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The Gospel Works- No Matter Where You Live

Charis Bible College, Heidelberg
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Not far from the coast of South Africa, where the Langeberg Mountains rise, the message of God’s unconditional love and grace is spreading like wildfire. As more of Andrew’s materials are translated into Afrikaans (an official language in South Africa and one of the most widely understood throughout South Africa and Namibia), people’s lives are changing. As a result, they are reaching out to others with the truth of the Gospel.

This testimony recently came through Andrew Wommack Ministries’ South Africa office:

“A young couple in our church was having problems. The husband was drinking and his family treated him like an outcast, but we saw something else in him. We loved him…we heard the Holy Spirit say to give him a book. I knew instinctively it was one of Andrew’s books, Effortless Change. A week Map of Western Cape, South Africa
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later, he phoned and asked to keep it longer. He was reading the Scriptures and making notes. He [said he] never knew how much God loved him. The next Sunday, he came to us bubbling with excitement. He gave us a bone-crushing hug and said, “My uncle, you will never know what this book has done to me.” His [marriage] changed; they were like honeymooners [again]. His mom wants to read the book [next]; she cannot believe the change in her son…God bless Andrew!”

-The Winklespruits

Not only are lives being changed through printed material but also through television and discipleship. In 2010, Charis Bible College South Africa opened its doors in Heidelberg, Western Cape with 20 first-year students. Now over 500 students (on campus and via correspondence) are experiencing the effortless change the truth of the Word brings!

Carlynne Kotze, Bible school director, Heidelberg (Click to enlarge)As Charis students grow in their understanding of God’s love, they boldly begin to minister to the townspeople around Western Cape in hospitals, prisons, schools, and their local churches. It’s only natural that others experience the power of God’s grace. Director Carlynne Kotze says that as inquiries continue to increase, God is simply being faithful to His Word and bringing people from afar to attend school and grow in their knowledge of Him.

When asked about the change in her life since she left a successful physiotherapy practice, Calynne said—

“There is no comparison between the life of faith and grace I now live, and my previous life as a physiotherapist. My focus then was on myself and [my] performance, but now my focus is only on God and what Jesus accomplished for me on the cross. There are still times that I feel scared or inadequate and have to remind myself that no one was qualified when God called them. [But because I know He called me, I know] He will also qualify me [as I] focus on Him alone [to] do the job. An anchor in my life, Acts 5:38-39, basically says , ‘Leave and stay away from these people. For if the plans are of man, they will come to nothing, but if the plans are of God, no one will be able to overthrow it!’

Andrew Wommack Ministries, South Africa (Click to enlarge)


Seeds of Destiny

Tommy and Kleist Rhodes, Charis extension school directors, Raleigh-Durham (Click to enlarge)Does God have a specific plan for my life? How do I know I’m following His will and not my own? What’s my part in fulfilling His plan?

Like many of us, Tommy and Kleist Rhodes of North Carolina faced those same questions. Prior to attending Charis Bible College, the Rhodes witnessed an entire generation of believers drown themselves in their negligence of the Word of God as the foundation.

But one day, while listening to Andrew on the Gospel Truth program, Kleist heard him say, “If the church was doing its job, I wouldn’t have to have a Bible school.” Something sparked within her, and a seed of destiny planted itself in her heart. Continuing to listen, Kleist gleaned additional truths about grace, righteousness, and discovering God’s plan for her life.

At fifty-three years old, Kleist told her husband, “Tommy, I’ve finally found someone who is telling the truth. I’m going to Colorado.”

“Okay,” Tommy responded, “but would you cook dinner first?”

Witnessing God's provision in the newly remodeled lobby of Charis Bible College, Raleigh-Durham
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Five years later, after God had planted and watered the seeds of His Word in the Rhodes’ hearts, Tommy and Kleist began the application process to attend CharisColorado’s two-year program. They graduated in 2010 and enrolled in the third-year training program with a desire to be extension school directors and disciple others in the foundations of the Word.

When they returned to North Carolina, they witnessed the fulfillment of what was prophesied over them—“People will rise up and come alongside you…everything is ready for the school. You’ll be surprised how things just materialize.” Unexpectedly, a master carpenter called and offered his services. “I’m going to be one of your students,” he said. “If you need anything built or fixed or moved, I’ll do it. I’ve also been collecting stuff out of dumpsters and from old projects. I have desks, chairs, filing cabinets, bulletin boards, and even a nice countertop. Could you use them?”

The growing classes of Charis Bible College, Raleigh-Durham (Click to enlarge)“Everything we needed literally walked in the door,” Kleist recalled. As excitement for the new school grew, other students found projection screens, mail cubbies, decorations, a refrigerator, and tables for what would become their breakroom. “It was amazing to watch God work out the details. When I approached our resident master carpenter to discuss building modifications, he said, ‘I know exactly what to do; the Lord has already shown me.’ The accuracy of his sketch compared to my vision was surreal.”

All it took for the Rhodes to begin walking out God’s plan for their lives was an initial step of faith. God planted and watered the seeds of destiny in their hearts, but Tommy and Kleist had to be willing to follow Him for the seeds to grow.

If you’ve lost your sense of destiny, I encourage you to read Andrew’s book How to Find, Follow, and Fulfill God’s Will. It will really bless your life and get you going in the right direction!


A Balanced Christian Life—Revealed!

Howard Condor of Revelation TV interviews Andrew Wommack, August 4, 2014 (Click to enlarge)Is the church guilty of abusing the grace of God? Can our response to His grace effect how others view Him? How do we live out the grace of God yet do what is necessary to keep a good conscience and testimony before the world? During a recent interview in the United Kingdom with Howard Condor of Revelation TV, Andrew addressed these concerns.

As the message of grace gains popularity, more and more people seem to be taking extreme sides. One side says that God is good and His saving grace extends to all, regardless of whether they receive it by faith. This extreme leads people to ask, “What’s the point of doing anything? Everyone is already saved.” The other side emphasizes living by faith, but they rule out grace, which is what gives the ability to live the life of faith. This teaching tends toward legalism and the notion that one can “make God move.” Both views are dangerous.

Living in the Balance of Grace and Faith, is key to receiving from God (Click to enlarge)Biblical truth is actually a combination of grace and faith. Romans 5:2 says that we enter into God’s grace—redemption, healing, prosperity, and all the other things Christ provided—by faith. In his interview, Andrew said, “Grace is what God does for us—independent of us. But faith is our response to God’s grace.” It takes a balance of both ingredients to truly free us from sin and give us victory in life.

Andrew explained how he lives in the balance of grace and faith, a popular teaching of his. “I study the Word. I pray. I live a very strict holy life, but not in order to make me accepted by God. I’m accepted because of His grace, but I discipline myself to keep a good conscience before God—to keep my attitude toward God healthy.”

Traditionally, the church has preached “Go to church, pay your tithes, study the Word” and do the things necessary to “please God” and conqueror sin. But keeping the Law doesn’t break the dominion of sin or empower you to live holy (Gal. 2:21).

Grace destroys the bonds of sin (Click to enlarge)Romans 6:14 says—

For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.

It’s only recognizing the grace of God that breaks the power of sin in our lives and frees us to live in relationship with Him. Andrew said, “When we truly understand the message of grace, it sparks holiness in us—not as something we do to get God to bless us but out of thanksgiving for what He’s already done.”

For the grace of God that bringeth salvation hath appeared to all men, [12] teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world.

-Titus 2:11-12

According to Andrew, “Holiness is a fruit, not the root, of salvation.” It is a byproduct of our relationship with God. It’s a matter of staying in the balance of grace and faith.


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