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The Best at Being Me

When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise.

2 Corinthians 10:12, New International Version

For most of my life I’ve had a competitive streak. From report cards to card games, I wanted to outdo everyone at everything. Somehow the idea of not excelling and being the best was a threat to my security and well-being. In my mind, coming in second place was the same as being first loser.

During my second-year Charis Bible College missions trip, I came face to face with my insecurity. Sitting in the rear of the bus one day as our team traveled back from an outreach, I mulled over the events of the trip thus far. I had been able to give a testimony during one outreach, but I hadn’t been chosen to do anything “important.” I was feeling invisible and unnecessary, and I didn’t like my “background” role.

At the same time, I knew my attitude was wrong. After all, every member of Christ’s body is essential and equally valued, and it was the same for every member of our team, including me.

Thankful that no one could read my thoughts, I prayed and asked God
for help.

That same night, the Lord woke me up with a scripture, taken from the
Mirror Bible:

“Quit your efforts to try and impress one another. The law of works reduces your life to envious comparison and petty competition, while love only always seeks the advantage of the other!”

Galatians 5:26

Hardly noticing the reproof in the Lord’s words, I was so grateful for His directive—and for the answer to my longtime dilemma.

In one short verse, God revealed that my competitive streak was the result of comparing myself with others. Insecure about my unique value to God, I felt like I needed to compete with everyone to validate my importance. I was never able to settle down and be comfortable with the person God made me to be. And more importantly, my insecurity kept me self-absorbed rather than others-focused.

In his Don’t Limit God book, Andrew says that being ignorant of our value as God’s children limits God and His ability to work through us:

“God is no respecter of persons (Acts 10:34). He wants to do absolutely miraculous things in everyone’s life. God has never made a piece of junk. He has never made an inferior person. We all have something that God wants to accomplish through us, but most of us are ignorant of this and have bought into the lie that there’s nothing special about us. But the truth is that we are all unique and can do something that nobody else can.” (p. 3)

With thankfulness and a new perspective, I finished out my missions trip, grateful for the opportunity to do whatever I was asked.

Since then, I continue to renew my mind about my worth in God’s eyes. And I’m coming to realize that although I may not be the best at everything, I’m the best at being me. And I can live with that.

Written by Sylvia F. Wells

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User Manual Included

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. One of my coworkers told me, “I just wish there was a manual given at birth that told me how to do life. It would’ve made things so much easier for me!” I was stunned, but she just laughed off this far-fetched idea.

She wasn’t a believer, and she had gone through serious turmoil that left her filled with anger and put her on an endless search for answers. And here I was, screaming on the inside, There is! I have the answer!

That day I realized the hard truth: there are people in this world who desperately need what God has already given us through His Word, but they have no idea how applicable or relevant the Bible is to their lives. Particularly the book of Proverbs. It is so transparent. It literally is our manual for life.

This week, Andrew continues his teaching on this book of wisdom on the Gospel Truth broadcast. In this teaching, Andrew shows us how we can choose to accept God’s help in life. We need God’s wisdom and His inspiration. And that’s what Proverbs is all about.

I’ve experienced this guidebook firsthand when Proverbs literally saved my life. I was only twenty when I got engaged to a guy who was not right for me. The months of dating before that were filled with so many doubts and so many smart people warning me to jump ship. Sometimes I listened, and we would break up; then later, I’d ignore their advice, and we’d get
back together.


I knew of others who ignored the naysayers and succeeded in the plan of God for their lives. So, I thought that would be my story too. But Proverbs 11:14 says, “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but victory is won through many advisers” (New International Version). Truthfully, it can feel really cool to go against the grain and prove people wrong. But for me, this verse meant escaping a terrible decision. With godly people speaking to my heart and confirming what I already knew deep down, I couldn’t ignore what God was saying to me anymore. I broke the engagement off. This time it was for good.

Andrew shares how if you’re undergoing struggles in your life right now, “it’s because you haven’t been following God’s direction. . . . And because of that, we go out and make mistakes that we don’t have to make, that the Word of God teaches us how to do things differently.”

Proverbs expounds on life’s biggest questions for both the little things and big things. And even if you “miss it,” God has a way of bringing wisdom back around to you, sometimes through another person. For me, it was through my amazing sister who spoke up and voiced my fear that my former fiancé was not the best choice for me.

Along with stressing the importance of having many counselors, Proverbs 11 also shows that it’s a gift when you have a faithful friend. Andrew explains that “you can’t just be best friends with everybody.” He says, “When you find somebody who will honor you . . . and protect you—man, that is a
faithful spirit.”

That’s how gracious and faithful God is to us. He gives us people who wake us up to His call on our lives and point us to His Word. I’m thankful for those people and my brave sister, who were my wake-up call to finally walk away from something that wasn’t God’s best.

We do have a manual for life. It’s the Word of God! Keep watching the Gospel Truth this month to gain more timeless wisdom for a life of purpose. It just might save your life too.

Written by Mo Smith

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A Life Surrendered to God 

Andrew Wommack is living proof that nothing is impossible for a person whose life is surrendered to the Lord.

Although Andrew’s face can be seen on media outlets throughout the world, Andrew Wommack remains a simple man with a simple Gospel message. And while Andrew Wommack Ministries has grown into a worldwide ministry and has changed countless lives, that growth hasn’t happened overnight.

As we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Andrew’s encounter with the Lord on March 23, 1968, we also commemorate fifty years of miracles and lessons, leaps of faith and mistakes, growing pains, and supernatural provision. What God has brought Andrew through, we can easily learn from to discover our own true identities in Christ and to walk in the blessing of God.

You don’t reach fifty years of ministry without being committed. It takes endurance and a foundation on something stronger than the opposition of the world. Andrew’s foundation is his reliance on the Author and Perfecter of his faith (Heb. 12:2). He challenges us to put our trust not in his latest teaching series, but in the hands of the only One who will never fail us.

Andrew has been a constant in my life, teaching me that no matter my circumstances, no matter how I feel, and no matter what season of life I am in, God’s Word is still true. I don’t have to be tossed around by any of these things. I can stand firm in my faith and on the unshakable truth of His Word.

Throughout the uncertainties of this life, Andrew has been a steady reminder of God’s unconditional love and grace for me. He always points me back to God and the simplicity of His truth and promises for my life. Even when I get distracted in my walk with God or get caught up in the latest spiritual craze to hit the church world, I once again find my identity, my hope, and my future, not in Andrew, but in the One he points me to.

Although Andrew’s ministry has changed a lot over the years, the one thing that remains constant is his message of God’s love. Why? Because he discovered long ago that it’s God’s love that saves the lost, heals the sick, and prospers our souls; it’s the crux of everything this ministry is. And love never fails (1 Cor. 13:8)!

As we celebrate this fiftieth anniversary, we are honoring fifty years of God using one simple man to share this simple truth with the world: the Father loves them.

Don’t miss this week of special Gospel Truth broadcasts, March 19-23, as we share the story of Andrew’s journey through fifty years of ministry. Each story—old and new—will show you what God can do through one person whose heart is committed to Him (2 Chr. 16:9). We know you’ll be inspired!

Written by Jessica Giaimo

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