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'Moore' Faith in God's Word

Alan and Debbie Moore prioritized studying and discussing the Scriptures together. (Click to enlarge)Alan and Debbie Moore determined early in their relationship that good communication is important for the development of a strong and healthy marriage. With that in mind, the Moores prioritized studying and discussing the Scriptures together, and put special emphasis on being of the same mind and expectation of the goodness of God.

The Moores were introduced to Andrew’s teaching four years ago when he visited their church in Decatur, Texas. After their introduction, the Moores spent many hours studying Andrew's teachings called Christian Survival Kit and Harnessing Your Emotions. Andrew and Jamie with the Moores
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Although neither knew it at the time, those teachings planted the seeds for a miracle they would see manifest in their lives.

On July 15, 2009, Alan and Debbie returned home after working their ten-hour shifts at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, where they both serve as prayer ministers. Although it was a steamy 104 degrees outdoors, Alan felt it would be okay if he did some yard work. Not long after Alan went outside, Debbie felt prompted by the Holy Spirit to go outside as well. She exited the house only to find Alan on the ground at the end of their driveway. Debbie spoke to him, but Alan didn’t respond, and his eyes were fluttering rapidly. She raised her voice and shouted, “You are not going to leave me!”

Alan was air lifted to the hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. (Click to enlarge)Debbie began speaking the Word over him, and praying in the spirit as she ran to call 911. Alan was quickly transported to Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas, where it was determined that he had suffered a major stroke in his right cerebral hemisphere.

“Because of the many hours Alan and I listened to Andrew’s teaching on Harnessing Your Emotions and Christian Survival, I found it was really not a struggle to keep my emotions in check. I was amazed at the change that had taken place from the way I used to handle problems. I was so peaceful,” Debbie recalls.

Dr. Chuduri points to the MRA image indicating where the massive stroke occurred.
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As Debbie sat in the waiting room of the Intensive Care Unit that first night, she made the decision to agree with Romans 8:6, “For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.” Debbie set her mind on the Spirit and never looked back.

The next morning Debbie called her sister, Denise, in Pennsylvania to let her know what was going on, and she offered to come to Texas to be with Debbie. Upon arriving at the hospital, Denise asked Debbie what the doctors were saying, but Debbie refused to repeat their diagnosis.

Alan's MRI image shows his severely damaged brain tissue. (Click to enlarge)“I told her I did not know, because it was not the report I was focusing on. My report was 1 Peter 2:24, by the stripes of Jesus Alan was already healed and made whole,” Debbie said.

Doctors continued to deliver the grim news of their observations to Debbie, sharing that Alan was paralyzed on the left side of his body, he could not swallow or speak, and that he had lost his peripheral vision. However Debbie was not shaken. In fact, Alan's neurologist, Dr. Chunduri was worried that she wasn’t taking him seriously. “She didn’t flinch—she didn’t seem to understand,” he said.

Dr. Chunduri and Alan stand together after Alan's miraculous recovery. (Click to enlarge)The nurses and doctors were surprised over the next few days as Alan began to show rapid improvement. Two days after the stroke, Alan’s left arm spontaneously flew up over his head. The medical staff kindly reminded Debbie that the left side of his body was paralyzed. “Not anymore!” Debbie said.

Three days after having the stroke, a nurse came to test Alan’s vision. She asked him to follow a small light, using only his eyes. To her surprise, he was able to follow the light perfectly, even in his peripheral. Alan’s speech also began to improve and became clearer and clearer as Debbie and her sister forced him to read, aloud, the cards he was receiving.

Alan at work as a prayer minister for Kenneth Copeland Ministries. (Click to enlarge)On day four, after his many visitors had left his room, Alan decided he needed to use the restroom. Taking no notice of the tubes connected to him, he simply got out of bed. As his feeding tube, catheter, intravenous tubes and heart monitor fell off, warning bells began to sound and nurses rushed into the room. They wanted to know how Alan had gotten to the bathroom. “I walked here,” Alan explained. Quite taken aback, the nurses felt obligated to inform Alan that he couldn’t walk— this was news to Alan.

On Friday, July 24, just nine days after Alan suffered a major stoke, he was discharged from the stroke center. On August 1, he returned to his job. Although his supervisor, Sam Galloway, didn’t want him to work his full ten-hour shift, Alan was determined to walk out his healing. He has been working full-time since his return.

Alan and Debbie (Click to enlarge)Dr. Chunduri was so confounded by Alan’s recovery that he wanted to perform another MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and another MRA (Magnetic Resonance Angiography) to be sure his initial diagnosis had been correct. The second set of tests revealed that indeed Alan had suffered a major stroke, and this further solidified that Alan is a walking miracle. To this day Dr. Chunduri doesn’t understand Alan's recovery. “He made a miraculous recovery, and I can’t explain that,” Dr. Chunduri said.

Alan said of his miracle, “I’m going to work hard and I’m going to work strong and I’m going to do it in the Lord’s strength. God is a good God.”



Sanctuary Update: Pavilion Construction Underway

L-R Larry Bozeman, Andrew, Brett Prather and Gary Erickson (Click to enlarge)Andrew and The Sanctuary planning team met on June 22 in Colorado Springs to continue the design process for the new AWM campus to be built in Woodland Park, Colorado. Representatives from Architectural Innovations and builder Northgate Properties were on hand to discuss the recent progress.

At the end of the last planning meeting, Andrew explored a vast array of exterior finish choices for the ministry's new Pavilion, which will be the first building constructed at the new location. After considering the pallet of options presented at the June 15 meeting, Andrew, ministry General Manager, David Hardesty, and developer, Gary Erickson, went to the Woodland Park property and looked at the finishes of the existing Lodge. After the June 15th meeting Andrew reviewed exterior finishes from roofing materials to stone choices. (Click to enlarge)After careful consideration, Andrew decided to use the same stone, stucco and roof finishes found at the lodge as the basis for the Pavilion and other new campus buildings. With the choices finalized, the contractors broke ground on the Pavilion site on Thursday, June 24 and the concrete footings were poured. The structure is expected to be completed by the third week in July.

During the meeting Andrew asked if there was a way to map the construction stakes scattered around the Sanctuary property. He has been exploring various areas of the one-hundred and fifty-seven acres looking for possible dormitory building sites. Andrew would like to be able to plot the areas he has visited and know, by way of mapping details, whether the areas meet the campus building requirements. Andrew narrowed down the stone options on June 15th. (Click to enlarge)As the team made note of Andrew's mapping request, the topic of campus dormitories was discussed further.

Andrew has specified that he would prefer to have smaller dormitories with a design in keeping with the surrounding buildings rather than big apartment complex-type structures. He envisions buildings with a thirty person capacity being scattered throughout the landscape of the campus. Discussion of other dorm considerations including room and suite size, affordability, and single student versus married couple housing were also mentioned. The involvement of an external dormitory management company is also being considered.

After evaluating many other options, Andrew chose to use the lodge as a model for the rest of the campus buildings.
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The group spent a significant amount of time evaluating the Auditorium seating design, trying to efficiently and comfortably accommodate as many seats as possible while maintaining safety code regulations. Andrew is considering the use of theater-style seating, with chairs that will include fold-away writing tablets for CBC student use. Because of the size options of the chair profile and tablet dimensions, the seating arrangements vary. Andrew would like to keep the number of seats in the neighborhood of 2500. Capacity and cost analysis are still being calculated for maximum efficiency.

The architects continue to gather data for the audio and visual needs of the ministry as well. Due to the nature of technology and the integration of sight and sound, the media conversation is an ongoing one. Construction has begun on the new Pavilion at AWM's Sanctuary campus in Woodland Park. (Click to enlarge)Several more meetings, and ministry department sub-meetings, will take place over the next few weeks to ensure that the end result meets the ministry's current and future needs. While video screen and projection options were discussed, specific attention was focused on the facility's sound design needs. Sound quality is determined by more than the physical speaker and equipment choices, and includes the careful consideration for building materials and room shape and dimensions.

"You can spend millions on a building, but if the sound isn't right, we say it [the building] is a failure. It's not a success, because that [sound] is what it's all about," said architect Brett Prather.

Andrew and David made several suggestions for venues that have excellent sound and video quality, including New Life Church in Colorado Springs. At the conclusion of the scheduled meeting several people including David, Brett and Gary went to the New Life campus to discuss the audio and video design elements used in the church auditorium.

The next meetings are scheduled for mid-July after the Summer Family Bible Conference in Colorado Springs. Stay tuned for our next update on The Sanctuary project.


Effective Ministry Begins With Preparation

Prayer ministry after an evening tent meeting in Mexico. (Click to enlarge)At Charis Bible College (CBC), the second year curriculum combines classroom teaching with hands-on training in real-life ministry situations. Second year students also have the privilege of participating in one mission trip abroad. For many believers, few things are as life changing as participation in a foreign mission trip. These experiences are a valuable part of each student's time at CBC, as they learn how to effectively communicate the Gospel message in a foreign culture.

In February, a thirty-six member CBC mission team, led by CBC Dean of Students, Wayne Knurr, traveled to Ciudad Victoria (Victory City) in northern Mexico for a week of hands-on ministry training. The team was hosted by Bobby and Lynn Crow, founders of World Missions Outreach and Palabra De Vida (Word of Life) Church. The students saw the power of God's Word in action, as they witnessed salvations, miracles, and transformation in the lives of the Mexican people to whom they ministered.

Mission team hosts and founders of World Missions Outreach, Bobby and Lynn Crow (Click to enlarge)After returning to Colorado, each student had the opportunity to share personal highlights from their experience in Mexico. During an assembly, with the rest of the CBC student body, mission team members shared their deep appreciation for Bobby and Lynn, noting the Crow's desire to serve and provide for the CBC team. Their example of love, service, and abundant provision did not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Prior to the trip numerous students had prayed that God would provide an opportunity for them to be part of a major healing manifestation, and Praise God, no one was disappointed. The students saw a baby healed of colic, blind eyes and deaf ears opened, and witnessed people being set free from sickness, disease and pain. One woman, who was in a wheelchair due to a severe back injury, was healed and able to walk around after being ministered to by the CBC team.

Kim Hatfield (right) standing boldly outside her comfort zone. (Click to enlarge)CBC student, Kim Hatfield reported that upon arriving in Mexico the Holy Spirit reminded her that if she didn’t do anything, nothing would happen. This inspired her to step out of her comfort zone. As she trusted the Lord and ministered His word to the Mexican people, she was delighted to see the manifestation of God's healing power.

Mission team member, Deuane Woodard took special note of the uniting power of music ministry. He was touched by how praise and worship united everyone at each gathering, completely overriding the language and cultural barriers. He also noted that when he was faced with a particularly challenging prayer request during ministry, he would ask the Holy Spirit to guide his prayer. In one instance, the Holy Spirit prompted him to pray against a spirit of infirmity. He did as the Spirit instructed and saw an immediate healing manifestation.

Students Zachary Konstas and Katherine O'Brien with two local children.
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The Mexican children made quite an impression upon several of the CBC students. Some of the children enjoyed tagging along with the missionaries during their door-to-door home canvassing, and other children helped the students by translating for them. Whether it was cultural curiosity or candy that drew the children to the missionaries is hard to say, but all of the children came forward boldly and unashamedly to take their share of the candy when it was offered by the CBC students. Through this example, one student realized God’s desire for all of His children to approach Him in the same manner, with boldness, excitement and anticipation, unashamedly expecting His blessing and provision.

Second year student, Tim Abello was pleased to note that preaching with an interpreter actually calmed his nerves some, but he was more excited to share about the particularly fruitful door-to-door visitations. One day as they canvassed a neighborhood, he and his team members saw thirteen people saved within an hour and a half.

CBC students in Ciudad Victoria in northern Mexico. (Click to enlarge)Overall, the students were overwhelmed by the open, receptive hearts of the people in Mexico. Everyone who came forward for prayer was able to receive from the Lord. Although many of the people the students encountered claimed to know Jesus, some also confessed that they were not sure that they would be going to heaven when they died. Students led the individuals who were seeking assurance of their salvation in simple prayers throughout the week. Simplicity was the key for many in overcoming language and cultural differences.

Effective ministry led to salvations, miracles, and changed lives, both Mexican lives and student's lives.