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CBC Grads Launch New Church in Michigan

CBC-Colorado graduates and pastors of House On The Rock Church in Michigan, Mike and Rose Gonyer. (Click to enlarge)Mike Gonyer remembers a time in the late nineties, when he made the decision to press into God’s Word to find the answers he was seeking regarding healing. For years, he had struggled with multiple health issues and doctors were unable to provide him with lasting relief. Mike’s wife, Rose, just a friend at the time, had been listening to Andrew for years and introduced Mike to Andrew's teaching. Andrew’s materials made it possible for the couple to dig into the Word and learn as much as their hungry hearts desired.

Mike listened to Andrew’s teachings, The Believer’s Authority and You've Already got It, and as a result began receiving the healing he so desperately sought. At the time, Mike and Rose both led Bible Rose, Mike and Bob Wood. Bob and his wife, Carol, are friends of the Gonyers and the owners of Alpha Metal Finishing. Bob offered the Gonyers the use of his facility's lunchroom as a place to start House On The Rock. (Click to enlarge)study groups, and as they continued to see the Word produce fruit in their lives, they began to share what they were learning with their study groups as well. “We were seeing miracles and healings regularly,” Mike said.

It wasn’t long before the Gonyers started thinking about attending Charis Bible College. At the time, Mike worked for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer in his home state of Michigan, and Rose was on staff at the church the two attended. Initially, as the couple considered attending Bible college, they planned to make their move following retirement. Soon, however, their desire to attend CBC intensified. Mike attended CBC's Men’s Advance in February 2005 and recalls Andrew ministering a series on A Place Called There. His excitement to enroll at CBC began to get the best of him, but when he brought it before the Lord in prayer, he heard, “Not yet.” Disappointed, but obedient, Mike returned to work in Michigan.

Two months later, Mike was informed that his employer was closing his facility, and he was given the option to apply for another position within the company and relocate or take a severance package. Once again, Mike and Rose prayed about their next move; they heard God Humble beginnings...Mike's first lectern, from behind which he ministered while teaching at the metal factory. (Click to enlarge)tell them to take the severance and go to school. The compensation Mike received was enough to pay for the couple’s schooling and living expenses for their three years at CBC.

Following graduation, Mike accepted a position at CBC as the director of the third year program, a program specifically for students planning to go into full-time ministry. Rose was also hired by CBC as an adjunct faculty member. The Gonyers spent the next two years teaching, pastoring and encouraging the students—positions they both very much enjoyed.

Mike and Rose now know that the time they spent on staff at CBC was excellent preparation for where the Lord was bringing them. In February, 2010, the Gonyers were on a CBC mission trip in Ireland when the Lord woke Mike in the middle of the night and said, “Get ready, you’re moving to Michigan.” Mike shared the word with Rose, and the two began to pray for God’s plan and timing.

The Gonyers started with twelve people the first night at the metal factory. The group grew and moved to a local church building where they held mid-week healing school services with 40-50 people. (Click to enlarge)In April, Mike and Rose felt led to put their Colorado home up for sale, and despite the terrible housing market, the Gonyer’s home sold in two weeks time. Still unsure where they were to go or what they were to do, the two stayed in Colorado and moved into temporary housing. “We didn’t know where the Lord wanted us to move in Michigan and we continued to seek Him until we heard, 'the Ann Arbor area,'” Rose said.

Although the Gonyers knew they were called to pastoral ministry, and they knew where they were headed, they were still not clear whether they would be assisting with an existing church or planting a new church. The two moved into an apartment in the Ann Arbor area and Mike took on a temporary job while they waited to hear from the Lord. As they waited, God faithfully and vividly presented His plan to them, and Mike and Rose understood that they were to plant a church. “We were to establish the church, build the foundation of grace After six months of meetings, the Gonyers heard the Lord tell them to start regular Sunday services. On January 15, 2012 they held their first official service at the Marriot Hotel. (Click to enlarge)within the body and reach out to a very lost and struggling world here in this area,” Mike said.

“It was during our first year at CBC that I knew we would be pastoring someday, so when Mike told me we were going to Michigan, I knew what it was to do. I never told Mike all that I knew in my heart because he needed to hear it from the Lord first. It would be the word from the Lord that would sustain him in the hard times,” said Rose.

Mike and Rose officially launched House On The Rock Church in January, and call it a privilege to pastor and care for His people. The couple loves to see the proverbial, "lights come on" when the people they minister to begin to understand God's grace, love and faithfulness. They are thrilled when they hear of the lives being changed as people are set free from religion. “The grace of God and His A full House On The Rock continues to grow and share Jesus in Michigan. (Click to enlarge)love are like a breath of fresh air in a place that religion has been dominant for so long. We are seeing such closeness in the body of believers in our church,” Rose said.

With patience and trust, Mike and Rose have been faithful to listen and obey, and as a result they are now living their destiny and changing lives. “So here we are, going step by step. We are here for the long haul and have no plan B. And, we are expecting great things because we work for the Chief Shepherd who will not fail or forsake His people,” said Mike.

House On The Rock Church meets at the Marriott of Ann Arbor, 1275 South Huron Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Healing School meets Sundays from 9:30–10:15 and regular Sunday services begin at 10:45 a.m. For more information about the church or the Gonyer's ministry call or email 734-562-9053 or


Paul Milligan: From Poverty to Prosperity

Successful business entrepreneur and the Director of Charis Bible College's School of Business, Paul Milligan. (Click to enlarge) Paul Milligan watched his dad, DeLoyd Milligan, work hard to provide and gain financial security and stability for his family. Having been raised during the Great Depression and having served in World War II, his father was determined to give his son the foundation he would need to succeed in life. DeLoyd's motivation stemmed from living a life that was either trying to starve him to death or kill him in war.

Paul’s dad instilled the idea that financial security came from discipline and hard work, two things DeLoyd demonstrated his entire life. He taught Paul that working for a good company, giving more than was expected and retiring with enough money to live comfortably should be his goal in life. Paul became keenly aware of his dad’s need to see him succeed. In fact, by the time he was fourteen, Paul’s dad had helped him land an afterschool job at a Western Auto Store. When Paul graduated Salutatorian of his high school class, his dad was thrilled that Paul was on the right path.

Paul sharing a message in 2004, at a church in Lincoln, England.
(Click to enlarge)
True to his values and work ethic, DeLoyd retired in 1985 after working in sales for over thirty years. Needless to say, in 1988, when Paul announced that he would be quitting his stable and secure job as the Vice President of a large company to start a new business, Global Technical Service, Inc., his dad was thoroughly disappointed. It wasn’t easy for Paul to go against everything his dad had taught him, but he had begun to receive new revelation from God in the area of finances.

Paul married his wife, Patsy, in July, 1974. The couple lived paycheck to paycheck for years, until Paul heard Andrew and some other radio ministers, who began to build his faith for Paul and his wife, Patsy.
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financial freedom. He started seeking God diligently about how He wanted him to manage money. He and Patsy were attending at Baptist church in Arlington, Texas; a church that did not embrace what Paul was learning from Andrew.

Paul remembers being impacted by Andrew’s teaching and became convicted to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. “I was very conflicted over this [baptism] at this time, but there was such an anointing on Andrew’s teaching, I knew it was God.” Knowing that his wife would not approve, Paul waited until he was home alone to attempt to receive the baptism. He got down on his knees in his living room and prayed, but nothing seemed to happen. Paul was not sure Paul and Andrew. The two first met in the late 1980's. (Click to enlarge)whether or not he had received the baptism. That night, however, things changed. “I literally sat, bolt upright in bed, at about 2 a.m., speaking in tongues—scared my poor wife to death,” Paul shared.

Paul continued to gain revelation of God’s will to prosper His people. Over the past 25 years, as he applied what the Lord showed him, he has purchased or started a total of fourteen businesses. “It was in about 1984 that we began to live the plan God had shown us for debt free stewardship and giving according to his Word. We give thanks to God for revealing to us, at a relatively young age, how to be prosperous according to His plan for our lives,” said Paul.Andrew invited Paul to be part of AWM's Board of Directors in 2002. (Click to enlarge)

The fruit of Paul’s business ventures are a clear indication to others of his revelation of the Word of God. In 1996, Andrew had known Paul for nearly eight years and was familiar with his success. He asked Paul to review the financial state of Andrew Wommack Ministries. Paul agreed and he helped restructure the ministry's accounting system. His efforts helped Andrew establish solid financial systems within the ministry. In 2002, Andrew asked Paul to join the AWM Board of Directors.

After retiring from business, Paul stepped into full-time ministry. Here he ministers to a group of pastors in Viet Nam. (Click to enlarge)In 2004, after 35 years, Paul retired from the business world, and he moved right into full-time ministry. Paul established Lifewalk International in 2003, the mission of which is to deliver teaching about godly stewardship and financial prosperity and to encourage the Body of Christ to produce wealth to establish the Covenant of God on earth. Paul has ministered in 15 countries, and spent extensive time in Kenya establishing a business school. Paul’s work in Kenya has been so successful that the church, with which he works, built a two-story engineered building that will seat 6500 people, a new bible college and several other facilities that bless the community.

Paul's ministry, LifeWalk International, helped build Word of Faith Church in Kiambu, Kenya. (Click to enlarge)In 2011, Paul accepted a position as the Director of Charis Bible College's School of Business in Colorado Springs. “We are blessed with some incredibly talented and committed students and I genuinely love every one that God has sent,” Paul said. He went on to share his vision for the business students, “My vision for the school is a big one. I believe that God has called an army of business people to create wealth to establish his covenant in the earth through giving to ministries like AWM. I see the day that we have many students of the business school operating by God’s principles in the marketplace, producing wealth and returning seed to AWM to continue the incredible work of this ministry. My desire is that Andrew’s teaching LifeWalk also helped Word of Faith build a Bible college next to the church. It can be seen here during the construction phase. The project is now complete. (Click to enlarge)wash over the earth and that multitudes are brought into the Kingdom of God, saved, healed, delivered, restored and prosperous. This vision requires money and producing wealth is what God has called me to do.”

Paul recalled a conversation he had with his dad before he died in 2002: “My dad asked me if I remembered his objection to me quitting my job to start Global. I said, ‘Sure Dad, I remember; you were very disappointed in me at the time.’ He then said he wanted me to know that he was wrong and that what I had accomplished by starting my own company had changed our family forever,” said Paul.

Paul and his wife Patsy (center), and their family—forever changed by the Word of God. (Click to enlarge)Through his son, DeLoyd Milligan learned that God wanted him and his family to be financially free, not just financially secure. Paul once had to make a tough decision to go against what his dad had taught him, and trust God. Today he has committed his life to making sure others learn the same principles he learned. From beginnings rooted in poverty, Paul and his dad lived to experience prosperity beyond their wildest expectation.

Through building businesses, through ministry and through his own personal life, Paul has seen the faithfulness of God’s provision. His testimony and teaching continue to inspire and give hope to a generation that Paul hopes will one day change how the world views financial prosperity and stewardship.


Allan Bruce: Tailored for Ministry

Director of CBC-Belfast, Allan Bruce, with Andrew at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado.
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Allan Bruce enjoyed working in the retail business for many years, first as a shoe salesman, then as a men's suit salesman and finally as a Grooms Hire, tailoring suits and customizing the look for weddings. Allan was introduced to Andrew’s ministry when a student from Charis Bible College-Belfast gave him Andrew's teaching, Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit. The revelation he received through the message began to redirect Allan’s steps and today he is the Director of CBC-Belfast.

Allan can recall the moment that he realized that the Holy Spirit was indeed a positive influence in his life. “I took a drive in my Allan and the CBC-Belfast mission team, including former CBC-Belfast Co-director Yvonne O'Brien (left), that ministered in Mexico in 2010.
(Click to enlarge)
car and from this moment my life changed, I suddenly realized that the Holy Spirit was positive and not negative as I had thought Him to be,” said Allan.

Since CBC-Belfast was quite close to Allan’s workplace, he would talk with the students and hear about the teachings that were setting people free. He began to get excited about the Word as he heard more and more about the true nature of God. Allan began to purchase teachings from CBC and he devoured each one, which just fueled his hunger for more. “I was switched on to God's love and grace,” Allan explained.

Allan in his CBC cap and gown. (Click to enlarge)A year later, after spending a week on holiday, with a suit case full of teaching from Andrew, God spoke to Allan about attending CBC. “I went to an open week in Belfast, (an open house similar to "Campus Days" in Colorado)and I heard a man say, God is calling you to come to Bible college. It was settled in my heart that very day. I made plans and went to night school for two years; I would never be the same,” said Allan.

Once Allan had completed night school, God softened his heart to attend full-time school, which caused an amazing transition to happen in his life. “It really helped all that I learned to come out of me,” Allan said. As he recognized the changes happening within, Allan began to see himself differently. As a result, he began to treat others differently. He recalls his night school apprentice telling him, “See others as perfectly as Christ sees you.” This statement revolutionized Allan’s life and he began to feel Allan leading worship at CBC-Belfast. (Click to enlarge)empowered to teach others the nearly-too-good-to-be-true-news. This empowerment was just the beginning.

When Grady and Yvonne O'Brien, the former Directors of CBC-Belfast were ready to return to America, Allan stepped into the position for which God had been preparing him. Allan was ready to take what he had learned and bless others with the same revelation that had been shared with him (2 Timothy 2:2). His heart is to share the message of the Gospel with as many people as possible. “I hope that many others get to hear the message of the Gospel like I did, not only through the college, but also through another person who was discipled or preached to by someone who had a revelation of the good news,” said Allan.

Allan infront of a crowd during CBC-Belfast's Open Week.
(Click to enlarge)
Today, CBC Belfast continues to grow. The school currently offers day and night school classes with a present enrollment of 16 students. Allan has high hopes and an expectancy of increase in the years ahead. He has a vision of reaching the people of Belfast one step at a time, through the students and by reaching out to the community and working with the local churches. Allan plans to offer discipleship training each week, through which he wants to reach young and old Christians, train them up, equip them and watch the multiplication of God’s church take place before his eyes. CBC-Belfast provides a safe place for people to come and learn, and Allan is growing a strong team of leaders and helpers in the ministry in Belfast.

Visit the CBC-Belfast website for more information about Allan and the school.