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The Bassett's Essential Preparation 

Mark Bassett, Administrative Director of Andrew Wommack Ministries World Outreach (Click to enlarge)As the sun was setting on the 20th century, Mark Bassett, like many, was contemplating his future. At the time, he and his wife, Tenese, were enjoying the rewards of Mark's success as an athlete. He had carved out a name for himself in the world of windsurfing, a name that carried over into the business side of the sport, where he also found success in the manufacturing and sales of custom windsurfing boards bearing his name. While the Bassetts were enjoying life, Mark sensed in his heart that the Lord had more for him.

It was common for Mark to listen to preachers on the radio as he worked in his shop, crafting his boards. He had a few ministers he enjoyed listening to, but he was quick to change the In the 1990s, Mark carved out a name for himself in the world of windsurfing, but he sensed God had more for him.
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station after his favorite programs were finished. One day in 1997, Mark had his hands full as his selection of radio programs wrapped up and he was unable to change the station. As Mark continued to work he was aware that there was someone with a thick Texas twang talking in the background. Of course, it was Andrew speaking on the Gospel Truth program. Andrew grabbed Mark's attention only after he mentioned another minister, with whom he was familiar. Mark said, "I heard a preacher with a Texas accent talking about Smith Wigglesworth, and my ears perked up because I had enjoyed reading several books about Smith’s life and ministry. Andrew’s teaching that day really ministered to me, so I became a regular listener."

After graduating from CBC-Colorado, Mark and his wife Tenese planted CBC-Chicago, the first extension school in the United States. Here Andrew, visits Tenese, and Mark in the Windy City (Click to enlarge)Mark was particularly impacted by Andrew's teaching series, Spirit, Soul and Body. "It helped me see for the first time what happened in me when I got born-again and who I am now in Christ. It completely changed my understanding of the Bible and helped me understand so many passages of scriptures that I didn’t understand before," Mark shared.

It wasn't long before Mark heard Andrew mention Charis Bible College, and he thought to himself, If I ever go to a Bible college, that's the one. That thought became a seed in Mark's heart. In the fall of 2001, Mark and Tenese left their home on the gulf coast of Texas and enrolled in classes at CBC in Colorado. Attending CBC swung wide the doors of opportunity and destiny for the Bassetts.

Blessed by their time attending first-year classes, the Bassetts often talked about how awesome they thought it would be to take CBC and reproduce it in other locations. When discussing the idea, Tenese used the term, "CBC in a box." The Bassett's vision seemed like a far off dream because at the time, while Andrew's vision for the school was Praise & Worship at CBC-Chicago during the Bassett's time in Illinois. (Click to enlarge)expanding, there were still only two campuses; one in Colorado and one extension campus in the United Kingdom.

During the couple's second year at CBC, the two were scheduled to go on separate mission trips; Mark to Portugal, and Tenese to Russia. During some downtime in Portugal, Mark took a walk by himself and made a commitment to the Lord that he was willing to do whatever, and go wherever the Lord directed him. Interestingly, Linus Lefever, the Director of CBC at the time, also on the trip, asked Mark to take a walk with him the following morning. As the two strolled the same area Mark had covered the day before, Linus told Mark that it was his belief that he and Tenese should be the ones to start a CBC extension school in Chicago. Mark stands with Linus LeFever, then the Director of CBC-Colorado, during a visit to the Chicago campus. (Click to enlarge).In his heart, Mark's answer was yes, but he needed to make sure that Tenese was in agreement.

As it turned out the two were in agreement, and in September 2003 the Bassetts opened the doors of CBC-Chicago, the first Stateside extension of Charis Bible College. The Bassetts ran the school faithfully for four years before sensing a change in their role with the ministry. In 2007, they turned over the reins to one of their graduates, Cindy Quarles, the current Director of the Chicago campus.

Although Mark and Tenese stepped away from full-time ministry for a season, they were confident God had more ministry in A packed house at CBC-Chicago, as students waited to hear from a guest speaker.
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store for them. They held on to God's word, and words of prophesy the Lord had spoken to them through Andrew, while they worked with CBC.

Among the most pointed and encouraging things Andrew spoke over the couple were these words from 2004, "Boy the Lord just shows me that you guys are spiritually pregnant. That you’ve got a lot on the inside of you that you’ve never seen on the outside. You are seeing God do miracles in Chicago, raising up this Bible college, but you know what, you’ve already looked beyond that. There are many Bible colleges on the inside of you." Also, in 2007, right before the Bassetts turned CBC-Chicago over to Cindy, Andrew said, "The Bible says that you can war a good warfare by the prophecies which go before, and I just say Mark and Tenese stand with CBC-Chicago's first graduating class. (Click to enlarge)that what God is preparing you for, and keeping you for, is going to be greater than what you’ve ever experienced... God’s got bigger, better things, and when they come to pass you’ll look back, and you’ll be able to see and understand perfectly why God led you the way that He led you. You’ll see that the time that you’ve spent in Chicago has been absolutely essential in preparation. Everything is going to be great."

Mark's season away from CBC came to an end in 2012 when he and Tenese returned to Colorado. After four years away from the ministry, Mark was brought back into the fold with AWM and CBC when he was hired as the Administrative Director for Mark and Tenese with their son Nathan in December 2012. (Click to enlarge)AWM's World Outreach program. Today, true to God's word about "many bible colleges" and "essential preparation" Mark finds himself serving, supporting and ministering to the directors of the 40 extension schools currently operating around the world. He is also responsible for training future directors.

Mark said Andrew's prophetic words always provided encouragement for the Bassetts, and he acknowledged that, on more than one occasion, they have used them to fight the enemy when things didn't look like they would ever come to pass. "Because of the growth in the number of extension schools, an opportunity to work with World Outreach opened up in 2012. I had a few directors, whom I had worked with in years past, Cindy Quarles (CBC-Chicago) Tom Boyd (CBC-Atlanta) and Danon Winter (CBC-Florida) recommended me for the position. I’m very blessed to work with these directors, and all the directors and staff of all our CBC extension schools. They’re all awesome ministers," Mark said.


Blessings Could Be Heard in Belize

CBC-Colorado sent a short-term mission team to Belize City in February. (Click to enlarge)Part of the Lord's plan for 2014, for the beautiful people of Belize, included a visit from a short-term mission team from Charis Bible College in Colorado. In early February, a group of second-year students from CBC, led by college instructors, Dan and Penny Funkhouser and third-year intern, Fred Johnson, had the opportunity to minister in the coastal nation of Central America.

The students' travels brought them to Belize City where they joined CBC graduates and missionaries, Craig and Tina Rumbley, the Directors of Charis Bible Institute (CBI), a CBC extension school in Belize. Over the course of a week, the Rumbleys exposed the team from Colorado to all sorts of ministry opportunities, from sharing at CBI and five different churches, CBC-Colorado students in the radio station with CBI Director, Craig Rumbley.
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to ministering in schools, hospitals and markets. The students had multiple chances to share what the Lord had revealed to them over their time at CBC. The students even had the chance to broadcast the Gospel over the air waves when they visited a local radio station.

One memorable moment for second-year student, Connie March, came when the team visited an area hospital. During a trip through the pediatric department, the team stopped to pray with several mothers and their sick babies. Many of the babies were suffering with harsh coughing symptoms associated with pneumonia. Moments after the team began to minister, the babies stopped coughing. Some began to play quietly with toys the team had brought, and others simply went to sleep.Connie March holding a baby, Symphony, in Belize. (Click to enlarge)

Katie Poitevint, also a CBC-Colorado student (one readers may remember from a previous post) shared some highlights from her experience in Belize, still with the excitement of the trip fresh in her mind. Katie and several team members ministered to Barry, a 16-year-old young man, who had been born completely deaf in his left ear. Barry had answered the team's altar call after a church service they held in Belize City. As the team prayed, Barry was set free from his hearing impairment. Katie was also part of a group that witnessed the complete restoration of hearing for another individual. The second healing opened the ear of a church pastor's wife. Katie said, "Jesus is a Katie Poitevint and her team ministering to a young man named, Barry as Jesus opened Barry's deaf ear. (Click to enlarge)healer and there is power in His name!"

For another student, Natalyn Sanders, the trip solidified something precious to her—confirmation that she can hear God. On the team's visit to a youth hostel, Natalyn was approached and asked to be ready share something. Natalyn said, "At the time, I had nothing in mind, but I prayed, and God reminded me of an important decision I made at age 12. Although I did not get to share my testimony, God revealed to me that I was in line with what He was doing that morning. He had given me Jeremiah 29:11 to encourage the youth. Well, all those who did get to speak that morning had messages and testimonies that referenced Jeremiah 29. Pat, who is one of the instructors at the Charis Bible Institute in Belize, kept making eye-contact with me and smiling because she knew what God had given me from Jeremiah. I heard from God regarding the direction He was taking things to bless the youth that morning." She went on to say, "There is no reason to fret when we are willing to be used by God. The Word is inside of us. I learned that I don't need to rehearse anything. The Holy Spirit will bring to my remembrance all that I need to speak—the Word of God that is always in due season."


The Fruit of CBC's Business School

In this episode of The Inside Story, Andrew interviews his good friend and board member, Paul Milligan. Paul also serves as the Director of Charis Bible College's third-year Business School. During their time together the two share a behind the scenes look at the development of CBC's business track and how the Lord brought Paul and Andrew together. Paul also shares some exciting news about the fruit coming out of the Business School and the world-wide impact of products being developed by CBC-Colorado's third-year students.