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CBC Settles in Arizona

Andrew standing between CBC-CO graduates, Shelley and Ken Settles, the Directors of CBC-Phoenix.
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Charis Bible College graduates, Ken Settles and his wife, Shelley, have known each other since they were kids. The two can recall riding the same school bus from the time Shelley was in first grade. Much has changed since those childhood days in Washington State; the Settles have been married for thirty-five years and over the course of that time they have raised a family, moved around the country, started a business that ended in bankruptcy, worked hard to get back on their feet, and along the way they each found Jesus. Now, after three years attending CBC-Colorado, they have devoted their time and resources to sharing the Gospel Truth in Arizona, where they launched CBC-Phoenix.

The Settles sit with the first year students at CBC-Phoenix.
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Prior to receiving Jesus as his Savior, Ken lived with a just-get-through-life mentality, hiding from life in books, movies and computer games. Several brushes with death, including driving his wife and six-month-old daughter off a mountain road in Montana, brought him to the feet of the cross. With just a couple of bruises to show for the accident, Ken realized his need for something more—a Savior. Although he gave his life to the Lord, he would continue to lack relationship with Jesus.

Shelley, found the Lord at age sixteen as she was seated on the platform in a Masonic Hall. At the time she held the office of Chaplain in her girls group, the Rainbows, and after reciting the prayer at the opening of the meeting she heard the Lord say, "You pray to me, but you don't even know me." Shelley and Ken at Ken's graduation in 1974.
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Shelley can still recall the chills she felt at that moment. The next day she opened the phone book and with her eyes closed, pointed to a church on the page, and chose to attend the following Sunday. It happened to be a Baptist church, where Shelley was born again a few months later.

Although both were born again, and attended church regularly, the lack of true discipleship left them with less than God's best. Shelley remembers the first time she heard Andrew on the radio over the airwaves near Portland, Oregon. It was in the early nineties, and she was driving in her car during the hardest stretch of the Settles married life; a time when the couple was losing everything due to the failure of their business endeavors. "My first thought was, 'Who is this guy?' Andrew was saying things that the Lord had shown me in the Word decades before, things that I had dismissed thinking surely the pastor must know more than I did. Andrew's teaching was nearly opposite what I had learned in church," Shelley said.The Settles family in 1990, including their son, Joshua and daughter, Marcie.
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During these hard times Shelley began receiving Andrew's audio tapes in the mail. She would receive three free teachings a week, and the Settles would listen to them over and over again. "We ended up losing everything. I played Andrew's tapes almost 24/7 just to try to keep the torment at bay and my mind on the Word. He kept me sane," said Shelley.

The first teaching that made an impact on Shelley was The True Nature of God, and for Ken it was Spirit, Soul and Body. "Spirit, Soul and Body made sense of things that had puzzled me. Also it seemed to empower me, and showed me that things in me could change," said Ken.

In 2003, the Settles were living in Florida. It was there that they became active in a non-denominational church, and Ken began to serve as part of the praise and worship team. Both Ken and Shelley found the best jobs they had ever held. Ken serviced mobile medical units for the United States Air Force. The Settles on their CBC mission trip to St. Petersburg, Russia.
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These units were flown all over the world, especially to the Middle East. At the same time, Shelley managed the Florida division of the Jackson Hewitt Tax Services company, where she hired and supervised tax preparers working in three counties.

Shelley attended her first Summer Family Bible Conference in Colorado Springs in 2004. During the week-long conference she began to feel a pull in her spirit to attend Charis Bible College. The following year, Ken attended the summer conference with Shelley, but it wasn't until the conference in 2006, that Ken yielded to the Lord and agreed with Shelley that it was time to enroll in CBC. Ken came to realize it was God leading the couple to go to school, in part as an answer to his own prayer for a change of heart. "We signed up for CBC, went home, quit the best jobs we'd ever had, found renters and moved to Colorado to begin CBC," said Shelley.

Ken teaching (Click to enlarge)The Settles made a commitment to attend CBC for the full three year program—two years to graduate and a third-year apprenticeship. For Shelley, each year was a blessing, better than the previous. "I loved every minute of it," said Shelley. While the couple attended school they also worked for Andrew in the ministry's Phone Center.

For Shelley the idea of planting a CBC extension school was birthed in her spirit the moment she realized the other extension schools had been planted by previous CBC graduates. Ken agreed he would like to pursue planting a school as well, and the two simply believed that the opportunity would come. Ken kept the Settles' options open by saying, "Wherever you call us—thank You God."

Shelley addressing students and guests at a CBC-Phoenix event.
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During their apprenticeship year, the call to plant a school came; AWM suggested the Settles launch a school in Phoenix. The couple made the decision to spend their third-year preparing for the start up of the school in Arizona. They attended the Phoenix GTS in 2010 and introduced the plan to launch a school in the area. Later in June 2010, AWM granted approval for the school and the Settles were off and running. Doors opened and classes started in late November with seventeen full-time and eleven part-time students. The Settles are looking forward to kicking off their second academic year later this month, and are excited to be sharing the almost-too-good-to-be-true news with the students at CBC-Arizona.


Inside CBC's Future Barn

A view inside the Barn, CBC's future banquet hall, facing the platform. (Click to enlarge)

Plans continue to move ahead for The Sanctuary, the future home of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado. Andrew's design team has created new images to share his vision for the proposed facilities. The following series of images show a variety of perspectives of the building Andrew refers to as the Barn. Several of these images may be familiar to those who tuned in to Andrew's live broadcast on July 28th. The main level includes a large banquet facility and industrial kitchen, and the lower level will be home to CBC's new class rooms as well as a secondary expandable auditorium. Both the upper and lower level floor plans are visible from cutaway perspectives in the images below.

An aerial cutaway view of the main level banquet hall of the Barn (Click to enlarge) The view of the banquet hall from the stage. This configuration seats 750 people. (Click to enlarge)

Looking across the banquet hall (Click to enlarge) The proposed fireplace in the Barn (Click to enlarge)

Cutaway view of the Barn's lower level, including the CBC classrooms and an expandable auditorium. (Click to enlarge) The south facing view of Pikes Peak from the Barn's upper level. (Click to enlarge)


The Forgostons and CBC-Switzerland

Directors of CBC-India and CBC-Switzerland, Judith and David Forgoston and their daughters Hannah and Joy. (Click to enlarge)Four years ago the Forgoston family, David and his wife, Judith and Russ, David's dad, all Charis Bible College graduates, began a missionary work in Chennai, India. Over the years the trio has launched Charis Bible College-India, an AWM office and several other ministry programs to share God's unconditional love and grace with the people of India.

As the Forgostons look back over their work in Chennai, they are in awe of all the Lord has accomplished in a relatively short time. In addition to the school's growing number of graduates and on-campus students, CBC-India has more than one-hundred CBC students in class in Chennai, India. (Click to enlarge)correspondence students. The Forgostons have also helped establish an AWM office in India, through which Andrew's materials are being translated and orders for books, DVDs and CDs are processed. The Forgostons are grateful for the fruit they have seen in Chennai; this fruit will serve as encouragement to them as their ministry moves in a new direction—Switzerland.

While Russ and his wife, Debbie will remain in Chennai, where Russ continues to serve as CBC-India's Dean of Students, David, Judith and their two young daughters have relocated to Switzerland, where they will pioneer a new Judith, David, Andrew, Debbie and Russ at the Lodge in Colorado.
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CBC extension school. “I knew the first time that I was in Switzerland (Judith’s home country) that I would return one day and preach the Gospel to these people,” David said.

Throughout the four years the Forgostons served in India, they visited Switzerland at least once a year. During each trip, the two had the opportunity to preach in local churches where the message of God's grace was well received. Over the years David and Judith have made valuable connections in Switzerland; one with the owner of a bookstore who sells Andrew’s books, and another with the pastor of a large church who listens to Andrew regularly. David and Russ (at right) with CBC-India students. (Click to enlarge)Between the two connections, excitement is already building for the new school.

The couple looks with anticipation at their new season in life. They envision making CBC-Switzerland an international bible college, one that will attract people from many nations. Because of its central European location, Switzerland is perfectly positioned for such a plan. The school will be located in a city called Brugg, which has a train station providing easy access, to and from, all the major cities in Switzerland and Southern Germany.

Both Judith and David will teach at the new school, although David will have to Judith and David teaching together in Colorado. Judith will translate for David in Switzerland. (Click to enlarge)rely on his wife to serve as his translator. German, French and Italian are the three major languages spoken in Switzerland. Judith is fluent in German, so the couple will begin by offering classes in German. As they disciple and raise leaders, they plan to begin to offer a multi-lingual curriculum. “Our hope is to reach as many Europeans as possible,” David said.

The Forgostons plan to take much of what they learned in India and implement the same techniques and strategies in the new Swiss school. Leadership training and delegation will be of utmost importance to them as they begin the process of discipleship training. “We believe we can do it!” David and Judith affirmed.

David will still oversee CBC-India's leadership from afar, and will continue to help manage the AWM office as there are numerous translation projects in progress. He plans to visit Chennai quarterly to manage the missionary work the family launched not so long ago.

The CBC-Switzerland website has been launched, and seminars have been slated to begin in the fall of 2011. The seminars will continue through the spring and summer of 2012 in order to continue to generate interest and excitement. The official launch of the extension school will take place in August 2012. The Forgoston's seminars will cover some basic teachings and provide introductions to some of the courses that will be offered at CBC-Switzerland. “God intended life to be an adventure, and that is what we're living!” David said enthusiastically.