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2010 Fort Worth GTS

Andrew opening Thursday night's meeting in Ft. Worth, TX. (Click to enlarge) During the second week of November, Andrew and Jamie closed out the 2010 Gospel Truth Seminar calendar in Texas, ministering to friends and partners at the Fort Worth GTS. The conference was held at Calvary Cathedral International in Fort Worth, a church founded and pastored by Andrew's longtime friends, Bob and Joy Nichols. Andrew shared a message he called the Christian First Aid Kit, a condensed and potent version of his sixteen part series called the Christian Survival Kit. Those in attendance were blessed as they received the truth and revelation from this powerful teaching rooted in the Gospel of John.

Andrew taught a condensed version of Christian Survival Kit. (Click to enlarge)The invitation for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit was well received throughout the weekend with approximately 150 people coming forward to receive the gift of His power in their lives. As words of wisdom and knowledge flowed freely during each session many people were set free in the name of Jesus.

After Andrew concluded each session, he invited those desiring prayer to come forward for ministry, and many whose faith had been stirred by the teaching of the Word responded. By the power of the Holy Spirit the prayer ministry team witnessed the healing of many conditions including the following oppressions; rheumatoid arthritis, pinched nerves, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, involuntary shaking of both hands, blindness, deafness and a variety of severe pain symptoms.

Joshua Maynard had suffered with scoliosis for 22 years. (Click to enlarge)One woman approached a prayer minister during the conference and shared a testimony of a healing she had received at a previous GTS. The woman shared that she had suffered a stroke which had affected the left side of her body; as a result she was unable to raise her arm. She had also been told that she had two aneurysms. The woman had received prayer at the Orlando GTS in February and regained the use of her left side. Then at a follow-up doctor visit, she had an MRI scan of her brain and doctors were unable to detect any trace of aneurysms—she was totally healed.

Through Andrew's teaching Joshua received a revelation of Jesus. Now his spine is healed! (Click to enlarge)As reported in a recent post, an AWM interview team travels with Andrew to the conferences to document ministry related testimonies. While in Fort Worth the team had the opportunity to meet a young man named Joshua Maynard. Joshua shared his story of suffering with scoliosis for twenty-two years until he was miraculously healed as a result of Andrew’s teaching. Joshua even had pictures documenting his healing with him at the time of the interview. Look for more on Joshua's Healing Testimony in an upcoming post.

Watch the video clip below as Andrew introduces the topic of his teaching at the Fort Worth GTS: the Christian First Aid Kit.

Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.


Sanctuary Virtual Tour: Building Exterior

Over the past year we have brought you a steady stream of updates regarding the development of The Sanctuary, the future home of Charis Bible College and Andrew Wommack Ministries. Andrew's architectural team and TV department have come together to bring you a 360° virtual tour of the exterior of the planned facilities, set to be constructed in Woodland Park, Colorado. Take the tour below, and watch as Andrew narrates your way around the campus.

See our Foundation Builders partnership page for more information.


Andrew and Jamie’s China Experience

This autumn, Andrew and Jamie spent several weeks ministering overseas. In addition to their visit to the United Kingdom for Andrew's yearly European minister's conference, Andrew and Jamie also journeyed to China for the first time. In the video below they share their experiences as they travelled and ministered from Hong Kong to Beijing, and several places in between.