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2010 Gospel Truth Seminar, Chicago

Andrew shares an example from the Word
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Andrew and Jamie spent the third weekend of May 2010 ministering at the Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS) in Chicago, Illinois. Andrew shared a series of messages entitled How to Fulfill God's Will for Your Life. These were the final five teachings in his new fifteen-part series called, How to Find, Follow and Fulfill God's Will for Your Life. Earlier this year, Andrew felt led to teach the new series progressively over the course of three consecutive GTS locations. He began teaching the series in February at the GTS in Orlando, Florida, where his messages covered How to Find God's Will for Your Life. Andrew continued the series in April, at the GTS in Atlanta, where he shared on How to Follow God's Will for Your Life, and then he closed out the series in Chicago.

Andrew reading a passage of Scripture
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Over the course of the weekend lives were powerfully changed by the Gospel message. More than three-hundred people came forward for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and more than a dozen received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

As Andrew and his ministry team flowed in the gifts of the Spirit, many in the body of Christ were set free from the oppression of the enemy. Ministers witnessed the recovery of hearing and vision as deaf ears and blind eyes were opened. Several people were able to step away from the long-time confines of wheelchairs, and still others were freed from the pain and symptoms of arthritis, stage IV cancer, Fibromyalgia, and stroke-related paralysis.

Andrew gave an invitation to receive salvation. (Click to enlarge)One particular woman, who had been struggling with multiple sclerosis for the past nine years, came to the meeting in a wheelchair, unable to walk or stand for any length of time. After receiving prayer she was able to get up and walk back and forth in front of Andrew's platform. Prior to receiving her healing she had a drop foot and wasn’t able to walk on carpeting, but after prayer she was free! She walked back and forth numerous times, praising God as she went. Ministers continued to encourage her and walk with her for almost an hour.

Andrew ministering the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
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Several prayer ministers reported witnessing the lengthening of legs as bodies responded to the truth of God's Word. One minister saw an individual's leg grow more than an inch to come into alignment with the other leg. Another minister saw the straightening of a woman's spine. The woman had been suffering from curvature of the spine to such a degree that she had lost two and a half inches of height. As she received her healing, and her back straightened, she regained all the height she had previously lost. As amazing as these results are, they are the promised results for those who believe (Mark 16:17-18).

Watch the clip below as Andrew introduces the topic of his teaching for the 2010 Gospel Truth Seminar in Chicago, How to Fulfill God's Will for Your Life.

Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.


Sanctuary Update: Architectural Planning Continues

The Lodge at AWM's future campus, The Sanctuary. (Click to enlarge)Andrew and his AWM staff members met with representatives from Architectural Innovations on May 19, to continue the planning process for AWM's future Woodland Park campus called, The Sanctuary. The meeting took place at The Lodge situated on the one hundred fifty-seven acre Sanctuary property. Discussion during the recent meeting included details about the design specifications for the proposed Library, Court Yard, Auditorium, and the Pavilion.

Prior to the meeting, architects Brett Prather and Dale Hermes, spent time discussing plans with AWM and CBC staff members from various departments, and gathered their input and ideas. One such discussion with CBC Director, Gary Luecke yielded a functional use for a previously undesignated area of the new facility. Gary suggested that the space be used as a CBC student study area. At the meeting, Andrew and the architects discussed the idea and agreed on the design of a quiet, Andrew used a laser pointer to direct the architect's attention during a discussion about the proposed Court Yard. (Click to enlarge)free-flowing study space for the students. The area will be called the Library and will include seating and several computer stations for student use, as well as a multi-purpose room with a conference table and chairs. The multi-purpose room will be available for regular study use as well as by reservation for more formal meetings or group study.

Conversation and planning also focused on an exterior area of the facility called the Court Yard. The space, located on the southern side of the building, facing Pikes Peak, will serve as a common break area for staff, students, and conference visitors alike. Because of the high visibility of the Court Yard, Andrew and the architects discussed the elevation and landscaping details of the space at length. Low maintenance zeroscape options were discussed, but Andrew indicated that he wanted the Court Yard to be a more welcoming part of The Sanctuary campus. Therefore the area, located just outside a lower level entrance, will have a water feature similar to the one at the current CBC location. This water feature will be flanked by lawns, gardens, walkways and seating accommodations for up to two-hundred.A color rendering of the proposed platform design for the 2600-seat Auditorium. (Click to enlarge)

Much discussion was devoted to the platform design of the 2,600 seat Auditorium. The main details addressed were the platform dimensions and video screen placement. The video screen discussion centered on the size and placement of the three screens to be used in the new configuration. Currently Andrew uses two large screens as visual aids, one on either side of the platform. The new design will include three screens mounted above the platform (see drawing). The height, width and depth of the platform in relation to the space, including the height of the ceiling, were taken into consideration as plans were discussed. Special attention was given to the steps at the front of the platform and to two ramps, one on either side of the platform.

Andrew and the architects mark the location of the Pavilion. (Click to enlarge)The planning for the Pavilion continued, moving forward toward finalization. Andrew and his staff decided to build a steel-frame structure for the two-hundred seat facility. The steel will be concealed with a combination of wood and stone finishes that will be in keeping with the surrounding landscape. The architects made arrangements for color and texture pallets to be sent to
Andrew and Jamie so they could make their choices for these finishes. These choices will carry through as key design elements throughout the entire campus.

The next meetings are scheduled for later in June after Andrew and Jamie return from their trip to the United Kingdom and Uganda. Stay tuned for our next update on The Sanctuary.


2010 Gospel Truth Seminar, Atlanta

Andrew prays as people receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit at the 2010 Atlanta GTS.
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Andrew and Jamie spent the third weekend of April 2010 ministering at the Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS) in Atlanta, Georgia. Andrew continued his new multi-part series called, How to Find, Follow and Fulfill God's Will for Your Life. Normally, Andrew's messages vary per venue, based upon the Lords leading, but earlier this year he felt led to teach this series progressively across three consecutive conferences. He shared the first five teachings, of the fifteen-part series, in February at the GTS in Orlando, Florida. Those five messages covered How to Find God's Will for Your Life. In Atlanta, Andrew's teaching focus was on How to Follow God's Will for Your Life.

Andrew reads a portion of Scripture Saturday night in Atlanta (Click to enlarge)Many lives were changed over the course of the weekend as Andrew shared God's Word. Close to two-hundred people came forward for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and several received Christ as their Savior. One woman, while praying to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, received her prayer language, and then turned to the prayer minister and said that the pain she had been struggling with in both of her legs was totally gone—she had been instantly healed.

Following each meeting the most prevalent issue brought before Andrew's team of prayer ministers was physical pain. Many received healing and deliverance from varying types of arthritis pain, stroke-related paralysis, Parkinson's disease and the crippling effects of spinal issues, including spondylosis.

Andrew lays hands on a man responding to the altar call Saturday evening. (Click to enlarge)The manifestation of God's healing power was not limited to the prayer ministry time after each session in Atlanta. A woman who attended the seminar reported being spontaneously healed of foot pain and numbness during a praise and worship service prior to Andrew's teaching.

Ministry was also not limited to the hotel conference hall either; ministers also prayed for people in other areas of the hotel, and in local restaurants and stores. One hotel employee received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues, while another employee was lead to the Lord. While visiting a local shop, a prayer minister noticed a man who was bent over and crippled. The prayer minister approached the man and said, "God has healed you. Can I pray for you?" and the crippled man instantly straightened up and began dancing. Praise God!

Check back soon for a report on the 2010 Chicago GTS where Andrew shared the final part of his new series, How to Fulfill God's Will for Your Life.

Watch the clip below as Andrew introduces the topic of his teaching for the 2010 Gospel Truth Seminar in Atlanta, Georgia: How to Follow God's Will for Your Life.

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