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Mission to Uganda: Flying Home

Goodbye Uganda (Click to enlarge)I snapped a picture of the team in their Sunday best in Uganda. I never dress up to this level because I’m carrying a TV camera and tripod everywhere we go, so I’m not in the picture. (Otherwise, who would take it?) The video report that we put out in the weeks ahead will be the result of my work on this journey, and I believe it will be worth every effort. This was the last dress up opportunity for the group before embarking on our return. As we snapped the picture we were going to dinner and were facing nineteen hours of cars, flights, buses, and airport lounges the next day.

Birthday chocolate cheesecake
(Click to enlarge)
It was my birthday and Andrew was kind enough to celebrate with a starlight dinner under an umbrella tree that evening. Chocolate cheesecake dessert was served for me, and the staff sang the birthday song. The restaurant was Muslim run but several servers told Andrew they were “born again” and watch his program on
Lighthouse TV.

The next morning we drove to the airport and said a brief goodbye to Leland Shores. Once inside, we were met by two oriental business women, Vera Kim from Australia, and Partricia Sum from Singapore. We had heard rumors that a large oil reserve has been discovered in Uganda, and indeed, these women were working on financing and drilling contracts. Both of them watch Andrew on Gospel Truth TV daily, one on the Daystar Network and the other on God TV. While in Kampala they had visited the bookstore and had bought several of Andrew’s books. Once in flight they came back from the first class cabin to have Andrew autograph the books.

Vera and Patricia (Click to enlarge)Both Vera and Patricia felt that the timing of their trip was a divine appointment. They pressed Andrew to establish Charis Bible College extension schools in Australia and Singapore. These were certainly two seeds for future Charis Bible College graduates to pray about. All that is needed to start more schools are trained disciples, called of God to go out and make more disciples. The world is ready.

One thing became clear on this missions trip. The television program seen on the various satellite networks around the world is bringing together an enthusiastic family of believers who cherish the message of the unconditional love and grace of God. It is far greater than we know.

Last meal together (Click to enlarge)I write this from my room at the Heathrow Radisson. In the morning we will check out and fly to Denver. We realize that it is a great privilege to travel and see the effect of the Gospel Truth beyond the shores of America. I hope the log of our trip has allowed us to share that reality.

Filed Tuesday, June 8, 2010, 5pm, London time, AWMI Media Manager, Stephen Bransford


Mission to Uganda: Glory Of Christ Church

The Gospel Truth (Click to enlarge)Kampala is a city with some very large churches. Some with 20 to 30 thousand in attendance. Visiting television preachers usually want to be seen at one of these places of high visibility.

Each time he visits Uganda, Andrew has chosen not to do that. Instead he has visited Glory of Christ Church, led by Bishop Herbert Kiwanuka. The Bishop is a soft-spoken man who shares Andrew’s revelation of the grace of God, and for many years he felt quite alone in this city of high performance religion.

Glory of Christ Church (Click to enlarge)Glory of Christ Church sits in a poorer section of Kampala. It is reached by dirt road and has no parking facilities. More than 90 percent of those attending, walk to church. It has only recently gained indoor plumbing and each time Andrew visits he sees more improvements to the building. The congregation has grown from 2,000 to 4,000 worshippers on a Sunday, and Bishop Herbert sees the day when they will expand to accommodate 30,000.

Andrew and Jamie seated with Bishop Herbert and his wife Irene. (Click to enlarge)Herbert is a man of destiny. As a very young child he had very detailed visions of the risen Jesus Christ, even before he knew who the Lord was. Abandoned by his English father and Ugandan mother, he was taken-in by a loving English aunt, only to see her gunned down before his eyes during a bloody chapter of Ugandan history. The visions he received as a child helped preserve him with a sense of purpose until the day he was born again. This is a dramatic story we will share at a future date.

“Andrew, meet Andrew” (Click to enlarge)At dinner, following the service, a couple from the church brought their son to meet Andrew. They had been so transformed by the message of the Gospel Truth seen on TV everyday, that when their son was born they named him, Andrew Wommack.

“Andrew, meet Andrew Wommack.”

Filed Monday, June 6, 2010, midnight, Uganda time, AWMI Media Manager, Stephen Bransford´╗┐


Mission to Uganda: Orphanage And School

Andrew and orphans (Click to enlarge)On Saturday we drove from Kampala to the Divine Secondary School and Orphanage in Entebbe. This program is special to Andrew and his partners. They have supported it for seven years. It houses and educates 80 orphans and an additional 50 students from the local community. The program is run by Remy and Molly, Leland Shores mother and father-in-law.

Molly and Remy (Click to enlarge)Our relationship began when Don Krow made official visits beginning in 2003. He used ministry funds to install electricity in dorms, build bathrooms, purchase bunk beds, and fund other projects for the resident orphans. When Andrew first visited, two years ago, Remy and Molly were preparing to start a building program. He was touched by his visit with the orphans, and made a  donation to the project. During his visit a year ago he was able to see the foundations for a new school assembly building being prepared. Again he gave toward the building. During his visit this year, he could see that they had completed the first story and are preparing to add another level on a planned three level facility.

We met for hours with the orphans in the newly completed main room of the building. The children led praise and worship, then performed their tribal dances, which were very energetic and amazing. A tribal dance tells the children who they are, and where they belong in Ugandan culture. (Unfortunately I got carried away with video taping the dance and forgot to take any still pictures. So, as the sun was going down I suddenly remembered the need for still shots and snapped the few pictures you have with this report. Perhaps we can show the dance on a video later.)

The new building (Click to enlarge)Then  Andrew spoke. He told the children the story of his own mother, who was abandoned and adopted. He wanted them to know that their position at the orphanage was special because Remy and Molly had chosen them and provided for them. He then addressed them about finding their purpose in God’s eternal Word, and seeking to know Him through prayer and the Scriptures.

Before leaving, the children gave gifts to each of us; Ugandan shirts, personal notes, and an African map made of malachite.

On roof, preparing second story
(Click to enlarge)
A half dozen children testified about the way Andrew’s teaching is changing their lives. One girl’s story was especially poignant; telling about how she had been so sad, angry and self-focused when she first came to the Divine Orphanage, but through reading Andrew’s books in the library, she had abandoned self-centeredness and now enjoyed her blessed life.

Andrew was so impressed with the fruit of this outreach that he determined AWMI's support of the Divine Orphanage would increase.

Filed Saturday, June 5, 2010, 11:30pm, Uganda time, AWMI Media Manager, Stephen Bransford´╗┐