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Andrew Shares a CBC Secret on The Inside Story

At the beginning of 2013, Andrew launched a new online show called, The Inside Story. His new series gives viewers a different, more personal look behind the scenes at what's happening at Andrew Wommack Ministries. In this, the second episode, Andrew interviews Daniel Amstutz, the director of CBC's schools of Worship and Healing, as well as ministry staff Ashley and Carlie Terradez. The four discuss what Andrew considers to be one of CBC's best kept secrets—Healing School.


Piping in the Water

In this video, filmed on December 18th, Andrew brings viewers an update on the construction at The Sanctuary, Charis Bible College's future campus in Woodland Park, Colorado. Significant progress can be seen as the first phase of the project takes shape. Previous updates have included the arrival of the earth movers, leveling the land, the foundation excavation, and the preparation for the basement walls, and while each of these showed development, this video shows dramatic progress as the walls have been poured, and the Barn has begun to take shape. The roadways have also seen significant upgrades and more than a mile of piping has been laid, bringing water to the building site.

Andrew explains the building process while workers lay rebar for more footings. (Click to enlarge) Workers make sure the foundation walls are prepared for the next step. (Click to enlarge)

Trucks pour the concrete for the Barn's basement walls. (Click to enlarge) Workers prep the area for where the water will be piped into the building. (Click to enlarge)

Men and machines work together inside what will be the Barn basement. (Click to enlarge) Workmen build the forms that will hold the concrete for more footings. (Click to enlarge)

An excavator continues culvert and road preparation. (Click to enlarge) A truck drives on the newly created road, 30' above the placed culverts. (Click to enlarge)

Be sure to watch the entire video as Andrew gives viewers a reminder of why this expansion is so important.


Andrew's New Online Program: The Inside Story

Andrew has recently released a new online program called, The Inside Story. The new series will feature a behind the scenes look at what's happening at Andrew Wommack Ministries. In this video, the series premier, Andrew gives an overview of the ideas that sparked the creation of the program, and also gives viewers a special look at the television department's newly redesigned set. Those watching through to the end are sure to catch tidbits of the ministry's history that won't be seen or heard anywhere else.