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The DeVine Plan

Andrew with Jeff DeVine at the 2008 CBC graduation. (Click to enlarge)Jeff DeVine, a 2008 graduate of Charis Bible College in Colorado, has been living and ministering in Thailand since August of 2009. Jeff and his two 12-year-old daughters, Arisa and Ariya, have found fulfillment in sharing the Gospel with the Thai people, and teaching them about relationship with their Savior, Jesus.

Although Jeff knew God as a child, and was very aware of His presence and of a call on his life, he had chosen a different, worldlier path; one he soon realized was dissatisfying. In 1997, Jeff decided a new adventure was in order for himself and his then ten–year–old son. The two moved to Thailand, where Jeff opened an exporting business.

Despite his abventurous life, Jeff was still missing something. Although he had come to the end of himself, he assumed he had run too far from God to make the journey back into a relationship with Him. But, as he cried out for God’s mercy, Jeff with his daughters, Arisa and Ariya. (Click to enlarge)Jeff realized he had been wrong. Jesus was right there to comfort him.

“He [Jesus] assured me he had never stopped loving me and had never left me or given up on me. For the first time in my life, I truly asked Jesus to be my Lord and Savior,” Jeff explained. Jeff vowed to give God the rest of his life from the moment of his salvation.

Jeff and his son soon moved back to the United States and were living in Alabama. Despite the fact that Jeff was living the Christian life he thought was expected of him—working, taking care of his family, tithing, and attending church religiously, he was still unfulfilled.Jeff ministering the Word to the Thai people. (Click to enlarge)

“I was totally and completely dissatisfied in my heart. I knew there was more to life than to just tuck my “ticket to heaven” in my pocket and patiently wait for Christ to return. The quality of that life was no better than that of the Buddhists I had met in Thailand,” Jeff said.

Through fasting and prayer Jeff sought the Lord for His divine plan, and on the fourth day of his fast, God showed him a very clear vision of the direction He had for Jeff and his family. He was calling them to take the Gospel to the world, with a particular focus on the northeast region of Thailand.

Arisa and Ariya leading worship.
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Jeff knew he needed preparation before they could fulfill his calling, but didn’t know where or how that was to happen. However God knew just where he wanted him to go. Jeff attended a Gospel Truth Seminar in Alabama where Andrew talked about Charis Bible College. After attending an informational meeting, he knew that the college would prepare him to share the nearly-too-good-to-be-true-news with the world.

In ministering to the Thai people, Jeff has finally found the fulfillment that had escaped him for so much of his life. Today, the DeVine family enjoys ministry together under the banner of Jeff Devine Ministries. Jeff recalls, In ministering to the Thai people, Jeff has finally found the fulfillment that had escaped him for so much of his life. (Click to enlarge) when they arrived in Thailand in 2009, that his daughters turned to him and said, “Daddy, we’re home!” Both girls love being part of the ministry and the calling. They often participate in skits that demonstrate the true nature of God.

Unlike other times in his life, Jeff describes his work in Thailand with a full and satisfied heart, “I know I am in God's perfect will. I have found nothing in my life more fulfilling than to minister the truth of God's love and grace and to see lives changed. To see people that formerly had no relationship with God, now have their lives completely transformed by a relationship with Jesus Christ; there is nothing more wonderful than that.”

To learn more about Jeff and his family's growing ministry visit the homepage for Jeff DeVine Ministries.


"Why Can't We Do That?"

Transformation in South Africa

Andrew and the Reddiar family.
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The Gospel Truth message has radically transformed the lives of Mark and Samantha Reddiar. “It has changed the way we think. It has changed the way we do things,” says Mark. “It has changed everything. Now, without trying, we do more good than we ever did when we tried to do it on our own.”

Their journey began when a friend of Samantha’s encouraged her to listen to Andrew Wommack on GOD TV, but they almost missed the message. “We turned it on once or twice and were not really impressed,” says Mark, “because it was this quiet, sitting-down-in-a-chair type of thing—not what we are used to with the other ministers we listen to.”

Andrew on the Gospel Truth programFortunately for their hometown of Durban, South Africa, the Reddiars tuned in again and were captivated by Hannah Terradez’s miraculous healing. After the program, they said to each other, “These are normal, ordinary people. Why can’t we do that?” And they did. Since they first heard Andrew’s message, Mark and Samantha have led nearly 500 people to Christ and have seen another 700 people healed.

The first thing they did after watching Hannah’s story was go to the AWM website. “We got onto the website immediately and started downloading the free MP3s,” says Mark. “That has been a blessing like you wouldn't believe.”

Samantha describes herself as being a completely ineffective Christian before she heard the grace and faith message: “I was saved and I knew about God, but I didn’t know who He was.” She and Mark now spend up to two hours a day listening to Andrew, and they have devoured all of his teachings. “The most important thing we’ve learned is that God is real,” she shares. “He has never been this real to us, and He becomes more real each day. We have been absolutely transformed.”

Samantha and Mark Reddiar
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Once they understood healing, Mark and Samantha asked to lead a training seminar at their church in Durban, where they trained nearly forty people to heal the sick. “Our congregants became empowered and went out healing people, bringing them into the church,” says Mark. “It grew the church to such an extent that our pastors approached us and said, ‘You need a place in the ministry.’ And they honored us by ordaining us as evangelists for the community and for the church.”

The Reddiars’ passion is to see the lives of others transformed, as theirs have been. “Our families and our friends, people in our church, have literally been set free when we tell them about grace and how their sins have been forgiven,” says Samantha. “It’s not a fear-based salvation; it’s just freedom and absolute love.”

Mark and Samantha now host a weekly healing service at their house, and some people travel nearly fifty miles to attend. “The first person we ever prayed for had cancer,” says Mark. “She went back to one of the biggest hospitals in Durban and got a report that she didn’t have to go through chemo anymore because the cancer was gone.” At their first church ministry session, God showed Himself strong on their behalf. A policeman came forward, having suffered eighteen years of neck pain from a work-related injury. The pain was so bad that he was no longer able to work as a law enforcement officer. “He later told us that after we prayed for him, he had his first good night’s sleep in eighteen years,” shares Mark.

Mark Reddiar sharing the Word of God. (Click to enlarge)Mark and Samantha now see God do things every day that they didn’t even know were possible just a few years ago. “We were plugged into religion, with no reality of who God was,” says Samantha, explaining that they have unplugged from the system so they can learn who God truly is and share the message with others in their community.

The Reddiars are amazed by how God’s Word has come alive for them. As they share the message of grace and faith and how it has affected their lives, they are seeing the people around them transformed as well. “We’ve now taught more than seventy people to heal the sick using the power of God and things we have learned through Andrew,” relates Mark.

However, in spite of the hundreds of people whose lives have been changed, much remains to be done. “People here are desperate for the true Word of God,” says Samantha. She and Mark believe that the churches in their area are mired in religion and need to return to simple faith in the Word of God. “It’s a desperate situation because we are starved of the Word of God,” she explains.

Mark Reddiar ministering (Click to enlarge)Andrew Wommack has never visited Durban, South Africa, yet his teachings have made a dramatic impact. “Because of what God has done through Andrew, our lives have been changed,” says Mark. “The lives of people we know have been changed. The people we’ve taught how to heal have seen miracles like you might not believe—signs and wonders. They have prayed for people who had bones out of place, which have then moved back where they should be. It has been amazing—a wonderful journey. God has used us to influence our community in such a way, it’s beyond our belief."

Reprinted from the article It's the Fruit that Counts, found in the upcoming Spring & Summer 2010 edition of Andrew's Gospel Truth magazine.


Keeping the Message Moving

Profile of the AWM Production Department

The Production Deptartment handles up to 200,000 outgoing letters per month.
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Since answering the Lord's call to ministry, Andrew and Jamie have been recording and distributing Andrew's messages. After more than 40 years sharing the Gospel, Andrew has archived hundreds of teachings, published more than 35 books and produced many topical teaching series. As the ministry has grown, so too have the requests for these materials. The products Andrew and Jamie once distributed on their own now require a production team of eighteen people to keep up with the orders the ministry receives on a
daily basis.

AWM employs 18 people to accommodate the steady, efficient production of Andrew's materials. (Click to enlarge)Production Department Manager, Millie Narvaez, who has been with AWM for nearly twenty-three years, recalls a time when the department, then mostly volunteer, mailed approximately five-hundred letters, and produced and shipped around two-thousand cassette tapes per month. Now, a long time since those early days in Manitou Springs, Millie's department mails between 150,000 and 200,000 letters per month. These include all ministry related correspondence, brochures and meeting announcements as well as newsletters, magazines and other information. While there are still a few lingering cassettes, Millie said that the majority of what they produce and ship are CDs and DVDs. She estimates shipments totaling roughly 35,000 pieces each month between the CDs, DVDs, books, study guides, and various other products currently available.

Teaching materials are packaged by hand. (Click to enlarge)The ministry receives these requests through a steady stream of phone calls fielded in the AWM Phone Center, electronically through the AWM website, and by letters received in the mail. While much of the product being shipped has been paid for with suggested donation amounts, Andrew has also given away millions of his teaching materials at no charge. Offering free tapes and CDs reflects Andrew's commitment to the Lord that he would always make his messages available, regardless of a person's ability to make a donation.

The Production Department does more than handle the shipping of the outgoing products; the team is also responsible for the duplicating processes and packaging the items as well. A large part of production involves the duplication of the CDs and DVDs. The CD/DVD duplication area of the department reproduces Andrew's teachings 8-12 hours per day—Monday through Friday. (Click to enlarge)The department has roughly one hundred and fifty CD/DVD burners running between eight and twelve hours a day to keep up with the
incoming orders.

Additionally, the department is responsible for packing the materials Andrew brings with him when he goes on the road for a Gospel Truth Seminar or to an individual off-campus meeting. As the attendance at Andrew's meetings continues to grow, the task of supplying the materials to meet the people's needs does as well.

The AWM Production team keeps the Gospel message moving. (Click to enlarge)Millie relies on Supervisor, Vera Webb and Jr. Supervisor, Anna Yamamoto to keep the team running smoothly. The majority of employees in the production department are Charis Bible College graduates or current students. Millie said, "The production crew is made up of great folks and good workers."

Like all aspects of the Andrew's ministry, AWM's Production Department has grown significantly over the years. The department occupies roughly ten-thousand square feet of space in the current building. Millie remembers thinking about how big the area was when they first moved in. Now she and the team are looking forward to being able to utilize significantly more space in the proposed new facility. The new space will allow them to produce, house and distribute the materials that continue to set people free in an increasingly efficient way.