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Words: The Soldiers that Created the Abello's Destiny

 CBC graduates and owners of Abello's Roofing in Colorado Springs, Tim and Nikki Abello.
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One weekend in July of 2007, Tim Abello and his family were exploring a small Christian bookstore in Oklahoma. While there, Tim found Andrew's book, You've Already Got It. When he read the back cover he found the book's description a bit humorous as it was a reflection of Tim's own life and walk with Christ. Tim purchased the book and spent the rest of the weekend reading it—he couldn't put it down.

In search of more teaching, Tim visited Andrew's website and downloaded 250 hours of free audio messages and loaded them onto his MP3 player. At the time, Tim worked in sales and as he drove from appointment to appointment he would listen to the teachings—sometimes four hours a day. Andrew's teaching and revelation of Jesus began to transform Tim's life.

Tim downloaded all of Andrew's teachings onto his MP3 player and listened to the messages for several hours each day. (Click to enlarge)Tim began to share Andrew's messages with his wife, Nikki, and their children, and the word began to impact the whole family. He also began to implement the teaching in several small groups that he led at the time.

In the summer of 2008, Tim shared with Nikki that he felt that the Lord was leading him to attend Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs. While there were many reasons why this seemed impossible; the Abellos owned a business, had five children, and they had recently moved into their dream home in Oklahoma, Tim was almost certain they were supposed to go.

As he considered the prospect of moving his family, Tim had a conversation with the Lord. He remembers saying, "God, if I obey you and move to Colorado and you don't come through, I'm going to sink like a rock in a pond. God spoke to my spirit so clearly and said, The Abello family in 2007.
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'Tim, if you stay here and I don't come through for you, you're going to sink like a rock in a pond. Wouldn't it be better to just go ahead and obey me?'" At that point, things became clear for Tim.

With a new found peace, Tim and Nikki agreed they would move. As he shared the Abello's plans with people outside the family, they began to give him reasons why he should wait; these included the fact that the Abellos owned a home that was not selling as well as a commercial building, but Tim believed when God says go—you go. Tim began confessing, with a strong conviction that some way, somehow, he and his family were going to prosper more by accident in Colorado than they ever had on purpose in Oklahoma.

The Abellos in Colorado, the day before Andrew's Summer Family Bible Conference in 2008. (Click to enlarge)The family attended the 2008 Summer Family Bible Conference and fell in love with the area and the people, and as a result moved forward with their plans to attend CBC. Tim assured his family that they weren't moving to Colorado to suffer for Jesus. He was confident that the Lord would provide for them the way they were accustomed to living, even though Tim would be working less due to his class schedule.

Tim, Nikki and their two youngest daughters traveled to the Springs in November of 2008. Tim and Nikki started first-year classes even before they had found a place for the family to live. Each day after class, they would go and look at rental houses. Full of faith, Tim went ahead and booked a moving truck for the following weekend. At the end of the first week in Colorado, they still hadn't secured a house, and they headed back to Oklahoma to pack up their belongings for the move. God blessed the Abellos as they moved forward with their plans, and over the weekend, Tim The Abellos in 2009. While waiting on the Lord, they kept their circumstances to themselves. (Click to enlarge)solidified a place for his family to call home in Colorado Springs. Tim praised God.

Once the Abellos returned to Colorado, nothing went according to plan, and that included their finances. For the first year and a half, the Abellos, a family of seven, relied on credit cards to survive. They quickly found themselves more than $60,000 in debt on the cards alone. They also fell eight months behind on their mortgage for their home in Oklahoma and three months behind on their tuition payments— they plunged into debt like a rock sinks in a pond.

In the face of negative circumstances, God continued to speak to the Abellos, and with a voice of assurance He said, "Peace be still. Rest." Through the struggle, Tim held tight to his confession of prosperity, and Nikki held tight to Isaiah 26:3, "Thou wilt The Help Wanted ad Tim posted on the CBC student bulletin board.
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keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee."

Tim eventually landed a part-time job in sales, working for a roofing company. The Lord's favor was upon him as he performed his job, but as time went on, he found his employers to be handling his customers with less than the highest integrity. After prayerfully considering what he should do, Tim decided to start his own roofing business. He and Nikki prayed and took another step of faith.

While getting the business off the ground, Tim gave God praise. As he was thanking God, the Lord spoke to him and said something that caught him off-guard. In his spirit he heard God say, "Tim, you're fixin' to step into a level of prosperity that you have never imagined. The only thing that will keep you from stepping into it is you're Tim and his Executive Supervisor, David Petrali, on the job.
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inability to imagine it." From that moment forward, the Abellos have purposed to stretch their imaginations because as Tim says, "God can never take me beyond the place that I believe He can take me."

Over the first ten months in business, Abello's Roofing did more than 2 million dollars in business, more than enough to clear their debt and to begin blessing others. In the Abello's second full year of business they saw an increase over their previous year's earnings. Tim heard the Lord ask him, "Do you know why this happened for you? The reason this worked is because of your confession. When you spoke those words two years ago for the first time...those words went out like little soldiers to perform and create and the destiny that you spoke into existence."

As the blessings continue to overtake the Abello family, they have come to realize that it hasn't been through their effort that they have prospered; it has been through rest in Jesus finished work. Tim said, "We've come to the point where we know we have a contract, we have a covenant, with the living God and it's written in Christ's blood. When you speak the Word of God, it will go forth and accomplish what's been set forth to do. It will produce hope, it will produce peace, it'll produce joy, it'll produce finances, it'll produce health, it'll produce food— it'll produce everything that you need. The Word of God always produces tangible results—we're proof of that."

Be sure to watch the video below for more detail about the Abello's story and how their trust in God's faithfulness has payed off.



Healing Journeys Reunion with Ken Wood

In February of last year, we posted a story titled, Healing Journeys–Ken & Virginia Wood. The article detailed Ken's miraculous recovery from a devastating head-on automobile accident. The Wood's story has become part of the AWM Healing Journeys DVD series. Last summer, Andrew hosted a two-day reunion for the families featured on the DVD collection. During the reunion, Andrew had the opportunity to visit with Ken and Virginia to discuss Ken's tremendous recovery and Virginia's faith and determination to see Ken's healing come to pass.

Watch the video below as Andrew and the Woods recount their family's amazing story and share what the Lord has done in their lives through their healing journey.


Healing Journeys Reunion with the Hoesches

Last summer, Andrew hosted a two-day reunion for the families featured on the AWM Healing Journeys DVDs. These DVDs are a three-disk series of video testimonies of God's incredible love and grace and the families' faith and determination to see God's will for healing come to pass. During the reunion event held at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Andrew had the opportunity to visit with Mike and Caroline Hoesch to discuss Mike's tremendous victory over cancer. Many have been miraculously healed of cancer, but as you will see, what makes Mike's story so special is that the cancer he fought was a highly visible challenge to his faith.

Watch the video below as Andrew and the Hoesches recount their amazing story and share what the Lord has done in their lives through their healing journey. Andrew had this to say during the interview, "I am impressed. That has to be one of the greatest displays of walking by faith...That's just really a demonstration of how much the Word of God can change a person's life."

(Warning: the following video contains graphic images. Viewer discretion is advised.)