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Religious Freedom Takes the Cake

Jack Phillips, the courageous Christian cake baker in Lakewood, Colorado, won his case before the United States Supreme Court on June 4. Previously he had been punished by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission for refusing to bake a cake for a homosexual marriage.

We had received word that 900 homosexual rights activists were responding to the Supreme Court’s decision by organizing a protest at Jack’s bakery on June 8. Alliance Defending Freedom and Colorado Family Action called on concerned Christians across Colorado to turn out on that day to show their support for Jack. He and his family have endured great personal and financial cost for standing up for their faith. We considered it a priority to support him for the price he’s paid for the religious freedoms we enjoy in our nation and sent a team. Below is an account of what took place.

June 8, 2018

We had a group of seven travel on one of the Charis Bible College shuttle buses to the Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, Colorado. We arrived at approximately 3:00 p.m. Our driver, Roc Butterfield, parked about a block from the bakery, allowing us to disembark at a location away from the crowd. The shop is in a medium-size strip mall, an end-cap space, not readily visible from the street unless you are looking for it.

When we arrived, there was a line from the front door to around the corner of the building, well past the other businesses in that location. I estimate there were about 150-200 people in that line, as well as another 150 or so mingling around in the parking area, both in front and on the side of the building.

I wanted to get a sense of the crowd; that is, friend or foe. So, I walked the length of the line, talking with a few people and reading the signs. The clear majority of those in line, I would say about 90 percent, were supporters of Jack Phillips and his family. They were waiting to get in the shop to patronize his business. It was very gratifying for me to see all these believers there supporting this man and his family who stood firm in the conviction of their belief and faith.

The line was so long that I did not plan to get in it, but my wife, Tracey, and some others got in line while I “worked the crowd.”

After some time, many of the young people from the Radiance Foundation—an educational, faith-based organization—got out of the line to move to the front area where speakers were about to address the crowd. There were also many young people there from Summit Ministries, out of Manitou Springs, who got out of line to move to the front. The line became
considerably shorter.

Jack Phillips (left)Pretty quickly, we were able to not only get in the shop but also have the honor of meeting Jack Phillips, the storeowner. We spoke with him and got a few photos. It was a real delight. He seemed to be a very personable, down-to-earth man, very friendly and sincere.

A few organizations and the defense firm that supported the Phillips family spoke briefly, and then Jack addressed the crowd with some short remarks he had prepared.

All in all, it was a very memorable experience. The beauty of it to me was to see all these believers come together in support of this family. Before we arrived, I anticipated there would be far less Christian support than opposition, which I mentioned to Tracey. But, boy, was I wrong! In fact, the word was that a large group of opposition was coming at 4:00. We stayed until an hour after that, and the group never showed up.

Written by Greg Asia


Get Your Life Back

Many of us do our best to stay healthy or to follow the doctor’s orders to get results, but how long can we maintain that effort? After years of trying to break free, have you just decided to live with your pain? We live in a fallen world where sickness and disease are commonplace, even for health-conscious individuals.

But we have a Savior who died for us—a God who still heals today! This means we can walk in divine health just as He intended!

Find out how people just like you got their lives back when they attended a past Healing Is Here Conference:

Debbie suffered from a neurological condition and vocal cord spasms, which caused voice loss. When Debbie was prayed for, she felt a warmth in her chest, then felt a release in her throat, and got her voice back. She’s
singing again!

Sue had stage 4 cancer, and doctors said she had just four years to live. She was losing weight rapidly, and her height was deteriorating. Then she came to the Healing Is Here Conference. Sue received prayer from Andrew her first year at the conference, and she held on to her miracle during the year that followed. She is now working full-time, walking, and exercising and has gained one-and-a-half inches back out of the five that she lost!

J.J. had lived with a back brace, had hip pain, and walked with a cane until the Healing Is Here Conference. When someone prayed for J.J. at the conference, he instantly felt his back pain leave. Rejoicing in his healing, J.J. shares, “It works. [Healing is] there. All we have to do is receive it!” He now lives without a cane, a brace, or pain!

And that’s not all that happened at this conference. Double vision was eliminated, knee pain cured, and even a newborn on life support started eating and breathing on his own after a long-distance prayer!

At Healing Is Here, it’s all about becoming equipped to receive your healing and to minister healing to others. Join us this year, August 14-17, for rich teachings, workshops, and hands-on training sessions. You can find out how to walk in God’s promises of health and wholeness—both physically
and emotionally.

Whether your need is big or small, you can see God’s goodness break through in your life! Come for a week of the anointed Word being spoken over you, and believe God for your miracle to take place. God has made a way for you to be free from sickness. Get your life back at the 2018 Healing Is Here Conference! The conference is free, but it fills up quickly. Register today!

Written by Mo Smith

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My Dad, My Trainer

My head was sweaty, my stomach was aching, and I was sprawled out on the couch. I could barely muster up the strength to stand up on my own.

I was sick.

Growing up, I hated being sick. I hated the feeling, the nausea, and the lack of energy. The only good part about it was my mom always taking care of me. She would fix up my favorite toast and let me sleep to my heart’s content.

But this time, my mom wasn’t around. I was home from school with my dad, who had a slightly different approach when it came to sickness.

Of course, he wanted me to feel better, but he didn’t want me getting used to caving in every time the Enemy attacked me. As a sophomore in high school, I didn’t think much about fighting the devil and standing up for God’s promises over my life. But my dad knew that this could not continue. Once I was out on my own, I would need to know how to believe God’s Word for myself. My dad was determined to teach and train me not only how to have faith but also how to stand on my own.

So, up we went, walking up and down our hallway, declaring scriptures of healing and life. As much as I did not like it at the time, I can now see how this prepared me to receive healing. (It did more for me than toast ever could!) Acting on what I believed was such a powerful lesson to learn.

On the Gospel Truth, Andrew has been teaching from his series Proverbs: Timeless Wisdom for a Life of Blessing. He shares from Proverbs 22:6,
which says,

“Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Commenting on this verse, Andrew says, “Boy, this is a powerful scripture, but I do need to point out that there’s a difference between training and teaching. There’s a lot of people that will teach their children what’s right and they’ll say, ‘You need to do this,’ but they actually train them in disobedience.”

How is that possible? Because those parents don’t act on what they’re teaching their children. They don’t lead by example.

After I graduated from high school in Madison, Georgia, I made the bold move to Colorado to go to Charis Bible College. I didn’t have my dad with me, but I did have his training and example. And because of all the ways he guided me in walking out my faith while I was growing up, I was able to stand on my own two feet, equipped to live a life based on faith and not
just principles.

Keep watching the Gospel Truth this month to gain more timeless wisdom for a life of blessing. It just might train you to act on your own faith too.

Written by Jessica Giaimo

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