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CBC-Belfast's Mission to Mexico

CBC-Belfast participated in true marketplace ministry. (Click to enlarge)Earlier this year a small team of staff and students from Charis Bible College in Belfast, Ireland went to Mexico on a mission trip. The four-person CBC team led by school Co-Director, Yvonne O’Brien, was hosted by Paco and Isabel Martinez, founders of a small Malinalco-based helps ministry. They ministered throughout Mexico City and Malinalco with the assistance of the Martinez' daughter, CBC-UK graduate and Pastor, Lorena Lucey. Yvonne was eager to report that many lives were touched, including the lives of the missionaries themselves.

Yvonne was thrilled about the open and receiving hearts that her team encountered. In Mexico City the team held well-attended meetings in homes and conference centers. They also spent several days in the mountain region of Malinalco, ministering to and healing the sick in the market square and in the town of Jesus Maria. (Click to enlarge)Yvonne said of the people they encountered in Mexico, "No matter where we were or who we were with, the one thing that stood out to me was, ‘God’s love never fails’ and sharing His love with people is not complicated." She went on to recall memories of the many people who came forward during their meetings, and gave their lives to the Lord; people were baptized in the Holy Ghost and set free from all kinds of sickness and disease.

Liliana Kwarcinska ministers to a small crowd in Jesus Maria. (Click to enlarge)CBC student, Liliana Kwarcinska had much to say about her experience in Mexico. She said, “This mission trip was a life changing experience for me and I will draw from the memories of it for the rest of my life. The biggest highlight for me was the opportunity to minister God's love to the people. The team was able to minister in a variety of ways including, sharing testimonies, teaching simple truths from the Word of God, healing the sick and baptizing people in the Holy Spirit."

One man, suffering from stroke-related paralysis down the right hand side of his body, approached Liliana for prayer. She explained, "I asked him, ‘What do you want prayer for?’ He told me, ‘I want to have full function of my body.’ I told him, 'He could walk today.' I helped him out of the wheelchair and we started to walk together. I asked his family if this was normal. They were speechless."

Debbie Lamont ministers to a woman in Mexico. (Click to enlarge)Another wonderful memory the team shared from the trip was seeing true marketplace evangelism in action. Liliana said, "We had the opportunity to interact with people on the street. We prayed for healing or salvation right in the middle of a busy market. Right in the midst of the business of life, people’s lives were transformed forever. It is so wonderful to be able to apply what I’ve learned in College. I now have the confidence to minister God’s love anywhere to anybody.”

CBC students, Allan Bruce, Liliana Kwarcinska and Debbie Lamont.
(Click to enlarge)
CBC team member, Debbie Lamont was excited to see firsthand how discipleship really works. She said, “All of the Belfast team had an opportunity to minister during the meetings, and were also ministered to by what the resident people shared with us. I can see that sharing the gospel should not be only from a pulpit, but very much part of our everyday lives. The nice thing about small groups is that people get a chance to share with each other, and that is so encouraging. I can’t thank Yvonne, Grady and CBC-Belfast enough for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this mission trip. It has been life changing for me.”

Having some fun exploring Mexican culture. (Click to enlarge)Allan Bruce, CBC team member and the trip photographer, had the opportunity to capture some of the memories and sights of beautiful Mexico. He said, “The mission trip was amazing in so many ways. I photographed ministry, people, food of all kinds, local people and places, villages and city life. I was amazed at the contrasts of it all. Personally I am changed forever because of this trip. I would like to thank all those who supported us through prayer and giving, you have helped change so many lives."

Paco and Isabel have set up a ministry center in Malinalco, Mexico where people are welcome to attend workshops, and classes. In addition, the couple uses the center to teach Discipleship Evangelism (DE). Individuals come to their center and receive from the DE Lessons what it means to be a disciple, and then in turn, go out and share with others. This is the cycle the Apostle Paul spoke of in 2 Timothy 2:2, the scripture upon which Andrew launched Charis Bible College.


Kitty's Place Called There

Andrew and Jamie Wommack stand along side Kitty Pott, Director of Charis Bible School in Dallas, Texas. (Click to enlarge)Kitty Potts had determined in her heart, and declared to the Lord that she was going to sit and twiddle her thumbs until she heard from Him about what she was to do next with her life. For a decade she had owned and operated Wellness Centers in Dallas, Texas, but had felt the Lord leading her away from her occupation towards something new. Kitty was ready and longed to find out just what the Lord had in mind.

After only a few days of waiting to hear God’s direction for her life, Kitty received a phone call from friends of hers. Yvonne O’Brien and her husband Grady called to invite Kitty to Colorado for a visit. At the time, the O’Brien’s, who now direct CBC-Belfast in Ireland, were attending Charis Bible College (CBC) in Colorado Springs. It happened to be “Expand Your Vision” weekend at CBC, and Grady encouraged Kitty to attend classes with him. Kitty resisted the invitation, but eventually decided to sit in on the classes with Grady.

During Kitty’s visit to CBC she heard God say, “This is where I want you.” Although she was a bit shocked, her spirit welcomed the Lord's direction. Just prior to her visit to CBC Kitty had listened to Andrew’s teaching called, A Place Called There. Kitty looks back now, and realizes that the Lord used the teaching to stir her heart and prepare her to hear His voice regarding His plan for her to attend CBC.

Charis Bible School, Dallas student Walk-A-Thon (Click to enlarge)Kitty left Colorado Springs determined to follow God’s plan for her life. She returned to Dallas, turned her business over to her staff, and was back in the Springs in just forty days. Kitty was ready and excited to take on her new adventure.

In 2004, two years after arriving in Colorado and nearing graduation, Kitty held a supervisory position in the AWM phone center—a job she loved. In February she heard the Holy Spirit tell her to hold her position with the ministry loosely. Though she wondered what the Lord meant, she felt a sense of peace about his direction. The following month Kitty's pastor spoke over her in prayer, and said that she should not get too comfortable where she was because the Lord was moving her to a different part of the Body of Christ.

Kitty graduated in May and by June she knew the Lord was calling her back to Texas. She returned to a town about an hour southeast of Dallas where she had family, and began teaching a small discipleship class. Two weeks later, Kitty's group had grown to twenty-two people.

Charis Bible School, Dallas student mission trip to Mexico. (Click to enlarge)Within a few months Kitty received a call from a staff member at AWM with a request for her to lead a discipleship class in Dallas. Kitty agreed and began making a weekly trip to Dallas where she taught a group of eight people. In October of 2004 the Lord put the desire in her heart to lead a Bible school in Dallas. Kitty had the opportunity to share her vision with Andrew in November, and he agreed with her idea. She completed a required apprenticeship as part of the leadership team that went from Colorado to plant the school in Texas. After her time as an apprentice was completed, Kitty served as the school's administrator for one year, and then in 2008 she became the Director of Charis Bible School of Dallas (CBS-Dallas).

Trusting God to completely change her direction in life has allowed Kitty to deepen her relationship with her Savior, and given her the confidence to encourage her students to trust Him with their lives as well. She enjoys observing her students as they are transformed, delivered, and healed by the Word of God while they sit under the anointed teaching at CBS-Dallas.

Charis Bible School, Dallas student Walk-A-Thon (Click to enlarge)Reflecting on her journey over the past six years Kitty said, “There is nothing that can compare with serving God in the place where He has called you. I feel as though my life is just beginning. God is awesome.”

CBS-Dallas will have approximately twenty-five first year students beginning this summer and fall. Twenty–two students will return for a second year, and one hundred percent of the graduates returned to do their 3rd year apprenticeship last year. CBS-Dallas offers year round, open enrollment; this flexible enrollment helps students work around employment schedules, and other obligations. “All the students love coming to class, and they are not only growing in their relationship with God, but also with each other,” Kitty reports.

To find out more about open enrollment visit, Charis Bible School-Dallas.


2010 Summer Family Bible Conference Review

During the last week of June families from all over the world gathered in Colorado Springs to attend Andrew's annual Summer Family Bible Conference.

Over the course of the five-day conference, Andrew shared the ministry platform at the Crowne Plaza Hotel with a large host of guest speakers including, the Director of AWM World Outreach, Wendell Parr; CBC-Colorado Intern Coordinator, Barry Bennett; CBC-Colorado Adjunct Instructor and Pastor of Charis Christian Center, Lawson Perdue; Director of CBC-Russia, Carrie Pickett; Director of AWM Uganda, Leland Shores and founder of Kingdom Life Ministries, Arthur Meintjes. Each of the speakers brought blessed messages and revelation of God's unconditional love to those in attendance.

Andrew teaching at the annual summer conference. (Click to enlarge)Andrew with David and Scott Forsyth after sharing Scott's healing testimony. (Click to enlarge)Aaron Perdue and Jamie Wommack leading a time of worship. (Click to enlarge)AWM's World Outreach Director, Wendell Parr. (Click to enlarge)Staff and guests busy at the registration table. (Click to enlarge)The product resource tables were well stocked. (Click to enlarge)Andrew quoting Scripture in front of a full house. (Click to enlarge)The brightness of God's little children.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew had the opportunity to minister to the youth. (Click to enlarge)Founder of Kingdom Life Ministries, Arthur Meintjes. (Click to enlarge)Carrie and Mike Pickett shared a message with the youth. (Click to enlarge)It was a week full of ministry and fun activities.
(Click to enlarge)
Director of Charis Bible Training Center in St. Petersburg, Russia, Carrie Pickett.
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Mark Harrison (right) assisting with check-in at the AWM Partner Relations table.
(Click to enlarge)
Worhip artists Charlie and Jill LeBlanc.
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Andrew mingling with guests in the hotel lobby. (Click to enlarge)Cason Cruz leading the youth in a time of praise and worship. (Click to enlarge)David Hinton was also on hand to lead praise and worship. (Click to enlarge)The CD and DVD duplication team preparing for post-meeting distribution. (Click to enlarge)Karen and John record a young woman's testimony. (Click to enlarge