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The Charis Campus Days Experience

Greg MohrGreg Mohr, the new director of Charis Bible College, sat down with Eileen Quinn, a content assistant in the AWM Publications Department, to discuss Charis’s upcoming Campus Days event. Eileen, now a Third-Year Ministry Track Student, made a decision to come to Charis Colorado after hearing God’s call at Campus Days 2013.

Eileen Quinn: Hi, Pastor Greg. I’d like to thank you for giving us your time for this interview.

Greg Mohr: Oh, you’re welcome, Eileen. I’m happy to do it.

EQ: Let’s begin with some details about the event so that readers know when it is. When is the event, and who are the speakers?

GM: The event’s on April 6-8, and the main speakers are myself, Carrie Picket, Lawson Perdue, Wendell Parr, Barry Bennett, and Andrew.

EQ: This newsletter will go out to our friends and partners, many of whom have not yet become students. We would like to tell them why this event is unique. Can you speak to that?

GM: Well, the unique thing to Campus Days is that guests get to meet and learn about several of our key instructors, adjunct instructors, and staff here at Charis. We are trying to give the participants a view into what a day at Charis looks like or what they can expect from different instructors—as well as from Andrew. They are already familiar with him, so we want to give them a taste of what they could expect when they come here as students.

EQ: You often hear Andrew and others talk about the “Charis Experience.” What elements of the “Charis Experience” would you say that people experience at Campus Days?

GM: What we describe as the “Charis Experience” is exactly what we try to incorporate into Campus Days. That would be fellowship with other current and prospective students, awesome worship that brings people into the presence of God, [and] teaching from the Word that comes from both revelation and experience. All of our instructors are experienced in their field. Students will also experience what they take away from this environment—a sense of empowerment to go out and do the things they received while here. So, that would include healing, all types of ministry…that’s unique to Charis. People come and get to know God better, but then they leave empowered to take it and apply it in their world, their business, their ministry, and so on. People experience that from three days of concentrated fellowship, ministry, and worship at Campus Days.

EQ: You know, that’s so true! That’s why I came. When Andrew was teaching that year, he taught on the Emmaus road (Luke 24), which is one of my favorite passages of Scripture. I thought I would just come and go back home and do the online program. But while I was here, God made it so clear that I was to relocate and go to school here.

GM: Yes, now some people come and know they are supposed to start school at an extension school near them, start Distance Learning, or that they are—like you—to relocate and come to Charis Colorado. You know, we only want people to come here who are actually called to come here. That’s why you can take Charis courses many different ways. We want the Holy Spirit to speak to people and for people to hear for themselves what they are supposed to do. Hearing that call as to where you are supposed to be is what will give you what I like to call “finishing power.”

EQ: So, the journey to Colorado for Campus Days, is it a foreshadowing of what it would be like for them to come here for school?

GM: Yes, we want to give them a realistic picture of what campus life is. I meant to mention that earlier, but when people come here and see the beautiful landscape and environment of Colorado that God’s given us, and this beautiful facility, they realize that this is a culture of love, transparency, and training. Really, it’s a culture of excellence. It’s not perfection. What I mean by excellence is that it’s a culture where we do our best and give our all because the stakes are eternal.

EQ: Is the day structured to make prospective students feel like they are being given an educational tour of the ministry, not just a physical tour?

GM: Yes, first our guests will be greeted with fellowship and refreshments. Then we will have worship, and then each day they will receive powerful teaching from different instructors. And we will have times for people to gather around information tables and ask questions. At that time, instructors will mingle with people and answer their questions. Some of their answers will come from current students who will be present. Then they will learn about practical relocation information: housing, jobs, and various opportunities. So, if they do need that, they will have the information they need. We will have booths set up for that. But, really, the focus of Campus Days is we want to connect with people where they are, we want to connect people more deeply with their relationship with God, and we want people to know that God has a good plan for their lives. And when they discover that plan, it will—as we like to say here—make their “baby leap,” like the baby leapt in Elizabeth’s womb [Luke 1:41]. This journey through Charis will help students discover that plan that God has for them and then enable them to go out and live that plan that God has for their lives. It often starts with Campus Days, where they get the desire to discover that plan.

EQ: Would you say that coming to Campus Days puts flesh and bone on the “Charis Experience”?

GM: God can speak to you from your home, while you’re driving, while you’re in your own walk of life about some aspect of His calling, but it’s another thing for you to “walk on the land.” God told Joshua to walk on the land—spy out the land. There’s another dimension of discovery that you get once you’re here, and that will confirm that call on your life.

People come here for a lot of reasons: They want to know God better, they want to develop a deeper relationship with God, or they want to hear God’s voice. People come here to discover their purpose. We want those whom God draws here, who want to be changed and then trained up to change their world. Campus Days helps prospective students not decide but discover who they are and God’s plan for their lives.


Stay in the Ring

My heart was pounding as I watched the competitors exit the ring, most limping or bleeding. Whistles pierced the air as people filled the arena with cheers and shouting. A big, red cross hung over the medical station, guiding those who needed post-match patching up. “I’m not so sure about this,” I said to my husband.

“He’ll be fine,” he replied with smooth assurance.

When my boys were young, they were given the unique opportunity of training under a former U.S. Olympic taekwondo coach. This was my youngest son’s first tournament, and he had chosen to compete in the sparring event. As he put on his helmet and protective padding, he entered the ring with a kid who was twice his size. The scowl on that kid was enough to make me want to run down and snatch my son out of there! With one blow of a whistle, the match began, and with great intensity, the big kid immediately delivered a roundhouse kick to the back of my son’s leg, sending him to the mat. As he lay there, my husband yelled from the sidelines, “You’re okay! Get up and keep going!”

As the match continued, my son got in a few good kicks and blocks, but overall, he was being pummeled by the giant. The whistle blew, and the first round was over. He came to the edge of the ring for water and a quick rest. “I can’t do this,” he said.

“Don’t give up,” his father encouraged him. “This is what you’ve trained for. You can do this!”

Sometimes when you’re pursuing the vision God has put in your heart, it feels like you’re in the ring with a giant—getting pummeled. It can be tempting to leave the ring and all of its challenges. But you need to remember that you have a Father right outside the ring, saying, “Don’t give up. You can do this!” He knows that perseverance is the key to unlocking the doors He has for you.

In his Lessons from Joseph teaching, Andrew says,

If you never get out on a limb, you’ll never bear fruit. God doesn’t want you to be a trunk hugger. He wants you out on the limb, blowing in the breeze…where it’s a little scary—because that’s where the fruit grows. You [may] have the temptation to quit and to give up and to just say, “What’s the use? I tried.” God [will enable you] to stand…when it looks like nothing is working. (brackets added)

After many challenges and five years of training, my son earned his first-degree black belt. I still remember the day when his coach tied the belt on for the first time. He had won the prize and finished the race. I saw a different person than the boy who had felt defeated in the ring. He had come to believe he could accomplish anything, knowing that anything worth having is never easy to obtain.

Andrew continues,

If you are going to really succeed, you are going to have to get to a place to where you can see yourself succeeding when everything in the natural looks contrary. You’ve got to stay diligent. If you are going to see God use you, you are going to have to look beyond your physical circumstances and see things by faith.

To learn more about Joseph’s life as an example for your own Christian walk, check out Andrew’s Lessons from Joseph teaching.

When God gives you a dream and a vision, it doesn’t matter if things go perfectly along the way. What matters is that you choose to stay in the ring.

If this has inspired you, please post a comment below.


Healed When the Dominoes of Revelation Fell

Teresa Houghteling (left)“My dominant emotion was fear. The disease that was in my body was slowly killing me from the inside out, and there was nothing I could do about it.”

Every six months, Teresa Houghteling had to get her bloodwork checked to see if her organs were still functioning properly. She was suffering from the deadly and incurable Sjögren’s syndrome. After dealing with the disease for several years, it had become something she just had to live with. However, in 2007, Teresa had an encounter with God and rededicated herself to Him, beginning a new journey.

Unfortunately, Teresa’s body did not immediately line up with her inner transformation. In fact, her physical symptoms worsened. “In 2011, I was diagnosed with lupus, degenerative disk disease in my back, a bulged disk, and carpal tunnel in my right arm,” shares Teresa. “The emotion that followed was pure confusion.”

It wasn’t long, though, before some friends gave her Andrew’s You’ve Already Got It! teaching. In 2012, Teresa’s husband, Patrick, started Charis Bible College; Teresa herself enrolled a year later.

Sitting under the Word of God, Teresa began to understand the importance of revelation knowledge and how words are powerless without it. “I remember Andrew making the statement that one of the reasons we don’t get healed is because our physical bodies are more real to us than our spirit man.” For Teresa, this transformation was well on its way, and everything she had been meditating on for six months culminated at Healing School in March 2014.

“Somebody spoke a word from the stage, and immediately the dominoes of revelation I had received just fell. I got it. I began to speak to the diseases in my body and told them to get out. On my way home I heard God say, ‘So, if you’re healed, doesn’t that include your thyroid gland?’” Fear tried to creep back in as Teresa thought about what would happen if she stopped her medication. However, she determined not to allow fear to dominate her
life again!

Teresa’s journey brought her to a place of complete health and freedom. However, she will be the first one to tell you that it was not overnight. “It was a process for me. I had emotional healing that took place before the physical healing…. I became so focused on my relationship with God that I honestly couldn’t say when symptoms began to leave my body…. I know that no matter what comes my way, His Word is true, and no one will ever be able to take that away
from me.”

If you are interested in attending Healing School, please visit the Healing School website under the Programs tab at Also, check out last year’s Healing Is Here Conference on this week’s Gospel Truth broadcast, or watch sessions of the conference in the August 2015 video archives:

Make plans to join us at this year’s Healing Is Here event. The best is yet
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