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CBC Team Visits Hungary & Serbia

A child from a gypsy village in Serbia.
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In late November 2012, a twenty member mission team from Charis Bible College Colorado visited two European nations to spread the contagious and almost-too-good-to-be-true-news of Jesus Christ. The team, led by CBC Missions Coordinator, Michelle Patterson, and third-year interns, Josh Moore and Melody Koop, paired their efforts with European Initiative, led by Jeff Serio, as they ministered throughout Hungary and Serbia.

CBC's Hungary/Serbia 2012 mission team. (Click to enlarge)The diversely gifted and flexible CBC team was well prepared to share the love of God with all those they came in contact with, from the poorest of the poor to the seemingly well off. The CBC students were prepared with two evangelistic dramas, a pair of Christmas skits, a puppet show, and games and activities for the children. They had opportunities to minister everywhere they went, from the subway platform to the church platform, to the rubbish heap. A staff member from European Initiative commented that the CBC team even had a high-level skateboarder, who dazzled the kids and adults, drawing big crowds to outreach programs.Sharing Jesus on a skateboard.
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One couple from CBC, Chris and Donna Barnard, had the opportunity to participate in the children's ministry programs. Both had served in children's ministry before, and it occurred to Chris that children are children no matter where they are in the world. He said, "They all love to have fun, they all can be very insightful, and they all love candy."

As the Barnards and their team ministered on God’s love, a little boy asked why we can't see God or feel God? Donna Chris and Donna Barnard and Tyler Showers praying for a lady in Serbia. (Click to enlarge)asked the boy, “Does your mother hug you? Does your sister hug you?” The little boy said yes. Donna then asked for his permission to give him a hug and said to him, “This, is God hugging you.” A huge smile broke out across the boy's face. At the end of the service when his mother came to pick him up, the little boy ran into Donna’s arms for one more of God’s hugs. "They all responded to the love of God demonstrated through our hugs, our heartfelt words, and warm looks directly into their eyes," said Chris.

The team performing a drama on the streets of Serbia. (Click to enlarge)Another student, Travis VanMatre, originally viewed his participation on the trip as little more than fulfilling a graduation requirement, another step toward his own full-time ministry. What Travis didn't know was that the trip would change his world perspective and his life. As he passed through security on the way back to the United States, he realized he was not that same as when he left America. God had changed his heart about the world; all of a sudden it wasn’t as big. Travis said, "God showed me that no matter where you go, no matter who you are worshipping with, He is Missions Coordinator, Michelle Patterson (top center) CBC Intern, Melody Koop (left center) Second-year student, Tori Gaines (right center) sharing the love of Jesus with the children in Serbia. (Click to enlarge)always the same! It was amazing to stand in a church service in Serbia, and then in an evening service in Hungary, and see everyone worshipping with the same passion and zeal. When you are in those moments, there are no language barriers, no cultural differences—everyone is a citizen of Heaven worshipping our Great Love."

According to Michelle, the team ministered on the city streets; worked in churches, teaching and performing dramas; visited gypsy villages, Afghan refugee camps, and met in homes and public schools. "We would do four outreaches per day—this team was incredible," said Michelle.

Will and Becky Royer minister to a man in Hungary. (Click to enlarge)"The Charis Bible College team impacted thousands of Hungarians and Serbians with the love of Jesus Christ," said European Initiative founder, Jeff Serio.

For a glimpse of the ministry that took place on this trip, be sure to watch the short video recap below.



Basement Support Structure Complete

In this short video update Andrew reviews the construction progress at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado. After four months of work, the concrete support structure for the Barn, the first of Charis Bible College's new buildings, is in place. Crews worked diligently to prepare the base for the South-facing pre-cast wall of the basement and the interior steel framing of the structure. Much attention was also given to the new road system on the property to make way for the arrival of the pre-cast wall sections and the 260-foot-tall crane needed to erect the wall sections and 300 tons of steel. While most of the work accomplished since Andrew's last update is now underground, viewers are able to see many changes in the landscape as his camera crews move around the campus.

Workers constructing framing for the cement footings for the South-facing wall. (Click to enlarge) One of the 30 cement pad footings now buried under the floor of the Barn's basement. (Click to enlarge)

The elevator shaft covered by tarps.
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The elevator shaft within the tarps pictured at left. (Click to enlarge)

The pre-cast walls ready to be delivered and erected.
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The crane used to place the precast walls under construction. (Click to enlarge)

This update was filmed January 14th, to view the most recent video update visit the Sanctuary Construction Update page on the ministry's main website.


The Hillers: Giving Where They're Fed

Pat and Donna Hiller, found their way out of recession and into financial freedom through the revelation of giving. (Click to enlarge)It is safe to say that a majority of the people, who follow Andrew's ministry closely, are aware that Andrew has refused to participate in the downward stumbling economic crisis that has gripped most of America and the world beyond her borders. In fact, guided by the Lord's hand, Andrew Wommack Ministries has flourished in these times of economic uncertainty. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone. Among the many caught in the real estate market slow-down between 2008 and 2011, were Pat and Donna Hiller.

The Hillers have made their living meeting the real estate needs of the people of the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Paul has been involved with real estate for the past 25 years, and Donna joined him in business in 2009. Because of the massive Pat and Donna relaxing by the fire. (Click to enlarge)slowdown of real estate transactions and the lower prices properties were generating, the commission based income the Hillers relied upon to meet their expenses was greatly reduced. With less income, their debt load increased.

One morning in February of 2011, as the Hillers were preparing for their day, they came across Andrew's Gospel Truth program on television. Pat and Donna liked what they heard and began tuning in on a regular basis. The Hillers were both born again believers and were active in their church, but the more they listened to Andrew, the more they realized that they had not received revelation regarding finances at their church.

A healing testimony within a financial testimony: Pat enjoys the thrill of downhill speed on skis. In January 2012, he had an accident, during which he broke his pelvis. (Click to enlarge)During the month of April, Andrew taught a series on Financial Stewardship as part of his TV ministry. Among the five week's worth of teaching, Andrew shared a message called Giving Where You're Fed. This message radically changed the Hiller's perspective on money and transformed their giving—even in the midst of their financial lack. "We became partners with Andrew Wommack Ministries when we heard the message, Give Where You Are Fed. We did not feel that we had money to give, but we gave anyway. We were certainly being fed by AWM so that is where we gave," said Donna.

The Hillers had always tried to be generous, but through Andrew's teaching on giving, the Hillers re-structured their After spending 8 days in the hospital he was discharged and told he would be in a wheelchair for at least 3 months. The Hillers did not accept the prognosis or the wheelchair, and stood on God's word for healing. This team picture was taken 1 month later. (Click to enlarge)tithing and put God first. "The teaching had a huge impact," said Donna. "We had always given; however, we tithed from our commissions after our expenses. We started tithing from the full commission and still do so today. We received a real excitement about giving, and we just looked for places we could give...items to food shelves, items to Goodwill, etc."

Pat and Donna's struggle to keep up with mortgages, two auto lease payments and other expenses began to ease as the market began to rebound and they continued to look for ways to give. God has supernaturally blessed the Hillers since they gained this revelation; in 2012 Pat and Donna's income increased by 150%. As a result of their new understanding of stewardship, they were able to pay off $120,000 of debt last year.

Pat was healed and off his crutches in early March! He is back on the slopes for the 2013 ski season.
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Andrew's teaching also blessed the Hillers in the area of healing. In January of 2012, Pat broke his pelvis in a skiing accident. As they applied the Word to his situation, both to the injury and to the financial impact the accident had on the couple, Pat had a supernaturally fast recovery, and the hospital discounted the final cost of their services.

Donna said the most important message they have received from Andrew has been to get the Word in them, and to speak the Word in faith. God has supernaturally blessed the Hillers since they gained this revelation, and He will bless you too (Acts 10:34).