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The Answer’s Simple—Obedience Is the Question

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Have you ever wondered why people genuinely find the answer to that question puzzling?

“And God created…every living creature that moveth…and every winged fowl after his kind…. [22] And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful,
and multiply

Genesis 1:21-22a, emphasis mine

The answer is only puzzling if you don’t know what God’s Word says about it. The chicken came first.

Knowing God’s answer is not the only thing that matters, though. Once you have an answer from Him, your obedience to His Word becomes the question. In Andrew’s Lessons from Elijah teaching, he demonstrates how Elijah’s life teaches that both hearing and continuing to obey God’s voice are important.

Elijah “appears on the scene with no introduction” (p. 1) during a time
of wickedness:

“And Ahab the son of Omri did evil in the sight of the Lord above all that were before him. [31] …he took to wife Jezebel…and went and served Baal, and worshipped him.”

1 Kings 16:30-31

The word of drought that God gave Elijah to declare to Ahab changed everyone’s circumstances—even his own. Today, too, in a climate of confusion and darkness, believers are looking for answers. But as Andrew puts it, that’s not really the problem:

“It’s not a lack of words [or answers] from God that is the problem; it’s the failure of people to realize what they have in God’s Word and [to] act on it that is the problem today” (p. 3, brackets mine).

In other words, the real problem lies in believing an answer God’s provided and taking the next step of obedience to what He has said:

“We want to have the entire picture before we step out on God’s Word. Elijah didn’t have that! He didn’t know that the Lord was going to make supernatural provision for him. He just had one word from God: ‘Tell the king a drought is coming.’ Then after he was faithful to go and speak forth that word, God revealed the next step” (p. 7).

I faced a time like this in my own life. In March 2013, I attended Charis Campus Days in Colorado, thinking I was just there to find out about distance learning. In one of the sessions, Andrew said, “Someone here is thinking— I can’t come to school because I have older parents, my son will have to switch schools, I have a business, I have a dog…” I felt like there was a giant neon arrow pointing down at me. I knew God was speaking. Then Andrew said, “If that’s you, stand up.” I felt as though I had on a 100-pound lead suit. I struggled to stand and was the only one standing. Slowly others stood. He prayed that we would never forget the moment that we got the call to come to school.

When I went home, I found out that there were real obstacles to my obeying God. However, as I faced each situation, it was as if I had been given a machete and was hacking my way through a jungle. For me, it became a question of continual obedience. By August of that same year, my belongings were in a trailer going west, and my son and I were traveling toward Colorado in a car the Lord had provided for me just two weeks earlier.

Andrew teaches through Elijah’s life that God sends provision to the place He intends you to be. He calls this principle “a place called ‘there.’” Because God is good, He may give you supernatural incentives to make your obedience easier, but—

“Your place called ‘there’ isn’t necessarily a specific geographic location. It’s often more an attitude of wholeheartedly moving toward doing what God has said for you to do” (p. 21).

The outcomes of my obedience have been wonderful. My three years at Charis Bible College healed and changed me. The Lord has positioned me in the Andrew Wommack Ministries Publications Department, from where I am blogging today. Lessons from Elijah makes it clear that you will find God’s answers for your life—obedience is the only real question.

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The Warmth of His Love

“God wants me to give you a word—just one word,” a woman told recent Charis graduate Denise Mize. “Maybe you know what it means,” she continued. “The word is Russia.”

“Throughout my first year at Charis Bible College, I had a strong desire to go to Russia on my second-year missions trip,” Denise said. “So, when the time came to submit our choices, I wrote Russia right at the top. [While] waiting to hear, I never really doubted that it would be Russia, and it was! Knowing God gave me a word through a woman I had never met gave me peace and joy. I knew He had a purpose for me in Russia.”

Like a blanket of snow that freezes all living things in its tracks, religion has been covering Russia, crippling God’s children who so desperately desire the love of their Father. This is where Charis sent a team of second-year students, who took with them the light and warmth of their heavenly Father.

After the students arrived, they were divided into teams and sent out for two days to minister to one family, being reminded that deep relationships take time. When Denise and her teammate Shalom entered the home of Masha, a dear Christian woman who lived in a small village outside Izhevsk, Denise instantly felt a special connection to her. “I just couldn’t love on this woman enough,” she recalled. “I soon felt that two days just wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to leave. My love for Masha was greater than any inconvenience.

“When we first arrived and realized the bathroom was a crude, wooden outhouse in the frozen backyard, I quoted Philippians 4:13 and promised the Lord and myself [that] I would not complain. Now I think, Outhouse? No big deal! If given the opportunity to go be with Masha again, I would jump at the chance—and I would bring some of those disposable toilet seat covers!”

Not only did Masha receive the healing she needed, but Denise noticed that Masha was also receiving the Father’s love through them. Denise insisted that their translator, Sergey, read Proverbs 31 to her.

“As he read the verses describing the skills [the virtuous woman had] of preparing food and sewing for her household, he pointed to the food on the table and lifted up her crocheted rugs [that] we had been admiring,” Denise said. “After he finished the reading, he translated my words: ‘Masha, you are a Proverbs 31 woman. You show the love of God to others in so many ways.’ I will never forget her smile. Masha and I both cried when we said goodbye. I think about Masha and pray for her every day.”

As a supporter of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College, you are a part of bringing life and healing not only to the nations, but also to the students who visit them. Recent Charis graduate William Bellamy, injured in a snowboarding accident just before his trip to Russia, asked for prayer for his shoulders while he was there—and something quite unexpected came his way.

“As the people began to pray for me, I received total healing in both shoulders instantly,” recalled William. “While they were praying, one woman put her hand on my lower back directly where I had major pain from an injury I received during the Iraq War. The area began to get warm, and instantly the pain
was gone.”

We may never know the full effects of what happened in the frozen tundra of Russia this side of eternity. However, we do know that this is just the beginning, as more and more students are realizing who they are—and Whose they are—and are going out to proclaim it to the world.

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What Do You See?

Intimidation is a powerful weapon. Satan wields it through people and circumstances to interrupt, deter, or completely stop the plans of God. Have you ever been afraid to do what you felt God wanted you to do? The prophet Elijah could relate to that feeling. In his Lessons from Elijah teaching, Andrew shares from Scripture a specific incident. Elijah had just finished slaughtering 850 prophets of Baal and of the groves, who had been fed at Queen Jezebel’s table (1 Kin. 18:19). This means Baal worship was the state religion (p. 97).

“Jezebel didn’t like Elijah, because he was a prophet of the Lord. Upon hearing the news of all Elijah had done, she became furious and took an oath saying, ‘May the gods make me like one of these slaughtered prophets if Elijah isn’t dead by this time tomorrow!’ Then she sent a messenger to tell Elijah what she was determined to do. ‘And when he [Elijah] saw that, he arose, and went [fled] for his life’ (1 Kin. 19:3, brackets mine)… So what did Elijah see? He saw himself like one of those dead men he had just slaughtered. Jezebel painted a word picture, ‘So let the gods do to me, and more also, if you aren’t like one of those dead prophets by this time tomorrow!’ Elijah’s mind flashed back to that grisly scene and he saw himself dead. That’s why he
fled” (p. 98).

When you confront Satan’s kingdom, he will work through people and circumstances to try to intimidate you. As Andrew points out in his book, Jezebel was trying to intimidate Elijah. If she had really planned on killing him, she would have sent a soldier, not a messenger.

There is a reason Elijah had the courage to challenge the prophets of Baal:

“The day before, he had seen the word God had put in his heart. He saw himself challenging the prophets of Baal to a duel, calling down fire, and slaughtering them. He told the Lord, ‘Let the people know that I have done these things at Your word.’ He had seen these things already in his
heart” (p. 99).

What do you see in your heart? How do you see yourself, and how do you
see God?

If you read Elijah’s whole story in the Bible, you learn that God took care of him, even though he didn’t always handle every intimidating circumstance well. If God did that for Elijah, He will do it for you. Let that be an encouragement as you remain steadfast in the midst of your circumstances! Andrew continues:

“Due to his boldness to proclaim the word of God, the king had sought him in every nation on the face of the earth (1 Kin. 18:10). If you stick around long enough, you’ll see the word of God put you in a position of authority every single time. However, you must be truly speaking God’s Word, not just your own doctrines and opinions. Sooner or later, the word of God will always exalt you” (p. 72).

Are you facing an intimidating situation or person? Learn from Elijah’s mistakes and successes through Andrew’s Lessons from Elijah teaching. It’s available in CD, DVD, book, and study guide formats. You can get the book in Spanish as well. You can also watch Andrew teach Lessons from Elijah on the Gospel Truth broadcast.

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