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Dual Impact

Armed with God’s Word and His love, second-year Charis Bible College students carry out Jesus’s command to “go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel” (Mark 16:15). Students go on missions trips that take them to areas all over the world, places like Russia, India, and Germany; and for international students, to various places in the U.S. From a front-row seat, Charis students watch blatant displays of God’s relentless love as people are born again, baptized in the Spirit, healed, and set free. 

Charis student Tim Nee witnessed one such display when he went on his missions trip to Belize earlier this year: 

“God showed up in so many ways during our trip. On the last day, we were at a public pool. We noticed a waitress there who was limping badly, and one team member asked if he could pray for her. As she sat on a bench, it was obvious that one of her legs was shorter than the other. When he prayed, her short leg grew out beyond the other and then the other leg grew out to meet that one! When she stood up, she realized the pain in her back and hip resulting from her body being off was completely gone, and she started to cry. One of her fellow workers saw the whole thing happen. What an awesome way to end our trip!” 

But displays of God’s love during these trips aren’t limited to the obvious external ones. In fact, Charis students find that with the simple act of going, God displays the power of His love in their own hearts; classroom theory about His love becomes revelation. 

That’s what Martin Alargent, an international Charis student from France, experienced on his 2017 missions trip to California. After putting boots on the ground in California, the reality of God’s love exploded in his heart: 

“It is by going that we learn what mercy and compassion means. Sitting in a class gave us a glimpse of what love is. It gave us an idea, a concept. Going to California gave us the revelation of what love is. Here is what love is: Jesus gave His life for us, and we ought to give our lives for the brethren also (1 John 3:16). We went on our missions trip focusing on one goal: being a walking Jesus. That means being ministers of reconciliation and proof of God’s love for humanity. This trip showed me how powerful and effective a like-minded and like-hearted group can be. The love we had for each other splashed on everybody around us. It is by loving each other that we prove we are real disciples of Jesus Christ (John 13:35), and people could see it! I realized that what we experience in life really comes out of what we focus on. Going on our missions trip, we were prepared and fully focused on God’s love and on ministry, and we were expecting miracles, healings, signs, and wonders. Therefore, as an answer to our expectations and our faith, we saw all these things! It was a life-changing, mind-renewing,
heart-transforming trip.”

Help create testimonies like these by giving toward Charis missions trips. In blessing others, you’ll be blessed! 

Written by Sylvia F. Wells 

For resources and products in the U.S., visit; outside the U.S., visit


Why Would I Want to go to Bible College?

CBC-Colorado graduates, Ryan and Alexis May, will open a new CBC campus in Ontario, California this October. (Click to enlarge)"Why would I want to go to Bible college? What? Am I gonna be a preacher someday?" Those were the words that flippantly escaped Ryan May's lips when his dad offered to pay for Ryan and his wife, Alexis, to go to Charis Bible College in Colorado Springs. Four years later, Ryan and Alexis are less than one month away from opening CBC-Ontario in southern California.

Ryan and Alexis were introduced to Andrew's ministry at a pivotal time in their walk with the Lord; they were navigating the sometimes awkward process of looking for a new church. Ryan had recently received the baptism in the Holy Spirit when he and Alexis suddenly realized that the church they had been attending did not believe in, nor talk about the gift Ryan had received. It was during this time of transition that Ryan's dad, Jeff, invited Ryan and Alexis to join him at a small church in Banning, California where Andrew was scheduled to speak. The young couple not only found Andrew that evening, but they found their new church in the process.

Both Ryan and Alexis were hungry for the Word, and they were excited by Andrew's ministry. Andrew's teaching, The War is Over, revealed to them the true freedom Jesus has provided and it also exposed the lies religion had planted at the heart of their belief system. While this was not the only teaching that made an impact on the Mays, it is the one on which they re-built the foundation of their relationship with the Lord.

Ryan was working as a golf pro, and he and Alexis had only been married a couple of years, when Jeff made the offer to send the two to school. While Ryan had flatly dismissed his father's idea, the Lord had a different answer in mind, and he let Ryan know about it. Ryan was sitting alone in his apartment when he received his first word from the Lord: "Why wouldn't you want to get to know Me better?" "That got my attention," said Ryan. "In an instant, my heart and mind were changed," he said.

Ryan was so sure it was God speaking to him that he called his wife, immediately, and told her they were going to Bible college. "It was an incredible experience and it led us to make the best decision of our lives," Ryan said with excitement!

The May family, Ryan and Alexis with their daughter, Marley and their son, Jeremiah. (Click to enlarge)During the May's first year of school in Colorado Springs, they returned home for Christmas break. As they enjoyed their time reconnecting with family and sharing all they had learned, the Lord began to stir their hearts to bring the Truth to Southern California.

Throughout their time at CBC, the Lord continued to give them visions and dreams about starting a campus back home. For Ryan, the prompting of the Holy Spirit came with a sense of assurance, that what He put in their hearts was already established and finished. Ryan said, "We just followed His peace, trusted and stayed patient. We spoke about the plans for the school as though it was already established, and here we are—what an honor!"

To this date, the Mays have processed 30 applications and they are set to open the doors of CBC-Ontario in October. Between now and the official opening, Ryan and Alexis will host open house sessions at the school and they anticipate a great turnout for each event.

The Mays's time at CBC transformed their lives."CBC and Andrew's teachings brought such a clear and proper perception of God and Truth, that this life now makes so much sense. We now stand on the Word and the Truth of what Jesus did for us, and find victory. You can't give away what you don't have... Now that I can share this Truth with people, I'm seeing them receive as well," Ryan shared.

For Ryan there's no comparison between the life he and Alexis were living before attending CBC and the life the Lord has led them into. To know God, and Jesus Christ who He sent, is the greatest honor. To share His word is another great, great honor. And to see people receive it brings the greatest fulfillment—there's no greater joy in life! (This coming from the one who said he didn't want to be a preacher).

To find out more about the new CBC campus in southern California, contact the Ryan and Alexis at (760) 413-0344 or via email: You can also stay up to date with campus activities by visiting the CBC-Ontario Facebook page.


A New CBC Opens in San Jose, CA

Kathryn and Nels Hanson, the Directors of the new Charis Bible College extension school in San Jose, California. (Click to enlarge)Sometimes, Andrew's teaching of God's unconditional love and grace is met with resistance. For whatever reason, the-almost-too-good-to-be-true-news of the gospel sounds unacceptable to one's ears. Nevertheless, however the message is received, seeds are planted and the truth of the gospel begins to grow. This is what happened with Nels and Kathryn Hanson six years ago, when a friend gave Kathryn one of Andrew's CDs. Today, the Hansons are Charis Bible College-Colorado graduates and the pioneers of a CBC extension school in San Jose, California.

The Hansons graduated from the nightschool program at CBC in Colorado in 2011. (Click to enlarge)"I was given a CD by a dear friend who follows Andrew's teaching. At the time I listened to the CD, I was a bit freaked out by the message and put it on a shelf; I left it there for about two years. My religious ears were not ready to hear what Andrew had to say," Kathryn remembered.

In 2006, Kathryn and Nels were living life and loving the Lord. They had raised their family, two daughters and one son, and Kathryn was working as a medical assistant for a group of cardiologists, while Nels worked for a nut company. The Hansons were heavily involved in their local church, where Kathryn led a Wednesday night Bible study and was the director of Women's ministry, and Nels served as the A/V coordinator, managing all the sound and lighting needs for the church.

Andrew and the Hansons in 2011. (Click to enlarge)Over the course of the two years Andrew's CD sat on the shelf, Kathryn became dissatisfied with what she perceived to be religion surrounding her in her Christian circles. Her hunger for the truth drove her to pull Andrew's teaching back off the shelf and led her to pursue more of his teaching. Kathryn listened to Andrew for nearly a year before Nels gave Andrew a chance, but once he did, their lives began to transform.

During her struggle to find the truth Kathryn had also been researching Bible colleges. The results of her research were often a source a frustration. She found that many schools did not even use the Bible in their curriculum. "What I kept finding from other schools was they did not use the Bible to teach with, but big fat text books, and not only that, they used non-Christians to teach. This is not what I was looking for," said Kathryn.

Nels at work in his CBC office.
(Click to enlarge)
Finally, Kathryn found a school she could accept, and just before enrolling in classes, she and Nels were invited to one of Andrew's Gospel Truth Seminars (GTS). It was at the GTS that the Hansons learned that Andrew had a school. "As soon as I heard how CBC was taught, with the Bible, I knew that was where I belonged. When Andrew asked who was coming to the school, I shot out of my seat as if I had been stuck with a pin," Kathryn shared enthusiastically.

Since getting a hold of Andrew's teaching and attending CBC, the Hanson's lives have been transformed. Where The Hansons (Click to enlarge)once there was fear, Nels and Kathryn now have peace and boldness. They stay steady, standing on the Word and seeing God's promises manifest in their lives as well as in the lives of those around them. Whether the Hansons are ministering to others or just moving about their day, they have a smile on their face all the time. That smile stems from knowing who they are in Christ and knowing that no matter what is going on around them, they have the peace of God running through them. Their peace is evident to those they come in contact with and it draws people. "Since we have come home, we have been told by those around us that there is something new in us, and they want it," said Kathryn.

Prior to graduation from CBC, as Kathryn sat in a second-year class on the ins-and-outs of establishing a 501c3 CBC-San Jose staff (L-R): Karl Hirsch, Dean of Students; Patricia Hirsch, Events Coordinator; Kathryn and Nels, and Assistant Administrator Michele Brockway. (Click to enlarge)organization, she had a conversation with the Lord. She heard the Holy Spirit say, "Now is the time to prepare for a CBC school in California." Surprised, Kathryn asked, "What?" and she recalls hearing the phrase again. Kathryn answered and said, "Okay." On the way home from school that evening Kathryn shared what she had heard with Nels. "We had many previous talks about what God had [planned] for us and nothing had settled in us. We had no peace until we heard that word from our God. From that point on we started preparing for the school here in San Jose," said Kathryn.

Kathryn sits with CBC-San Jose student, Kathy Mooney, as a prospective student visits the extension school's open house and registration event. (Click to enlarge)The Hansons know that they are where they are supposed to be, doing what God created them to do—they are making disciples in California. CBC-San Jose currently has 12 students enrolled, and they are expecting more. To those contemplating enrolling in classes at CBC, but who are still on the fence, Kathryn said, "If you want your life radically changed, if you want to be set free from the cares of this world, come and sit under the Word of God for the next 2 to 3 years, and see yourself go from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly soaring in the freedom that has been yours all along." And, she said it with peaceful contentment in her eyes.

For more information about the Hanson's ministry in California visit the CBC-San Jose website.