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Frank and Joan Korinek

Frank and Joan Korinek stand with Andrew and Jamie after Joan's first-year promotion ceremony at CBC. (Click to enlarge)Frank and Joan Korinek both grew up in Catholic churches, where they found their church environment to be peaceful and structured. They both learned about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but relationship with God was thought to be a very private matter, not regularly discussed or explored. Although they were both born again in their respective churches at a young age, neither of them really understood what salvation was. It wasn’t until later as adults, that the two realized that they could pursue a more personal, intimate relationship with God.

Frank standing in the AWM/CBC parking lot in Colorado Springs before attending the 2008 Men's Advance
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After the Korineks were married and had children, they spent periods of time attending church regularly, and other times not going at all. “As I look back, I now see that I, and my family, could have achieved and grown so much more if only I had chosen to seek God and His word earlier,” said Frank.

Joan recalls, at one church service, hearing that it was possible to live a “sin-free, fear-free life." This was significant for Joan and spurred her to begin exploring the Bible to find more encouragement and instruction. Unfortunately, Joan had difficulty understanding what she read. She decided to look for help and in her search, Joan discovered Andrew on television. For the first time in her life, she heard Scripture being explained in a way that made sense to her.Joan, a former Executive Administrator for the Corporate Vice President of Finance for Motorola, shaking hands with AWM's World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr, during CBC-Chicago's 2009 graduation ceremony.
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In 2007, several months after Joan found Andrew, she heard an advertisement for one of Andrew's Gospel Truth Seminars (GTS) being held near their home in Chicago. Knowing Frank would be out of the country on a business trip during a portion of the GTS, Joan decided to go the seminar alone. Joan had a wonderful experience during the first sessions at the GTS. While there, she ran into another member of her church, a man named, Joe. He told her that he had been studying Andrew’s teachings for a while and that Andrew was one of the better teachers of the Bible. Joe's words were a great encouragement to Joan.

Frank, a Director of Strategy with Motorola Solutions, at a business meeting in Taipei. (Click to enlarge)When Frank returned from his business trip, he was tired from jet lag. Joan mentioned to Frank that she had attended a GTS meeting and was planning to go back that evening. Frank acknowledged her plan, and chose to go to bed early. When Joan started to leave, however, Frank realized he needed to go with her. “At this point, I had also just begun reading my Bible, and was struggling with understanding as well,” recalls Frank.

At the conference, Frank was able to quickly and easily understand the Bible as Andrew taught, A Place Called There. At the end of the meeting, both Joan and Frank were baptized in the Holy Spirit. “Everything significantly changed for both of us after that,” Frank explained.The Korineks sense the Lord leading them to minister to ministers. As they explore this calling they are purposeful in making connections with other leaders in ministry. Here they vist with Mike and Carrie Pickett, the directors of Charis Bible Training Center in St. Petersburg, Russia. (Click to enlarge)

The Korineks purchased Spirit, Soul & Body and enjoyed the teaching of how God designed man and how to grow in their relationship with God. They were both encouraged and energized to learn God’s Word and they now had God’s gift of being able to interpret the Bible. “I was basically on fire for the Word. I downloaded all of Andrew’s audio teachings that were available at that time, burned CDs, and then spent the next nine months listening, meditating and re-listening to all of them,” said Frank.

It wasn’t long before Joan had the desire to attend Charis Bible College. A few days before the start of the 2007-2008 school year, Joan and Frank decided that she would enroll and attend CBC-Chicago full-time. Frank shared, “This was one of the best decisions we have ever made. As I was learning and growing through Andrew’s audio teachings while traveling, Joan Joan enjoying a laugh with the late Leland Shores during her second year at CBC. (Click to enlarge)was learning the Bible, how to build a relationship with God and how to apply God’s Word in our everyday lives through CBC.” The two spent hours discussing what they were learning, and they grew very quickly in the Word together.

In 2008, Frank and some friends from church attended CBC-Colorado's Men’s Advance. This event further strengthened the teachings Frank had been meditating on and helped him overcome some personal struggles. “Experiencing other men openly discussing God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit really helped me get past some of my internal hurdles,” Frank explained.

Frank and Joan visiting CBC-Colorado for the Summer Family Bible Conference in 2009. (Click to enlarge)As the Korineks continued to grow in the Word, the two began to minister to their immediate and extended family members. As a result, both of their children are now born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

As the couple's revelation increased, the desire to give something back to the ministry began to grow, and the Korineks decided to dedicate vacation time and resources to volunteer at Andrew's seminars. The couple has completed the GTS prayer ministry training program, and they serve as prayer ministers at a minimum of two seminars each year.

Looking forward, Joan and Frank feel they have a joint calling to minister to ministers. Although they are not sure what this will fully entail, they are confident the Lord will show them. As God continues to reveal His plan for their future, they are content to enjoy life together, spend time with their family, enjoy their growing relationship with God and minister out of the overflow to those around them.


Foundation Excavation at The Sanctuary

In this video, recorded in October, Andrew gives a brief overview of the progress at the Sanctuary. Dramatic differences can be seen after just one month of excavation at the building site for the "Barn." Andrew shares the estimated timeline for the completion of the first building and the continuation of construction right into the building of the Auditorium. The video also gives a great perspective to the viewer on the size and scope of this undertaking. What a blessing this new facility will be to the students of Charis Bible College; the future world changers.

The Sanctuary property facing northeast before excavation began. (Click to enlarge) Andrew (from a similar point as in image to the left) one month later. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew walking over to where the foundation for the Barn will be poured. (Click to enlarge) The site of the 90,000 square foot Barn. Lots of earth has been moved (Click to enlarge)


Charis Bible College's School of Media

AWM Media Operations Manager and Director of CBC-Colorado's School of Media, Stephen Bransford. He has been with AWM since 2000, and has been in media for 40 years. Stephen has worked with Jim Baker, Oral Roberts, Billy Graham, Reinhard Bonnke, and many others. (Click to enlarge)Regular visitors to this site know that we frequently feature the news stories and testimonies of the evangelists, missionaries and pastors that Charis Bible College equips for the work of the ministry. Today's post however, is about the people serving behind the scenes, those who come along side the people on the platform to help deliver the message the Lord has entrusted to the messenger—the media ministers.

In today's tech-driven world, ministries are able to reach more people and advance the Kingdom faster through the effective use of media. Media simply refers to the means by which a message is shared. The ever-expanding list of tools used to spread a minister's message includes email, websites, blogging, social Assistant Directors of the School of Media, Jeff and Autumn Nakkula. According to Jeff, the goal at the school is to equip the students to help other ministries to produce better communications. "I love it when gifted ministers can focus on ministering, and someone can come along side them and help communicate their vision to supporters and partners," he said. (Click to enlarge)media and online video channels, as well as the traditional outlets of print, publishing, TV and radio broadcasting. Not everyone is called to be on the platform, some are called to support and spread the messages through these means. In an effort to equip those called to media as a ministry, a ministry of helps, staff members at AWM and CBC have developed a third-year program aptly called, the School of Media.

The program, directed by AWM's Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford, and facilitated by Assistant Directors, Jeff and Autumn Nakkula, has its roots in Stephen's willingness to yield to the Lord's leading to serve as Andrew's television producer 12 years ago. At the time, Stephen was producing a film for Billy Graham; a promotional piece called, Amsterdam 2000. Although he was being productive, it was a tumultuous time in Stephen's life and career. As he sought the Lord's direction in prayer, Stephen submissively Original opening graphics from the early days of Andrew's Gospel Truth program. (Click to enlarge)asked for guidance, and promptly found God's reply buried in his email inbox.

"I had a conversation with God in which I resigned every project I had in motion. I just laid it all down and asked, 'Where would you like me to serve you, Lord?' Andrew’s search for a TV producer had already been sent to me via email, and I had ignored it. I hadn’t taken it seriously. One day, as I was working on the Billy Graham film, I saw the email at the bottom of my inbox. I stopped and asked God, “Am I missing something? Are you trying to give me an answer here?” recalled Stephen.

Critique time! During this class, the students newsletter projects are evaluated for the effectiveness of the design and communication of content.
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Stephen immediately made arrangements to meet with Andrew. The next day, as Stephen entered the ministry's building, then located on Robinson Street in Colorado Springs, he knew he was where God wanted him. Stephen said, "I felt the peace that passes understanding. I saw the classroom with a 15 foot ceiling, where I would one day hang a lighting grid and build the first studio. I saw the office where I would edit the programs—all in the first twenty seconds after entering the building. I hadn’t even met Andrew yet. Everything I saw came true in a matter of months. God did answer my prayer in that email."

Stephen said, "Each student will emerge from Media School with hands-on experience in the basics of website creation, branding, fundraising writing for print and electronic publication, newsletter writing, video production, and some use of social media. They will be trained in the use of a Macbook Pro and Adobe software to accomplish these goals."
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The meeting, in Stephen's words, "Turned out to be a divine appointment." The two spent about an hour together, and Stephen left with a sampling of Andrew's books and teachings. After reviewing the materials, Stephen not only had a good feel for Andrew's ministry, but he had begun a new chapter with the Lord. "Andrew’s teaching on Whose Righteousness really helped me. I was very much a performance driven Christian, and Andrew helped me begin to enjoy my inheritance in Jesus Christ," said Stephen.

"Media communicates a message, and the message we want to send is the Gospel and the good reports from the people who preach the Gospel. We are helping the Gospel be preached through video, print and the Internet, and we are helping the ministers who preach it by fundraising for them," said Autumn.(Click to enlarge)Through the creation of the Gospel Truth TV program and his vision for creating series like Healing Journeys, Stephen's expertise in media communications helped to propel Andrew's ministry around the world. Today the Gospel Truth is available to more than two-billion viewers per day.

Over the years, Stephen's role has broadened to include oversight of all of Andrew's media, and he was also given the opportunity to teach a class at the Bible college. Stephen's days as an instructor began when a student asked him for assistance with a fundraising DVD he had made to raise support for a mission trip. Stephen was able to help him, and A logo design created by current Media School student, Sandra Duarte.
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in the process, realized he had a wealth of experience to share with any student who needed similar help. A short time later, Andrew asked if Stephen would teach an elective on the power of media, and that was the beginning of Stephen's course Ministry, Media and Money.

Two years ago, Stephen was given the opportunity to speak during a student chapel hour. He shared a message called, You’ve Got a Story. Stephen said, "I like to say that everyone has a story. It is the story of Christ in you, and who you are in Christ—a never-ending story with unlimited potential to change lives." Stephen saw something powerful happen as a result of his chapel teaching. The following term, more than 80 students signed up for his elective class. "Suddenly, This is a screen shot of a video production created by Media School graduate, Michael O'Malley. "No one will graduate with equal skills in all areas of communications. We want them to go with the strengths they discover during the year and let others fill out the team where they are weak. Nothing will prevent them from being useful in media ministry immediately upon graduation," Stephen said. (Click to enlarge)students began to believe that media was ministry, as much as any of the five-fold ministries. Andrew then asked that we take that momentum to start a third-year media school," said Stephen.

According to Stephen, the goal of CBC's School of Media is to identify and develop those called to the ministry of media and to see them bless and prosper those ministers they come along side. "Everyone born of God has a ministry, but ministry communicated badly results in discouragement, setbacks and burn out. Most people need help in order to tell their story effectively. Media ministers are those with the training and talent to help someone communicate their ministry effectively. Not everyone is gifted equally in this regard. It is important to focus on the gifts you’ve been given and develop them to excellence," said Stephen.

If you have a passion for media and feel called to share the Gospel through media ministry, or would like more information about Charis Bible College's School of Media, be sure to visit CBC's website to find out how you can become part of this growing segment of ministry.