, Anne Marie Duclos, Janice Keyte, Sandra Gillard, Heather Chapman, John Aston, Tolulope Oginni; Fourth Row: Ken Chang, David Illingworth, Richard Gunn, Stuart Graham, Paul Chapman, Elaine Smith, Garry Leigh, Christopher Jackson, David Gillard, Angela Baker, Jonathan Baker; Not Pictured: Jaya Banala

Charis Bible Training Center-Russia:

CBTC Russia (Click to enlarge) Bible School graduates (blue cap and gown): Tatyana, Valentina, Alex, Felcy, George, Nina; Second Row: Egor, Bold, Alexander, Clement, Job, Alaska, Leoneid; Leadership Institute graduates (gold sash): Nangi, Valya, Joshephine, Olya Rezhova, Lebogang, Lillian, Salomi; Second Row: Sasha Pustalova, Mushani, Galina Kravits, Edom, Yami.

CBC India:

CBC India (Click to enlarge)Front Row: (Staff) Russ Forgoston, David Forgoston, Judith Forgoston; Second Row: Naomi, Michelle, Martina, Teffy, Gazala, Beulah, Estheranni, Shebymol, Renise, Carmel, Sharmila, Varsha, Anila; Third Row: Aubrey, Vasanth, Stephenson, Wilfer, Jawahar, Rojin, Ryan, Samuel, Rajesh, Henry, Varun, Dharmesh, Keese, Valentine, Melvin, John Immanuel, David, Jijin, Immanuel, Gerard.

CBC Atlanta:

CBC Atlanta (Click to enlarge)Front Row: Ria York, Candy Hall, Mary Hall, Linda McQuiston, Arlene Passmore, Beth Steiner, Kiki Wan, Peter Wan, Andrew Wommack; Second Row: Tom Boyd - Co-Director, Carolyn Schrock, Cindy Boyd - Co-Director, Debra Curtis, Mary Dennis, Marlene John, Linda Slaughter, Eddie Spencer, Bill Smith and Wendell Parr.

CBC Dallas:

CBC Dallas (Click to enlarge)Kitty Potts - Director (Black gown), Liz Hall, Jan Savas, Sondria McWilliams, Jerene Marable, Barron Skelton, Janie Wright, David Wright, Carol Williams, Charles Knowles II, Millie Green, Ryan White, Shirley Gerthe, Gunar Gerthe.

CBC Florida:

CBC Florida (Click to enlarge)Tom Comollo (Black gown), Judy Vomacka, Jake Mast, Sean Sanders, Jordan Sanders, Hannah Joray, Patricia Scott, Robert Fuller, Kurt Barreto.


CBC Indiana:

CBC Indiana (Click to enlarge)Front Row: Rita Lord, Gail Coleman - Director, Sharon Tarzon - Administrator, Jennifer Harris, Vanetta Dunn, Crystal Colbert, Jerri Black, Diana Bartkowiak, Victor Adams; Second Row: Greg Strom - Dean of Students, Don Harms - Apprentice, Mary Parker - Registrar, Lucretia Tolliver, John Tolliver, Mimi Specht, Bonnie O'Hare, Elijah Hicks, Lucinda Harris

CBC Ireland:

CBC Ireland (Click to enlarge)Yvonne O'Brien - Co-Director, Allan Bruce, Luke Flint, Richard Consiglio, Grady O'Brien - Co-Director

CBC Kansas City:

CBC Kansas City (Click to enlarge)Ruth Stromberg, Rob Runyan, Melissa Phillips


CBC Chicago:

CBC Chicago (Click to enlarge)Front Row: Betty Bakker - Apprentice, Mike Bevill, Sally Gerschefske, Katheryn Roberts - Pastor, Lovette Harris, Taylor Standish, Bailey Standish, David Rose - Dean of Students; Second Row: Racheal Khoshaba, Vern Boelkens, Marzieh Ghajarieh, Christine Edstrom, Joan Leslie, Jane Landato; Third Row:Cynthia Quarles - Director, Rolando Rameriz, India Ridley, Karen Bennett ,Pastor Janet Goodwin, Tim Hartlett, Jan Tiberi, Caroline Courtney, Francine Jackson - Administrator.