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Intern Recognition Ceremony at Charis Bible College

AWM's Media Operations Manager and Director of CBC's School of Media, Stephen Bransford (left) hands Gary Campell his certificate. (Click to enlarge)On May 15, Charis Bible College held a special Intern Recognition Ceremony at its Colorado Springs campus. Ninety-nine third and fourth-year students were recognized for their studies and participation in one of four post-graduate tracks offered at the school. The students were honored for completing one of the following: School of Ministry, School of Worship, School of Media or School of Business.

After an opening address from Gary Luecke, the Director of CBC-Colorado, the directors of each of the four tracks and one class representative from each, shared encouraging remarks before presenting certificates of course completion.

As challenging words were shared from each department, it became evident that while the disciplines of study were widely varied, the heart of ministry behind each one was unified and Kingdom focused. Through each field of study the Lord's heart for Daniel Amstutz, Director of the School of Worship and Healing School, congratulates Jennifer Burrich.
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discipleship and Kingdom advancement was revealed.

During an interview immediately following the ceremony, Gary asked Andrew about his impressions of the event. Andrew paused and thoughtfully replied, "I was so blessed, satisfied, and happy to see this happening." He went on to say that he truly appreciates the fact that it's not all about him [Andrew]. He acknowledged starting the ball rolling in the early 1990's, but pointed to the fact that it is Gary, the CBC staff and all of the instructors that make the programs happen. Andrew compared his appreciation for the way the school functions to the way his Gospel Truth Seminars work when it comes to hands on ministry. After Andrew teaches, a large, mostly volunteer prayer team handles the one-on-one ministry time. Andrew stressed, "I would rather see people healed through somebody I ministered to than through me, because that's my whole thing—trying to make disciples. I am so glad to see what's happening here."Andrew looks on as CBC's Director, Gary Luecke makes his opening remarks. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew's vision for AWM and CBC is to make disciples. As the school continues to turn out graduates equipped for ministry in the church, on the mission field or in the marketplace, the apostle Paul's command to Timothy continue to bring forth exponential Kingdom fruit:

"And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also," (2 Timothy 2:2).


Europe Trip 2012: Grace & Faith Conference 

Andrew addresses the crowd at the International Centre, Telford, England. (Click to enlarge)

Andrew ministers the message of grace and faith. (Click to enlarge)The European version of the Summer Family Bible Conference is the annual Grace and Faith Conference held in England. This year the event moved to a larger venue in the International Centre in Telford, England. Even though the holiday weekend shared its time with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee—with a million people gathering on the banks of the Thames River to watch a parade of 1000 ships—still the room in Telford filled with people drawn by the sheer power of the word of God to change lives.

Will Graham says farewell.
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At this event, Will Graham said farewell to the event he helped establish. He is moving on to other ministry opportunities and felt the bitter-sweet emotions of leaving behind such a significant era of ministry. Wendell Parr and Duane Sherriff filled out the speaking schedule with Andrew. The sessions continued from Friday evening through Monday midday, with special ministry supplied for the children and teenagers.

Duane Sherriff was a new face on the conference stage, very well received. (Click to enlarge)The praise and worship with Charlie and Jill seemed especially intimate and powerful. Photographer, Mark Theisinger, who has on occasion worked with Reinhard Bonnke crusades, volunteered his services to the Grace & Faith event. A few of the images he captured, using a Nikon D3s camera and a 300mm 2.8 lens, are included here with captions. As the pictures show, the ministry seemed especially powerful. Wherever one travelled in the room, the atmosphere of praise and worship was omnipresent, sweeping people into a zone of intimacy with the Lord. Someone described it like swimming in a river of pure life.

Charlie and Jill minister in song. (Click to enlarge) Entering into a praise & worship. (Click to enlarge)

Photographer Mark Theisinger captures an intimate moment. (Click to enlarge) God is completely intimate with everyone at the same time—don’t limit God. (Click to enlarge)

God is spirit and those who worship Him, worship in spirit and truth. (Click to enlarge) No one is left out …
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During the conference, Andrew was pleased to announce that his American TV production team had come to England to capture two new Healing Journeys stories; the stories of Richard Waller and Deborah McDermott.

Charlie is blessed to see and hear the results of his prayer 5 years ago. (Click to enlarge)He first called Richard Waller to the podium, who told of being healed of irreparable damage to his spine, plus severe heart arrhythmia. Ironically, 5 years ago he had come to a meeting in the Imperial Hotel, London to have Andrew pray for him, but Andrew passed him off to Charlie LeBlanc. On that night Andrew had taught that any believer can pray effectively for the sick. When Richard told Charlie all that was wrong with him—Charlie replied, “Healing you won’t dim the lights in Heaven.” Charlie’s prayer of agreement started a process of healing that night for Richard. Today, Richard is a new man. He and his wife Jacqueline spent two days with Andrew’s TV crew testifying and demonstrating his healing by frolicking with his 12-year-old daughter and doing stunts on a mountain bike—which he rides competitively across the British Isles. Those exciting images will have to wait for the full video production. They show that healing his prolapsed discs and heart arrhythmia, while continuing to protect him in his sports adventures—as Charlie promised—has not dimmed the lights in Heaven.

Deborah holds in her hand the proof of her sons’ healing from autism. (Click to enlarge)Andrew also introduced Deborah McDermott, who brought the audience to tears with her description of receiving healing for her two sons, who suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism. A 2006 study published in The Lancet, Britain’s leading medical journal, stated that in England, autism affects one in one hundred children. It is labeled as a very serious disorder, and it is officially incurable. Deborah McDermott would not accept that, and in Andrew’s teaching she found a minister who agreed with her. She seized upon the power of the living word of God and came with her family to Andrew’s conference at Charis Bible College in Walsall. She described Andrew’s simple prayer for her boys, and his words to her afterward—“You are now the parents of two normal children.” She embraced those words completely as the miracle unfolded. Standing at the conference in Telford, she read aloud the doctor’s assessment of her 16 year old Tim, completed on May 4, 2011: “Timothy is a neurodevelopmentally typical young man, and the label of Asperger syndrome is not applicable. He has been discharged from my care.” The crowd shouted praise to God. Then she announced that only the day before she had received in the mail the assessment of her 8 year old son, James. She read; “… the label Autism Spectrum Disorder is no longer appropriate for James and should be removed from any documentation in the future that relates to him.” There was hardly a dry eye in the room. Deborah’s Healing Journey story was filmed during the conference and will be perhaps the most anticipated miracle story every produced by Andrew Wommack Ministries. So many suffer worldwide from the hell of Aspergers Syndrome and Autism. So many believe that it is incurable and lifelong. Deborah’s story will challenge those beliefs, and ask the question: “Is God a good God who loves you and wants the best for you? Or is He a God who sometimes heals and sometimes wants you to suffer? Deborah’s testimony reveals that it is a choice you must make for yourself between life or death. You can reach out and choose to receive whatever God has provided by His grace. Nothing is incurable.

Andrew greeted each graduate of Charis Bible College. (Click to enlarge)In between conference sessions, Andrew was blessed to participate in the graduation ceremonies of Charis Bible College, Walsall. In the meetings to follow, he delivered the Gospel Truth in the same simple and clear way that has become his signature, allowing the Holy Spirit to honor God’s word with signs following. He trusts the Holy Spirit to do the work in the hearts of his hearers and does not resort to trickery or emotional appeals to move his audience.

For any graduate of Charis Bible Colleges worldwide, this surely is an example to follow.

And so, we depart England, and turn for home. Colorado Springs, sunshine, and a sense that the message of grace and faith is worth everything we put into it around the world.

Andrew delivered the almost-too-good-to-be-true-news of the Gospel… once more. (Click to enlarge)

Filed June 7, by AWM Media Operation Manager, Stephen Bransford.


Russia Trip 2012: Final Ministry in St. Petersburg 

Andrew with Charis class of 2012, St. Petersburg, Russia. (Click to enlarge)

Final meeting, Sovietsky Hall in the Azimuth Hotel. (Click to enlarge)The final meeting in St. Petersburg included the graduation ceremony for Charis Bible College. Mike and Carrie addressed the crowd and introduced each student and graduate. Their teamwork in training these world changers, and their affection and personal connection to each student was evidence of their true calling. Carrie, after graduating from Charis Bible College-Colorado, has given more than a decade of service to Russia. Mike has proven to be not only a wonderful husband to Carrie, he is a full partner in the work of Andrew Wommack Ministries here.Mike and Carrie Pickett address the crowd in the Sovietsky Hall.
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Andrew followed the graduation with a message about the importance these students have placed on the word of God by committing two years of their lives to a concentrated program of study. They had honored God by honoring his word, Andrew said, and by doing that, God promises that He will honor them.

As we left the Azimuth Hotel, Carrie escorted a student to Andrew’s side with a word of testimony. Her name was Natasha, and on Andrew’s first day in Russia she had come to him for prayer that she would be healed of AIDS. Unbeknownst to her, her husband had been diagnosed with AIDS and had not told her about it Andrew presents a “Thank you” gift to Volodia (Vladimir Tcys) his tireless interpreter. (Click to enlarge)until he was obviously sick. He recently died of the disease and the doctors had placed a death sentence on her as well. Now, a week after prayer, she had returned from extensive testing and the doctors could not explain why they found no trace of the virus in her body! She wanted to thank Andrew for teaching the word in such a way that she could reach out and take by faith the healing God had provided by grace.

We leave St. Petersburg with a sense that Natasha’s testimony promises a much greater future for Russia than her past. With that, we turned our attention toward We leave Russia with a future so bright you need sunglasses to look at it.
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our next destination, Telford, England and the Grace & Faith Conference.

Filed June 4, 2012 by AWM Media Operations Manager, Stephen Bransford.