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Colorado Wildfires - Summer 2013 UPDATE

Map of Colorado Springs and surrounding areas showing the proximity of the Black Forest Fire to AWM facilities. (Click to enlarge)In our first post about the fire burning in the Colorado Springs area, known as the Black Forest Fire, we made direct reference to the fact that the fire does not pose any threat to the upcoming Summer Family Bible Conference. This post was to assure those families traveling from around the world to attend the conference, that the scheduled festivities will take place as planned. Since the first post on June 12, several of our ministry friends and partners have expressed concern with regard to the fire's proximity to the Andrew Wommack Ministries headquarters, the current Charis Bible College campus, and the new campus under construction in Woodland Park. All of these facilities are well out of harm's way.

The Black Forest Fire is burning far to the northeast of all AWM and CBC properties. The ministry is not in any danger, and as mentioned in the previous post, the fire is not near the Pikes Peak Center, the location of this year's conference in downtown Colorado Springs.

In addition, Andrew's new Association of Related Ministries International Conference, scheduled for June 19-21, will be held as planned at the AWM headquarters on Elkton Drive in the Springs.

While the ministry and its events have not been directly impacted by the wildfire, several staff and their families are among the more than 30,000 people that have been displaced by the Black Forest Fire. Please keep these families and the crews fighting the fire, in your prayers.

For those with Colorado Springs area lodging reservations for the summer conference, please contact your individual hotel, motel or campground for specifics on how the fire may be affecting your accommodations.


Colorado Wildfires - Summer 2013

Colorado's latest wildfires will not affect Andrew's Summer Family Bible Conference scheduled for July 1-5, 2013. (Click to enlarge)As many readers are aware, wildfires have sprung up again in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. While these fires have taken center stage across Colorado's news and social media outlets, we wanted to assure those of you planning to attend this year's Summer Family Bible Conference that the event will be held as planned, and the schedule for July 1-5 remains unchanged.

The fire in the Colorado Springs area, known as the Black Forest Fire, is burning nearly 20 miles north and east of the Pikes Peak Center, the location of this year's conference in downtown Colorado Springs. The other wildfires burning across the region are more than 40 and 60 miles south and southwest of the conference location. None of these fires pose a direct threat to the downtown Colorado Springs area or the conference at this time.

Several of Andrew's staff members and their families have been directly affected by the fires and have been safely evacuated from the area; please keep them in your prayers.