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Charis Bible College Opens in Argentina

CBC-Colorado graduates and Directors of CBC-Argentina, Nancy and Joe MacQueen.
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Two years ago, we brought you the story of the MacQueen family's call to ministry and their journey to the mission field in Argentina. After finding Andrew on television, Joe, Nancy and their son Sean, left their comfortable and ordinary surroundings in Connecticut and headed to Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs. Following their graduation and third-year apprenticeships, the family made an exciting move to Buenos Aires where they began their ministry, Charis de Dios (Grace of God).

Since stepping out in faith to attend CBC in 2004, the MacQueens have let the Lord set the pace for their ministry. Joe teaching with Pastor Johnathan translating. (Click to enlarge)While the idea of opening a CBC extension school in Argentina had been a desire of their heart since their arrival in South America, they waited patiently for God to open the appropriate doors. The trio was purposeful in only doing those things in which they discerned His leading.

In the early days of Charis de Dios, the MacQueens held small Bible studies in their home and assisted a local pastor's ministry to the homeless. As they continued to follow the Lord other doors opened, and they began serving as course facilitators for CBC-Colorado's online program. Then, in June of 2011, God gave the MacQueens the green Joe signing the paperwork to form the appropriate legal association to establish the school. (Click to enlarge)light to move ahead with plans for CBC-Argentina.

As the MacQueen's ministry blossomed they began taking the steps necessary to make the extension school a reality. The process began with governmental (both Argentine and U.S.) hoop jumping, which included securing the proper visas and establishing the appropriate civil association for the college. Juggling laws from two nations to obtain the correct documentation was not without struggle and required the assistance of a lawyer. The MacQueens saw God's hand in the process as He brought them a bi-lingual, English-speaking lawyer to guide them through the paperwork.

The MacQueen's son, Sean, the Dean of Students, and his family; wife Alejandra and daughter Amy. Alejandra also serves the school as a translator and helps with administration.
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For the certification necessary to collect tuition and hold classes, the MacQueens were required to have a meeting place, one that could be inspected by the government at any time. Of course, to secure such a place to meet, they had to have the certification—a catch 22. After some difficulty, God miraculously opened the door for the MacQueens to use a space (for a small fee) in a former Argentine Presidential mansion. Location problem solved.

In June of 2011, the MacQueens began holding Bible studies in their mansion "classroom," and CBC-Argentina officially opened its doors in March of 2012. "It had a gorgeous outdoor courtyard and we loved it there," Nancy said with fondness. Two weeks into the school year, which Palacio Barolo, the palace in which CBC-Argentina holds classes. (Click to enlarge)runs from March through December in South America, Joe and Nancy were informed that they had to move the school from that facility. Though the prospect of relocating was an inconvenience, the MacQueens did not let the disruption shake them. They turned to the Lord. "God miraculously provided another classroom for us—this time in a palace (Palacio Barolo)! So we moved from a mansion to a palace...and, for the same amount of rent—that's favor, " said Nancy.

With the location issue settled, the MacQueens moved forward with discipleship, something that can be difficult when there is a language barrier. Again, the Lord provided for their need. "We needed translators for the school, for both morning and night classes. Joe had said to God, back in 2004, that he would go anywhere in the world as long as He provided a translator, and God miraculously CBC-Argentina...students, translators and teachers. (Click to enlarge)provided a whole family of translators. The family's daughter translates in the morning classes and the father translates at night. And our daughter-in-law, Alejandra, fills in whenever needed," said Nancy contently.

All of CBC-Argentina's current students travel from at least an hour away to attend class. Their determination to attend and their dedication to spreading the good news is already bearing fruit. One student, Maria, has started a weekly Bible study where she has been teaching what she learns in class. Maria's study has grown from two people to 13 in just a short amount of time, but her success has not been without harsh criticism from other professing believers. In the early days of the MacQueens ministry, Maria struggled with the teaching because Maria (black shirt) and Alejandra soaking up the teaching at CBC-Argentina. (Click to enlarge)of the conflict between what local religious teachers were saying and what the MacQueens were sharing. Maria prayed, and asked God who she should believe. Maria received her answer in a dream and shared her dream with Nancy. According to Nancy, Maria saw a great light coming towards her in the dream. God told her not to be afraid of the light—that the MacQueens were bringing the light of the Gospel to Argentina. Since then, Maria has been to every one of the MacQueen's Bible studies and has never missed a day of school.

"Maria is the one that is truly out on the front lines, blazing a trail," said Nancy. "We have an awesome, dedicated group of students; they will be the ones to impact Buenos Aires with the Gospel of Grace."

The MacQueens consider CBC-Argentina to be God’s project, and they operate as the overseers of His work. "Proverbs 16:9 says, 'A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.' There is freedom and great peace in knowing that. We do what we can and walk through doors as God opens them, and it is so humbling to be chosen to be a part of God’s work. We just look in amazement at the working of God," Nancy reflected.

If you or someone you know would like more information about CBC-Argentina and the MacQueen's ministry visit their website.


CBC Mission Team Visits Argentina

CBC Colorado students performed many skits for the people of Argentina. (Click to enlarge)In early November, Charis Bible College-Colorado sent its first team of the 2011-2012 academic year to the mission field. The group, students ages 17 to 89, led by CBC Director, Gary Luecke, had the opportunity to minister in several cities in Argentina. The Colorado team was hosted by full-time missionaries and CBC graduates, Joe and Nancy MacQueen. The MacQueens are the founders of Charis de Dios (Grace of God) Ministries in Buenos Aires.

Hosts, Nancy and Joe MacQueen, of Charis de Dios Ministries and future directors of the CBC extension school slated to open in Argentina in March of 2012. (Click to enlarge)Joe and Nancy organized a number of outreach projects and local church ministry opportunities for the students. The team was invited to minister and teach in Pastor Jonathan Ravello's church, Palabra de Fe (Word of Faith) in Buenos Aires and Pastor Jorge Ovando's, Iglesia Bautista (a Spirit-filled Baptist Church) in the city of Lujan. In addition to sharing at many church services, the students also hosted parties for local children, evangelized in area parks, and hosted an assembly at a local school.

The team performed lively skits in parks, churches and schools, sharing the life and love of Christ. Here Jesus and Peter walk on the water. (Click to enlarge)The teams dramatic performances touched the hearts of the Argentenian people inside and outside the church. (Click to enlarge)The lively children's parties included many games, musical fun and skits. "They did a really neat skit for the kids going through the whole life of Jesus – it was really well done. Then they gave the salvation message and many kids accepted Jesus," said Nancy excitedly. She also shared that, "Pastor Jorge, who had been very reluctant to allow a female to teach in church, was absolutely 'blown away' and humbled by the teaching 17-year-old Brittanie did at one Wednesday night church service in Lujan.

Jeanne, CBC's 89-year-old student missionary, seen here teaching through her interpreter, ministered with love and boldness to everyone she met whether they spoke English or not—including Catholic priests. (Click to enlarge) 17-year-old Brittanie shared a powerful teaching in Lujan. Pastor Ovando had been reluctant to allow a young woman to minister in his church, but he was pleasantly "blown-away" and humbled by her message. (Click to enlarge) At CBC foreign mission trips are viewed as a valuable part of the student's ministry training. Their primary focus during these second-year trips is to share the almost-to-good-too-be-true news of the gospel with as many people as possible during their seven to ten day stay on foreign soil. The experience abroad gives students' a refreshingly new perspective of the world and provides abundant learning opportunities unavailable otherwise. With

Prayer ministry at Palabra de Fe. (Click to enlarge)The students leading worship at Iglesia Bautista in the city of Lujan. (Click to enlarge)regard to her experience in Argentina, CBC team member, Jill Tomlinson said, "I learned that it is great to have expectations, but that ultimately it is God's decision how He wants to manifest Himself to us and to the world. Our trip was all about His love... that was our message everywhere we went and that is what we experienced ourselves."

Jill's husband and CBC student, Jimmy Tomlinson shared, "I experienced God's love flowing between fellow believers who have never met one another in person and yet share the connection we have in Christ, and I was able to see first-hand how the Body of Christ can work together in ministry (even with language barriers) in displaying His love to others."

"Jesus said in Matthew 9:37-38, 'The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.' This is so true. The people were so open and hungry for Jesus. The Love of God I saw, changed my life!" exclaimed CBC student, Lisa Bradley.

From their wide range in ages to the gifts with which God had equipped them, this was a diverse group of students. "The diversity of their gifts was received with great warmth from the beautiful people of Argentina. It seemed like the students chosen to minister at the various services were ordained by God as their messages, testimonies, worship, etc., seemed to always be right on, and they blessed many people," said Gary.


Mission: Love One Another

The CBC mission team and their Argentinian hosts in the airport. (Click to enlarge)Last November, a team of Charis Bible College staff and students from Colorado went to Argentina to minister to the people of Buenos Aires and Lujan. The trip was led by CBC Colorado Director, Gary Luecke, his wife Diane and CBC Intern, Annabelle Mintz. The trio escorted eleven second-year students to the mission field on the eastern coast of South America where they shared the unconditional love of God for twelve days. The team was hosted by full-time missionaries and CBC graduates, Joe and Nancy MacQueen, founders of Charis de Dios (Grace of God) Ministries in Buenos Aires.

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de Luján. Lujan is a highly religious city 35 miles west of Buenos Aires, known for its Catholic heritage.
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This was a trip full of firsts; it was the first time that CBC had sent a mission team to Argentina, the first time many of the students had ever left the United States or North America, and it was the first time for many on the team to minister the Word of God in a public setting. Despite the newness of the experience, and the sense of anticipation and expectation, the team was welcomed by pastors and local believers as if they were already family. "It was just like being reunited with family we hadn't seen in a while—there was so much love we were overwhelmed. It made very real to me how those who are in Christ really are brothers and sisters, no matter how far apart we may be or how different our daily lives may be. Seeing such love flow between our students and the people of Argentina made me very proud to be a part of our family," said Annabelle.

Ministering to the children of Buenos Aires. (Click to enlarge)The CBC team arrived prepared to reach the community in a variety of ways including through children's ministry, performing gospel-centered skits, leading worship and teaching in local churches, and ministering through service in the community. The groups' main focus was to share the love of God in a tangible way. The students witnessed deaf ears opening, spines straightening, and people having their needs met, even when evangelizing and praying for people in the street where the language barrier could have been a hindrance.

The students had many opportunities to minister the Word, both inside the church and out. (Click to enlarge)At the very end of one of the church meetings held in Buenos Aires, the students performed a skit depicting Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and the reason for which He gave up his life. A woman entered the service at exactly the right time and was so moved by the presentation of Jesus that she accepted Him as her Savior. Visibly filled with joy and relief she began to share her story with the students. The woman had been walking down the street hopelessly depressed, planning to jump in front of an oncoming bus in an attempt to end her life. As she contemplated her end, she heard the music coming from the church, and she remembered receiving a flyer earlier in the day, hand-delivered, by a student, advertising a healing service at the church. CBC Director, Gary Luecke and several team members ministered to a local pastor. (Click to enlarge)"There is no doubt we were at the right place at the right time to see that woman's life saved and turned around," commented Annabelle.

Before the trip Gary sensed that if the team went to Buenos Aires with the intent to “love one another,” then they would accomplish a tremendous amount. He shared that impression with his team and they reaped the benefits. "Everywhere we went, we ministered with love and I believe as a result, people received from us. During the testimony time here at the school, a student said they counted at least 45 people who received instant manifestations as a result of the ministry from the team."