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This Just Happened – Phoenix GTS

Andrew preaching in Phoenix (Click to enlarge)This January, Andrew Wommack Ministries traded the ice-capped mountains of Colorado for the wide-open desert skies of Arizona, bringing with them the first Gospel Truth Seminar of the year. Phoenix is always a wonderful venue, and this year was no exception. We had new partnership pledges, Association of Related Ministries International (ARMI) sign-ups, and people getting teaching resources reached an outstanding level. Students from Colorado, Phoenix, and Ontario, California, came to serve as prayer ministers, ushers, and greeters, along with several partners and alumni who wanted to serve in the seminar. Every one of them came with the expectation of seeing people saved, baptized in the Holy Spirit, miraculously healed—and that’s exactly what they saw!

Prayer team (Click to enlarge)Before and after each session, a line of attendees stretched across the venue, eagerly waiting for the next available prayer minister. People’s lives were being changed all over the room. Many came in hopes of a physical or emotional healing and walked away renewed, set free, and humbled by the tremendous love of God.

Most of the people who came up for prayer were battling chronic pain from major accidents, previous surgery, or even arthritis. There were people dealing with excruciating pain from disc or other back and joint areas, especially in the arms, neck, and knees. One by one, people were walking away pain free, moving in ways of which they had once only dreamed! They were introduced to their Healer, and they walked away forever changed.

Lady whose leg grew out nearly three inches (Click to enlarge)There were five instances of legs growing out and hips and knees realigning. One lady, who had to wear a wedge in her shoe that gave her two and a half to three inches of height, was prayed for by two of our ministers. They watched in grateful amazement as her leg grew out nearly three inches and her knees completely lined up! Safe to say, no more wedge in her shoe!

Another lady was recovering from Lyme disease and could hardly walk. She was brought up to the front in a wheelchair. Can you guess where this is going? She left the conference pushing her own wheelchair out of the auditorium! This lady simply could not stop smiling as she basked in the love and presence of her God.

Prayer minister (Click to enlarge)The stories go on and on. A man with a twisted arm caused from a birth defect was prayed for, and his arm completely straightened out. He left with no pain. However, our prayer ministers didn’t stop at the attendees. One of the employees at the Biltmore was suffering from a major backache; that is, until two of our ministers prayed for her in their room. The employee left with no pain and full movement in her back! Okay, I think God was just showing off now.

Andrew preaching (Click to enlarge)By the end of the weekend, nine people prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior and eighty-six more prayed to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. People’s lives were touched, their bodies were healed, and their relationship with God would never be the same. It’s through the friends and partners of Andrew Wommack Ministries that we can bring these Gospel Truth Seminars to multiple cities across the United States and the world.

Check out our website to see when we’re bringing one to you!


Summer Family Bible Conference

Kids at the conference (Click to enlarge)The Summer Family Bible Conference is an annual event where God speaks a “now” message and the worship lifts hearts. Approximately 1,100 attended last year, determined to draw closer to the Lord and to respond to His leading for the future. They nodded in agreement when Andrew preached about success—that only what God calls you to do will have lasting value—and they were encouraged by a variety of Charis Bible College teachers who reminded them that believers possess the life of God in the here and now. A special session of Healing School brought freedom to many bound by disease, and on the Fourth of July, all were blessed with a surprise treat: an award-winning drummer, dressed in Revolutionary garb, playing the classic sounds of freedom.

Youth learning about God (Click to enlarge)The teens gathered in a big tent, led by John and Abi Elshaw (directors of Charis Toronto). Abi says, “Kids were healed and experienced His presence. It was encouraging how many of them were walking in the understanding that God loves them and sees them as perfect, regardless of what they do. They prayed for each other with authority and praised God with passion. The theme was ‘This Is Who We Are!’—created in the image of God, unique, and free to be who He made us. We’ve heard negatives about ‘the youth of today,’ but the truth is, there are families who are training their children in the way they should go, passing down the knowledge of God’s grace and mercy, and raising a generation who want to be like Jesus!

“And we had fun! We shot each other with marshmallow guns (even Andrew got shot at with marshmallows!) and built friendships over pizza and pop. Our socks were totally blessed off!”

Worship service for the kids (Click to enlarge)The younger kids had their own tent, too, led by third-year interns Josh McFall and Derek Dickerson. Josh says, “When I was asked to help with the kids, I thought, I don’t know if I can do this, but the most outstanding thing of my life happened there. I was teaching about the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and I asked the kids if they wanted to hear my secret language that the Enemy can’t decipher. Of course they hollered ‘YES!’—so, I prayed out loud in tongues. Then the Lord brought to mind the scripture that says if you speak publicly in tongues, it must have interpretation. I was put on the spot. I asked the kids if anyone understood what I said. Not a peep out of any of them. I was stuck for a minute, but the Holy Spirit rose up in my heart and it was so crazy strong, I had to jump. I shouted about how God our Father loves His children. It was the most overwhelming moment I have ever had. If you were there, you would know what I mean. It was life changing, all in a flash.”

Andrew preaching (Click to enlarge)If you weren’t at the Summer Family Bible Conference last year, pray about coming this year. It’s refreshing to be in the gorgeous Colorado mountains, meet believers from all around the globe, watch the kids bouncing in carnival tents, and sample a delicious variety of food. But most importantly, it’s refreshing to receive the Word of God. So, make plans to come join us June 29-July 3, 2015. We look forward to seeing you there!


To the Nations of the World!

The School of Missions, training students to reach the world (Click to enlarge)“Let me tell you a story.” Delron says. “I have a missionary friend who travels to the island nations of the South Pacific which look like dots on a map. While my friend is there, she wins the king, queen, prince, and princess to Jesus, and the whole island then is impacted with the Gospel.

“Well, one day a ‘friend’ of this woman said to her, ‘Oh, you aren’t a missionary. All you have is a spirit of travel and adventure.’ This, of course, wounded her to have this woman say that—especially since she thought they were friends. When my missionary friend told me all this, I said to her, ‘You are a missionary because you have a spirit of travel and adventure. God put that in you so that when He called you, you would already have the nature to fulfill that call.’”

Students receive personal and interactive training from Delron (Click to enlarge)Stories like this one are the reason Delron does what he does as director of the School of Missions. He leads one of the third-year tracks at Charis Bible College. What started as merely an elective class for second-year students has now evolved into a full third-year school. It is complete with guest speakers, Delron’s own missionary curriculum, and on-the-field experience during a six-week missions trip to the Dominican Republic.

“There simply was not enough time to adequately prepare the students for a six-week missions trip,” explains Delron. “They spent more time on their trip, developing more as a team than doing actual ministry.” Since the school became established, however, students now spend an average of nine hours a week under their missions training and are further equipped for when their trips approach in the spring.

This, of course, is only the beginning. Like all the other third-year tracks, the School of Missions has big plans for the future. Children receive Jesus in the Dominican (Click to enlarge)“Right now the statistics show that 95 percent of people who are preparing themselves for a lifetime of ministry have a vision to minister in America,” informs Delron. “That’s only 5 percent of the world’s population. I would like to see the tables turned where the 95 percent are being trained to reach the 95 percent.”

Plans for multiple locations of missions trips are a part of Delron’s heart as the school continues to grow. “I have a vision to go beyond just one specific place to be trained,” admits Delron. “One day when people say ‘I want to go minister in Africa,’ we’ll have a camp in Africa where they can go and spend their six weeks. And it will be the same for people who want to minister in Europe or the 10/40 Window. As the student body grows, I would like to see the school expand to where people can actually get a hands-on feel in the environment where they are called.”

2013-2014 School of Missions students in the Dominican Republic (Click to enlarge)Delron concludes, “I grew up with that wanderlust, travel and adventure spirit. And I believe God put that in me as a child, so that when He called me to missions as an adult, it would just naturally fall into place. I’m looking for those people who have that adventuresome spirit and who aren’t afraid to try new things or go to new places.”

For more information on the School of Missions or to apply for the 2015-2016 Charis Bible College school year, visit our website: The greatest adventures begin with the first step. Make yours today!