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Barry Bennett: Our Steps Are Ordered

Charis Bible College Ministry Training Program Coordinator, Barry Bennett. (Click to enlarge)Barry Bennett is the Coordinator of the third year Ministry Training Program at Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs. This new program has effectively expanded CBC's curriculum to include a third year specifically geared for those desiring to enter full-time ministry. The third year is designed to implement Andrew's vision for a more intense time of training for those called to pastoral or para-church ministry.

Prior to stepping into his role as Coordinator, Barry had served the Lord in a variety of capacities in North, Central and South America. He was born again in the early 1970's, and is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute. While attending CFN, Barry discovered he had a heart for missionary work; Barry, Betty Kay and their three young children David, Daniel and Leah on the mission field in Guatemala in 1989. (Click to enlarge)he also found he had a heart for fellow student, Betty Kay. As it turned out Betty Kay shared the same heart, both for reaching the nations with the gospel—and for Barry. The two were married while still attending CFN, and shortly after graduation hurried out to the mission field in Guadalajara, Mexico. It didn't take long for the Bennetts to realize they had made an error. "We thought that we would be missionaries to Mexico for an extended period of time; however, with no support, no home church, and no experience, we quickly realized that we had jumped the gun," said Barry.

After four months in Mexico, the Bennetts returned to Texas and became involved with a local church. Eleven years later, after working bi-vocationally in ministry and in the secular workplace, their home church sent Barry, Betty Kay and their three children to Guatemala for language learning. Barry playing guitar with the a worship team in Concepción, Chile.
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From there the Bennetts were invited to work as missionaries in Chile.

For more than a decade the couple ministered in Chile, first in Concepción and then in Santiago. Their endeavors were wide ranging and fruitful, and Barry gained experience teaching, preaching and counseling in the local Spanish-speaking community. In 1992, the Bennetts were invited to Santiago to bring leadership to a thirty member home church group. Eventually the Bennetts were asked to pastor the group. Under their oversight and guidance for the next eight years, the group transitioned into a fully functioning church and the membership grew to almost three hundred.

In 2000, the Bennetts began to sense that their time in Chile was drawing to a close and they prepared to return to the States. The family returned to Texas in 2001, Santiago, Chile where Barry pastored, Vida en Cristo in the early ninteen nineties. (Click to enlarge)and became part of a large Spanish congregation where their pastor allowed Barry to launch a Bible institute. The school, which was taught in the Spanish language, met several times per week and over a period of five years graduated more than 200 students.

During their season in Dallas, Barry came across Andrew's Gospel Truth program on the radio. As he listened to Andrew's teachings, Barry gained confidence in his own understanding. "I was amazed to hear someone teaching what I had been teaching, but with even more revelation," said Barry. With confirmation that his own revelation and teachings were on track, he found he had a desire to be more connected to a ministry that was so like-minded.

Barry and Betty Kay standing with a graduating class from the Spanish-speaking Instituto Avance, a Bible school they pioneered in Dallas,Texas. (Click to enlarge)A short time later the Bennett's oldest children, sons David and Daniel, both decided they wanted to attend CBC. Supportive of the decision, Barry and Betty Kay visited the Colorado campus to see where the young men would be attending school; while they were there the Lord spoke to Barry. "On a tour of the college, while passing by the auditorium, the Lord spoke to my heart and told me that someday I would teach in CBC. I was simultaneously shocked and excited," said Barry.

As the Bennetts left to head back to Dallas, they grabbed AWM job applications, filled them out and mailed them back to the ministry. In a very short time, Betty Kay was notified of a job opening at the ministry. This opening coupled with the word Barry had heard in his heart while touring the campus, Andrew and CBC Director, Gary Luecke, pray over Barry and Betty Kay (left) during an ordination ceremony.
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were enough for Barry to make arrangements to move to Colorado Springs.

Both Betty Kay and Barry were hired within two weeks of their arrival in Colorado. Initially, Barry was brought into the Phone Center as a prayer minister, but after four months, he was asked to take over a vacancy in the ministry's Encouragement Department. In this position he answered doctrinal questions asked of the ministry via correspondence. "I remained in the Encouragement Department for two-and-a-half years and responded to some 20,000 emails and letters during that time," Barry said.

While working in the Encouragement Department, Barry submitted his ministry résumé to the Director of Charis Bible College, Gary Luecke, and expressed his interest in teaching if ever the need for a substitute arose. Months later, as Barry was driving to work, he received a call inquiring whether he could speak during that morning's 8 a.m. chapel. "It was then 7:45 a.m. I felt that this was my 'divine appointment.' I said, 'yes,' rushed into my office, grabbed some notes, which were in Spanish—I hadn’t ministered in English in 18 years, and it seemed to go well," said Barry.

Barry teaching in the CBC auditorium—just as the Lord had spoken to him. (Click to enlarge)Barry was able to teach a number of times during the 2008-2009 academic year, and he went on to teach nine courses the following year, while continuing to work full-time in the Encouragement Department. Toward the end of the 2009-2010 school year, Gary asked Barry to consider moving to CBC on a full-time basis. This year, after making the move to CBC, Barry has become the third year Coordinator and is enjoying teaching a total of fifteen courses.

Reflecting on his first full year as Coordinator, Barry said, "This year has been a great success. Almost forty students have completed the program and have been exposed to many facets of ministry."

Under Barry's leadership, the third year Ministry Training Program will continue to expand. Next year, Barry will be joined by Daniel Amstutz, Director of CBC's School of Worship, Stephen Bransford, Director of CBC's School of Media, and Pastor Greg Mohr, Director of CBC's new School of Business Administration to train and equip third year students in these specialized areas of ministry.

The steps of a good man are indeed ordered by the Lord (Psalm 37:23).


A Look Inside The Sanctuary

As we mentioned in a previous post, Andrew and The Sanctuary design team spent the winter finalizing plans for the future home of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College. Here is a sneak peek at recent artistic renderings of the interior of the new facilities set to be constructed in Woodland Park, Colorado.

This is a view of Andrew's new 2500 seat auditorium, looking toward the platform from the Upper Level seating. (Click to enlarge)


The welcome desk at the main entrance.
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A view of the lower concourse facing the bookstore. (Click to enlarge)

Lower concourse waterfall outside the bookstore.
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Upper concourse, waterfall to the left.
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Inside view of the bookstore. (Click to enlarge) The banquet hall in the Barn. (Click to enlarge)

See our Foundation Builders partnership page for more information about The Sanctuary campus.


2011 Orlando GTS

Andrew introduces the topic for the GTS weekend in Orlando. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and Jamie spent the first weekend of April 2011 ministering at a Gospel Truth Seminar in Orlando, Florida. Andrew shared a series of teachings entitled God's Identity in You, which ministered powerfully to those in attendance. Early in the conference Andrew stated, "Everything you are and have comes from Him, and if you have a wrong impression of God, it is impossible for you to have a right impression of yourself." He went on to teach about who God is and who believers are in Christ in an effort to establish accurate representation of God's true nature.

Andrew's messages were well received by the crowds, evidenced by more than three hundred people coming forward to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. At Thursday evening's meeting many came forward for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Here he explains that a person must be born again before receiving the baptism. (Click to enlarge)Prayer ministry was received with expectancy after each session. Throughout the conference, many in attendance were set free from physical pain and bondage.

After one session, a wheelchair-bound woman came forward for prayer. She explained that she had no cartilage in her knees, and that she was not able to walk. After prayer she stood up and walked for the first time in two years. Another man, unable to walk without the assistance of a walker, or breathe without the aid of an oxygen tank, made his way forward for prayer. After being ministered to, his lungs were healed and he removed his oxygen tank. Feeling strengthened, he stepped away from his walker and no longer needed it.

Andrew lays his hand on a man during the Friday morning meeting.
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One man came forward to express his thanks to the ministry, and to share his testimony. He gave the report that he had attended last year's Orlando GTS and received prayer for his failing marriage. A year later his marriage has been restored and his wife was in attendance at the conference with him.

Watch the clip below as Andrew introduces the topic of his teaching for the 2011 Gospel Truth Seminar in Orlando, Florida: God's Identity in You.

Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.