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From Escaping Death to Inspiring Life

Carrie Fischer as a baby (Click to enlarge)“When I was a little girl, I had recurring dreams of a baby in the womb who was fighting for her life. I could tell this baby was in pain and literally felt her pain and heard her screams. It troubled me, but I let it go for several years. Then somebody told me that my mother had not wanted me and tried to kill me.”

Before Carrie Fischer was born, her mother attempted a first trimester abortion with her in 1968—five years before the infamous Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision. Six months later, on June 10, 1969, she had a beautiful baby girl, but not without some troubling consequences: “My mother was in labor for thirty-six hours,” explains Carrie, “and I ended up paralyzed on one side of my face and was deaf in one ear. The doctors were telling my mom that I was never going to be normal, that I would be mentally challenged by age thirteen, living like a vegetable.” Proving the doctors wrong, Carrie went through school making A’s, and B’s and even went on to earn a two-year marketing degree in college.

As a Carrie and her mother (Click to enlarge)teenager, Carrie confronted her mother about what had happened to her during her mother’s pregnancy. “She lived with a lot of guilt and shame,” recounts Carrie. “It hurt her, especially given the physical effects of how I turned out. She just broke down crying. I just remember being so overwhelmed. I was maybe a little angry, thinking, How could you do that? But those feelings became compassion and love for her. I told her, ‘I love you. I forgive you. I’m glad I’m here.’”

Even though God restored her relationship with her mother, the consequences of what had happened would follow Carrie, bringing their own trials and challenges: “I would go to school and come home, crying every day,” she admits. “In public school, kids would put me in lockers, spit on me, and beat me up—just very unkind stuff. It was hard. I begged my mother not to send me to school.” So, finally, in the eleventh and twelfth grade, she took a job to pay for private school.

“I was so distraught over it that when I got into my early thirties, I said, ‘I can’t do this anymore, God.’ So, I took some anti-depressants, drank a bottle of wine, and went to sleep, hoping I wouldn’t wake up again.” Miraculously, Carrie did wake up the next morning, completely untouched by any of the possible side effects from the night before. “That’s when I knew,” recounts Carrie. “I knew that God had a purpose and a plan for me being here.”

Carrie and her husband (Click to enlarge)Carrie and her husband of three years live in Houston where they help care for her mother. The incredible and redemptive love of God is evident in the lives of these two women, and continues on today. “I feel that’s what I’m called to do,” informs Carrie. “I want to minister to these women who are hurting and tell them that God loves them and God forgives them.

“For those who have aborted their children, I believe that God has told me I can offer forgiveness to them as an almost aborted child myself. I want you to know that your child loves you, your child forgives you, and that you will see your children again. God also loves you and He forgives you.                                                                   Don’t ever doubt that.”

Carrie and her husband continue to travel and speak as much as they can, inspiring hope and proclaiming that no matter what you’re going through, life is still precious and every life deserves a chance.

To see the full interview of Carrie Fischer with Andrew Wommack, which aired on January 22, 2015, click here.


Andrew Interviews Connie Weiskopf

In November 2010, we shared the story of Connie Weiskopf's introduction to the unconditional love of God and how the Lord had touched her life. The story chronicled the guilt and condemnation that had plagued Connie for decades, revealing that since her adolescence Connie's life had been anything but carefree. Over the span of time shared in the story, she had been raped multiple times, terminated three pregnancies, and had gone on to battle breast cancer as an adult. But, after her introduction to Jesus and Andrew's teaching, Connie's life was transformed.

Today we are happy to share a video update to Connie's story. Last summer, Andrew had the opportunity to sit down with the Weiskopfs at the Healing Journeys Reunion held at The Sanctuary. Watch the video below as Connie and her husband, David, share with Andrew, in their own words, the miraculous turnaround they have witnessed in their own lives and the lives of many others as a result of receiving the Gospel Truth. 

Originally Posted: January 30, 2012


Connie Weiskopf

Connie Weiskopf with her husband David at a Life Choices event in 2009. (Click to enlarge)Some people profess to believe in God, but they don't know Him, His nature, His love or His power. This was true of Connie Weiskopf for a long time. Connie grew up in a large family with whom she attended a denominational church. It was through her church experience that the blindness of religion covered her eyes. It was there that God, the Father, was misrepresented as a wrathful, angry God, ready to strike her with sickness or to punish her because of her sin.

One particular event during Connie's formative adolescent years caused her to look at life through a filter; at the age of sixteen she was raped. Because of her religious foundation, and misperception of who God is, Connie was unable to turn to Him for comfort. Rather she hid from God; struggling with the shame and guilt she carried by herself. Connie came to blame God for the bad things that happened in her life.

Connie painting shortly after graduating from college. (Click to enlarge)After college Connie established herself as a graphic designer and renowned watercolor artist. As life progressed, she became involved in an abusive relationship, one in which she was raped again. This time, Connie found herself with an unwanted pregnancy. Connie had her first abortion, and her shame and guilt deepened.

Still unable to turn to God, Connie looked to the world for love, and in her wounded state she became involved with David—another unhealthy relationship. Connie had a second abortion. "David and I aborted our first child together and my heart truly died. I no longer felt. I only existed. No one ever told me I had choices, only that abortion would solve my 'problem'," said Connie.

Connie's paintings were shown in galleries from San Francisco to SOHO, New York.
(Click to enlarge)
Sometime later, a friend invited Connie to church, and for the first time she felt the love of God. At last, Connie had found a comfortable place in God's presence. She was also pregnant again. Worried that if anyone knew she was pregnant she wouldn't be welcome to continue to meet with the God she had just met, she terminated her third child.

Continuing to attend her new church, Connie gave her life to Christ and fell passionately in love with Him. "He became everything I had been searching for. He became my best friend and my husband," Connie said.

After two years apart, David and Connie were reunited and married.
(Click to enlarge)
As Connie's passions and focus shifted to Jesus, she and David separated. She attended a local Bible college hosted at her church, and as she sought to know Him, Connie learned to recognize His voice. Two years after their separation, the Lord led her back to David and the two were married.

After several relocations, including one back to her home State of Colorado, and a career change in which the Lord led her away from the arts to a position with Life Choices Pregnancy Center, Connie was diagnosed with breast cancer. Prior to her diagnosis, the Lord had been teaching Connie about His healing power, so she sought healing through His Word and prayer from like-minded people in her church.

A friend had given her one of Andrew's tapes several years earlier and she knew that when Andrew prayed, people received healing. Connie contacted AWM and asked if Andrew would come pray for her. Connie is able to minister in a life-giving and life-saving way through her position at the pregnancy center. (Click to enlarge)The ministry replied that he was unable to accommodate her request, but instead invited her to where Andrew would be ministering at a local church in Colorado Springs. Connie went to the meeting and was able to meet with Andrew before the service. After asking if she was ready to receive her healing, Andrew prayed a simple prayer. She remembers Andrew's message about the balance of grace and faith being exactly what she needed to hear to receive her healing.

Although she had been prayed for, Connie underwent surgery a short time later. Following the procedure, during which a surgeon removed a portion of her left breast, the doctor called and said, "We don't know what happened, there was no cancer left." Connie said, "I know what happened. God healed me!" David and Connie praised God and rejoiced in Him!

Connie finds joy in her work and ministry.
(Click to enlarge)
Now, Connie continues her work as a Center Director with Life Choices Pregnancy Center. Through her position she is able to share the truth with the women who visit the facility. "I get to share the truth so that women know they can make a choice for life. I share that there is a loving, gracious God, who took care of all of our sins at the cross. I also get to share about the power of Jesus Christ that is available to those who believe," said Connie. While Connie has seen many healed, she said she receives her greatest joy when salvations occur and she can see others getting it; getting to know about this incredible love of a good God. 

Watch the video below as Connie and her husband, David share their Healing Journey.

Originally Posted: November 11, 2010