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Healing Journeys Reunion with the Petersons

Several years ago, AWM published a story called, Jason's Miracle. The story was about the Peterson family and their young son's victory over a rare and severe skin disorder. Their faith-building testimony became part of the AWM Healing Journeys DVD series.

Last summer, Andrew hosted a two-day reunion for the families and individuals featured in the 3-part Healing Journeys series. While at the reunion, Andrew had an opportunity to sit down with the Petersons, and they discussed Jason's miraculous healing and how the Lord continues to work through all of their lives today.

Enjoy the video below as Andrew catches up with the Peterson family and they share their amazing story.


The Impact of CBC-Atlanta

Believers, Tom and Cindy Boyd, first heard Andrew in 1996, and the process of discipleship was set in motion. A decade later, the Boyds launched CBC-Atlanta and the sharing of the Gospel continued. The same teaching that transformed Tom and Cindy's lives is continuing to change lives in Georgia. For a look inside the discipleship happening through these world-changers and CBC-Atlanta, be sure to watch the video below.



Kathy Lehan Found Out God is Good

Kathy Lehan, free from condemnation (Click to enlarge)Kathy Lehan was raised in a military family that lived in six cities across five different states. Her family attended Catholic Mass purely out of what Kathy described as, "obligation and guilt." Since childhood, Kathy was plagued with condemnation; a condition fueled by her parents and her church. When Kathy was just seven years old, she made the declaration that no one would ever love her or care for her and that she could only depend upon herself. Unaware of the power of her words at this young age, Kathy carried the consequences of this decision for nearly five decades, until she attended the 2012 Houston GTS, where she was finally set free.

It was two weeks before her forty-sixth birthday when Kathy got saved watching another televangelist. Kathy had become completely disillusioned with God while in her teens and had no idea a person needed to be “saved” by receiving Jesus Christ as Savior. As she Power of words: Kathy made a life-altering declaration at the age of 7. (Click to enlarge)innocently repeated the prayer of salvation, as led by the televangelist, she had a supernatural experience. “I felt like someone opened the top of my head and poured warm water into me. I could feel it rush through my whole body all the way to my feet and then fill me to the top of my head,” Kathy explained. Shocked, Kathy wondered if she had suffered a stroke, but then her experience continued. “Jesus brought up all my pain, piece by piece, and took it,” she said. Still unsure of what had happened, she decided to start going to church. When Kathy described her experience to a women’s pastor, she was told that she had experienced salvation.

In the summer of 2011, Kathy learned about Andrew through her prayer partner, Ira. At first Kathy didn’t understand why Ira was raving about Andrew as she thought he seemed boring, however when Kathy really started listening she was mesmerized by his insight and clear teaching about grace. “When I first heard Andrew, I struggled with some of the stuff he was saying. He literally made me feel like it was too easy—that God was way too nice to be the God I had been taught about,” said Kathy.

Kathy at age 13.
(Click to enlarge)
Soon Kathy was listening to Andrew on television, downloading free teachings from the internet and reading Andrew’s book, The True Nature of God.Kathy began to grasp the idea that God wasn’t mean and hateful and that He loved her, but she struggled to overcome everything she had learned as a child. Her heart was permanently changed however, when Kathy attended the Gospel Truth Seminar last February.

In the middle of the first session, Kathy was deeply moved when Andrew said, “God only convicts you of one sin, not accepting His Son, Jesus.” Tears began to fall as Kathy realized that she wasn’t born a “bad” person and that God didn’t think she was bad. “My parents and the church had lied to me about who I was and who God was. God wasn’t condemning me, it was man. It was the first time I truly understood that Jesus’ sacrifice had been for me,” Kathy said.

At the end of the evening Andrew called people forward for healing. Kathy was feeling so free that she completely forgot the chronic pain that she had been living with since 1988. Kathy had been in a five-car pile-up and ended up with severe whiplash and tissue damage Kathy (age 30) driving at the Mazda Perfomance Driving School in Texas. (Click to enlarge)at the base of her neck. She was told that she would never be able to move her neck or left shoulder again. Although Kathy had done some self-rehabilitation and had regained some mobility, she still suffered from pain, sleeping difficulties, fatigue, weight gain and loss of memory. Because she had been living with the condition for so long, and because of the freedom from condemnation that she experienced earlier in the evening, Kathy didn’t respond until she heard Andrew call out neck pain and numbness. She raised her hand as directed by Andrew and instantly received healing. “Right after I put my hand up, I got hit with God’s white-hot light and His power shot through me. My neck felt red hot and the people sitting next to me verified that my neck was cherry red at the base,” explained Kathy. She grabbed the chair in front of her for support and wept as she realized that the part of her neck that had been numb for twenty-four years now had feeling. In addition, she could freely turn Kathy, smiling the smile of freedom in Christ. (Click top enlarge)her head without pain. She went home that night and slept for seven straight hours and woke up feeling well rested.

Kathy had only planned to attend one session, but she changed her mind and returned to the rest of the meetings. At the end of the final session Kathy decided to go forward for prayer for one more area of concern in her life—her finances. When she approached the stage, two prayer ministers offered to pray for her, but not specifically for her finances. It took a few moments for Kathy to settle herself down and understand that the prayer ministers were trying to tell her that the Holy Spirit wanted them to pray for something else. When Kathy finally agreed, she heard one prayer minister say that God was showing her that Kathy had cursed herself when she was a child. Kathy knew right away that she needed to let go of the words she had spoken over herself when she was seven years old claiming that she would only ever depend upon herself. The prayer minister asked Kathy if she wanted God to take care of her and she said, “Yes!” Kathy began crying again, and the minister reached to embrace her, which Kathy, true to her former self, resisted at first. “The only time my parents touched me as a child was to hurt me. They never said they loved me or were proud of me or held me or hugged me. I finally let the woman hold me, only she wasn’t holding me, Jesus was. Just like I always dreamed it would be; it was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life. I could feel His wings fold around me from head to toe and I knew He had me safely in His arms.”