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Nancy Eurell—She's Already Got It!

Nancy Eurell was set free from the agonizing pain of arthritis when she received a revelation of what Jesus had already done for her. (Click to enlarge)When Nancy Eurell was in her late thirties she could barely walk. She had suffered with tremendous lower-back pain since her teenage years. Nancy had dealt with her pain for so long that she considered the pain to be a normal part of walking. She had tried many things to find relief, including making regular visits to a chiropractor, but nothing completely relieved her symptoms. Nancy was a born again believer and a seasoned worship leader in her church in Sweden, but she was unaware that Jesus had already provided everything she needed to receive healing. At the age of 38, Nancy turned to medical doctors for answers.

When she finally sought medical help, doctors were shocked to find that both of Nancy's hips were completely worn out and in need of replacement. The doctors informed her that it appeared as though she had been born with congenital dislocation of the hip, a condition normally detected in infants. The condition had gone undetected and appeared to Nancy has been the worship leader in her church for years. Prior to receiving her healing she could be found sitting as she led. (Click to enlarge)be the root cause of her back pain and discomfort while walking. Add to this the additional finding of arthritis in both hips, and Nancy quickly agreed to have hip replacement surgery.

After surgery Nancy had a new lease on life. "For the first time in my life I could walk without pain! It was wonderful!" exclaimed Nancy. Unfortunately the relief and freedom from pain was short-lived. Nancy began to experience pain in other areas of her body; her shoulders, knees, hands and neck. As pain began to ravage her body, simple tasks became time consuming. The act of standing up straight in the morning became a long process. "The pain just seemed to get worse. I was stiff and the pain Nancy after hip replacement surgery. (Click to enlarge)was getting unbearable," Nancy remembered.

Continuing to feel more incapacitated each day, Nancy returned to the doctor. She was told that she had severe arthritis throughout her entire body. Nancy's doctors prescribed pain killers, anti-inflammatory medication and, in an effort to maintain the flexibility she did have, Nancy's doctors also challenged her to stay active.

At the age of 50, Nancy had finally had enough of the pain and man's wisdom and she turned to the Lord. She had always believed in a miracle-working God and had even seen others receive miracles during her time as a worship leader, but she said, "I did not know how to 'get it' other than asking and waiting for healing." Nancy went forward for prayer many times at church and began to study the Scriptures.An X-ray of Nancy's hip after her surgery. (Click to enlarge)

In January of 2011, during her quest to understand healing, Nancy came across Andrew's Gospel Truth program on television. After watching she visited the AWM website and downloaded Andrew's teachings and program podcasts to her iPod. Nancy would then listen while taking her daily power-walk. She listened to You've Already Got It over and over until she got it. "As I listened to You've Already Got It, it finally sunk in that Jesus had already provided healing for me and that I already had it in my Spirit. I started thanking [God] instead of asking. I must have listened to it 50 times, until I was completely convinced that healing was already mine! I knew I had it, there was no longer any doubt of what God's word says! I started speaking to the pain to go in Jesus name. I spoke words of life to my body and joints and spine," declared Nancy.Nancy directing the church chior (note the crutches in the background). She says of leading worship, "I'm Jesus biggest fan and love to lavish my praises upon Him!" (Click to enlarge)

As Nancy made her stand in the physical for what she knew was hers in the spirit, she still had some pain. Despite her revelation and her new confession, she chose to seek a second doctor's opinion. Nancy remembers the day she had new X-rays taken; she felt particularly well (pain free) on the day of her appointment. After approximately one week, Nancy was given the results from her new doctor. He told her that he could not find anything at all wrong with her back. Offended, Nancy became angry. "He treated me as if I was a hypochondriac! It took me about three weeks to realize that I had been healed—completely healed!" Nancy exclaimed.

Nancy has found freedom from the pain that once held her captive. Once it was a project for Nancy to stand upright, now she is able to run comfortably. (Click to enlarge)Nancy told her husband, Per-Olof, that she thought she had been healed. She went on to explain that her pain continued to decrease daily and that the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her. Amazed she began to share the news with her friends. And, by April of 2011, Nancy was completely and totally pain free. "I realized that the confession of the word through faith was the bridge that caused the manifestation of healing that I already had in my Spirit into the physical realm," Nancy said.

Not only can Nancy walk pain free today, but she's given up power-walking and taken up jogging as her choice of physical exercise. "Through Andrew's teaching I was completely convinced that God wanted me well! Actually, it was the teaching You've Already Got It that really caused me to have a revelation of the Word of God and what I have in Christ! I am so blessed and so thankful to Jesus for his great love and mercy!"


Andrew Meets with Lance and Gerri Weldgen

In December of 2011, we posted an article about Lance Weldgen's faith-inspiring story of his victory over fibromyalgia, his journey through Charis Bible College and his call into full-time ministry on the mission field in India. Today we are happy to share a video update to Lance's story. Last summer, Andrew had the opportunity to sit down with the Weldgens at the Healing Journeys Reunion held at The Sanctuary, the future home of Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado. Together they had a chance to remember all that the Lord has done for the Weldgens and the body of Christ as a whole.

Watch the video below as Lance and Gerri share, in their own words, the miraculous turnaround they have witnessed in their own lives and the lives of many others as a result of receiving the Gospel Truth.

For more information about Lance and Gerri's ministry visit their website: Son Ministries International.


Andrew and the Moores: A Healing Journeys Reunion

In July of 2010, we posted a story titled: 'Moore' Faith in God's Word. The article features Alan and Debbie Moore and their testimony of triumph over a life-threatening crisis. After a long shift at work, Alan had gone outside to work in his yard. It was a hot summer day in Texas, but Alan didn't plan to exert himself. A short time later Alan and Debbie Moore sharing their testimony. (Click to enlarge)Debbie felt led, by the Lord, to go outside as well. As she exited the house she found Alan lying on the ground—unresponsive with his eyes flittering. Debbie raised her voice and began speaking the Word over him, praying in the spirit as she ran to call 911. Alan had suffered a major stroke, and according to the doctors one third of Alan's brain was destroyed.

Today, Alan is alive and well, working for Andrew Wommack Ministries and attending Charis Bible College. At the Healing Journeys Reunion held last summer, Andrew had the opportunity to sit down with Alan and Debbie, to discuss Alan's miracle and how it has affected their lives.

Andrew with Alan and Debbie at the lodge on the The Sanctuary campus in Woodland Park, CO. (Click to enlarge)During the interview, the Moore's were quick to credit the outcome of their situation to the Lord, to the truth of His Word and His faithfulness to uphold it; they are grateful for the choices they had made in the past to prioritize studying the Scriptures together. The revelation that Debbie had received from the Word and from studying Andrew's teachings on Spirit, Soul and Body, Effortless Change, Harnessing Your Emotions and the Christian Survival Kit were so deeply rooted in her spirit that when she was faced with this crisis, her default reaction was based on the Word. Debbie's calm and purposeful reactions to the doctor's evaluations and prognosis of Alan's circumstances surprised even Debbie, but her reactions revealed what had been planted in her heart. It was her choice to stand her spiritual ground instead of responding carnally (Romans 8:6) that led to the miraculous turnaround in Alan's physical situation.Debbie sharing the thoughts she had as she made her choice to stand on the word.
(Click to enlarge)

It occurred to Debbie early in the crisis that if she focused on what she saw in front of her, in the natural, she was going to get natural results. "I was going to have a sick husband, I was going to have someone in a nursing home—if he lived... I just thought no, no, that's not what God wants—that's not what Jesus died for. And so, I just got a hold of what Jesus did on the cross and the covenant that I had, and that's what I stood on," recalled Debbie.

Nine days after Alan was brought to the hospital by helicopter, unconscious, paralyzed on the left side of his body, unable to swallow or speak, Alan was discharged and walked out of the facility.

The Moores had begun planting the word in their hearts several years before their crisis. (Click to enlarge)The Moores had been planting the seeds of God's word in their heart for about three years prior to their crisis. Instead of being overrun by worldly media, they had chosen to focus their free time on the Word, listening to teachings that fed their faith and reading the Scriptures. Their choice to step away from typical American culture may sound extreme, but the results speak for themselves. "People need to recognize that you can't wait until you are in the middle of your storm to start getting into the Word," said Andrew. He went on to say, "You can't get the miraculous results we are talking about by playing church and being religious."

The Moores have seen the healing power of God manifest in such a tremendous way that one would think that their testimony is proof enough to persuade even the most Dr. Chunduri looks at the images showing the damaged areas of Alan's brain.
(Click to enlarge)
power-doubting believer rethink their ideas about healing today—sadly this isn't the case. Many skeptics have challenged the Moore's with comments ranging from suggestions that Alan was misdiagnosed from the start and never had a stroke, to the medical profession not being sure about what functions the right side of the brain actually performs—anything to distance themselves from the truth that Alan's healing was of God.

Alan's neurologist, Dr. Chunduri wrestled with Alan's recovery as well. With his thirty year medical reputation on the line he had Alan retested after his healing, to make sure he had not missed the diagnosis. He didn't miss it, and he has continued to be amazed by Alan's miracle of faith. Beyond recognizing Alan's healing, Chunduri, a Hindu, Dr. Chuduri and Alan. (Click to enlarge)asked the Moores to lay hands on him in prayer as he struggled with his own physical issues. The Moores did, and have since shared the Gospel and Andrew's materials with him.

Because of their experiences, the Moores left their jobs in Texas and moved to Colorado Springs to attend CBC. They desire to be able to help other people receive the revelation and understanding they have received and have sought to be better equipped to minister these truths effectively.

"We want to be the ones that raise people from the dead, see blinded eyes healed, but you don't do that if you're not just tenacious about what you believe," said Debbie.

For more on the Moore's faith-building story be sure to read our original post and watch the video below.