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Can a Vacation Save Your Family’s Lives?

Recently Eileen Quinn, a writer for Andrew Wommack Ministries, sat down with Carlie Terradez, the AWM conference manager, to talk about the upcoming Summer Family Bible Conference, July 4-8, in Woodland
Park, Colorado.

Eileen Quinn: Themes always say a lot about the conference. What’s the theme for this year’s Summer Family Bible Conference?

Carlie Terradez: Well, the theme is “Celebrating Our Faith, Freedom, and Dependence on God.” It starts this year on the Fourth of July, so the Declaration of Dependence was on our minds.

EQ: How many years have they been doing this event?

CT: Forever? [laughs] Probably over a decade. They’ve been doing it since we [she and her husband, Ashley] came eight years ago, and it wasn’t new when we came. I don’t know…. But it’s one of Andrew’s original ones. And the thing that makes this conference unique is that it’s the only one that has children’s ministry. So, I don’t know if this is relevant, but when we were in England and we went to the conference—

EQ: Is that the Grace and Faith Conference that is held in England
[in] May?

CT: Well, it is now. It wasn’t even called that then. It was significant to us. It was the first conference we ever attended, and it was the conference that Hannah [Carlie and Ashley’s daughter] was healed at.

EQ: May I ask what year that was in?

CT: That was in 2006. But we never would have made that move if children’s ministry hadn’t been a big part of that.

We had toddlers—a three-, four-, and five-year-old—and we were traveling by ourselves. When we phoned up the Helpline over there, we asked, “What kind of provision do you have for children?” We were just desperate and hurting to get some help. They said, “Oh, we have childcare. We’ll take good care of
your boys.”

Just the fact that there was provision for childcare made us feel like we could make the journey. We felt like, This is possible. It was the start of something that we were going to be supported in. It was going to be a safe place to come, and we were going to be refreshed. We were going to be built up. It made us feel like we could do it. That’s why I’m a big believer in
children’s ministry.

People come globally for this event [in England]. It’s the only [event] that ministers to the whole family. They minister to our kids as much as to us. And in the end, because we felt like we could make the move, Hannah was healed. It was life-changing for us. If it wasn’t for the fact that children’s ministry was offered to us, we probably wouldn’t have felt like we [could] ever do it.

[Hannah] wouldn’t be here today. It was life and death for us.

When I read this title—“[Celebrating Our] Faith, Freedom, and Dependence on God”it brings back all those memories. It was the start of something new for us as a family. It was a memorable vacation in that sense, but we didn’t know then just how life-changing it would be.

EQ: Wow, I can tell that this kind of conference is close to your heart. Thank you, Carlie. I think that your testimony sort of says it all.


It was back in 2006 that the Terradez family vacation resulted in the amazing healing testimony of their then three-year-old daughter, Hannah. Hannah received healing from a rare autoimmune disease called eosinophilic enteropathy. This disorder caused her body to reject every type of food. A miracle for one member of a family changed every generation of their family, as well as the community where they lived.

But Hannah’s healing had even further impact on the Terradez family. As they partnered with Andrew Wommack Ministries, they heard the call to come to Charis Bible College in Colorado. Carlie and Ashley both now work at the ministry and also serve as adjunct instructors at the college. Their lives were truly changed during the vacation that saved their daughter’s life and then sent them across an ocean to be taught about how much God loved them and wanted them well.

Consider joining us at the Summer Family Bible Conference here in Colorado. For five days, you will be surrounded by more than a thousand like-minded believers. The worship will cause your hope to rise, and the teaching will strengthen you. And if you have children, they will receive the same grace-filled ministry that you do—but geared to their hearts and minds. It may just save your
family’s lives!

If you would like to have a vacation that will impact your family while you celebrate your faith and dependence on God, go here to register for this year’s Summer Family Bible Conference!


Grace, Faith, and Religion

Andrew joined Jesse Duplantis and Jefferson Bethke in a recent interview on TBN’s Praise the Lord program for a spirited and powerful discussion on grace, faith, and religion in the church. Hosted by Matt and Laurie Crouch, the show brought together multiple generations to address a subject that has often caused division among believers.

“There [is] a faith camp and a grace camp, and sometimes they don’t see eye to eye,” Matt began. Each guest agreed that there has been a misunderstanding among believers about what faith and grace actually mean. While some see grace as an excuse to sin, others view faith as taking human credit for God’s work. The panel agreed that faith and grace should work together, and each shared their individual perspectives.

Andrew relayed his journey in “living in the balance of grace and faith,” which is also the title of one of his teachings. “I had experienced grace in a supernatural way. It was wonderful, but it ruined my theology,” he admitted. Andrew continued by explaining that this led to a problem in his walk: When he leaned so much on grace, he didn’t balance it with faith. Ephesians 2:8 says, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God” (New International Version).

Andrew compared grace and faith to sodium and chlorine. Sodium or chlorine consumed alone are poisonous and will kill a person. But when they’re combined into the compound sodium chloride—table salt—it is stable, safe, and necessary to life. He went on to say that in the same way, grace to the exclusion of faith—and vice versa—is harmful to our relationship with the Lord. But when combined, they are as necessary to one’s spiritual life as sodium chloride is to physical life.

Jefferson Bethke, a twenty-something Christian evangelist who is trying to encourage his generation to take a new approach to faith, prompted a discussion about the spirit of religion. Andrew offered this insight: “Religion is the work of man; grace and faith are the work of God. A lot of people think that sin is what separates us from God. God has already forgiven us for all sin—past, present, and even sins we will commit in the future.”

Andrew added that grace does not excuse sin, nor does faith make grace irrelevant. He said that religion distorts truth, while relationship embraces and encourages right living. “Religion teaches that faith is what you have to do to get God to bless you. But grace and faith have to work together. It’s a combination of God and me. Grace is what God has supplied, and faith is your positive response to what He has already done.”

Andrew showed how you can end up in wrong thinking when the two don’t work together. “If you say, ‘My faith did this,’ then you aren’t understanding the grace of God. On the other hand, if you say ‘It’s just up to God. It doesn’t matter what I do,’ that won’t work either.”

After a lively multigenerational discussion, the age gap was only evident when the conversation moved to social media. Andrew and Jesse, both in their sixties, shared wisdom on the issue of grace and faith, and Jefferson suggested to both of them, “You should really tweet some of this. It’s really tweetable stuff.” The two older men looked at each other, shrugged, and then laughed.

No matter your age or what “camp” you started in, this discussion about grace mixed with faith will help you develop spiritual maturity and true relationship with God.

For more on this program or to view the original November 18 broadcast, go to


So Simple That Even a Child…

If someone asked you to draw your spirit, what would you draw? It’s hard to draw something you’ve never seen. However, understanding the relationship between your spirit, soul, and body is foundational to walking with God. Andrew has dedicated a whole book to explaining this, entitled Spirit, Soul & Body. Recently this same teaching was updated with the help of Martin Berg, the administrator of the Andrew Wommack Ministries office in Birkenfeld, Germany. Spirit, Soul & Body Illustrated takes Andrew’s message and allows viewers to see what happens when they are born again. As Andrew speaks, a hand draws on a whiteboard, animating through pictures how we are all three-part beings. “My hope is that some people who were far from Andrew’s teaching will be drawn in and know the Father and the truth of the Gospel,” says Martin. “I made it so simple that even a child can understand it.”

Martin began watching Andrew in 2012, years after his first wife died of cancer. Even before his wife’s death, Martin had wanted to quit his engineering job and change professions. He felt that he wasn’t in the right place to receive the call of God. “I had no vision or dream. I was dominated by frustration and disappointment. I had no idea where to go or how to go,” he recalls. And he began asking himself, “What can I believe God for now?”

Through some amazing circumstances, Martin married again. His second wife, Yvette, eighteen years his junior, wanted a child of her own. As Martin prayed, God enlarged his heart, and he agreed to have another child, having had three with his first wife. With a new understanding of God’s purpose, the couple went on to have four more children. As they got to know Andrew’s message, God opened doors for Martin to work for AWM Germany. However, with a large family now, Germany’s illegalization of homeschooling motivated him and his wife to move over the border into France. The couple want to homeschool their remaining six children, ages ten to one.

As Martin’s desire to support Andrew was growing, he got a picture in his mind. He began to imagine how he could animate the truth that believers are made up of three parts. As an engineer, he had seen animated illustrations effectively explain difficult secular topics. Then the idea came to him: Show his hand drawing on a white canvas and have a camera film it, and then speed up the film to match Andrew’s voice describing how God made us spirit, soul, and body.

Martin’s first attempts failed. He didn’t get the effect he was looking for. Then he discovered software that could do it. Martin bought the software, but it was still a slow process of trial and error. His first demo was ready when he went to the AWM conference held in Wiesbaden in June 2014. It was there that he met Stephen Bransford, director of media productions for AWM. Martin gave him the demo.

For a long time, Martin heard nothing back from AWM about this. Then Klaus Gruber, current director of AWM Europe, told him that Andrew’s grandchild liked it. Martin was asked for a better version in September 2015. By February 2016, he had gifted Spirit, Soul & Body Illustrated to AWM. “I was not trying to be important,” says Martin. “I gave it just to be a blessing.” Now Martin’s blessing to the ministry is touching lives all over the world.

Andrew’s original Spirit, Soul & Body teaching is available as a CD or DVD series as well as a book and study guide. To order Spirit, Soul & Body Illustrated, click here.

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