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Blessings Could Be Heard in Belize

CBC-Colorado sent a short-term mission team to Belize City in February. (Click to enlarge)Part of the Lord's plan for 2014, for the beautiful people of Belize, included a visit from a short-term mission team from Charis Bible College in Colorado. In early February, a group of second-year students from CBC, led by college instructors, Dan and Penny Funkhouser and third-year intern, Fred Johnson, had the opportunity to minister in the coastal nation of Central America.

The students' travels brought them to Belize City where they joined CBC graduates and missionaries, Craig and Tina Rumbley, the Directors of Charis Bible Institute (CBI), a CBC extension school in Belize. Over the course of a week, the Rumbleys exposed the team from Colorado to all sorts of ministry opportunities, from sharing at CBI and five different churches, CBC-Colorado students in the radio station with CBI Director, Craig Rumbley.
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to ministering in schools, hospitals and markets. The students had multiple chances to share what the Lord had revealed to them over their time at CBC. The students even had the chance to broadcast the Gospel over the air waves when they visited a local radio station.

One memorable moment for second-year student, Connie March, came when the team visited an area hospital. During a trip through the pediatric department, the team stopped to pray with several mothers and their sick babies. Many of the babies were suffering with harsh coughing symptoms associated with pneumonia. Moments after the team began to minister, the babies stopped coughing. Some began to play quietly with toys the team had brought, and others simply went to sleep.Connie March holding a baby, Symphony, in Belize. (Click to enlarge)

Katie Poitevint, also a CBC-Colorado student (one readers may remember from a previous post) shared some highlights from her experience in Belize, still with the excitement of the trip fresh in her mind. Katie and several team members ministered to Barry, a 16-year-old young man, who had been born completely deaf in his left ear. Barry had answered the team's altar call after a church service they held in Belize City. As the team prayed, Barry was set free from his hearing impairment. Katie was also part of a group that witnessed the complete restoration of hearing for another individual. The second healing opened the ear of a church pastor's wife. Katie said, "Jesus is a Katie Poitevint and her team ministering to a young man named, Barry as Jesus opened Barry's deaf ear. (Click to enlarge)healer and there is power in His name!"

For another student, Natalyn Sanders, the trip solidified something precious to her—confirmation that she can hear God. On the team's visit to a youth hostel, Natalyn was approached and asked to be ready share something. Natalyn said, "At the time, I had nothing in mind, but I prayed, and God reminded me of an important decision I made at age 12. Although I did not get to share my testimony, God revealed to me that I was in line with what He was doing that morning. He had given me Jeremiah 29:11 to encourage the youth. Well, all those who did get to speak that morning had messages and testimonies that referenced Jeremiah 29. Pat, who is one of the instructors at the Charis Bible Institute in Belize, kept making eye-contact with me and smiling because she knew what God had given me from Jeremiah. I heard from God regarding the direction He was taking things to bless the youth that morning." She went on to say, "There is no reason to fret when we are willing to be used by God. The Word is inside of us. I learned that I don't need to rehearse anything. The Holy Spirit will bring to my remembrance all that I need to speak—the Word of God that is always in due season."


CBC Students Bring the Love of God to Belize

CBC-Colorado students performing a Jesus-centered drama at a boys' prison in Belize. (Click to enlarge)In January, ten second-year students from Charis Bible College in Colorado journeyed to the Central American nation of Belize for a mission trip. The team, led by Charis instructors, Dan and Penny Funkhouser, was hosted by full-time missionaries, Craig and Tina Rumbley, the Co-Directors of the CBC-extension school in Belize. The Colorado team spent a week with the Rumbleys and their students ministering in local venues.

The Colorado team participated in door-to-door evangelism, ministered to children in an elementary school, visited a prison for teens and spent time ministering to patients in a local hospital. Student ministering live on the radio in Belize. (Click to enlarge)In addition, the team also enjoyed the opportunity to minister at the Bible school, and on a secular radio station.

CBC-Colorado student, Cindy Pearson, was right at home ministering in Belize, and based on the lives she was able to touch it would seem the Lord had ordered her steps. Cindy has spent the past two years as a CBC student, but for the ten-and-half years prior to her arrival in Colorado Springs, she lived and worked in China. On the ground in Belize, Cindy had more than one opportunity to minister to Chinese residents in the area.

For Cindy, one of the most touching moments Shop owner Li Lian and CBC student, Cindy Pearson. (Click to enlarge)of the trip was her encounter with a local shop owner, a Chinese woman named, Li Lian. When Cindy entered Li Lian's shop, which was located in a poor, crime-ridden neighborhood, she was surprised by the extensive security gates and iron bars protecting the goods in the shop; the only unguarded area was the immediate entry into the store. During Cindy's brief visit, Li Lian shared that her family had moved away, and she was all alone. Feeling compassion for the shop owner, Cindy told her that God loved her. Cindy could tell that her simple words had penetrated the woman's heart. She asked Li Lian how she felt, and Li Lian responded by saying no one had ever told her that before. After praying for Li Lian, Cindy said she CBC student, Rick McFarland, with Duncan, a new creation in Christ!
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wished she could hug her. In the blink of an eye, Li Lian grabbed the keys, unlocked the security bars and came out to give Cindy a big hug. Simply sharing a few words and an embrace with Li Lian let her know God's love for her was real.

During the team's last day of ministry in Belize, they split up into smaller groups and ministered in a nursing home and to patients in a hospital. Colorado student, Rick McFarland, led a person to the Lord in each place. At the nursing home, Rick and his small group of students ministered the gospel to an elderly man named, Duncan. After listening attentively to the gospel, Duncan said the he had never received Christ and chose to do it at that moment. Afterwards, when asked how he felt, Duncan said he Louisa's face before Jesus.
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felt "clean." When Rick's group visited the hospital, they talked with a young, teenage girl named, Louisa. As Louisa was waiting for surgery she, like Duncan before her, listened attentively as Rick shared the gospel. And, like Duncan, she received Jesus as her Savior. "As she was receiving Christ, her face lit up and a smile came to her face. We had two extremes that day; one elderly man, now ready to pass over to heaven, and another prepared for a lifelong ministry for the Lord. Louisa's face after receiving Jesus. (Click to enlarge)Praise God!" exclaimed Rick.

Who came away from these missionary experiences with more blessing, those being ministered to or the students doing the work of the ministry; it's hard to tell. One thing is for sure, God was honored and each person has a testimony to share for His glory.


CBC Colorado Students Minister in Belize

CBC team leader, Dr. Delron Shirley (left), stands with Craig Rumbley, Director of CBC-Belize, as they minister to a local man dressed in aboriginal tribal array. The man makes a living having his picture taken with tourists. (Click to enlarge)In February, Charis Bible College-Colorado sent its fifth team of second-year students on to the mission field. This team, led by CBC Instructors and missionaries, Dr. Delron and Peggy Shirley, went to Belize and were hosted by full-time missionaries, Craig and Tina Rumbley, the Co-Directors of CBC-Belize. During the week, the Rumbleys provided the students with many opportunities to experience hands-on ministry. Regardless of the type of outreach, the students had many unique chances to share God's unconditional love with the people of Belize.

The team spent one morning walking through the city distributing free sandwiches and ministering to the homeless in the alleyways and in the city park. While ministering in the park, the team encountered an elderly man named, Gilbert; he was sitting on a tree stump. He had spent much of his adult life in the United States, but had come back to his native Belize in his retirement years. Through a series of events Gilbert had wound up alone. When the students met him, they asked how he was doing. His response was, “Well, I’m not doing as well as you are.” Jeanne praying for and laying hands on the sick.
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During the conversation that followed, Gilbert mentioned that he was trying to stop smoking but just couldn’t kick the habit. One of the students, Jeanne DuBoise, asked if he was born again, and Gilbert responded that he was and told the team which church he attended. Knowing that it was a Bible-believing, evangelical church, they knew that Gilbert understood what they were sharing with him. Then Jeanne asked him if he had been baptized in the Holy Spirit, and he responded that he had not. She explained some of the Scriptures about the Holy Spirit baptism and then asked him to join her in singing a worship song. As Jeanne sang, she shifted into worshipping in the spirit—in unknown tongues. Immediately, Gilbert was also speaking in a heavenly language! When the team walked away to minister to others, they were confident that Gilbert was now free from the power that had held him and that he now had a new source of victory.CBC-Colorado student, Marcelo Duarte, speaking in front of a group at a prison in Belize. (Click to enlarge)

During a hospital visitation the team went to various wards and had many opportunities to minister to patients and their families. As they ministered, they shared the message of the completeness of Jesus' work; salvation, healing and the message of deliverance from fear that often attacks those suffering. As the team prayed, they saw new hope and peace manifest on all the people's faces. Some patients showed visible signs of healing in their bodies. "One gentleman, for example, was unconscious—almost comatose—as we began ministering to him and his family. However, as we moved to the next bed to minister to another patient, we heard some excitement around his bed and looked back to see the patient talking and CBC-Colorado's Belize 2012 mission team. (Click to enlarge)laughing with his family," said Delron.

CBC-Colorado student, Marcelo Duarte, had this to share as he reflected on his time in Belize, "God was faithful in confirming all that He had spoken in our lives (Marcelo and his wife Sandra). We were able to minister on different occasions and in different settings and were blessed to see the signs and miracles follow the Word proclaimed. Thank you Jesus."