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Sanctuary Update: New Campus Planning Continues

Developer and Northgate Properties owner, Gary Erickson (foreground) reviewing changes in the Pavilion drawings. (Click to enlarge)On June 15, Andrew and his Sanctuary planning team met with representatives from Architectural Innovations and Northgate Properties to continue the design process for the ministry's future Woodland Park campus. The meeting was held in the conference room at the ministry's current facility in Colorado Springs. Andrew and the team chose details ranging from the profile of the auditorium seating, to the flooring and exterior finishes of the soon-to-be-built Pavilion.

Drawing of the proposed banquet hall called, The Barn, indicating the possible position of a rear projection video screen at the back of the platform. (Click to enlarge)Early meeting conversation addressed the technological needs of the new campus' banquet hall called, the Barn. This banquet facility will comfortably accommodate 750 people, and will offer stunning views of Pikes Peak; the entire south-facing wall will be glass. The Barn will be outfitted with a 28' x 50' stage intended for staff and student presentations, and the platform will include a large video screen. Because of the size of the open, clearstory design of the building, much consideration was given to the type, size and position of the screen to be used. It was determined that a rear projection unit would provide the best visibility in the natural light saturated space. Aesthetics also played a role in the screen choice. Architect, Brett Prather pointed out that having a projector suspended from the beautiful wooden truss system would look awkward and disrupt the space.

Drawing of proposed Auditorium indicating the possible position of a rear projection video screen at the back of the auditorium. (Click to enlarge)The topic of video screen choices carried over into discussion of the Auditorium's technical design. As the 2,500-seat Auditorium space becomes better defined, the elements and advantages of new technologies continue to be reviewed. While much of the discussion of the last meeting focused on platform design and the positioning of three overhead screens, this meeting focused on the type of screen and the technology available to integrate media presentations. A fourth screen, to be located at the back of the Auditorium, was also discussed. This proposed rear projection screen would provide those on the platform with visual aid for song lyrics during worship or for scriptural reference during meetings.

A rendering of the main buildings at The Sanctuary facility. The Auditorium on the left and the Barn on the right. (Click to enlarge)The team moved on to discuss the heating and cooling needs of the Sanctuary facilities. Some thoughts were shared on the placement of the mechanical elements of the systems, particularly the chillers. Determining factors considered in the placement of the equipment are their sound, size and weight; the systems are large and loud. Options include ground-level or rooftop placement of the equipment, and both present separate design issues and structural considerations.

Andrew uses a red laser pointer to indicate where he thinks there may be snow drift accumulation. (Click to enlarge)As the placement of the equipment was discussed, another structural design question arose. While examining the onscreen renderings of the facility for a rooftop placement of the heating and cooling systems, Andrew noticed that the hallway connecting the main building to the Barn is a north facing corridor. He voiced his concern for the possibility of snow and ice drift accumulation on the hallway roof, since that particular corridor will be in the shadow of the banquet hall throughout the winter months. Andrew asked if anything could be done to prevent the buildup of snow. The architects noted his concern, and offered assurances that the possible drifting issue will be addressed.

Amid all the careful planning and consideration there is still time to laugh. (Click to enlarge)Provisions for the IT Department were also considered during the meeting. While space requirements for a specific climate-controlled sever room were discussed, the primary conversation for this department focused on ministry-wide wiring needs and phone system technology. There was some discussion about the benefits of hardwiring offices for internet access versus using a wireless system. While there will be wireless access on the campus, Computer Department head, Stan Priest, was quick to point out the superior reliability and speed of hardwiring the ministry's network.

Narrowing the choices: Andrew evaluates the four remaining stone options—down from nine.
(Click to enlarge)
The final drawings unfurled for review were those of the Pavilion. The structure has gone through some revision and simplification since the initial four-gable design was unveiled. The revised version has a more traditional two-gable-end design and the fireplace, originally positioned at the center of the structure, has been relocated to one side. Construction is set to begin on the Pavilion shortly.

After reviewing the plans and eating lunch, the meeting moved outside, where the architects presented Andrew with a pallet of choices for the exterior finishes of the Pavilion. He had the opportunity to view stone options, color, texture and pattern, as well as flooring and roof shingle colors. Once chosen, these design elements will carry through the entire campus.


Charis Bible College Class of 2010

Andrew hands Daniel Jacquot his diploma at the 2010 CBC Colorado graduation ceremony.
(Click to enlarge)
In 2 Timothy 2:2, Paul wrote to Timothy and told him to take the things that he had learned and commit them to faithful men who would be able to teach others. The Lord used this verse to lead Andrew to open what is now called Charis Bible College (CBC). Since 1994, Andrew and his staff have been diligently and successfully training people for the work of the ministry. At CBC students have the unique opportunity to learn through the combination of the rich teaching of God’s Word and practical, hands-on ministry experience.

Andrew speaking at the 2010 Graduation ceremony in the UK.
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew's vision to train others didn’t end with the establishment of Charis Bible College of Colorado. 1997 saw the opening of a Charis Bible College campus in the United Kingdom. CBC-UK was founded in South Chard, England, and is presently located in Walsall. Since that time, schools have been opened in Russia, Ireland, Belize, South Africa and Uganda. The first American extension school opened in Chicago, IL, in 2003. Its success spurred the establishment of schools in Atlanta, GA; Dallas, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Gardner, MA; Dyer, IN, and Kansas City, MO.

In 1996 the first thirty-three students graduated from Charis Bible College. Now, there are over four hundred students on the Colorado campus alone, and this year's graduating class held one hundred and twenty students. In all, more than two hundred students graduated this year from CBC campuses around the world.

CBC Colorado Graduates*

CBC Colorado day school graduates and staff. (Click to enlarge)Nikki Abello, Tim Abello, Janise Apperson, Rick Apperson, Jeff D. Arnold, Catherine McMorrow Baker, Rosangela Ballesteros, LaVera B. Blanco, Christopher Bowman, Cheri M. Broders, Daniel Burch, Rebecca Burch, Derek Bylander, Brenda L. Cary, Ellis Castle III, Deborah Clingenpeel, John D. Colbert, Nancy L. Cress, Karen Cruse, Anthony DeVine, Kevin J. Dowling, Rachel E. Dowling, Jordan R. Driediger, Dr. Lyndsey-Elizabeth Drummond, Carmen Linda Dzurik, Steven Andrew Dzurik, Kelly M. Eastman, Kyle Douglas Edens, Omar L. Fernandez Jr., Pauline Ellis-Pouw, Darla K. Elmblad, Kenneth Eriksen, Brett Farrow, Anne Elizabeth Ford, Jim Farley Ford, Cindy Gauch, Aaron A. Gayle, Justin Grotheer, Shane Hankins, Gene Harris, Sandi Harris, Kim Hatfield, James W. Huthmaker, Daniel C. Jacquot, Daniel Jahnke, Joseph W. King, Jessica Klecker, Zachary T. Konstas, CBC Colorado night class
(Click to enlarge)
Maxine S. Kramer, Daniel L. Kuper, Mary A. LaBianco, Peter C. LaBianco, David C. Lawson, Eileen Lynch, Gelacio Macias, Uzzi Macy, Leonard Maithya, Kevin Martinez, Lynn Ann Martinez, Preston D. Martinez, Eleanor McGrath, Lynae Minoletti, DeAnn Montini, Julie C. Mwozi , Leonard W. Neal, Annabelle M. Needles, Katherine O’Brien, Leslie O’Brien, Tommy O’Brien, Arnold I. Oney, Christoph Paetzold, Lidia Palacios, Jaclyn Papa, Thomas J. Pasternak, Michelle Patterson, Georgette A. Person, Justin Pillow, Shay Pinilla, Sue Reding, Eugene Reinke, Brandon Thomas Rhodes, Kleist Wideman Rhodes, Samuel Thomas Rhodes, Heather Marie Roth, John R. Ryan, Rhonda Evette M.K. Sandifer, Joseph A. Settepani, Rachel E. Sklenicka, Ann Sontag, Ronald Sontag, Patricia Sontag, Maria Sparhawk, Peter W. Sparhawk, Patricia L. Spruyt, Marlo Stone, Linda Storrs, Teddy Tjardes, Selina Turkson, Trisha Unrein, Scott Vess, Shirley Warren, Fay W. Watkins, Annie Williams, Earl P. Williams, Eric Williams, Deuane Woodard, Bao Yang.

Staff, Front row, L-R: Charlie LeBlanc, Mark Deskins, Jill LeBlanc, Ashley Terradez, Carlie Terradez, Vickey Rice, Lawson Perdue, Barry Bennett, Wayne Knurr, Andrew Wommack (CBC Founder), Rose Gonyer, Mike Gonyer, Gary Luecke (Director), Carol Odenwald, Dr. Delron Shirley, Anna Fulmer, Greg Macy and Samantha Crowell.

*Note: Graduates in blue, listed in alphabetical order, names do not correspond to photo or position.

United Kingdom Graduates

CBC-UK Graduates and staff
(Click to enlarge)
Second row: Theo Kunatsa, Lily Assefa, Michael Allen, Mercy Mahara, Abebaye Eshetu, Johnny Hallas, Mandy Scott, Janet Hurd, Mary Edusei-Mensah; Third row: John Phillips, Roddy Haswell, Laura Consiglio, Peter White, Jan Kerntiff, Ntlai Mawete, Melinda Pabin, Paidamoyo Marapara, Sheila Phillips; Fourth row: Jamie Scott, Edwin Jansen, Cindy Kyle, Jane Mizha, George Bailey, David Whitefoot, Akinmarin Akinkuolie, Andre Malan, Christine Wilcock.

Staff, Front row L-R: Anthony Consiglio, Abi Elshaw, John Maunder, Siew Fong Flanagan, Paul Flanagan (Director), Kathryn Whitefoot, Samuel McQuigg, Roz McQuigg, Lee Collingwood.

CBC Chicago Graduates:

CBC-Chicago Graduates and staff
(Click to enlarge)
Front row: Abby Flanagan, Brittany Bantner, Betty Bakker, Kathleen Buehn, Kelly McCauley; Middle row: Michael Pietrzak, Adelita Rounceville, Joanna Basile, Rita Luckett-Robinson, Michele Beene, Jennifer Bantner; Back row: James Heck, Mike Marcinkowski, Donald Harms, Rashaad Gibbs, Matthew Ryczek, Craig Mengarelli.

Staff, Left Side, Back to Front: Forrest Rensner, Pamela Gibbs, Theresa Murata; Right Side, Back to Front: David Rose, Deborah Patton, Francine Jackson, Cynthia Quarles (Director, in red).

CBC India Graduates

CBC-India Graduates and staff
(Click to enlarge)
Front row: Philip Thomas, Kumar, Timothy Satyam, U. Elizabeth, Pratibha Solomon, Sylvia Satyam; Back row: Anoop, Tom Abraham, Alroy Matthews, Victor Gnaraj, Prathap Sing, James Damodharan, Moses, Sanjit, Jino, Don Bosco, Joshua Samuel, Ashish Shinde, John Martin, Vijay.

Staff in blue, Front row, L-R: Russ Forgoston (Director), David Forgoston, Judith Forgoston, Maria Riley.

CBC Jacksonville Graduates

CBC-Jacksonville Graduates and staff
(Click to enlarge)
Front row: John Lee, Karen Lundquist, Melvine McCall, Doria Sousa; Back row: Rebecca Hurst, Lance Miller, Jessica Miller.

Staff, in black, L-R: Kim Knyght, Karen Reimer, Amanda Winter, Danon Winter (Director), Ronda Knyght.

CBC Atlanta Graduates

CBC-Atlanta Graduates and staff
(Click to enlarge)
Front row: Sandra Crothers, Maria Erwin, Pamela Toussaint, Aleshia Robinson, Chinita Lytle, Dottie Benson; Second row: Homer Crothers, Kevin West, Kingsley Akumadu, Mitzi Flagg, Eric Jones, Rebecca Kennedy, Andrea Priest.

Staff: Tom Boyd (Director), Cynthia Boyd.

CBC Kansas City Graduates

CBC-KC graduates and staff
(Click to enlarge)
L-R: Colleen Cassing, Yu Chong Seelye, Danny Phillips.

Staff:Cody Hull, far left (Director), Misty Hull, far right.


CBC Belfast Graduate

Liliana Kwarcinska
Staff: Yvonne and Grady O'Brien (Director)


CBTC Russia Graduates and Staff

CBTC graduates and staff (Click to enlarge)L-R, Front row: Valodia (Staff), Oxana, Ade, Ivan, Alex, Valya (Staff), Alexey, Fuseni, Alassan, George; Second row: Sara (Staff), Svetlana, Disheet, Lebo, Alaska, Olga, Alfia, Josephine, Tatiana, Tatiana, Egor, Leonid, Nangi, Oxana, Judy (Staff); Back row: Mark (Staff), Egor, Galina, Nadia, Leonid, Celia, Lillian, Edam, Alexander, Yami, Jack, Victor, Vadim, Dima, Job, Shaji, Robert, Clement, Manyo (Staff), Charles, Alexandra, Mike Pickett (Staff), Carrie Pickett (Director).


2010 Gospel Truth Seminar, Chicago

Andrew shares an example from the Word
(Click to enlarge)
Andrew and Jamie spent the third weekend of May 2010 ministering at the Gospel Truth Seminar (GTS) in Chicago, Illinois. Andrew shared a series of messages entitled How to Fulfill God's Will for Your Life. These were the final five teachings in his new fifteen-part series called, How to Find, Follow and Fulfill God's Will for Your Life. Earlier this year, Andrew felt led to teach the new series progressively over the course of three consecutive GTS locations. He began teaching the series in February at the GTS in Orlando, Florida, where his messages covered How to Find God's Will for Your Life. Andrew continued the series in April, at the GTS in Atlanta, where he shared on How to Follow God's Will for Your Life, and then he closed out the series in Chicago.

Andrew reading a passage of Scripture
(Click to enlarge)
Over the course of the weekend lives were powerfully changed by the Gospel message. More than three-hundred people came forward for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and more than a dozen received Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

As Andrew and his ministry team flowed in the gifts of the Spirit, many in the body of Christ were set free from the oppression of the enemy. Ministers witnessed the recovery of hearing and vision as deaf ears and blind eyes were opened. Several people were able to step away from the long-time confines of wheelchairs, and still others were freed from the pain and symptoms of arthritis, stage IV cancer, Fibromyalgia, and stroke-related paralysis.

Andrew gave an invitation to receive salvation. (Click to enlarge)One particular woman, who had been struggling with multiple sclerosis for the past nine years, came to the meeting in a wheelchair, unable to walk or stand for any length of time. After receiving prayer she was able to get up and walk back and forth in front of Andrew's platform. Prior to receiving her healing she had a drop foot and wasn’t able to walk on carpeting, but after prayer she was free! She walked back and forth numerous times, praising God as she went. Ministers continued to encourage her and walk with her for almost an hour.

Andrew ministering the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
(Click to enlarge)
Several prayer ministers reported witnessing the lengthening of legs as bodies responded to the truth of God's Word. One minister saw an individual's leg grow more than an inch to come into alignment with the other leg. Another minister saw the straightening of a woman's spine. The woman had been suffering from curvature of the spine to such a degree that she had lost two and a half inches of height. As she received her healing, and her back straightened, she regained all the height she had previously lost. As amazing as these results are, they are the promised results for those who believe (Mark 16:17-18).

Watch the clip below as Andrew introduces the topic of his teaching for the 2010 Gospel Truth Seminar in Chicago, How to Fulfill God's Will for Your Life.

Click here to view the entire five-part teaching series.