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The Sanctuary: A Place Dedicated to the Glory of God

Andrew and Jamie Wommack stand in the entryway to the Lodge at The Sanctuary. (Click to enlarge)More than twenty years ago, during an intimate time with the Lord, Jamie Wommack strolled through the Colorado Rockies. With her arms raised in worship, she found herself in awe of the earth's beauty. Jamie had been meditating on Psalm 134:2, "Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and Bless the Lord." As she continued to meditate, she heard God say, "This is my sanctuary." In those quiet moments before the Lord she declared that one day she would have a place to call The Sanctuary—that day has come.

Over the years, as Andrew has continued to faithfully share the message of God's unconditional love and grace, the Lord has continued to bring forth new and exciting opportunities for him and Jamie. People everywhere are hungry for the Gospel, and Andrew is reaching those people in increasing numbers around the world, through live conferences, radio and television programs, print and web media, and through a growing network of Charis Bible College (CBC) campuses. The response has been tremendous. With the response has come growth, and with the growth has come the need to accommodate the expansion of Andrew Wommack Ministries (AWM).

The view from the pavilion building site on the new Sanctuary campus. (Click to enlarge)For the past year Andrew and his team of administrators have been proactively planning for the necessary accommodations. They determined that at the current rate of growth AWM has a three to four year window before it completely outgrows the current facilities in Colorado Springs. In preparation for the expansion, Andrew and his team began looking at properties with the capacity to accommodate both the immediate and the long-term growth of AWM and CBC. Led by the Lord, Andrew found and purchased one hundred and fifty seven picturesque acres in Woodland Park, Colorado. Located just fifteen miles northwest of the current campus, the new property provides the space needed to meet the ministry's current and future needs.

Architectural rendering of the proposed 'Welcome' sign at the entrance to The Sanctuary campus.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew has brought in the necessary architects and contractors to begin the expansion project, and the preliminary design process for the new campus is already well underway. Andrew and his staff are working with an experienced design firm called Architectural Innovations, LLC a full range architectural firm with 82 years of combined experience. The group specializes in designing the type of facilities Andrew has envisioned for the new AWM/CBC campus. Architectural Innovations will work closely with Andrew and the contractor, Northgate Properties, LLC of Colorado Springs, to ensure that Andrew's vision for the property is realized.

Andrew and Stephen Bransford examine Sanctuary blueprints in the kitchen at the Lodge. (Click to enlarge)When the Wommacks were considering the purchase of the new property Andrew reminded Jamie of her decades-old declaration. As the purchase of the property was finalized, there was no doubt that the new campus would be called “The Sanctuary."

Andrew commented, “Jamie always said that if we ever got our own place we would call it The Sanctuary, which means, 'A place dedicated to the Glory of God.' This is something that’s always been in her heart.”

We will be sharing the developments and progress regularly as the project moves forward, so check back often for updates on The Sanctuary.


Catch a glimpse of The Sanctuary property in the video below as Andrew introduces the new campus project.



Cindy Quarles: Led to Lead

Andrew and Cindy Quarles, Director of CBC-Chicago (Click to enlarge)Like many people, Cindy Quarles was captivated by Andrew’s teaching when she first heard him on television. She recalls his clear and articulate teaching on the book of Romans and intuitively knowing that what Andrew was sharing was true, even though she had not heard anyone else teach as he did. Cindy looks back on that time as a pivotal point in her life, as she began her journey away from religion and toward a true relationship with God.

Despite the fact that Cindy had just entered a new career as a network administrator for an architectural firm in her hometown of Chicago, she found herself thinking a lot about what Andrew had been teaching on his Gospel Truth program. She soon gave in to the Lord’s prompting and realized that she had a strong desire to attend Charis Bible College (CBC) in Colorado Springs. Once she yielded to the idea, Cindy was ready to give up her job and her life in Chicago and move to Colorado.
Before making the move however, she discovered that graduates of CBC-Colorado, Mark and Tenese Bassett, were planning to open an extension school—in Chicago.

Cindy enrolled in CBC-Chicago and was part of the very first class, of the first CBC extension school in the United States. Happily for Cindy, her boss allowed her to schedule her work hours around her school schedule, so she was able to keep her job through her first year at CBC. When the time came for second year however, she decided to give her full attention to her studies and she left her job. Cindy knew at that point that God was leading her in a different direction.

While on a mission trip to Uganda with a team from CBC-Chicago, Cindy and the team had the opportunity to pray for this young man. He was deaf and dumb, and now he can hear and speak! Praise God!
(Click to enlarge)
As a CBC student, Cindy had the opportunity to serve as a prayer minister at Andrew's annual Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS) in Chicago. Cindy recalls ministering to a lady who was having a difficult time receiving her healing. The woman believed that she had been cursed as a child and offered this as an explanation to Cindy, for her inability to receive. Cindy remembers being frustrated with the darkness surrounding the woman and crying out to God praying, “Lord, a prayer is not going to help her. She needs her mind renewed. Help her to get her
mind renewed.”

Students in class at CBC-Chicago
(Click to enlarge)
The GTS came and went, and in September of 2006, Cindy heard God say, “You are going to be the next Director of CBC-Chicago, and I want you to prepare yourself for it.” Cindy recalls being a bit frightened by the enormous responsibility associated with the position and wasn’t sure she wanted it. Yet God was sure of His choice, and true to His patient and loving nature, He had an amazing confirmation on the way to encourage her.

In October of 2006, Cindy attended Andrew and Jamie’s Minister’s Conference in Colorado. As she walked into the auditorium at the Conference, Cindy spotted a bright, joyful lady across the room. She looked familiar, but Cindy couldn't place her. Cindy went over to introduce herself and the woman knew who Cindy was. In that instant, Cindy realized that the woman she was speaking with was the same woman whom she had prayed for to receive healing and a renewed mind at the Chicago GTS. She discovered that the woman was now a second year student at CBC-Colorado, and the darkness that had surrounded her in Chicago was completely gone. God had answered Cindy's prayer, and in doing so had given her the confirmation she needed to confidently accept the position to which He had called her.

Cindy teaching class at CBC-Chicago
(Click to enlarge)
Cindy went on and became the Director of CBC-Chicago in 2007. As director, she enjoys watching the Lord transform each student as they study and renew their minds to the Word of God (Romans 12:2). The same transformation that Cindy experienced, she now facilitates through her position as Director. “As they [students] get to know the true nature of God through His Word, they begin to trust Him. And as they begin to trust, an intimacy comes that they have never experienced before,” Cindy said. “It is a truth we say often, but it cannot be said too much.”


Bottle Fed to Spirit Led

Tina and Craig Rumbley, Directors of CBI-Belize and founders of First Fruits Ministries International.
(Click to enlarge)

During the mid-1990s Craig and Tina Rumbley found themselves hungry for more of God's Word. Tired of being bottle-fed by their pastor Sunday after Sunday they began studying the Bible for themselves. As the Rumbleys attempted to feed their insatiable hunger for more understanding, they came across Andrew's Gospel Truth radio program. They remember agreeing with most of Andrew's teaching, but their denominational background prevented them from fully receiving from his messages. Their studies coupled with Andrew's teachings only raised questions; questions to which their pastor could not provide
scriptural answers.

Instead of giving up, the Rumbley's unquenchable desire for a closer relationship with Jesus only grew stronger, and they pulled away from their denominational background and church. After two years of searching, they finally found another church to call home, New Life Family Fellowship in North Carolina. At New Life, Craig and Tina were discipled and set free from the bondage of legalism, and both received the Baptism in the Holy Ghost.

CBI-Belize is located in Belize City, Belize in Central America.
(Click to enlarge)
Through their new church fellowship they began to attend a Bible study hosted by friends, Tom and Cindy Boyd. The Boyd's used some of Andrew's materials as the basis for their group study. Thanks to their new found freedom, the Rumbleys were able to fully receive from Andrew's teaching.

The Rumbley family became active in their church and their community; however Craig and Tina still felt limited in their effectiveness. Although they continued to study the Word on their own, and were in church up to five times per week, they realized that their appetites for the Word were not being fulfilled.

The Rumbley family, missionaries to Belize (Click to enlarge)After attending a Gospel Truth Seminar in Atlanta, Craig and Tina sensed the Lord leading them to go to Bible college, but neither shared the idea with the other. God continued to speak to them until one day Tina told Craig she thought they were supposed to go school. To her surprise Craig agreed. The couple flew to Colorado Springs to attend the Charis Bible College (CBC) Expand Your Vision weekend, a weekend tailor made for those contemplating attending the school. Their weekend experience confirmed the desire in their hearts and led them to pack up their their five children, and move to Colorado. To lighten the load for the relocation of seven people, the Rumbleys sold or gave away the majority of their belongings before crossing the country.

Tina leading a Discipleship Evangelism class in a rural church.
(Click to enlarge)
After their first year at CBC the Rumbley family was asked to spend the summer in the Dominican Republic (DR) running a mission team house for some friends who needed to return to the States. While in the DR, they served the needs of visiting short-term missionary teams. The Rumbleys learned a tremendous amount about life on the mission field from several seasoned, long-term missionary families. It was during this time that the entire Rumbley family realized they were called to foreign missions.

Craig teaching in a church in Belize. (Click to enlarge)Craig and Tina sat down with their children to discuss their thoughts, and found that they only had two requests: First, they wanted to be in an English speaking country so they would not be hindered in their relationship building. And second, they did not want to serve in Africa because they felt it was too far away from their home and their extended family. Keeping these requests in mind, the Rumbleys began seeking God about where they would serve after graduation from CBC.

Craig ministering to a man convinced the he would go to heaven because he is honest and doesn't steal.
(Click to enlarge)
In 2008, after graduating from the two-year CBC program, the Rumbleys agreed to serve as part of an eight member missionary team being sent to open a new CBC extension school Charis Bible Institute (CBI), in Belize, a country that fit both of the Rumbley children's requests. Seven months after their arrival, the CBC staff in Colorado asked if the Rumbleys would be willing to take over as the Directors of CBI-Belize, the Rumbleys gladly accepted.

"There is such a hunger for the grace message here. Many have brought religion to Belize and many can quote entire chapters of the Bible, but very few people understand what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are blessed to have the privilege of not only living in a relationship with Jesus, but to share His mercy and His grace here in Belize," Tina said.

Baptism in the Siburn River.
(Click to enlarge)
Craig, who prior to attending CBC, worked long hours with his father in the family's custom automotive upholstery shop, had this to say about his new life in ministry, "We go and share the love of God with confidence now. We can reach out to folks and trust that we have an understanding of the Word of God that will allow us to minister to anyone that God puts in our path. We know the voice of our Shepherd, He speaks clearly, and we share what He says."

Craig and Tina's pursuit of intimacy with Jesus led them to freedom from the grip of legalistic religion. They sought for themselves the Kingdom, and the Lord has been faithful to guide them each step of the way.

For more information about CBI-Belize contact Craig and Tina via email:

To keep up with the Rumbley's ministry visit their blog Belize for Jesus.