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Watching God's Best Unfold

Clint and Laura Zeller have taken over as the new director and administrator of Charis Bible College in Houston, Texas.
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Clint Zeller, who graduated from the third-year School of Ministry at Charis Bible College (CBC), served as a combat medic in the Army for seven years before being medically discharged for a heart condition.

He was told that his ailment was caused by stress, and he was also diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety. To manage his symptoms, Clint attended anger management and PTSD support groups. After listening to Andrew’s teaching about his true identity in Christ, however, Clint was immediately healed of the heart condition, and the anxiety and PTSD symptoms disappeared as well. Today Clint and his wife, Laura, have taken over as the new director and administrator of CBC Houston.

The Zellers met at Fort Riley, Kansas, while they we were both serving in the Army. Laura was a medic for four years and served fifteen months in Baghdad, Iraq. Despite the fact that Laura swore she would never marry a soldier, the couple fell in love and exchanged wedding vows.

Both Clint and Laura had a spiritual wake-up call when they were expecting their first child. “I was born again when I was a teenager but never started living for God until I was in my mid-twenties. Laura and I were expecting our daughter, Grace, and knew we wanted our kids to go to church. Good people go to church, and our kids were going to be good people! We started going to Rocky Mountain Family Church in Pueblo, Colorado, and quickly found out that there was more to church than just being a good person. That’s when our lives really began to change,” Clint recalled.

Laura was born again as a child and grew up in what she describes as a very loving, big, happy family. They attended a great church in Independence, Missouri, three times a week without fail. “My dad taught me to follow God,” Laura recalls, “but he knew that I had lost my passion in my late teens and early twenties. He never made me feel bad or pushed me away. When Clint and I got married, we were totally different people than we are now. My dad just laughs at how awesome God is in turning our lives around.”

The Zeller family. (Click to enlarge)After being discharged from the Army, Clint began pursuing a degree in Health Administration. It wasn’t long, however, before Clint began feeling unsettled in his heart. He decided that he should quit pursuing his degree and instead go into full-time ministry. Clint shared the idea with Laura, and the two thought it best to discuss the idea with their pastor. After hearing the Zellers’ hearts, their pastor recommended that the couple attend CBC, to help prepare them for their calling.

Coincidentally, when Clint and Laura went online to look up Andrew Wommack and CBC, they learned that Campus Days was just a couple of weeks away. Clint immediately made plans to attend the three-day conference, where he was able to sit in on actual classes and mingle with the faculty and staff. Clint knew as soon as he walked through the door that he was supposed to attend CBC. Laura, who watched the live stream, was also impressed by what she heard. “Clint got to go to Campus Days, and I watched live, online from home. I remember just staring at the computer in total awe at what was happening. From that moment on, Clint and I both knew that CBC was our next step,” says Laura.

Finding Andrew and CBC has been instrumental for the Zellers, not only in helping them turn their lives around, but also in finding their destinies. Clint remembers being radically changed by Andrew’s teaching, You’ve Already Got It!, but it was Spirit, Soul & Body that has affected him the most.

Andrew's teaching, Spirit, Soul & Body is available on CD, DVD, paperback book and study guide. (Click to enlarge)Spirit, Soul & Body significantly impacted Laura as well. “This foundational truth is important in understanding so much about who you are, who God is, and what He truly thinks about you. When this revelation went from just head knowledge to really knowing, I couldn’t stop talking about it,” she says.

Both Clint and Laura were drawn to Andrew because of his down-to-earth nature. “He didn’t use big flashy words, turn red, and spit on people in the front row when he was teaching. He speaks from his heart. Andrew’s knowledge of the Word comes out in such a way that anyone and everyone can understand. Listening to him speak in school, you could sense that his passion for God was really palpable. Change your life, change the world. That’s Andrew’s vision, and it’s our vision for Houston, Texas, as well,” Laura states.

Since attending CBC, Laura says their lives have been anything but boring. “As we have renewed our minds to the true nature of God, we have seen His good, acceptable, and perfect will unfold right before our eyes,” she explains. “Our passion is to see the same things happen to each student attending CBC Houston.”

Thank you, CBC World Outreach Partners, for joining with us to help people realize God’s perfect will for their lives. The Zellers are confident that CBC Houston will continue to grow under their leadership, and the city of Houston will be further saturated with the Good News of God’s love.

Are you curious about others who have graduated from CBC and gone on to change the world? Click the CBC Grads in Ministry link to the right, and find testimony after testimony of transformed lives. CBC graduates who have a passion to direct extension schools are taking the hope of Jesus Christ to every corner of the earth.

Partnership with CBC World Outreach is making a difference all over the world. If you have never taken the opportunity to partner with us, please consider doing so today.


Life After Graduation: Len Burger 

Len Burger (right) with Ministry Ambassador, Wendell Parr, during Len's graduation ceremony in 2012. (Click to enlarge)2007 was the year that I received God’s call on my life. He showed me what He wanted me to do for His kingdom with the time that I had here on earth. He gave me a dream and for the past seven years I’ve been pursuing the knowledge of God and His call for my life.

Part of my preparation was to attend Bible College. I started at CBC Heidelberg in 2011 and completed my second year in 2012. After graduating, God showed me that I was to stay in Heidelberg for further preparation time and to finish the work started in this lovely town.

I’m currently the youth leader of a local church and also run 4 home-groups throughout the week. We run a soup kitchen where we feed and minister to the kids. I find that the best way to minister is not by preaching but by demonstrating the love of God.

We’ve got big plans for this town and I believe God is going to do big things in little Heidelberg! We want to enlarge the soup kitchen to enable us to feed more kids and minister the Word to them in a way that they can receive it—mainly having projects, fun days, handing out children’s Bibles and just loving them! I’m also planning a youth conference for the young people in town and another one for just the guys. I’m on the committee of an anti-drug campaign that was started by some of the church leaders and people from the community. We aim to prevent substance abuse among the people in town and try to rehabilitate those already caught up in it. It’s amazing to see churches, businesses and schools come together under the name of Christ.

Soon I’m hoping to go to DR Congo to minister God’s love. My friend Raymond and I have taken many trips and outreaches all over South Africa, we hope to go into Africa for another trip.

I’m learning a lot from all of these projects and I’m thankful that God prepares me for the next step after every step I take. Soon I’ll be fulfilling my dream (If I haven’t started already) and I can Impact the world with this God that I serve. But above all I’m just happy that I’m getting to know God more and more and that I can enjoy this adventure with Him. Dankie Here (Afrikaans for - Thank you Lord).

Len engaging the children as they enjoy a meal at a soup kitchen. (Click to enlarge)Len demonstrating the love of God, and teaching without preaching. (Click to enlarge)

Adapted from the article, Charis Bible College: Life After Graduation , originally printed in the Spring & Summer 2014 edition of Andrew Wommack Ministries Gospel Truth magazine (South Africa edition).


The Best Is Yet to Come

Check out Charis Bible College's latest worship album. (Click to enlarge)Daniel Amstutz and the Charis Bible College Worship Ministry have released a new worship album, The Best Is Yet To Come. The album, available on CD, DVD and MP3, was recorded live at the CBC campus in Woodland Park, Colorado.

The title track for the 14 song album was written by Daniel Amstutz, the Director of CBC's School of Worship. Late in the project, although the team had been working on the album for some time, the Lord weaved in an addition of His own. Interestingly, with 13 songs planned and arranged, the Holy Spirit began to reshape the theme of the album in Daniel's heart. Daniel remembers clearly the moment when the Holy Spirit spoke the song title to him. As Daniel pondered the phrase, the best is yet to come and compared it with his revelation of the Lord's goodness—that every promise in the new covenant is for us, now, today—even still, the best is yet to come, he clearly heard the Lord say to him, "That is a song, and I want you to write it."

The worship experience at Charis Bible College in Colorado.
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"I started getting the melody of the chorus almost immediately, as soon as the seed was sown in my heart! I prayed about it, and went home and wrote it that night! It was awesome, how it felt like it was being downloaded!" Daniel said.

Daniel's next step was to get together with Marcus Gresham to work out the "musical roadmap" for the recording of the new album. CBC's School of Worship was also very involved in the project. Five of the fourteen songs are original, and were written by the Worship School staff and students. The album has been enthusiastically received, and Daniel and the team have received encouraging feedback from listeners, who are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to experience the anointed CBC worship.

"It is amazing how a song can minister to people," Daniel said. "It is not just the lyrics, but the powerful combination of the emotional impact of the music, combined with the lyrics, that opens up the soul for huge possibilities."

The worship team has heard testimonies of people receiving healing and restoration, along with comfort and encouragement, as a result of listening to the new album. According to Daniel, the music styles featured offer something for everyone, regardless of personal music preferences.

Daniel said of the recording experience, "I am very blessed to be working with such world class musicians, servant-leaders, and amazing students, who really do want to change the world, one life at a time."

To get your copy of The Best is Yet to Come, you can purchase the album on the Charis Bible College website, iTunes or Amazon.