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Healing Is Here: Rewind

(Click to enlarge)Broken…desperate…expectant…healed!

Andrew Wommack ministering to a full house at the first eve Healing Is Here Conference (Click to enlarge)People from all over the world checked themselves out of hospitals, rescheduled surgeries, gathered friends and family, and traveled hundreds of miles to attend this year’s Healing is Here Conference at Charis Bible College Colorado. This powerful four-day conference received such an overwhelming response, event coordinators had to close registration and invite people to join by watching online.

With an average attendance of over 1,000 people at each session and nearly 2,000 live streaming the event, it is obvious how hungry the church is to see the power of God. Carlie Terradez, one of the event coordinators, said, “People came from all over the world to attend and left us with souvenirs of glasses, walkers, canes, crutches, and braces. We even got a handicap-parking permit! It was miraculous!”

Charis prayer team ministers to the needs of hundreds of attendees (Click to enlarge)Utilizing Andrew’s You’ve Already Got It! teaching and material from Charis Bible College’s Prayer Minister Training course, Healing Is Here broke through religious tradition and taught participants how to receive healing from God and how to minister it to others. Taking what they learned to the streets, participants reported people being saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Spirit.

Event coordinators saw a man who had been paralyzed for six years get out of his wheelchair and take his first steps. One woman, undergoing chemotherapy, came to the conference wearing a wig. She testified during the event that her head started itching, so she took off her wig to find tufts of hair growing back!

Testimonies continued to flood in. Participants are saying things like:

“I’ve been a Christian for years, but I’ve never heard teaching like this.”

A few souvenirs from Healing is Here Conference 2014 (Click to enlarge)

“I’m healed!”

“I didn’t know God would use me.”

“My body is full of the Holy Spirit—there’s no room for sickness to stay!”

“When’s the next event?”

Praise God for what He’s done!


Going Far, Reaching Deep

Phase II, otherwise known as 'The Auditorium,' has begun at the Charis Colorado campus (Click to enlarge)Andrew Wommack Ministries has exploded since 2002 when the Lord spoke to Andrew to stop limiting Him with small thinking. In September of 2009, the ministry purchased 157 acres of pristine mountain property here in Woodland Park, Colorado. Phase I of our building project on the property is complete, and the new campus for Charis Bible College Colorado is in full operation.

What a blessing this has been, not only to the students who attend classes, but also to the thousands of people who come for conferences and ministry events. We are thankful to God for using us to help change the way people see God. Thank you to our partners and friends for joining us in the vision to make this happen.

Recently the Lord spoke to Andrew to reachPikes Peak Mountain towers over the construction of Phase II (Click to enlarge) as far and as deep with the Gospel as possible. The goal is to reach far through television, radio, conferences, the internet, and through printed material. Reaching deep is the goal of discipling men and women through the establishment and development of Charis Bible Colleges around the world.

And it’s time to grow again.

The Lord is sending more and more people to be trained and raised up as leaders at our Charis Bible College headquarters in Woodland Park. Our current campus is bursting at the seams, and that’s a good problem. It means God’s hand is on us. But in order to be good stewards of those He is entrusting to us, a larger facility is needed. That is what Phase II is all about. It is the building project for a new campus on our Woodland Park property. This new home for Charis Colorado, called The Auditorium, will be a 140,000-Andrew and Jamie Wommack give an update while the AWM staff outline the perimeter of the new building (Click to enlarge)plus-square-foot facility that will seat 3,000 students. We have already broken ground.

Phase II, a $35 million project, is underway, and The Auditorium is set to be completed in 2016. God’s best is that it be done debt free. We will reach this goal, but we need you to join us. With your help, we’ll be able to receive all those coming to us.

Romans 10:14-15 says,

How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? [15] And how can anyone preach unless they are sent?

New International Version

God has made it clear that we are to go. Is He speaking to you about sending us? Become a partner with us, and watch how far and deep we can take the Gospel to the world!

For your convenience, you can partner with us by going online: or by calling our Helpline: 719-635-1111. Also, we now have a Text2Give option: To give a $10 donation, simply text the word “Charis” to 80888. (The donation will automatically appear on your next phone bill.)

Watch this video for the latest progress on The Auditorium.



Trading Shame for Redemption

Ottilia with CBC Zimbabwe (Click to enlarge)“I was in darkness for thirty-six years. I knew all about God, yet I was lost.” Life circumstances had taken a toll on Ottilia Nyagura, and although she sought refuge in the comfort of her church, the religious nature of her denomination actually compounded her suffering.

Ottilia is a single mother of three children, and her cultural surroundings, in Zimbabwe as well as within the walls of her church, never let her forget it. She lived under the burdensome weight of shame, condemnation, and rejection by society—until she heard one of Andrew's teachings. “Listening to ‘No More Sin-Consciousness’ completely changed the way I perceived my relationship with God,” remarks Ottilia. “I know that Jesus Christ has already paid for my sins—past, present, and future—and that my righteousness is in Him. It’s a done deal. I don’t have to fall apart like a two-dollar suitcase.”

After having tasted the sweetness of theA time of fellowship (Click to enlarge) Word of God, Ottilia moved to Walsall in West Midlands, England, to attend Charis Bible College. “I heard a voice say, ‘Come and learn My Word. I have called you to be My servant.’ How could I do the Lord’s work when I did not know Him?” she says. Fulfilling the responsibility of being a parent, Ottilia attended her studies during the day, while working part time at night, sending money back to Zimbabwe for her mother and three children. It’s said that a mother’s work is never truly done. Ottilia knew just how true that was, even thousands of miles removed from her children.

However, Ottilia stayed the course to finish what God had told her to do. She went on to graduate from Charis West Midlands, complete her third-year apprenticeship, and was ordained into the ministry in October 2009. “Feeling as though the brook had dried up in England, I traveled to South Africa in January of 2010. I was inspired by the opening of a Charis there and had this zeal to start one in Zimbabwe. I was then connected with Keith Chigondo, a graduate from Charis St. Petersburg, Russia, who was already located in Zimbabwe. We discussed the visions we both had to start a school in our mother country. A few months later, we received the tremendous blessing of materials from Charis West Midlands and were able to watch our visions come true, as the planting of Charis Zimbabwe commenced.”

Ottilia being ordained into the ministry
(Click to enlarge)
Life on the mission field isn’t always easy, but the goodness of God proved to be Ottilia’s strength when she didn’t have any strength of her own. “It was tough for me, leaving my children and mother for the sake of the Word, but the words spoken by Paul Flanagan at my ordination kept me going: ‘It is a great honor to be able to send a mighty woman of God to the frontlines, fully equipped, fully trained, and fully armed. She is a devastating weapon to the Enemy. Faithful. Faithful. Faithful.’ I knew that God had called me for this message to reach out in His goodness.”

Today Ottilia serves as the assistant director for Charis Zimbabwe, alongside Keith Chigondo, and is fulfilling the call of God on her life to be a missionary in her own country. You, too, can experience the surety of living in God’s perfect will for your life. Visit Charis Bible College online to find a school nearest you. God only knows the adventures awaiting those who take the first step.